Saturday, 19 July 2014

Feminism is a Capitalist tool to reduce Working Class women to wage slavery

Alain Soral sums up the truth of liberal-feminism.  Far from being a movement for the liberation of women, feminism is a tool of Capitalism to enslave Working Class women as producer-consumers.  It is the play thing of rich bored women who can afford to dump their children with strangers whilst they seek hedonistic delight in work which they enjoy.  For Working Class women, wage slavery is the dead-end production line, the supermarket till or caring for the children of the liberal feminist rich parasites who have so kindly 'enriched' them by destroying the security of the family.

Real feminism is a celebration of the feminine; a celebration of motherhood.  Liberal feminists are the enemy of the family; the enemy of the Working Class; above all the enemy of women who cannot afford the luxuries of playing at workers, but who have to work in order to survive.