Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Wilberg on Wednesday - The Illness Is The Cure pt 2

Guiding Thoughts

Disease occurs … not in the body but in life.”
J. Good Byron,
The idea of one basis for Science and another for Life is from the very outset a lie.” Karl Marx
"It is far more important that one’s life should be perceived than it be transformed; for no sooner has it been perceived than it transforms itself of its own accord."
Maurice Maeterlinck
An advanced industrial society is sick-making because it disables people from coping with their environment and, when they break down, it substitutes a ‘clinical’ prosthesis for the broken relationships.”
People would rebel against such an environment if medicine did not explain their biological disorientation as a defect in their health, rather than as a defect in the way of life which is imposed on them or which they impose on themselves.”
A number of authors have … tried to debunk the status of mental deviance as a ‘disease’. Paradoxically, they have rendered it more and not less difficult to raise the same kind of question about disease in general.”
Ivan Illich
Patients turn their problems into illnesses, and … the physician’s job is to turn them back into problems.”
Michael Balint
“…the body’s symptoms are not necessarily pathological, that is, they are not just sicknesses which must be healed, repressed or cured. Symptoms are potentially meaningful and purposeful conditions… as well as a royal road into the development of the personality.”
Arnold Mindell
A psychological medicine … obviously comes into conflict with the technological development of medicine, which has already become an Über-technology. This development is itself closely connected with modern economic structures, with industry, with the income sources of physicians, with the gigantic need for patients – and others – to be deceived.”
That illnesses have meaning, can lead those affected to the meaning of their lives – this is the insight that natural-scientific medicine has fundamentally impeded.”
One sees, now, that psychology in medicine brings forth an unexpected result. It does not only bring knowledge of the soul, but illuminates the body in such a way as to let it appear in a new light. The body is no longer what it seemed before, and what anatomy and physiology teach.”
Illness can be experienced as this – that through a bodily occurrence a development in awareness is created.”
The greatest goal would be to understand how in every case, in what way an illness is just a muted final thought, a still insufficiently [fulfilled] creative act.”
Viktor von Weizsäcker
“… health is not an objective condition which can be understood by the methods of natural science alone. It is rather a condition related to the mental attitude by which the individual has to value what is essential for his life. ‘Health’ … consists in the individual’s capacity to actualise his nature to the degree that, for him at least, is essential.” Kurt Goldstein
“… scientific determinism is the root and prevalent philosophy in our present Western technological culture, where the bulk of our endeavours incline to engineering, that is, the direct alteration and control of physical structures. Medical practice, deriving from this outlook, is based on the assumption that distress can only be alleviated by changing behavioural or physical manifestations of that distress. Antacids for dyspepsia, tranquillizers for anxiety, and behaviour therapy for sexual dysfunction are clinical examples of this engineering philosophy. The experience of distress, it is held, will yield to control of its physical determinants; there is no need to explore or amplify the experience itself, as the experience is only a reflection of disturbed underlying mechanism.”
David Zigmond
“… science is, to a quite unimaginable degree, through and through dogmatic; dealing with un-thought-through conceptions and preconceptions. It is of the highest importance that there be thinking physicians, who are not of a mind to leave the field for the scientific technologists.”
“… the genetic approach is clear to everyone. It seems self-evident. But it suffers from a deficit, which is all too easily and therefore all too often overlooked. To be in a position to explain an illness genetically, we need first of all to explain what the illness in itself is.”
Those who wish to stick rigidly to genetic explanation, without first of all clarifying the essence of that which they wish to explain, can be compared to people who wish to reach a goal, without first of all bringing this goal in view.”
All explanation reaches only so far as the explication of that which is to be explained.”
It can be that a true understanding of the essence of an illness…prohibits all causal-genetic explanation….”
Martin Heidegger

If people become ill, it is quite fashionable to say that the immunity system has temporarily failed – yet the body itself knows that certain ‘dis-eases’ are healthy reactions. The body does not recognise diseases as diseases in usually understood terms.”
You are not healthy … no matter how robust your physical condition, if your relationships are unhealthy, unsatisfying, frustrating or hard to achieve.”
“…a person in poor health should be seen by the physician in relationship to the family and also in relationship to the environment. Old-time family doctors understood the patient’s sensitivity to family members and to the environment, of course, and they often felt a lively sympathy and understanding that the practitioners of modern medicine often seem to have forgotten.”
“…try to understand that the particular dilemma of illness is not an event forced upon you … Rather realise that to some extent or another your dilemma or your illness has been chosen by you
There is no need to feel guilty since you meant very well as you made each choice…”
“… no person dies ahead of his or her time. The individual chooses the time of death.”
“…no individual dies of cancer or AIDS, or any other condition, until they themselves have set the time.”
from The Way Toward Health – a Seth book by Jane Roberts
Through the long succession of millennia, man has not known himself physiologically; he does not know himself even today.”
Friedrich Nietzsche
The ‘I’ is first and foremost a bodily ‘I’.”
Sigmund Freud

The Basic Questions

  • What if ‘explaining’ an illness is one thing, but understanding it is quite another?
  • What if illnesses have life meanings and not just biological ‘explanations’ and ‘causes’?
  • What if the biology of the human body cannot be separated from the biography of the human being?
  • What if the life of the human body cannot in any way be separated from the life of the human being in all its existential dimensions – personal, social and economic?
  • What if body symptoms are like dream symbols – there to be understood and to tell us something?
  • What if ‘the illness is the cure’ – offering patients an opportunity to gain important insights into themselves to bring about healing transformations in their lives and not just their bodies?
  • What if conventional biomedical tests and treatments aimed at finding ways to fight and ‘cure’ a person’s illness can prevent them from learning vital lessons from their illness?
  • What if official medical statistics show that conventional forms of biomedical treatment are themselves a leading cause of death ?
  • What if many prescription drugs worsen or prolong the very symptoms they are prescribed for?
  • What if so-called ‘scientific’ medicine is really money-driven medicine – relying on illness as a cash cow for the corporate health industry?
  • What if every bodily state is at the same time a state of consciousness – and vice versa – thus making nonsense of the separation between ‘body’ and ‘mind’, medical treatments on the one hand and psychological therapies on the other?

Then we would need a new understanding of illness and a new model of medicine – one that not only questions but goes beyond the biomedical model.
  • This in turn could spare both individuals and private and public health services the huge costs of pharmaceutical drugs and hi-tech biomedical equipment.
  • It would also mean that psychological counsellors and therapists could no longer leave ‘medical’ problems and symptoms to the medical profession.
  • Indeed it would allow a new foundation for medical training to be created – not biological medicine but ‘Life Medicine’.
  • Out of this could come very different ways of treating patients – not through conventional doctoring but through ‘Life Doctoring’. For the aim of Life Medicine and the Life Doctor is to help patients discover in what ways their illness is the cure there to help them heal their lives.
  • In this way the individual patient would no longer be reduced to ‘a case’ of some generic ‘disease’. Instead every such ‘case’ and every such ‘disease’ would be understood in terms of the individual life circumstances behind it.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Brexit: Stop the Sabotage! Important CPBML Public Meeting Today - If in London, please try to attend

CPBML Public Meeting, This Evening, Tuesday 17 July, 7.30pm

Brockway Room, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL

Brexit is in danger. Across the establishment, in the Commons and the Lords, those who wish to defy the democratic mandate of the EU referendum are turning from obstruction to sabotage. They will do anything to keep Britain in the EU. And they must be stopped. Come and discuss. All welcome.

Getting to Conway Hall
By Bus
Route 98 comes via Oxford Street and terminates in Red Lion Square. Routes 19, 38, 55 and 243 pass by the Theobalds Road entrance to the Hall. Any bus to Holborn, Grays Inn Road or Southampton Row/Kingsway comes close to Conway Hall.

By Underground
Holborn Station (Central and Piccadilly lines) is approximately five minutes walk away. Also within reasonable walking distance are Chancery Lane and Russell Square.

Travelling by Train
Farringdon, Euston, Waterloo & Waterloo East, Kings Cross and London’s Eurostar Terminal St. Pancras International are under 15 minutes journey from Conway Hall. See National Rail for more details and planning your journey.

There is a Cycle Hire docking station on the corner of Red Lion Square and Old North Street. There are two more docking stations on Theobald’s Road and on Red Lion Street.

There are cycle racks available around the perimeter of Red Lion Square.

There is metered car parking available in Red Lion Square and adjacent streets, unrestricted after 18.30, Saturdays after 13.30 and Sundays all day. Please note some parking areas are for “Residents Only” and there are other local restrictions. There is also one disabled parking bay directly in front of our main entrance, but blue badge holders can park for free in and around the Red Lion Square area following Camden’s Blue Badge Parking Scheme (Guide in PDF). Parking in Red Lion Square follows Camden Council’s Green Zone regulations (Map in PDF). More information on Camden’s website:

Monday, 16 July 2018

On Vanatru, Wicca and Tradition - David Parry

David Parry's speech concerning Vanatru heathenism at the Inaugral meeting of the Frithgard Fellowship in London at the time of the solar eclipse on the Spring Equinox 2015.

A segment from a talk on Neo-Paganism given by David Parry at the Devereux, London.

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Socialist Quotes for Sunday Reflection pt 19


“The intensely political character of the partisan is crucial since he has to be distinguished from the common thief and criminal, whose motives aim at private enrichment. This conceptual criterion of his political character possesses—in its exact inversion—the very same structure as the case of pirates in maritime law, whose concept is based on the unpolitical character of his bad deed which aim at private theft and profit. The pirate is possessed of what jurisprudence knows as animus furandi [felonious intent]. The partisan, by contrast, fights on a political front, and it is precisely the political character of his action that brings to the fore again the original sense of the word partisan. The word is derived from Partei [party] and refers to the relation to some kind of fighting, warring, or politically active party or group. Such connections to a party are particularly strong in revolutionary times.

In revolutionary war, adherence to a revolutionary party implies nothing less than total integration [Erfassung]. Other groups and associations, and in particular the state in its current form, are no longer able to integrate their members and adherents so totally as a revolutionary party does its active fighters.”

Carl Schmitt “The Theory of the Partisan”

You are from Britain. Would you accept to give Manchester to some other people? And if you are American, I ask the same way, do you accept to give California to some other people? Or would you accept the 'status quo' of occupying Manchester by some other people, by the Chinese for instance? And then reach agreement after expelling the people of Manchester from their homes, depriving them of their property, of everything? This is the question of Palestine.

- Gamal Abdel Nasser


"I am convinced that the path to a new, better and possible world is not capitalism, the path is socialism."

- Chávez in March, 2005

"The grand destroyer of the world, and the greatest threat … is represented by U.S. imperialism."

- Chávez during his television/radio show ¡Aló Presidente! on August 21, 2005.

"The descendants of those who crucified Christ... have taken ownership of the riches of the world, a minority has taken ownership of the gold of the world, the silver, the minerals, water, the good lands, petrol, well, the riches, and they have concentrated the riches in a small number of hands."

- Chávez, Christmas Speech at a rehabilitation center on December 24th, 2005


Saturday, 14 July 2018

Smash the liberal Left. Socialism Belongs to the Working Class

British politics has become seriously unbalanced, to the point of being unhinged.  The hijacking of the labels, 'Socialism' and 'Left-wing' by the Middle Class, have seen the lunacy of identity politics enter the mainstream via the established Liberal, Labour and Conservative parties.  The liberals now dominate the Left.  Genuine Socialist Parties are under attack from the Soros variety of Leftists, and SMPBI is no exception.

On our Facebook and Twitter pages, we have started to receive an increase in attention from liberal vermin, who are obsessed with identity politics.  We have been attacked as 'class reductionists', which is highly amusing, because rather than see this as an insult, we see it as valid!  The problem with what passes for Socialism right now, is that it has become a vehicle of the Middle Class to push through their insane identity politics, and Open Borders fetishism - it has become the exact opposite of what Socialism is all about, which is the establishment of a Society of, by and for the Working Class.

The Middle Class bigots have attacked us as 'TERFs', which we have no problem with.  For us, TERF stands for Totally Excellent Real Females!  We are fighting for a British Isles in which a man can dress up as a woman (in private, or behind closed doors in a club or similar area where his fetish can be enjoyed privately) if he so desires, but he cannot 'self-identify' as something he is not.  Liberals call us Transphobes. So be it.  If to be Transphobic is to be worried about the liberal poison which is teaching children that they may be trapped in the wrong body, and need to undergo surgery to correct this, then yes we are transphobic.  If it is transphobic to take a stand against the misogynistic abuse of lesbians by men who call themselves women, or the attack on lesbians by a transfascist mafia which seeks to tell lesbians that they are really men(!), then yes we are transphobic!

The liberals can keep attacking us.  We take their attacks as vindication that we are right.  To be hated by the middle class sjw parasites is a badge of honour.  The Middle Class are the source of authority for the Ruling Class - topple one, topple both.

Long Live the Working Class!  Bring on the Socialist Republic. Make Liberals Extinct.

Friday, 13 July 2018

Revolutionary Patriotic Socialism is the Solution to Liberal Globalism

Globalism is a clear and present danger which, if unstopped, will see the entire globe subjugated under the heel of a cabal which has fed its tentacles into every hierarchy on the Earth. But, what exactly is this 'Globalism' which brings so much harm? More importantly, how can it be stopped?

Globalism is the complete erosion of Nationalism, other than in the fake bourgeois use of the word.  Globalism is the erradiaction of Working Class Nationalism.  It is presented by its adherents as a solution to the ills of the world. A world without borders, so they reason, would be a world without war, and, (the bleeding hearts contend) would be such a wonderful accomplishment that only truly evil people could object to it. People who take such a position are either wholly ignorant of reality, and experience life with a childlike naivety, or they are motivated by an attachment to ideology which is nothing short of self-induced mind control. Alongside these types are the calculating liars who are driving the march to a single Global system - marked by the nation-destroying EU, and other similar entities.

Liberals such as the middle class idiots 'marching' against the irrelevant US puppet, Trump, consider support for Borders to be 'hateful'.  To the Middle Class who see access to cheap nannies from across the globe as their 'right' (rather than raise their own children!) cannot understand how anyone could be so 'selfish' as to want the best for their own families, to have Work for British Workers at a wage we can live on, to live in safe streets where our culture flourishes.  The Working Class who do not live in gated communities, and suffer the decline of job security, wages, and safety by the globalist policies which allow the entire world to enter the British Isles, couldn't care less about the Tarquins and Jeremys and their 'right' to foreign servants!  We cherish freedom.  The Working Class cannot afford to NOT speak out against Globalism.

The IGlobalist propagandists maintain that the merging of nations and the free movement of diverse peoples contributes to the cultural enrichment of humanity as a whole. They use the nonsense word 'multi-culturalism' to describe this blending of cultures. The problem is that behind this fanciful term, the reality is that rather than cultures merging to form a greater culture, the effect is akin to the addition of oil to water.  New communities spring up which exist separately to the British nation, but on the same soil.  Some of these communites openly hate us.  Limited migration has brought in new people who have assimilated.  Globalism transplants fractions of nations onto our lands, causing economic misery, pushing resources (Roads, Housing, NHS etc) to breaking point, and unsettling the harmony of the People.  The middle class don't see this, and scream abuse at us when we call for our borders to be honoured.  They live in a different world to the rest of us, and are becoming a problem so serious, that they are threatening to reduce us to nothing more than slaves in a 'Global Britain' where money is everything and the Working Class are despised.

The dream of the Globalists of a multi-cultural interdependent world rests on the ability of of every culture to tolerate (and be tolerated by) every other. To be successful in their endeavour, the multi-culturalists must impose their ideology on every facet of life, not even food is free from the Internationalist ideology. For example, a meat eater who does not support Halal slaughter, will find his or her personal choice denied in the interest of merging Islamic practices with their secular and spiritually opposed cultural counterparts. Thus one culture has to give way to the other. In this case (as in every other!) it is the more vocal culture which triumphs over the others, and in the case of Working Class British Culture, the imposition of alien dietary measures means the destruction of a part of the indigenous culture. Multi-culturalism is a lie.

The driving force of Globalism is an economic one. In the above example, the imposition of Halal slaughter is justified as necessary on religious grounds, insofar as there are no religious restrictions on meat-eating people to avoid such meat. Thus it is seen as better for all meat to undergo such ritual sacrifice in order to avoid restricting the ability of observers of the Qu'ran to purchase meat. The average brain-washed consumer who has swallowed decades of multi-cultural propaganda, will accept the ritual slaughter of animals in order to not appear 'racist' or 'Islamophobic'.

In a nation such as Britain which refers to itself as a 'nation of animal-lovers', the kowtowing to multiculturalism is an acceptance of a thought process which runs counter to the common sense. Those who stand up for their principles are labelled as haters by the liberal mafia by the association of opposition to ritual slaughter with opposition to people of a different religion. SMPBI couldn't care less what people worship in private!  But the imposition of halal in our supermarkets, schools etc, is not a private matter.  People who have dietary restrictions against certain types of meat, can eat vegetarin food.  Liberal pandering to globalism means the conflict of different ways of life - and as always, it is the Working Class way which is deemed inferior and legislated away.

Meat production is but one example of the lie of multi-culturalism. Where cultural standards clash, there can be no multi-culturalism, only the existence of rival cultures which will coexist only until such time as one or the other gives way. In Britain, the Working Class Culture is being displaced. Opposition to the erosion of culture is jumped on by the liberal media as opposition to the new communities which have been brought into Britain by the opening of the borders. The Globalists sitting in Government are more than happy to provoke anger against the new-comers, which can then be used to justify the introduction of further draconian legislation to silence free speech under the lie of protecting minority rights and promoting equality and diversity. Hot-headed stupidity by right-wingers does not help anyone. A sane and just solution to the crimes of government can only come with the advent of a Socialist Republic in which all who assimilate are welcome, and all who seek to impose their ways on us, are helped to leave for a land where their ways are already the norm.

There is no easy answer to our predicament. We are now in a situation where our Governments are our enemies. The treacherous politicians in the Dáil and Westminster are exactly the same type of people as the Middle Class bigots who chant abuse at us for wanting to be free, in a country where we can live as we want to, rather than as policed slaves who are scared to utter an opinion, est the globalist police come for us. We have to face the fact that our legal, political, economic and other Establishments have been compromised to the point of comprising the greater part of the visible enemy. Our enemies are not going to come to our rescue! We have to become self-reliant and separate from these institutions.

The answer to Globalism is not bourgeois Nationalism (god save the queen and all that bollocks), but rather a radical departure from the old systems. What we need is to build organic communities which are self-policing and self-governing. Our loss of liberty is a direct result of our acceptance of the ability of others to control our lives.  We need to restore the natural State. Globalism only exists because we allow it to. We need to give up the imperialist pretensions we have been handed and start to see ourselves as the sources of authority, not some remote President or Monarch. Our natural Government is our Class.  The movement of people across the globe occurs for one reason only - because the opportunities are better away than at home. We need to be self-reliant and take care of our own. When there is no longer a pull factor, people will not leave their homelands. When we create all we need locally, and trade only when we need something we cannot produce ourselves, the reliance on slave labour from China will collapse - which is great news for the exploited Chinese too.

Globalism means the obliteration of all cultures into a cultural void of pure servitude.  Revolutionary Patriotic Socialism can deliver a beautiful and varied world with every possible way of life, cherished and respected.  Globalism means the end of all that and in its place an anti-human global abomination, a living death for humanity.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Anti-Trump Carnival: A Distraction From Issues That Matter

The President of the USA has arrived in the UK for a State Visit.  This is the case of a politician from one country, coming to meet politicians from another.  It doesn't have any real impact on the Working Class at all.

A group of Middle Class agitators, with a remarkable access to funding (!) has organised a carnival, so that bourgeois wasters can walk the streets, amongst people just as foolish as themselves, to make a gesture which will have absolutely zero impact on anything.  They know that their singing, dancing, silly banners and idiotic antics, will be dutifully picked up by the media, and broadcast as the voice of the British People.  The British People couldn't give a toss about what Donald Trump does in the USA, but the Soros-aligned media will distort events to present a different picture.

According to the 'Stop Trump' group, they are organising to protest against his policies which "threatens steps towards tackling:

Peace and disarmament
Climate change
Fighting discrimination, particularly against already marginalised groups like migrants and Muslims
Corporate greed"

Lets have a look at these claims that 'Trumpism' is a diabolical ideology.

Inequality - a catch-all term which could be used to mean anything

Peace and Disarmament - Trump's election stopped the war-plans which the Clinton side would have implemented.  The Syria catastrophe is ending. The DPRK has not been invaded.  Of course the rhetoric against Russia and Iran is escalating, but all in all, there is no more war under Trump than proposed by his opponents,  There may even be a little less.

Climate Change - Under Capitalism there will always be pollution and waste. Until Capitalism is gone, there will always be environmental damage. The protesters aim to blame one man for environmental damage.  They don't point the finger at the industrial pollution giants of India and China.  Really, they are doing harm themselves by simplifying the issue to a single man, and by not looking at global polluters.

Migrants and Muslims - By this they mean that Trump is not an Open Borders Extremist.  This indicates that they are!  The hypocrites do not see (will not see) that Globalisation causes pollution, destroys peace between people and only benefits the rich who can use people as commodities - cheap labour.  The Trots and Liberals are the biggest hypocrites on the planet.  If he wants to keep his country safe and maintain its culture and way of life, then fair play to him.  The Muslim bit refers to him seeing the tragedies in Europe, with Islamic State terrorists posing as refugees, murdering and raping across the continent, and not wanting the same for the USA. What lunatic would?  The lunatics who want Open Borders and easy access for terrorists, will be on display this weekend! And of course, using the word 'migrant' is a lie - he is not against Migration, but Illegal Immigration, which are two different things that the Open Borders idiots cannot grasp.

Corporate Greed - Capitalism is a system of Greed. Trump is a part of the system. Like the statues in Ancient Rome, when the head is removed, another takes its place and nothing changes. The system has to go.

Silent about Zionism

The Stop Trump agitators have said nothing at all about Trump's Zionism.  They couldn't care less that he has moved the US Embassy to Al Quds in the West Bank of Occupied Palestine.  They have no interest in his family ties to the Meyer Lansky crime syndicate. They are silent on his blatant subservience to Likud and the Chabad Lubavitch sect.  If the Stop Trump people cared about the powers behind Trump, they would be speaking about Zionism, but as good little Soros puppets, they fail to mention any of this.

The Stop Trump Carnival is Irrelevant

The Working Class do not care about Trump and what the Middle Class feel so aggrieved by.  The SJW Identity Politics crowd have fallen for a smoke-and-mirrors propaganda exercise which keeps them focused on one man, while the decline of living standards continues on a global scale without them seeing anything but Trump.  They believe that the President of the USA is the most powerful man in the world, and not just another figurehead.  That is naivety in the extreme, and is the product of a life of swallowing the make-believe of Hollywood and the BBC. 

Trump is irrelevant.  

What the Working Class care about is the traitors in government betraying Brexit.  We care about the NHS being sold to the highest bidder.  We care about our joke of a border being so wide open that our resources, infrastructure and land cannot cope with the influx of economic migrants and fake refugees.  The Stop Trump crowd not only ignore our concerns, but in their protest walks, they mock us, call us racist, xenophobic, thick, bigots etc, for wanting our Borders shut, our People safe (physically and financially) - much of what they will be screaming at Trump, they are screaming at us.  The Stop Trump organisation is an anti-Working Class, anti-Sovereignty collection of idiots, fantasists and Europhile traitors.  If they cared about the British Isles, they would be marching on Parliament in the spirit of the October Revolution!  But in truth, they have more in common with the traitors in Parliament than the People of the Isles.

The 'baby Trump' blimp is indicative of their mentality. Like the blimp they are full of hot-air and are only fit to be laughed at.

Trump is a politician - no worse, no better than the rest of the corporate whores.  Attacking the figurehead but ignoring the system is pointless and stupid - which again sums up the protest and those taking part in it.