Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Holocaust Memorial Day - Keeping Propaganda Alive and Killing Nations

SWPE has a policy which we call National Zionism.  In brief, this policy is to recognise Israel and Birobidjan as the two sovereign Jewish States, and to take Theodor Herzl's Zionism to the next level, by not only demanding that the Jews have a homeland which is exclusively theirs, but that all Jews from every part of the planet must live exclusively in these lands.  Of course an SWPE State would only be able to act for our country, which our opponents choose to use to twist our words into a desire for the expulsion of the Jewish population of the UK due to anti-Semitism.  This is a lie. National Zionism means that no non-Jews may live in the twin Jewish States, and that no Jews may live outside the twin Jewish States.  We are not anti-Jewish - we wish the best for everyone - we are realistic to know that we cannot live alongside people who are not of us, as it is bad for everyone concerned.  We break with Herzl in our belief that anti-Semitism is good for no-one, and that the security of our People can be achieved in tandem with the achievement of security for the Jewish People, with no need for anyone to be libeled, blackmailed or subjected to ruinous propaganda.

SWPE is not anti-Jewish.  We support the National Socialist Party of Israel.  We admire the Kibbutzim, although as Socialists, rather than Communists, we have no desire to transplant Jewish political economics into our country.  We are vehemently opposed to the financial system of Capitalism with its roots in the religious-economic practice of Usury.  It is up to the Jews to decide whether to follow the path of Kibbutz or of Rothschild thievery, but in their own homeland (Israel-Birobidjan).  We want no part of the corrupt and tyrannical Banking economy, nor do we see any merit in adopting Trotskyism, but what the Jews do in the Jewish homeland is the business of the Jewish people and only the Jewish people.

The existence of the Diaspora is the reason for anti-Semitism.  The criminal system of Banking/Stock Market Global Finance Capitalism is a product of Diaspora.  The Rothschilds crooks use Israel as a headquarters and their co-religious/co-racial kin as the tentacles to subvert foreign countries in order to achieve Global Zionism, which is an ideology we are absolutely opposed to.  End the Diaspora, end anti-Semitism - it really is that simple.

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day in the UK.  The UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, has used the day to announce the creation of a Holocaust memorial to be situated next to the Westminster Parliament.  It is this type of behaviour which fosters anti-Semitism.  Forever forcing non-Jews to feel guilty because of what happened to Jews in the period of 1942-45, is to impose collective guilt on people, many of whom were not even born in that period, and this is to elevate the suffering of Jews above that of everyone else.  What makes this much worse, is that the entire Holocaust story is pure propaganda, invented by the UK-US-USSR Allies to justify the destruction of continental Europe in the Second Global Bankers' War (WW2).

The ongoing invasion of Europe by Mohammedan terrorists and rapists is justified by the nonsense that we must accept 'refugees' or we will be guilty of committing another holocaust against them by not saving them.  Fighting age men can save themselves, their families and their homelands, by staying where they belong.  Even if their sob stories were true (which they are not), our concern is with our people, not with the global population.  We will not sacrifice our Workingmen to unemployment to accommodate outsiders.  We will not sacrifice our Women and Children to the lusts of rapists who have no morality other than a belief in a demonic entity who hates humanity.  We will not sacrifice our animals to appease the lusts of barbarians who practice halal/kosher.  We will not sacrifice our beautiful precious land to house millions of people who have no place among us.  We will not feed people who believe in 'jihad' and the virtue of killing people who don't share their insanity - they want to kill all free native Europeans and are more than happy to put this desire into practice.  We are expected to do all this because of the lies of the Holocaust industry, pushed by the Diaspora Capitalists in order to break sovereign nations so that they may be more easily financially exploited and de-cultured. 

We demand that the brain-pollution of our children and our gullible television watching people be ended.  Europeans are not mass murderers and we should not be made to feel ashamed for something which we didn't do, and which didn't happen.  The following sites gives ample information to prove that the Holocaust is a tissue of lies, and there are many, many more sites which do likewise:

SWPE says NO to Holocaust Memorials, Holocaust Memorial Days and lying propaganda to make us ashamed of who we are.  In the interests of better Jewish-Gentile relations, end this anti-European hatred now.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Is anti-Capitalism anti-Semitic?

 Carl Gustav Jung was a genius.  His understanding of the human psyche has contributed to the good of humanity in ways which go far beyond the realm of Psychology/Psychiatry.  His greatest contribution was to break from Freud and to expose Universalism as a cruel hoax and a danger to us all.  Jung understood that the Collective Unconscious is race-specific.  Thus Freudianism may well be appropriate to the Jewish people, but is absolutely useless for non-Jews.

Contrary to the befuddled nonsense of Trotskyite liberals, race is not a 'social construct'.  As Jung helped us to appreciate, the physical attributes of people are outward manifestations of their inner selves.  Each race has its own spiritual essence, giving the Jewish people a Jewish soul, Africans an African soul, Orientals, an Oriental soul, and Europeans a European soul.  What we see as race is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of inner differences and peculiarities.

When we accept that Nature is supreme over all other factors, we can begin to see that all forms of Globalism are anti-natural and should be fought against.  Universalism in religion is self-evidently unhealthy, as can be seen by the rape epidemic unleashed by Globalisers in the European world.  Mohammedans embrace the cult of Mohammed because it suits their inner desires.  The European soul rejects the subjugation of women and does not accept rape as appropriate behaviour.  When people from outside Europe move en masse into our lands, they bring with them a way of life which disgusts us.  They are of a different soul and cannot do anything but promote and indulge in behaviour which is abhorrent to us.  Attempting to assimilate these people is to go against nature, and moreover it is pointless.  They will never be able to live alongside us, they will only destroy us and replace us if we allow them to remain.

That different races have different senses of morality and spiritualism is obvious.  The advance of Mohammedanism is not largely through conversion, but mainly through movement of population. There is a certain amount of contamination due to association with outsiders, but that is a form of deliberate mental corruption.  In Europe, converts tend to be drug addicts who are broken by their dealers and take up the religion of those who push heroin onto them, possibly as a way of getting out of prostitution - preventing Mohammedans moving to Europe would prevent the spread of that cancerous pseudo-religion.  But this is to digress.  Economics may also have a racial factor, giving our struggle against Capitalism a racial dimension.

Different races excel at different things.  The Orientals are known for having a logical mind which makes them masters of technical analysis.  This is reflected in their supremacy in the field of miniaturisation. Africans excel in sports such as football, due to natural abilities.  Jews excel in all things financial, due to a sense of morality which ordinary Europeans would balk at.  Unregulated finance capitalism is the very core of the rush to total Globalisation.  The natural ability of Jews to climb to the top in economic competition, makes Capitalism essentially a Jewish phenomenon.
The natural order in Europe is Socialism.  We Europeans are racially programmed to look after the weak, to care for those in need, to share the wealth with those who deserve a share.  Our current suffering is the result of allowing outsiders who do not share our racial vision to live among us.  The natural desire to live according to our own innate character goes against the wishes of the Ruling Class who have a different racial soul to ourselves.  Through centuries of breeding with people who have an innate ability to control the supply of money, the Ruling Class of the UK (and the wider European world) has become Jewish in spirit, having taken on the genetic stream of the Jewish people.  The Ruling Class exploit our inner nature by misdirecting our natural altruism from a healthy means of looking after our own into a suicidal attempt to look after the entire world, putting our own interests last.

The Ruling Class has successfully used its power over the State, Media, and Economy to push Capitalism onto us.  This has resulted in misery for millions as we are forced to work as Wage Slaves under economic conditions which go against our nature. The natural order for Europeans, is to be non-exploitative, self-reliant, mutually supportive, family-centred and just.  This is Real Socialism.  What Trotskyites call Socialism is nothing but Globalist Capitalism by another name, and just as that which it mirrors, it is the product of the Jewish soul.

The Ruling Class, through their media apparatus, label those who wish to live according to our natural order, 'anti-Semites'.  There is an unfortunate expression of hostility to all things Jewish which results from an understanding that Capitalism, murderous mass migration (Mohammedan rapefugee invasion) and the deliberate destruction of Culture and People by the Capitalist/Trotskyite Globalisers, is a part of the modus operandi of the Global Ruling Class.  If we fail to appreciate that there is a genetic-spiritual dimension to humanity which makes races different, we will fall into the trap of seeing others as the enemy, rather than taking a step back and seeing that there are a disproportionate number of Jews at the top of the Capitalist system, simply because they have the traits required to succeed in this field, and we do not.

 If we see Capitalism as a cut-throat competition, it is easy to understand that those who have the ability to calmly take what is not theirs, to exploit others, to ruin entire nations for profit, to use war and mass migration to their financial advantage, will win, whilst those who have an inner prohibition against these things, will lose.  If we try to compete in the Capitalist arena against Asiatics, and specifically Jews, we will fail every time.  The only solution to avoid being beaten at every turn, is to stop trying to compete.

Is anti-Capitalism anti-Semitic?  No.  To accept that the Jewish psyche is 'better' at winning in a competition in which the only rule is to accumulate wealth and power no matter the cost, is to accept that just as Freudian psychology is good for Jews and no-one else, so Capitalism is good for Jews and no-one else.  We would not be called anti-Semites for not wishing to be scrutinised by Freudians, and it is not anti-Semitic for not wishing to compete in a sport which we can never win. 

Theodor Herzl knew that Assimilation was a code word for genocide, and it still is.  Ending Capitalism will require allowing the Jewish People to fulfill their destiny and unite in the Jewish Homeland.  Not just some of them - but every single one of them must leave our lands and move to their own.  The way in which Israel was secured is staggering to the non-Jewish mind.  It is not in our nature to abuse our own in order to get what we want, but for the Jewish nation, the ends always justify the means.  Clearly we cannot share the same land with people who think nothing about exploiting each other, and less than nothing about exploiting us.  There is nothing 'racist' about wanting what is best for our people and for the other people who live in our lands at present.  Restoring everyone to his and her rightful land is the way to maximise the well-being of all.  Then we can have our Natural Socialist way of life, with no need to accommodate those who are of a different psyche, and no need to try to compete in a game of exploitation, with anyone.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Nationalism is a part of the Socialism of the Real Left (Jane Everdene article)

Guest Article By Jane Everdene:

Why Nationalism is Not 'Right-Wing' (and why Real Socialists need to stand with all genuine anti-Globalists)

Right Wing

One of the worst – even fatal – ideological errors we can make as ethno-nationalists would be to adopt the label “right wing,” either to describe ourselves or any organic nationalism by Europeans. 

At some point, the label “right wing” and indeed the derogatory term, “extreme right” has been applied to movements and people who, contrary to being ‘extreme,’ merely desire the organic normality of racial and ethnic loyalty and identity as a group.

The “right wing” label itself was no doubt devised and propagated by the very same pseudo-intellectuals who decided that National Socialism in the 1930s would have to be branded as “fascist”.

Stalinists, both within and without the Soviet Union, had decided that they could not in any way permit or recognise an alternative socialistic concept that may undermine the flimsy brand of Marxist tenets which they adhered to.

Indeed, throughout the Second World War, propaganda commentary that referred to Germany as “fascist” was almost exclusively the mark of a Soviet sympathiser.

The more neutral journalists and observers had not caught on to using this misnomer, as, at the time, the term only applied accurately to fascist Italy under Mussolini, a system that is primarily focused on state control.

We can take it for granted that the mislabelling of nationalism generally is something emanating from the enemies of nationalism; from those very people who instead argue in favour of a world-wide Universalist vision of blending races and nations.

In short, those who work feverishly – be it intentionally or otherwise – for the degradation and destruction of our people.

This is the reason why our collective love of our folk, in our own nation, is today dismissed by our enemies as “extreme right,” with no logical way to justify such terminology.

Unfortunately we find that labelling ideas in a confusing way leads to difficulty in grasping those ideas.
For example, if the word “love” was suddenly brought under a heading of “prostitution,” many may find it difficult to grasp that love cannot be about exploitation and that it is surely about affection, kindness, devotion, tenderness, purity of spirit and all the other positive qualities that we associate with the term “love”.

However, in this present decadent society that degrades and commercialises sex and relationships, this scenario of debasing and undermining the very meaning of “love” is really not so far from becoming a truly warped reality.

Once we have it pounded into our heads often enough that “love” is prostitution, a commercial transaction, we could well come to believe it.

Yet it seems many nationalists have become so confused with the “right wing” labelling of our collectivist concern for our folk that they have come to adopt views that are totally/wholly incongruous to the well-being of the race.

Additionally, the public perception, and especially the so-called “Leftist” perception, of nationalism is coloured by their biased assumptions about what being “right wing” entails.

This has indubitably held our cause back enormously.

Unless one knows better, the impression is given that nationalism, being labelled as “extreme right,” is something along the lines of, or in conjunction with, the Conservative Party, only far more vicious in its callous disregard for society and in its rejection of the fair treatment of our folk.

When we allow such reprehensible ideas to permeate our thinking it actually helps recruit those rather unsavoury and disagreeable individuals into our ranks, who then set out to further wreck nationalism by their hostility to the healthy socialist elements within.

We eventually hear these very impostors bleating and expressing their disgust at the growth of Islam in Britain, while at the same time suggesting that no one unemployed should be permitted to reproduce and have children – including working class White women.

When we take an objective look at the anti-social “right wing” one can begin to see that they are best categorised as selfish individualists.
Libertarianism & Anarchy
Basically they are “libertarians” and, ironically, in many cases these hedonists become the “liberals” they purport to despise.

How could racial loyalty be “right wing”?  Where is the logic here?

Capitalists absolutely and unreservedly hate racial loyalty and see profit for themselves from mass immigration. Racial loyalty is not one jot libertarian, liberal or right wing.

Racial loyalty is one hundred percent collectivist.

After all, it is the Zionists and radical promoters of homosexuality, substance abuse, disregard for the environment and career-orientated feminists that are the kind of unpleasant, selfish individualist types one should consider as right wing.

The primary reason why racial socialism is disparagingly called ‘right wing’ or ‘extreme right’ is to fool people into thinking racial loyalty is something practiced and championed by pure misanthropes with an ideology akin to Ayn Rand’s Objectivism.

Racism becomes an aspect of misanthropy, and there is hypocrisy where exceptions are made allowing the daughter to marry a wealthy businessman of another race with relish, or making an issue out of which groups are to be regarded as “superior” or “inferior” based on snobbishness.

These superficial comparisons should never get in the way of unconditional racial loyalty.

If there is any consistency at all in the decadent ideas of “right wing” politics, then the understanding of this block in terms of this self-centred libertarianism has to be the common thread.

There is nothing monolithic about politics. It is all about radicals forcing change and the rest adapting to change.  The original idea of right and left wing in politics, taken from the seating arrangements in the French Assembly just prior to the revolution, is nothing like the current assumptions of the dualistic terms: Left and Right.

At present, a big shift is underway which will highlight a sharp contrast between the libertarian agenda and the collectivist agenda. This change is largely caused by a gradual revolution that has quietly allowed phoney “Leftists” – who were never genuinely socialist to begin with – to move from being the underdog to becoming part of the establishment elite itself.

These insidious masters of deceit don’t need to pretend to be fighting for equality and fairness any more. They are now in a position to be more open about their triumphant oppression of the ordinary people who lose their human rights and find themselves (ourselves) treated as contemptible brutes, only fit to be exploited financially or sexually.

At its most extreme, the libertarian outlook is that of the anti-social personality, namely the psychopath or the sociopath. Individuals with such a mindset can work together for an agenda, but they would have no real group loyalty beyond the expedient, and would promptly attack each other if they saw advantage in so doing.

A prime example of such psychopathic behaviour was when two Russian, Jewish, oligarchs recently fell out.  It was reported that, “Berezovsky decided to sue Roman Abramovich for $5bn – in what was the biggest private litigation battle ever”.

Tribal loyalty came second to financial greed.

There are clues here as to why one particular nation – the Jewish state of Israel – is so very keen to move from its previous heavy leaning in the “Left” and become “right wing” instead.

This development in no way negates the libertarian stance of the “Right” nor creates a contradiction between libertarian values and the ruthless authoritarian boot Israel uses to force their will against their perceived enemies, most obviously the Palestinians.

As British nationalists we must recognise that the ground is shifting under our feet.
We mustn’t lose track of where it is that we should be standing.

We should let no one else tell us who we are and what we stand for.

We baulk at the notion that we ought to be the bedfellows of the libertarian individualists.

We must see them for what they truly are – the ideological antithesis to ourselves.

The father of modern political Zionism, Theodor Herzl, felt that Zionists should begin as agitators on the “Left,” but that once they were sufficiently powerful enough they would vacate and trash that vehicle and move to occupy an establishment position on the “Right”.

Here is a revealing quote from Herzl’s 1896 work ‘Der Judenstaat,’ which is considered one of the most important texts of early Zionism:

“When we sink, we become a revolutionary proletariat, the subordinate officers of the revolutionary party; when we rise, there rises also our terrible power of the purse.”

This process became glaringly obvious from the time of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia to the present.

What could be a clearer manifestation of this shift than the open conversion of the Trotskyists to their new “Neo-conservative” incarnation?

They make no secret of this. Consider Christopher Hitchens; Paul Wolfowitz; Richard Perle and really just the names of prominent neo-cons generally.

Neo-conservatism was founded as an idea and chiefly promoted by former Trotskyist Irving Kristol, a man who candidly boasted in a New York Times Magazine article titled ‘Memoirs of a Trotskyist’ (published January 23, 1977): “the honor I most prized was the fact that I was a member in good standing of the [Trotskyist] Young People’s Socialist League (Fourth International).”

As these Trotskyists made their way to a more natural home in the “right wing” and dropped the mask of socialism, they forged the path that the current Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has urged his fellow Jews to follow.

And that is to move out of a “Left” that is increasingly characterised by an anti-Israeli and anti-Zionist flavour.

It really is inconsistent that any non-Jewish socialist could support the aggressive military state of Israel.
And it’s interesting that there is now a well-funded push by Zionists the world over to encourage all Jews to support Israel by voting for right-wing parties if they live abroad.

The recent presidential election in the United States illustrates this campaign. Netanyahu openly backed the Republican candidate, the Mormon, Mitt Romney, and the Zionist lobby in the US spent a fortune trying to persuade the American Jewish population to abandon their long-term allegiance to the Democrat Party.

It seems however that old habits die hard, as a majority of the Jewish demographic went on to vote for Obama regardless of orders from the humiliated Netanyahu.

Still, the trend to the “Right” was established and is likely to grow. Meanwhile in Europe, the presence of the Islamic threat and attached “anti-Semitism” is more keenly felt and Zionists must be rather less comfortable mixing in with the “Left” over here compared to America.

Both UKIP and Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom are just two examples of parties that fit rather well into the category of “right wing”.

They fit in with the libertarian flavour and the neo-con agenda, being basically liberal and individualist in their policies.

Consider Wilders’ support for gay marriage, which shows the homosexual lobby is really more suited to this libertarian category than to any socially motivated collectivism on the Left.

Yes, you read that correctly: ‘homosexual rights’ are yet another cause that began on the Left but have now gravitated, like Trotskyism and Zionism to their more natural, individualist – selfish – home on the Right.

There have, of course, been a preponderance of homosexuals within the Conservative ranks for quite a while now, and their supreme focus on making money and disregarding the family unit, or the social ramifications of their lifestyle, is consistent with that.

True conservatism, in the sense of a dedication to tradition, is incongruent with this libertarian-right paradigm. For what motivates the traditionalist?

True traditionalism is motivated by a concern for the nation and, of course, concern for the long-term benefit of a collective, unless it is merely ritual.

No doubt there are individualists who glean some kind of personal comfort or pleasure by regarding themselves as traditionalists, but the sentiment makes no useful sense at all unless it is an extension of concern for society and the well-being of future generations.

It must now be acknowledged that it is much too late for conservatism as a strategy, since that which the conservative would wish to conserve has become so utterly eroded.

Defence, in this case, is neither an effective form of defending values nor can it attack. Standing one’s ground as a reactionary in the face of a constant push and relentless barrage by radicals cannot achieve anything significant for the future of our nation.

Traditionalism of course has a place in nationalism because it is integral to group identity.

It is most odd that the new establishment elite of triumphant radicals that were bred on the “Left” and who now are throwing off their mask of socialism and embracing their true colours, that most cruel form of individualism, will lose any radical edge and become the reactionaries themselves.

Thus will genuine socialists be left battling against them and their inhuman exploitation.

However, the socialists in this scenario are by no means a united front.

They would have in common simply a concern for a group, be it their own tribe, or “humanity” in the case of humanists and various Christian groups.

No doubt the libertarian hope is that pluralism and the Orwellian might of the police state have deprived the masses of any hope for a cohesive movement, let alone revolution.

For wherever there is a socially cohesive ethnic group that practices socialism, the organic expression being tribalism, that group will surely have the advantage in the long term.

The “right wing” however – the libertarian, fractured, selfish individualists who only look out for “number one” – cannot maintain their grip on power as it is a short term decadent vision that extends no further than their own pleasure.

So it is a reassuring and encouraging thought to know that such an evil attitude would most likely burn itself out, like an epidemic of Ebola. But our own ethnic group is being weakened and our people encouraged to become the same kind of individualist monsters.

This is what happens, of course, when you introduce massive genetic diversity and destroy the basis of the nation, which is the family unit.

For truly, the most organically socialist nation has healthy family values and is a relatively homogenous group. It is this successful genetic strategy that is the formula for our advancement. This is the way of life that is under attack.

Let me give you an example of genetic diversity in action.

The Indian shop owners, so beloved by the Tories, originate from a diverse country in which a lack of concern for the poor is as inevitable as mass corruption.
The desperate plight of the disease-ridden populace is met with a shrug of the shoulders, as a mere fact of life.
Now let us compare this to the opposite result in Scandinavia, where the most homogenous of humanity would never treat their own people with such heartless contempt.

Socialism fits best with kin loyalty. The phoney socialist who advocates mass immigration and the libertarian who stands for sexual minorities, drug abusers and other anti-social elements are abandoning the “Left” in their droves.

They are allowing the “Right” to assume a less confusing and more consistently shameless character.

This ultimately means that all genuine nationalists have to move away from that silly “Right Wing” label entirely and leave it to the Geert Wilders, the Nigel Farage and the Margaret Thatcher types.

One can see all too clearly that many of the most influential personalities have concluded that their guru, Theodor Herzl, had a point regarding the need for this shift of a large part of the “Left” to assume their role in the ruling establishment.

Just a year ago, May 2012, the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research held a conference in New York in which a number of scholars debated the pros and cons of the Jewish loyalty to the “Left”.

In his “Introductory Remarks,” Prof. Jack Jacobs of CUNY asserted that “the one-time ties between Jews and the left can best be explained by political, economic, and sociological conditions which existed in the 19th century, and which went out of existence in the twentieth” — that Jewish leftism was thus a creation of a time and place that no longer exists, not an enduring reflection of either Jewish religion or Jewish traits.
Read more:… Leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom, Geert Wilders, is true to the right wing description: radical individualist, liberal, Zionist and ambivalent on racial issues – just like the English Defence League.

A number of nationalists might welcome the idea of Jews moving to the right and stamping their mark with that general template.

Some may advocate that we see them as allies arguing this development shows how we think alike!  We do not.

Rather it is a time for those within the nationalist community to decide their future direction and choose either to be “right wing” individualists or embrace a truly authentic ethnic/racial socialism. Whether or not one plays the game and calls it “left wing,” is open to debate.

Nationalists are simply not “right wing extremists” so we would not be nationalists at all if we positioned ourselves as such.

To paraphrase John F. Kennedy, in keeping with a nationalist concern and putting our folk first, you must ask not what your nation can do for you — ask what you can do for your nation.

The radical individualism of the “Right” is completely antithetical to the aforementioned sentiments and the two simply cannot coincide in one organisation.

The shift in politics will make it necessary to nail one’s colours to the mast either one way or another

Thank you Jane for contributing this article.  Socialism has to be recaptured from the thieving claws of globalising liberalism.  Nationalism needs to be recaptured from the thieving claws of globalising individualism.  Jane is correct that Real Nationalism stands with Real Socialism as the voice of the genuine Left and the rallying point of all anti-globalist resistance.  Socialism and Nationalism are interchangeable terms.  Comrade Everdene's article highlights the need to stop playing the game of the Ruling Class and the lumpen-proletarian scum who support them.