Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Thoughts on China's Economic Agenda for 2018 - Wilberg on Wednesday

As a Marxist, I believe it is the firm duty of the CPC to represent the interests of farmers and the industrial and white-collar proletariat in private capitalist corporations - as they did before 1949. If they don't, who will? China will then just be selling out its own workers to foreign and domestic wage-slavery.

The capitalist class would very much like the CPC to serve its exclusive interests rather than  those of the people - just as 'democratic' governments in the West do. The CPC must do the opposite - use its authority to protect the proletariat and migrant farm labour from abuse by foreign and domestic capitalist corporations - and severely punish those corporations which defy regulations on minimum wages, impose unhealthy working conditions or economically enforced and excessive overtime.

I was very disappointed that the panel in this discussion used nothing but the language of capitalist economics and not one single element of Marxism in analysing the economic challenges and the future of economic development in China - particularly in the light Xi Jinping's recent and renewed emphasis on the enduring scientific truths of Marxism. The CPC has vastly and successfully accelerated the first stage of capitalist development - what Marx called the 'primitive accumulation of capital' through migration of labour from farms to factories - as well as further stages of capitalist development such as the concentration of private capital in ever larger corporations. And in his great work 'Socialism, Utopian and Scientific' Engels stressed that the final stage - state capitalism - provides the foundations upon which the transition to socialism, i.e. full state and social ownership of the means of production based on can proceed - accompanied by the Communist-led promotion of ECONOMIC democracy and working class control of the management of corporate enterprises - thus ensuring that they serve the people and not just profit. The 'visible hand' must gradually replace the 'hidden hand'. Foreign and domestic capitalist interests will necessarily work to subvert this staged Marxist and CPC led process - not least through promoting the dominance of speculative finance capital over industrial capital, the state and the people. Beware of JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs!

A debt-based state economy can only be avoided by holding to the central policy of 'The Communist Manifesto': 'the centralisation of credit in the hands of the state' - in this way maintaining China's sovereign national right to issue its own money without debt and submission to the international finance capital. The People's Bank of China has so far managed directly and indirectly to protect this basic right and maintain control of the money supply, since its 'debt' is purely notional (see  See Ellen Brown on 'Funding Infrastructure: why China is running circles around America.' )

If the privately run banking system  can create money from nothing - as the Fed and other privately owned central and commercial banks in the West freely admit to doing - so can the PBoC, but in order to invest it in the real economy and in the labour and welfare of the people (for example through state funded healthcare, unemployment security and affordable state-built housing). Its task is not like that of capitalist central banks like the Fed - which creates money to bailout the very Wall St. banks that own and control it.

The biggest threat to China is the coming collapse of this whole Western-style privately owned central and commercial banking system - from which both the state and people are forced to borrow money created from nothing. In every respect it is the duty of the CPC and its leadership to ensure that 'Socialism with Chinese characteristics' means exactly that: the evolution of 'SOCIALISM with Chinese characteristics'. Only through economic policies founded on Marxism and Scientific Socialism, which alone can recognise and overcome real economic and also CLASS contradictions facing China (let's be true Marxists and not avoid talk of class contradictions) can the great objective of Communism be fully achieved by the CPC. I was happy to hear Xi Jinping reaffirming this truth. So less reliance on capitalist economic 'experts' and more study and application of Marxist economic analyses please!!!

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Charities are Tax-exempt. Shouldn't the work of SMPBI also be?

Throughout Europe - with the exception of Iceland - the people are being forced to pay for the 'mistakes' of the Bankers.  Iceland has proven that the only way to deal with the Banking criminals is to let their businesses fail, and to arrest them for crimes against the people.  Sadly, in the rest of Europe, the grip of the Bankers is so complete that the people are being made to pay with their own money, to make up the profits lost by the greedy Banking cartels.  If any other businesses lose such vast amounts of money that they cannot operate, they close - and so should the Banks.  Indeed, the entire immoral system of usury should be closed, regardless of whether it is in debt or profit.

The Bankers' puppet governments introduced Austerity measures in the British Isles with interest rate freezes, tax hikes, and cuts in services.  Free Banking has all but ended, so now we have a situation where it is nigh on impossible to pay for one's utilities, or to receive pay from an employer, without having a bank account, but not only does it cost money to have one; the greedy profiteers no longer pay a level of interest which covers the costs of having an account!  That is theft, pure and simple.

The Bankers hide behind the governing regimes; deflecting anger from the financiers of the Ruling Class who are the real source of policy, regardless of the espoused politics of the government of the day.  The present government has made much of the idea of closing tax loopholes, and of preventing people who are not entitled to Welfare Benefits from receiving them.  As has become the norm in the UK, the spotlight of scrutiny has not fallen evenly across all those resident in the UK.

People in the UK are taxed more than any other nation in Europe, and for that matter most of the world.  We have to pay tax on every penny we earn, and every penny we spend.  The State even has the audacity to take a cut of any money we may have saved for our children, with its outrageous Inheritance Tax and Death Duties. 

As well as taxation at national level, we have local taxation.  Every household in the country has to pay 'Council Tax', which amounts to around £1000 per annum per dwelling in the least affluent areas, increasing with the value of the property.  Council tax is allegedly to pay for services provided by the local administrative authorities, but considering that almost every service has been contracted out to profit-making companies, the reality of Council tax is that it is yet another way to rob the people, and transfer what little money we have into the hands of the private companies which rule over us.  It is illegal to not pay Tax, thus the system is tantamount to an extortion racket - either we pay those who exploit us, or we are punished by their legal system, in terms of fines (more extorted money), or imprisonment.

There is an exception to the Council Tax rule.  Those who claim to live in accommodation which is used as a place of worship, do not have to pay the tax.  What this means in effect, is that all one has to do to escape the attention of the tax mafiosa (and dodge the tax system) is to register as a religious leader.  The people who benefit from the tax loophole which the Establishment refuses to close, are the liberal clergy who happily push the neo-con sjw policies of the governing regime.  In addition there are newer religions to the Isles who are happy to jump on the band-wagon, thus allowing the organisers of the religious populations to keep hold of the money they generate through extortion of the collecting tin, whilst those less inclined to listen to the organised theists - whether atheist of spiritual in a sense which doesn't rely on designated places of worship, become economically impoverished.  It is understandable that people who are aware of the tax loop-holes will take advantage of everything which they are given, and they should not be blamed for that.

Why should religion be a reason for tax exemption?  If we lived in a theocracy, and there was one religion enshrined by the State, then there would be no reason for places of worship to be given preferential treatment, as they would be an integral part of society.  We do not live in a theocracy.

If people wish to worship in an organised manner, let them pay for the costs of the places they use; it is beyond arrogant for people of any faith to expect their beliefs to be paid for by others.  Without tax exemption for religious places, those which flourish would provide income to the local authorities, and those which did not, would die.  Any religion which cannot survive without grandiose displays of material wealth, deserves to fail. 

Education centres are - like religious places - tax exempt.  The ludicrous situation exists where the state education system keeps children in  ignorance of anything which matters, and where the only real education which can be obtained is in the fee-paying sector.  The Ruling Class and their bourgeois collaborators have enough money to pay for their children to be educated away from the proletarian masses, but then the schools to which they send their children, have charitable status, and so contribute nothing to the economy.

If all so-called public (private) schools had to pay into the tax system, that would greatly enrich the coffers of the exchequer.  The existence of a two-tier education system in which the Working Class receive nothing but indoctrination and knowledge sufficient only for servitude, in institutions which the parasitic rich wouldn't consider sending their children to, is offensive to the nation as a whole.  If the State sector is not good enough for the Rulers, then it is not good enough for anyone.  SMPBI will abolish fee paying schools, faith schools, charitable schools, and nationalise all of them so that everyone gets equal education, and no-one can pay for 'better' education.

So what can we do?  We can home school and thus keep the state away from our children.  Those who can afford to send their children to the elite schools, should refuse to as a matter of principle.  There is no excuse for the class system, and anything which props it up is repugnant. 

How should we deal with the tax loop-hole?

We can register our homes as places of worship, and with-hold taxes from the Capitalist regime.  SMPBI does have a spiritual dimension, so why shouldn't we be able to meet together for reflection in the same way as the organised religious groups do?  If they refuse to accept our expressions of belief as valid, then surely that amounts to prejudice and discrimination on spiritual, political and cultural grounds?  It is worth considering, for reasons financial and moral. 

It is possible to buy religious titles from (unsurprisingly), the USA, at an initial cost which is a fraction of the annual saving.  The legal protection and financial exemptions afforded to the majority faiths should apply to everyone.  This isn't tax evasion, but common sense.  Why pay a penny to the enemy regime, if we can legally avoid it? 

Monday, 21 May 2018

The Labour Party is selling out to Zionism

The Labour Party is supposed to be the party of and for the Working Class. It is increasingly becoming a bourgeois neo-con outfit, and evidently for the finance class of Israel.  In the recent distraction of a Ruling Class wedding, the attacks on the Working Class foundations of Labour, went largely un-noticed.  However, they have continued to increase.

In Oxford, democratically elected Councillor, Ben Llloyd-Shogbesan, has been forced out for using social media to compare the Racism of the Zionist Entity with the policies of Third Reich Germany. 

The comparison is valid. But in Zionist Labour, it is a sacking offence, and eight years of good service for the people in his area, comes to naught.

This lunacy has lost the Labour Party many good activists.  Today, Ken Livingstone has joined those who can no longer stay in a party which is anti-Working Class, neo-con ad obsessed with SJW-identity politics.  The loss of good activists who do not fall in line with Zionist terrorism - who dare to expose the barbarism of Israel - is a tragedy for the Labour Party.  It is also proof that the Blairite rot is at the very core, and that even if elected to government with Jeremy Corbyn in charge, it would not deliver Socialism to the people - except a pathetic caricature such as beloved by SJW/liberal Trotskyites.

SMPBI welcomes all real Socialists who are sick of the deliberate destruction of the Labour Party. Mr Lloyd-Shogbesan is cordially invited to join us - as it Ken Livingstone and all else who can no longer stomach the Lib-Lab-(Neo)-Con One Party State. 

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Socialist Quotes for Sunday Reflection pt 11

We repeat: race is secondary, spirit and tradition the primary factor, because, in a metaphysical sense, race dwells in the spirit before being expressed in the blood. If it is true that without racial purity, spirit and tradition are deprived of their most precious means of expression, then it also true that pure race deprived of spirit is condemned to be a biological mechanism and, in the end, doomed to extinction. The proof of this lies in spiritual decay, the ethical stupefaction, and the slow death of many tribes that did not commit any of the sins against the blood that have been discovered by materialistic racial science. […] It follows that without the rejuvenation of the higher spiritual power latent in the Nordic symbol, all measures for the biological protection of the race will have a limited and relative effectiveness, as opposed to our superior task of a Western reconstruction of the Nordic-Aryan spirit. […]
Leader and followers, organic structure, overcoming of individualism and collectivism through a virile spiritual concept of community – these foundations for an inner rebuilding of the Folk should now be valid above and beyond the individual nations, and should lead the way to an organic conception, to which independence contributes as well as unified higher leadership, ethnic diversity, as well as spiritual, supranational community. That is what Western rebirth fuelled by the Aryan spirit means. […]
It follows that our front should also take account of all the surviving conservative and traditionalist forces in Europe and even strive toward a new active conservatism on a Nordic foundation, which will have this dual purpose: to rid the world in revolutionary fashion of a culture of decadence and the new materialist and collectivist barbarism and to call forth to new life the primal creative power of the ancient Aryans, in close connection with the values of personality, hierarchy, spiritual virility, and the Reich as both worldly and metaphysical reality. The first condition for this is the desecularization of the world and of man, of realization and of action. If this prerequisite is not fulfilled, then all roads toward the understanding of primordial Nordicism remain blocked. The first assumption is that there is a higher world beyond this one. Therefore, we have to abandon any mysticism of this world, any adoration of nature and of life, any pantheism. At the same time we must strongly oppose the curious interpretation of Aryanism invented by the dilettante Chamberlain that relates to a purely rational praise and glorification of profane science and technology for the surmounting of a supposedly un-Aryan supersensible worldview. It is indeed high time that we were done with such foolery. […]

Julius Evola.


I'm looking for a society where the true worth of a job is understood. Now, we saw this in 1979 when the gravediggers and the bin men went on strike.

The public reaction was - what greedy b-stards - how dare they leave the dead unburied and the litter uncollected. The logical reaction ought to have been along the lines of "Blimey! These blokes really make a difference to our lives! When they strike - we all suffer. Let's reward them for the work they carry out!

Can the same be said of an actress, or musician or a royal? No. If they go on strike, the impact upon daily life is ZERO.

Russell White, Populist Party UK



Our patriotism is a revolutionary, social, and combative patriotism. That is to say that we don’t take refuge in the Fatherland in order to calm or halt the passions of anyone, but to act, fight, and obtain what we lack.
- - -
One certainty cannot be discussed: we must mobilize the Spain of the countryside in a revolutionary manner. Inject it with the sense of armed revolt, desires for violence. The Spanish peasant has the right to “liberate” himself from the liberal bourgeois senorito. The right to vote is a treasonous and grotesque concession which absolutely doesn’t serve his interests.

Ramiro Ledesma Ramos


"The bourgeois domination of the nineteenth century was a rational domination. It excluded all romantic enthusiasm. It sought not paradise but temporal power, and marveling at what had come to pass, it took the newly discovered economic forces as its instruments of choice. But to use these instruments meant submission to them. The bourgeoisie itself submitted and compelled everyone else to submit..

The bourgeois morality was and is primarily a morality of work and of métier. Work purifes, ennobles; it is a virtue and a remedy. Work is the only thing that makes life worthwhile; it replaces God and the life of the spirit. More precisely, it identifes God with work: success becomes a blessing. God expresses his satisfaction by distributing money to those who have worked well. Before this first of all virtues, the others fade into obscurity. If laziness was the mother of all the vices, work was the father of all the virtues. This attitude was carried so far that bourgeois civilization neglected every virtue but work.
For the proletariat the result was alienation, which likewise represented the grip of the economic on the human being. In the proletariat, we see human beings emptied of all human content and real substance, and possessed by economic power. The proletarian was alienated not only because he was the servant of the bourgeois but because he became a stranger to the human condition, a sort of automaton filled with economic machinery and worked by an economic switch...It might be thought that the primacy of the economy over man (or, rather, the possession of man by the economy) would have come into question. But unfortunately, the real, not the idealized, proletarian has concentrated entirely on ousting the bourgeoisie and making money. The proletarian instru­ment for winning this revolution is the labor union. And the union subordinates its members even more closely to the economic function in the process of satisfying their revolutionary will and exhausting their will with regard to purely economic objects.

The bourgeois himself is losing ground, but his system and his conception of the human being is gaining. For the proletariat, as for the bourgeoisie, man is only a machine for prouction and consumption. He is under obligation to produce. He is under the same oblgation to consume. He must absorb what the economy offers him..

The counterpart of the necessary reduction of human life to working is its reduction to gorging. If man does not already have certain needs, they must be created. The important concern is not the psychic and mental structure of the human being but the uninterrupted flow of any and all goods which invention allows the economy to produce. Whence the measureless trituration of the human soul, the true issue of which is propaganda. And propaganda, reduced to advertising, relates happiness and a meaningful life to consumption. He who has money is the slave of the money he has. He who has it not is the slave of a mad desire to get it. The frist and great law is consumption. Nothing but this imperative has any value in such a life.

Jacques Ellul, The Technological Society


We must start from the man and pass through his organic unities and thus we will rise from the man to the family, from the family to the municipality and the syndicate and we will conclude in the State, which will be the harmony of all. In this political-historic-moral conception with which we envision the world in a such a manner, we implicitly have the economic solution: we will disengage from the economic apparatus of capitalist ownership which absorbs all earnings in order to replace it through individual, familial, communal, and syndical ownership.

José Antonio Primo de Rivera


You don't have a peaceful revolution. You don't have a turn-the-cheek revolution. There's no such thing as a nonviolent revolution.You don't have a revolution in which you love your enemy, and you don't have a revolution in which you are begging the system of exploitation to integrate you into it. Revolutions overturn systems. Revolutions destroy systems!

Malcolm X


Saturday, 19 May 2018

Last call on the Monarchy: Become like us, or pack up and leave

Today, two parasites wed in London, in an event which the media has been ramming down our throats for so long, that the wedding itself must come as a relief to people sick to the stomach of seeing Harry Whodunnit and the Actress Meghan Markle constantly on TV, in papers, or talked about on radio, while the betrayal of the People by the EU-phile House of Lords and Theresa May's regime, goes almost unreported.

In the Royal-owned UK, the most dysfunctional nation on the planet, the wedding of two irrelevant people is being pushed by the €$tablishment media (the Family propaganda machine) as something to be celebrated!  According to the media, everyone in the UK is enthusiastically celebrating the Royal Wedding, but unsurprisingly, the truth is somewhat different to the media story. Apart from a few die-hard Royalists who genuinely enjoy being owned by the despots of Buckingham Palace, the vast majority of Britons have absolutely no interest in the posturings of the Monarchy. Most people see the wedding as an irrelevance, with a substantial proportion of the people going beyond not caring to openly expressing treasonous sentiments. It would seem that the behaviour of the Royals has at long last awoken the people to the undeniable need for the parasites to go and for the people to control their own nation as a Free Republic.

What has so irked the British public that we are refusing en masse to participate in the rituals of our overlords? Could it be that the parasites-in-chief - who are the richest family on the planet - haven't paid a penny towards the wedding, but have stolen from an already financially suffering nation by taking £32 million from the taxpayer for their gaudy show of power and elitism? Maybe. Could it be the Royal Family's bootboys, the Police, attacking the homeless in Windsor, by impounding a mobile soup-kitchen / bus with beds, which the poorest in the town rely upon?

Maybe what has really got to the British people is the fact that the groom likes to parade around in military uniform but has never faced real danger unlike the professionals he insults every time he dons his fancy dress. Yes he 'served' in the Army for ten years, but he never faced a situation where his life was in danger.   In his ten years PR exercise, the Royal Family has profited greatly with other people dying (never the 'royals') in their wars for imperial conquest, oil and drugs (heroin mainly). The ordinary British people aren't falling for this pathetic attempt to make the ongoing wars respectable, or for that matter to make us support the enemies in Buckingham Palace who directly profit from the deaths of our people and people overseas who (at least before they were attacked) were no threat to us.

Perhaps the hypocrisy of the Royal Family has reached the point where the people are so sick of them that we will no longer play along with the charade? After all, we are told that we must look up to these creatures and despise families who behave anti-socially. The mother of the Groom was treated abysmally by the family she wed into, with her life amongst them coming to an end when she was murdered by the royals - possibly as punishment for her relationship with Dodi Al Fayed, possibly for giving birth to a child who isn't related to the royals (Harry Whodunnit).  In royal Britain the Ruling Class behave in a way which decent people would not.  But we are supposed to love and respect them as our 'betters' and 'role models'!

There has been too much attention paid to the monarchy and their latest wedding - including by the SMPBI!  We do not wish them any harm. But we will not be silent and accept their on-going power and corrupt rule.  The monarchy must go.  The palaces and splendour must be returned to the People. If they can live as we do, then that is not a problem, but if they cannot accept that they are no better than any of the rest of us, they must leave our lands.  Enough is Enough. We do not want to be subjects of the monarchy, we want to be Citizens of a Free Republic.

Friday, 18 May 2018

The Monarchy Are Our Oppressors: Republic Now!

The Peoples of the Isles are a hard-pressed people. In many ways we as a people are an example of what the globalists have in store for the world. We have been manipulated by our rulers to the point that we take pride in what has been done to us, and what we have done to others at the behest of our rulers. In true Orwellian style, we have come to love Big Brother.

How did this sorry state come to pass? How did the people of the Norse Eddas, mingled with Rome, Germania, and the truly magickal people of the Celtic nation, become so subservient to the Ruling Caste that not only do we not revolt against our oppressors, but we actively persecute those who can see the reality beyond the pantomime? How did the British become the engine of the globalist machine which is destroying every people and culture on the planet, replacing them with a beaten-down mass of organic robots, with no allegiance to anything except self, materialism and survival?

To understand how debased the British and Irish have become, we need to go back to a time to pre-British days.  For the purpose of focus, we need to look at England, rather than Britain, and to a time when being English was a badge of honour. The nation of England was born with the fusion of the smaller nations which had occupied the land prior to unification.  England existed as a sovereign land until 1066 when the 'Normans' invaded. Led by William the Bastard, the Norman conquest saw England reduced to a vassal of a foreign power. The Anglo-Saxon Kingdom which had gradually been forged with the admixture of Angles, Saxon, Jutes, Celts and other kindred European peoples was subjected to a new regime, which rather than blending with the general population, imposed its will by means of harsh persecution and butchery of all who refused to accept the new overlords. This tragedy in the history of the English was unparalleled in its brutality by any invasion prior or since. Even the horrors inflicted upon the Druids by the Romans paled in comparison with the slaughter unleashed by the Normans and those who collaborated with them.

Following the Norman Conquest, Anglo-Saxon England was changed forever. The traditional organic moot system of government was replaced by the feudal system. Whereas before, leaders ruled with the consent and approval of a cooperative people, under the new system, rule was imposed by fear and the use of barbarity and cruelty of truly Biblical proportions. It was with the arrival of the cosmopolitan Norman ruling elite that the divisive class system was introduced. The spiritual quality of the nation was undermined with the wholesale butchery of the spiritual elders (labelled as Witches for the purpose of justifying murder). The Anglo-Saxon language was likewise attacked, with French being imposed as the official language of commerce and government. The French tongue trickled into the vernacular of the masses creating the hybrid language which evolved into the English spoken today.  It is ironic that Welsh Language activists speak of the degradation of Welsh by the Anglo-Saxons, when the Anglo-Saxon tongue itself was brutalised by the Norman Ruling Class tyrants.

The hatred for the French-speaking elite has been passed down through the generations in folklore. Anyone who knows the story of Robin hood will know that he was a native of Yorkshire who led raids upon the lackeys of the establishment, and then redistributed the wealth thus obtained amongst his impoverished Anglo-Saxon kinsmen.  His is a story of Socialist heroism in the face of an unbeatable economic occupation - which we still have to fight.  Across the channel in France, the same hated establishment so persecuted the native population that in time they rose up and beheaded those who ruled them and claimed to be French. In England, a similar uprising did not occur until it was all but too late. A hatred of all things French bedded into the popular culture, which was ironic, as the real French were as much victims of the establishment oppressors as were the English - in classic divide and rule style, the focus of animosity was targeted against a linguistic group, not against the true enemy who happened to speak their language. Certainly, the Royal Family in England were deposed, but during the short-lived Commonweal of Cromwell, the tyranny of the state was accelerated to the point that the hated Royals were given back the position of authority which they had enjoyed before the revolt. The ruling class did not experience the same justice as their brethren across the Channel and for them the English Republic was but a brief break in overt control.  Had Cromwell been a better leader, perhaps the Republic would have held, but religious obsession was the ruination of what could have been.

In the run up to the regime of the puppet Republic, the Royals ensured that their control was extended to the farthest reaches of the nation. Contrary to the romantic myth, the Royals were hated by the general population who understood them as outsiders who had stolen the Crown by massacring those who stood against them.

In the first series of English Civil Wars - Wars which has become known as the War of the Roses - the 'French' elite fought against their 'Welsh' cousins for mastery of England. The bloodshed was such that to this very day there is animosity between the counties of Yorkshire (the White Rose) and Lancashire (the Red Rose). The War served only to advance the agenda of the Royal dictators. Foolish Englishmen from Yorkshire and Lancashire still hold a burning hatred for one another for the crimes committed by the rulers they still champion. It is one thing to honour our dead ancestors, but an entirely different matter to revere the butchers whose blood lust and power-mania was the sole cause of their deaths. With the defeat of the Plantagenets, the ruling power passed to the house of Tudor. The Tudor dynasty hailed from Wales. Ironically the Tudors were as harmful to the English as the faux-French monarchs they replaced, and even more harmful to the Welsh, who they subjugated entirely.

Akin to all the despots who have ruled England, Henry VIII was a cruel and twisted tyrant, infamous for splitting the Church to satisfy his lust. A man obsessed with his own selfish interests, this gluttonous oaf was a serial adulterer and murderer. Married to Catherine of Aragon, he allowed his lust for Ann Boleyn to go before the needs of the nation he ruled over. Confronted by a woman who refused to allow her body to be used as he saw fit in an adulteress manner, the sex-obsessed egomaniac ordered his lackeys to annul his marriage - in spite of the fact that there were no acceptable grounds for this. The Pope had no choice but to excommunicate Henry the heretic. The despicable Monarch soon tired of his new 'wife' and in due course ended his officially sanctioned cohabitation ('marriage'). Ann Boleyn was, unlike Catherine of Aragon, not the daughter of a powerful Monarch, so he had no need to fraudulently annul the arrangement - he simply had her beheaded - ostensibly for incestuous adultery which ironically was classed as treason. Henry VIII went on to divorce another 'wife', and behead another. Such was the glorious beginning of the Church of England.

Henry VIII may have been the man responsible for rift between the English Monarchy and the Roman Catholic Church IN England, but it was his daughter, Elizabeth, who created the Church OF England as a separate entity. The entire justification for the founding of the Church was to legitimise the adultery, divorce and remarriage of Henry VIII. From this one event followed centuries of persecution of Catholics, across every part of the Isles, but notably in Ireland.  There was stiff resistance in the early days of the C of E, and it took the insane tortures ordered by the Ruling Class (Royal and Cromwellian) to break the will of the people and make them submit to the Monarchy as 'divine' heads of the State.  From this brutal beginning, the power of Monarchy, the value of goods and money above the common people, paved the way for the descent into Capitalism and all the suffering that abomination was to cause.

Queen Elizabeth was in every way as evil as her namesake of modern times. It was during her reign that the pirate ships of her criminal navy terrorised the high seas, murdering and stealing for the benefit of the Crown. It was also during her reign that the Francis Bacon led a team of writers who wrote the plays attributed to the actor, William Shakespeare. These plays are a perfect example of political censorship, in that they falsified history in order to create a positive image of the ruling elite. These plays which are celebrated as masterpieces of English literature and art unfortunately also have obliterated knowledge of our true history. George Orwell's description of the revision of history with the truth disappearing down the memory hole was not merely a pseudo-prophetic analysis of the potential for manipulation by a coming elite, it was actually describing events which have already unfolded. The Elizabethan era saw the Establishment of the English Empire, and its accompanying Secret Police as created by John '007' Dee. We have been mis-educated in the school system to look back at this period as a great time for England. In truth it saw the birth of a despotic empire which murdered generations of Englishmen in the pirate navy, and the slave fields. If any point in history can be seen as the moment when the English became nothing more than cannon fodder and slaves to the ruling class, the Elizabethan era was that point. The descendants of the Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Celts never recovered from the Norman occupation and the capture of the State by the Tudors. They allowed a false jingoist patriotism to pervert them from being a family-centred people, into Empire-worshipping materialistic bigots.

As England and then Britain was turned from a natural society into a materialistic sewer, those who dissented were beaten into submission by a tyrannical Army and Police State. The natural reaction of the people should have been to revolt against an armed force killing our brothers and sisters. Instead the people rallied behind the troops at massacres such as Peterloo. When the Luddites who protested against the mechanisation of production and the destruction of childhood (with children dying in massive numbers in mills unfit for any human presence), were murdered by the establishment, the people did nothing. As the industrial era progressed and the English Empire became the British Empire, the common people rallied to the rag of their oppressors, proudly flying the Union Jack and celebrating the butchery in Ireland and across the globe. Press-ganging, slavery (first of Englishmen, then of the Irish, then of Africans) was treated as nothing to complain about, the rule of the elite via barbaric punishments such as exiling the hungry to prison colonies in Australia for the crime of trying to feed themselves and their families - these and other signs of the sickness of the elite were ignored, and later celebrated.

During the reign of the insane butcher, Victoria, and into the Twentieth Century the establishment fought a succession of Imperialistic wars of aggression, against the Dutch and German farmers (Baueren/Boers) in southern Africa, and against continental Europe in the Great War and Second World War. The people, so befuddled by generations of subservience to the Ruling Class tyranny raced to 'join-up' to increase the wealth of the Royal and Bourgeois classes. Those who had the wisdom to see that the wars were acts of pure evil, solely for the enrichment of an inhuman elite, were slandered as cowards and shot for refusing to participate in the carnage which destroyed the humanity of those who fought.

The demise of Britain and Ireland was finalised with a cowed and despondent public sheepishly embracing the post-war Europe and allowing themselves to be stampeded into the EU prison state. Why did they allow this? Simply because being the product of generations of psychological and physical abuse at the hands of a criminal elite, it was all they knew. Just as an abused child expresses its love for the abuser, so the abused British express their devotion to the Monarchy and their hatred for those who expose this diseased family and seek its overthrowal.

Pity our damaged nation. Nothing short of a revolution will save us now.  This weekend, the Ruling Class are having another wedding which the cowed monarchists will celebrate.  They are unwittingly celebrating a brutal oppression which has lasted nearly a thousand years.  In Ireland, our Brothers and Sisters are being stampeded into voting to murder their own children as the 8th Amendment of the Irish Constitution is almost certain to be repealed.  On both sides of the Irish Sea, the Ruling Class are mocking us.  The problem is the same - it is the submission to the Capitalist distortion of humanity; it is the failure to realise that we have to stand up and build a unified Proletarian Republic in which People Matter and Money is a tool, not a master.   We can make a difference by highlighting the lies of the Ruling Class, and building a United Republic of the Isles where Monarchy no longer exists, and where the idea of a family with untold wealth having its wedding paid for by people who have to struggle to feed themselves and their children, is never tolerated again.