National Action - a collection of misfits, hitlerites, informers, criminals, capitalists and thugs, of no use to anyone and quite possibly a contrived group designed to lure in gullible youngsters.

British Movement - an older variation of National Action, aimed at the older generation and manned by agents of the liberal establishment to perhaps 90% of the membership.

Socialist Workers Party UK - trotskyites, middle class reactionaries, misogynists, apologists for islam, a plaything of UK students before they embrace capitalism and join the liberal establishment

Promoters of any of the Semitic religions outside the Middle East - we have respect for the right of Israelis to believe in their religious ideology, likewise for Mohammedans outside Europe.  We have absolutely no time for any of the Semitic monotheistic religions in Europe.  All contact with advocates of cults such as Christian Identity is forbidden.  SWPE promotes a return to sanity in an England free from the Abrahamic lie machines

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