Monday, 31 March 2014

Swansea 5th April: Make time to support our people

Don't let liars and defamers have their way.  Make the effort - Support White Pride Day.
Pride is a word which is bandied about by everyone these days.  There are sexually-motivated groups who march in the streets to declare that they take pride in their sexual antics; there are hair-colour pride groups such as the Ginger Pride marchers in Scotland; there are location-based groups such as Liverpool Pride; there are disability-based groups who take Pride in physical and/or mental disabilities; then of course there are racially-based groups who march for Black Pride, Jewish Pride, Eskimo Pride, Native American pride etc etc etc.  You name it, there is a group which will take Pride in whatever attribute or preference you have - and the liberal globalisers will bend over in every direction to accommodate you.  There is, however, one particular group which is not allowed to take any pride in itself; that group is the indigenous people of Europe, wherever they may be found.

Next weekend, on Saturday the 5th of April, a rally is being held in Swansea, Cymru (Wales) to celebrate Pride in the European nation.  Unlike the various other Pride events, the White Pride Day has received no endorsement from the liberal media, and will not be attended by politicians and celebrities.  The White Pride event has received rather different attention from the powers-that-be than all the other events.  It has been libeled and slandered as a 'hate' event; implying that to take Pride in one's own kind is somehow ans expression of hatred if one happens to be European.

The Marxist globalisers of Indymedia pretend to be Socialists but prove they are enemies of the workers by their insistence on destroying national boundaries and all measures which defend the workers from exploitation.  On their anti-White and anti-Worker website, these Capitalist lackeys have written the following offensive material about the gathering of White people to celebrate our heritage:

'the city of Swansea is in danger of becoming the White Pride UK Capital...This as we know, must not happen. Fascists should not be welcomed in Swansea, Wales or anywhere on this planet.' 

According to the unwashed rodents who infest Swansea University - before going off to get cushy jobs exploiting the ordinary people in the usurious Banking and Financial sector - to have Pride in one's people is Fascistic and must be opposed!  Of course, this doesn't apply to those who express Pride in their sexual exploits, their superstitious mumbo jumbo, or in their racial identities (as long as they are non-White).

On the 5th April, the SWPE will send a delegation to Swansea to stand with everyone who has the sense to see that the only way to end the exploitation of the people, is to fight against those who wish to destroy all our defences against globalism.  

Mass immigration into White nations has created mass unemployment, which has in turn driven down wages and reduced the standard of living for everyone.  It is impossible to be a Socialist and to support the destruction of Society.  The likes of antifa and the misnamed SWP (who are neither Socialist nor Workers) hate any expression of identity which is not helpful in their fight for the creation of a global slave state.  Perhaps those at the bottom are not aware that they are helping to create a Capitalist paradise for the Bankers and their kind, but those at the top certainly are.  

We ask everyone who can get to Swansea to support White Pride day to do so.  If you can not get there, make an effort to take a stand against globalisation in your location.  

Society cannot exist unless it is anchored inside a strong nation.  A nation cannot exist unless it is ethnically homogeneous. All who proclaim the existence of the European people to be a bad thing, and an expression of Pride in being White to be a crime, are globalist enemies of every people everywhere.  

Don't let liars and defamers have their way.  Make the effort - Support White Pride Day.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Bravo Crimea! Long Live Mother Russia and Free Europe

The people of the Crimea have spoken.  Against incredible pressure from the IMF's military mouthpiece (the USA) and its pet capitalist lapdog (the EU), the people of the Crimea have voted overwhelmingly to return to the bosom of Russia.

The Crimea was given to the Ukraine in 1954 as a gift of the Soviet Union to its then leader, Nikita Khrushchev.  The bureaucrats who have no respect for culture, tradition and the unity of people and place, marched against nature when they gave the Crimea to the Ukraine.  They had no right to commit this criminal outrage, which has now been corrected by the will of the Russian people to whom the Crimea belongs.

The hypocrites in London, Washington and Strasbourg/Brussels who have used the terrorist monstrosity NATO to smash country after country under the excuse that they are bringing 'democracy' to the people, have refused to recognise the democratic wishes of the Russian people.  this proves - if proof were needed - that the enemies of the people serve the bankers and the money system and have no consideration whatsoever of the needs of the people anywhere.

People of the Crimea, we salute you, and wish you a speedy return to the homeland you so cherish.  Russia and Belarus yet again stand for freedom as the rest of Europe descends into abject servitude and submission to the capitalist anti-humans.  You have proven that there is an alternative to the global slave state.  For your leading example we are grateful!  Russia lives!