Monday, 25 May 2015

Animal Welfare is a Fundamental Principle of Socialism

Society is more than the people alone.  England is known as a nation of animal lovers and if this was true it would already be a Socialist country.  Socialism is a holistic ideology, which has at its very core the fundamental principle of the inter-connectivity of every part of the nation.  Ours is not an ideology of economics alone, it is one of the unity of people, land, animals, spirituality, culture, traditions, ecology and other factors of which economics is but one of many.

A Socialist country cannot tolerate the persecution of members of the society by other members of the society.  This includes the persecution of animals.  The inclusion of outside elements in the society with supernatural fantasies which demand that animals be tortured in bloody ritual sacrifices is a problem which can easily be rectified by removing those outside elements.  SWPE is Socialist, not liberal, we recognise the value of monoculture and the fallacy of multiculturalism.  Those who set themselves apart from our ways by expressing their loyalty to other ways have no right to remain among us. 

The people who practice Kosher Shechita slaughter use their expression of religious devotion to affirm their loyalty to their people and their way of life, which is a positive thing and we fully applaud this loyalty.  The admirable inner devotion marks these people apart as members of an external nation and as such makes the problem of their incompatibility with our inner belief in animal welfare one which is easy to remedy.  The nation of Israel welcomes all the people who are loyal to that nation and SWPE encourages all those with such loyalty to emigrate and live there.  In exactly the same way as the practitioners of Shechita affirm that they have no place in our society by engaging in activities which are harmful to the animal members of our nation, so do those who practice Halal ritual sacrifice.

SWPE opposes any and all forms of cruelty.  We are proud to have members who are active in the campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences.  SHAC may have capitulated to the tyranny of the government with its legislation to protect those who torture animals, but we have not.  SWPE demands that HLS and all similar organisations are closed permanently and those involved with them are punished for the barbaric treatment of the innocents.   Vivisection is the dissection of the living.  We propose that an appropriate punishment for the scientists at HLS and for the people who fund them and use them, would be to be made to serve as human guinea pigs for the advancement of medical science.  The punishment must fit the crime.  Those who destroy innocent lives must reap what they sow.  The same goes for all who engage in, fund or support vivisection, in every institution in this country.

The new Conservative government has promised to make a priority the repeal of laws forbidding the Ruling Class 'sport' of Fox Hunting.  Fox Hunting is a sick expression of arrogant elitist brutality.  The Ruling Class riders who send dogs to tear foxes to shreds consider this to be a part of their culture.  Their culture is one which sees them as superior to all living creatures, including us.  SWPE opposes the Repeal of the Hunting Ban and will join with others to make sure that the only 'sport' the huntsmen get is trying to escape from animal welfare activists unscathed.  The goons who wear red and smear their children with the blood of the foxes they kill in the most violent and painful way they can are the people who have nothing but contempt for the Working Class.  Our coming society has no place for these people or their 'sports'.

Animal cruelty comes in many forms including the government's Badger Culls and their slaughter of Buzzards, Wild Boar, Beavers, Robins, Starlings, Pine Martens, Squirrels, Geese and more.  We will sabotage all attempts to slaughter our wildlife. 

Animal cruelty is 'justified' by the claim that animals are inferior to people.  They are not.  Our animals have just as much right to live in our country as we do.  City life is wrecking their habitats.  We will reduce the human population by removing people who have no connection to our country.  We will protect the countryside by returning the cities to the land and restoring the natural bond of land and people.

We work with all Animal Rights activists.  Our Socialism is not just for the people, it is for all sentient beings who are indigenous to our country.  Let the Ruling Class, the practitioners of exotic ritual slaughter and the agents of official animal murder (vivisection, culls) know that we will join with all like-minded people to stop them.  This is a warning to those who are cruel and barbaric - you will be punished in the same way as you punish the innocents.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

The UK Election smaller parties results

The long awaited smaller party results are in.  SWPE backed the Populist Alliance in London, but due to unforeseen difficulties, the Populist Alliance were not able to place any candidates in the General Election.  This is unfortunate, but it was the best choice to not stand, rather than to campaign without the necessary energy to push for greater publicity.  The paltry showings of some of the smaller parties who did stand, make it clear that in London at this time the mainstream parties have too much influence.  The time to make a stand in London will be in next years elections to the Greater London Assembly.  SWPE hopes that the issues which impacted upon the ability of the Populist Alliance to stand have been resolved by then.

In Wessex, the Wessex Regionalists - Party of Wessex - did reasonably well.  The candidate for Witney, Oxfordshire, in the far east of Wessex, polled 7th out of 12, doubling his previous number of votes.  Considering that Witney is a town at the very edge of Wessex, the growth in Wessex regionalism in this area is very positive.  The WR were a whisker away from coming in the top half of the candidates.  The WR report is on their website:

In Wales, the pro European Union Plaid Cymru failed to advance.  This contrasted with their counterparts in Scotland who gained 56 out of 59 seats in their country.  Wales has a growing English population, with Plaid Cymru having shamefully taken part in deals which have seen English people moved in en masse by English councils.  The genuine resistance to the London Ruling Class comes from smaller parties who are as yet not well enough organised to make much of an impact.  SWPE is in contact with some of the smaller organisations and seeks contact with others.  SWPE supports all parties who seek the exit of the UK from the EU, followed by the end of the UK itself.

The Patriotic Socialist Party gained 3 seats in the local elections, winning unopposed.  This strategy is one which we must encourage.  Getting hardworking activists onto local councils is a way of proving to the electorate that our people are worthy of support.  This is far better than attempting to gain MPs with no prior experience of representing the people.  An example of failed tactics was the work of the National Front in London who gained 49 votes across the entire capital, proving how it is futile to campaign from a position of weakness.  The PSP report is on their website:

Friday, 8 May 2015

UK General Election 2015: A Great Result for England

The General Election results are all but in.  The Conservatives are the winners, gaining a majority of seats in the UK.  The hated liberals have been crushed.  The Greens have remained with one seat, in spite of fantastic media predictions of the Greens becoming a force in the UK.  The favoured Labour party has been wiped out in Scotland (keeping one seat, alonside one Liberal and one Conservative), making Scotland a country controlled by the SNP at national level and at UK level.

The election result is a great result for England.  The SNP is now in a position to push for a second referendum on freedom for Scotland.  A free Scotland automatically makes England that much closer to freedom as well.  The victory of the Conservatives means that the people of the UK will get a referendum on membership of the EU (unless the Conservatives go back on their manifesto, which wouldn't be unusual), meaning we may now get the chance to leave the EU.

This is a great time for England.  We could soon see the UK out of the EU and the end of the UK as it is, with a federal system in its place, if not the outright break up of the Union.

The death of the Liberals is naturally something to smile about.  In Bradford West, George Galloway has gone, which is a victory for common sense.  UKIP has failed to advance, proving that the days of imperialistic capitalism are over.  The reactionary BNP has collapsed, gaining under 2,000 votes nationwide.  The NF's bid to win in Rochdale resulted in falling behind the Rochdale First Party and the Greens, only just coming ahead of Class War.  The pro-immigration TUSC has wasted 135 deposits, proving that people are sick of reactionaries from the left, right, centre and anarchist fringe.

The futility of vote splitting has been proved again, vindicating the SWPE strategy of supporting parties on a seat by seat basis and not standing candidates who would only dilute the anti Ruling Class vote.  SWPE will extend our strategy of free association and support for people who share our goals, issue by issue.  This election has proved that to make a difference electorally, we have to work together.  We don't have to abandon our ideologies, we don't have to join with others in unified organisations where we have to compromise and accept ideas which we know are wrong.  We need to work together issue by issue so that we can advance aspects of our ideology creating a snowball effect with our ideology as a whole becoming piece by piece the norm of the people.

There were also local council elections in England.  More information of how our comrades in the Patriotic Socialist Party, Populist party, Wessex Regionalists and other organisations have fared at local and parliamentary level will be published as it becomes known.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The UK General Election 2015

SWPE is a revolutionary party.  We do not contest elections.  This does not mean that we do not have any interest in the electoral system.

In London, SWPE has endorsed the Populist Party.  In Wessex we have informally endorsed the Wessex Regionalists (Party of Wessex).  Unlike the PP, our support for the WR/PW is purely from our direction only.  SWPE policy of elections is to make sure that a vote is cast, even if that means a spoiled ballot paper is returned.  The UK political system is corrupt to the core.  With this in mind, SWPE advice to voters is based on not voting for people who represent interests which go against the interests of the English people.

SWPE is a party which is fundamentally for the freedom of England and the English people.  We cannot give our support to any party which pledges to support the UK membership of the EU.  This automatically blocks voting for the Conservatives, Labour, Liberals and Greens.

SWPE is a party  of the working man and woman.  The greatest threat facing our people is the annihilation of our job security and the land we need for food, recreation and accommodation, and also our welfare and health system.  This threat comes from mass immigration which is used by the Conservatives to weaken the rights of the workers, by Labour to gain votes in order to secure their cushy lives in parliament, by the Liberals to wreck the unity of the people and ultimately see the genocide of the peoples of these Isles.  The Greens outdo the Liberals by not merely opposing stronger immigration controls, they want to abolish all borders and to leave the English worker helpless and damned to the footnotes of cultural and biological history.  This automatically blocks voting for the Liberals, Labour and Conservatives, and makes voting for the Greens a matter for immediate expulsion from the party.

SWPE is a party of England.  Whereas the factors of the EU and immigration are such that we actively oppose those who fight for these issues, we accept that the unity of the UK (as much as we oppose it) is not an issue of such importance that we would advise people against voting for unionist parties.  We support the right of England to leave the UK and for the brother and sister nations of the British Isles to live as neighbours, not as fellows in the same prison.  We want the UK out of the EU and then once this is achieved, the dissolution of the UK as well.  The EU is the UK in macrocosm.  We advise voters to vote for parties which oppose the UK, such as the SNP, SDLP, Sinn Fein, Plaid Cymru, Mebyon Kernow, Wessex Regionalists.  This issue comes behind the EU and Immigration issues, so for this reason we would advise caution with the UK parties outside England.

SWPE stands for the abolition of the monarchy, aristocracy, house of lords, and all forms of class oppression.  If the only candidates standing who are against the EU are for the class system, then do not vote for them.  The Ruling Class is the foundation and summit of the capitalist system.  We cannot afford to vote for anyone who supports them.

If you are unsure who to vote for because their is nobody who represents the English people, spoil your ballot paper.  A Sickle and Sword and the initials SWPE will ruin the paper and send a message to the hidden elite.  Happy Voting.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Happy Thrimilci. Reclaim the 1st of May

Today is the 1st of May.  This day is Thrimilci, a day from our true calendar which we have to reclaim.  Thrimilci is a time to celebrate the return of summer.  In the May Day celebrations, the Maypole Dance is an expression of our culture.  It is this indigenous identity which we need to celebrate and to promote.

Globalisation is driven by a desire to create a world of slaves who are for all purposes indistinguishable from one another.  This allows for the economic exploitation of the people.  The recreation of a Free Socialist England can only be achieved when we embrace what binds us together.  This includes reclaiming our ancient traditions in place of the current globalising ones which hold us in servitude.

SWPE is not an organisation which is limited to the sphere of economics.  We believe that in order for our people to be free, we need to become secure in our own identity, in our own heritage.  It is not enough to reject capitalism and all other forms of globalism, we must have in place a viable alternative which is an active protection against the forces of exploitation and oppression.  Our indigenous ways served us well in the past, they will serve us well in the future.  SWPE stands for the complete restoration of all that is beneficial to our people.  So Happy Thrimilci.  The 1st of May is not a day of politics but the beginning of the period following Beltane, a celebration of unity with our ancestors.