Friday, 27 April 2018

Pietro's Video Recommendations: Required Viewing for all Activists

YouTube is an area which has been neglected by the SMPBI.  Comrade Pietro has taken the initiative to rectify this failure to utilise an important medium for education. Pietro's Recommendations will be added to a playlist on YouTube.  Some videos will be controversial, but not due to a desire to shock, but more to venture into areas which some people consider off-limits. We cannot build a better future if we fear to stray from our comfort zone into areas which have been declared beyond the pale by people who fear the power of uncensored education. 

The first video on the list concerns Bees and how they are dying because of the exploitation of greedy capitalists who steal their honey, use unfitting hives to house them (in much the same way as our homes are unfitting for us), and do not care about the impact of environmental damage from pesticides.  This is a topic which can be seen as important in itself, for the good of the Bees, but is also important to all of us in understanding that the system of greed which is destroying Society, is destroying nature itself....

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