1 November 2018

The SMPBI site has moved to https://socialistmotherlandparty.blogspot.com/

The SMPBI site has moved to https://socialistmotherlandparty.blogspot.com/
- as you will know if you have arrived from the new one!

As a part of our general restructuring, you will find that there is now a Party Forum, where we can get together to discuss policies, tactics and ideology.

There is also a Cultural site to promote British/Irish Working Class Culture (and confront the propaganda that the elitist degenerate rubbish which goes by the name 'culture' has any connection with the Working Class people of the Isles.

Everything is 'under construction', so please bear with us.

This - the old site - has been converted into an archive.  New articles concerning Party activity, news, policies and more, will now be posted on the new site: https://socialistmotherlandparty.blogspot.com/

31 October 2018

Wilberg on Wednesday - The Illness Is The Cure pt 17/46

On Life Medicine

Basic Principles of Life Medicine

  • Illnesses have life meanings and not just biological ‘causes’.
  • People die through illnesses – not ‘because’ of them – and that only if they are ready to die.
  • It is not illnesses that are the problem in our lives - but the life problems that express themselves as illnesses.
  • The body is not a biological machine or a product of our genes but a living biological language of the human being.
  • Health is not merely our capacity to ‘function’ economically in the labour market but an expression of the degree of fulfilment we experience in our lives, work and relationships.
Life Medicine is ‘holistic’ medicine in the truest sense, exploring the relation between the life of our bodies and our lives and life world as a whole. 

Life Medicine challenges the whole separation between what is called ‘physical ’, ‘organic’ or ‘somatic’ illness on the one hand and ‘psychological’ or ‘mental’ illness on the other.

Life Medicine is not merely ‘psychosomatic’ medicine – it does not merely focus on a limited category of so-called ‘psychosomatic’ or ‘stress-related’ illnesses.

Life Medicine recognises that every bodily state is at the same time a ‘psychological’ state or state of consciousness – and that every state of consciousness is at the same time a felt bodily state.

Life Medicine recognises that for many if not most people, illness is the only way they can give expression to and gain recognition of the ways they are ill-at-ease with their lives.

Life Medicine affirms the healing value of illness itself, recognising that the sense of ‘not feeling ourselves’ that marks the onset of symptoms can be the beginning of a journey that leads to ‘feeling another self’ – one that feels more at ease with ourselves and our lives.

Life Medicine understands illness as a form of pregnancy with its own gestation period and labour pains. From this perspective, illness is not just something to ‘bear’ or put up with. Instead its purpose – one that Life Doctoring can help to fulfil – is to help us to give birth to and embody a new bodily sense of self and a new inner bearing toward our lives and life relationships. In this sense, it can be said that the illness is there to cure the patient – to offer them healing insights into themselves and bring about a healing transformation in their lives.

The Healing Value of Illness

“…the body’s symptoms are not necessarily pathological, that is, they are not just sicknesses which must be healed, repressed or cured. Symptoms are potentially meaningful and purposeful conditions. They could be the beginning of fantastic phases of life, or they could bring one amazingly close to the centre of existence. They can also be a trip into another world, as well as a royal road into the development of the personality.” 
Arnold Mindell

If people become ill, it is quite fashionable to say that the immunity system has temporarily failed – yet the body itself knows that certain ‘dis-eases’ are healthy reactions. The body does not recognise diseases as diseases in usually understood terms. It regards all activity as experience, as a momentary condition of life, as a balancing situation.”
from The Way Toward Health by Jane Roberts (see appendix 6)
In its ‘war’ against disease – a war conducted at whatever cost to the state or to the individual – neither the meaning of illness nor the potentially healing value of illness are acknowledged by biological and genetic medicine. Life Medicine, on the other hand is founded on the recognition that illnesses can themselves serve many different healing purposes:
  • Giving bodily expression to a felt ‘dis-ease’ – to ways in which we may feel ill-at-ease with ourselves, other people or different aspects of our lives.
  • Forcing us to take ‘time out’ from merely ‘functioning’ in a physically or economically desired way.
  • Helping us to feel, focus on and confront painful life problems – even if only through the way in which physical pain can itself focus the mind.
  • Bringing us to a necessary ‘crisis’ in the root sense of the word – a decisive ‘turning point’ in our lives.
  • Allowing us to fully express and reveal intense emotional pain by feeling and expressing it as a reaction to physical pain. 
  • Incapacitating us in a way that allows us to accept real limits to our capacities – limits we might otherwise have sought (or been put under pressure) to deny and overcome.
  • Letting us become dependent on others in a socially acceptable way, and in this way to express dependency needs which we might otherwise think are unacceptable.
  • Enabling us to indirectly ask for and receive emotional care and attention from others through the care of our bodies and being taken care of as ‘patients’.
  • Helping us to give more time and be more patient with ourselves and others by becoming ‘a patient’.
  • Providing a temporary respite from life problems by becoming a medical ‘patient’ in need of treatment and care.
  • Providing a temporary but coherent organising principle for a person’s life – built around their symptoms or around timetables of rest and treatment.
  • Overcoming isolation and offering a medium of human contact through relationships with physicians or through the social environment of a hospital ward.
  • Putting us into an altered state of consciousness – one in which we can come to feel ourselves and see our lives in a different way.
  • Stopping us from just living in our heads and minds and helping us feel our bodies again – thereby giving us a fuller, more embodied sense of self. 
  • Transforming our ‘body identity‘ and ‘body speech‘ bringing about and giving birth to a new bodily sense of who we are and new bodily ways of relating to others.
  • Allowing us to identify with and feel close to an important person in our lives – living or deceased who may have suffered symptoms of illnesses similar to our own.
  • Giving symbolic expression to a subjectively felt dis-ease. For example heart conditions as a metaphorical expression of either ‘loss of heart’ or ‘heartlessness’, ‘cold-heartedness’ or ‘faint-heartedness’ etc.
  • Giving birth to a new bodily sense of self or ‘body identity‘ – one more in tune with one’s current life, able to relate in new ways to others and respond in new ways to one’s life world.
Finally, we must not forget the importance of illness as a quite natural way of dying or as a way out of intolerable life circumstances such as extreme poverty or war. The ‘war’ that biological medicine wages on disease on the other hand, is part of a wholly unnatural and wholly unwinnable war against the basic life realities of both aging and death. That is why people seek cosmetic or herbal ‘elixirs’ of youth and science seeks to develop bio-technologies that offer a purely physical form of immortality. What this reveals is a social culture that values quantitative longevity over quality of life, and why biomedicine uses all possible means even the most toxic to extend the lives of patients by mere months – at whatever economic cost and at whatever cost to a patient’s quality of life.

30 October 2018

Restructuring the Site: A Forum and more for the New Pagan Year

As part of the Samhain restructuring, the SMPBI is adding a Forum to our internet presence.  This will serve two purposes:

  1. providing the members with a secure and private site to discuss policy, strategy and activities, 
  2. providing those who have not joined, a place to meet us online. (although only members will have access to the first part of the forum, which will not otherwise be visible)
We are also altering our posting system, away from daily posting to a more flexible approach:
  • A regular round-up posting will be maintained weekly, or fortnightly (still to be decided), 
  • Additional posts will be added as and when, allowing for us to respond to events as necessary, but without the need to keep a strictly daily presence going.
We are present on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Youtube, Instagram, and will continue adding sites as activists wish.  

The confusion generated by the main SMPBI site having the old party name (Socialist Workers' Party England) will be ended with this site becoming an archive of posts up to the beginning of the New Pagan Year, with a new site with our new name becoming the main active one.  As written of in yesterdays post, there will be a dedicated site for Working Class Culture from the British Isles.

As the old year draws to an end, the new structure will assist us as we move forward, as always dedicated to the struggle for Class and Nation.

29 October 2018

A Party blog dedicated to Culture, beginning in the Pagan New Year

The Pagan New Year is almost upon us.  The SMPBI has an outlook which encompasses the old spiritualism which the global religions have attempted to displace.  We also have a strong focus upon matters of Culture.

This year has seen the SMPBI site publishing daily, with an unbroken run of 245 days (starting on the 27th February, counted up til today).  This run is scheduled to end at the end of this year, counted as ending on the 31st October, Samhain.  We are restructuring our internet activity, bringing in a dedicated cultural blog, to commence on the first day of the next year, the 1st November.

More will be revealed imminently.  Suffice to say, the sister blog will be a place for Working Class Art, Poetry, Short Stories and for news of Cultural Events.  Get in touch with David Parry to contribute.  Socialism is an ideal which encourages healthy cultural pursuits, and stands opposed to the degeneracy of liberal extremism.  If you need a place to post your artistic work, the new blog will be ready to welcome you!

28 October 2018

Socialist Quotes for Sunday Reflection pt 34


Diego Fusaro critiques “anti-fascism”:

But what is anti-fascism worth today when the fascist threat isn’t real? Today anti-fascism has become a tool of the glamorous and cosmopolitan left to defend capitalism. And when fascism really appears, for example during the Ukrainian coup d’état in 2014, our Eurocratic left applauds it! And the only one to combat it gloriously, namely Putin, is treated as a fascist himself! It’s the height [of hypocrisy]! Anti-fascism is a weapon of legitimation for capitalism, an article from the catalogue of the politically correct cosmopolitan.


From an interview Diego Fusaro:

Regarding these right wing values, you've often denounced the theory of gender, could you reiterate your analysis for our readers?

The theory of gender embodies the project of the New World Order in the area of sexual mores. Its goal is to destroy the family, this “genetic cell” according to Hegel on which the entire society rests. Hegel told us that citizens are a universal family in the state. So the project of the globalists is to destroy the family and the state, the family as genetic cell and state as “the fulfillment of ethics.”
In order to do that, they destroy the basis of the family, that is to say sexual difference, through the ideology of sexual postmodernism which negates identities. In the same fashion that the liberal destroys the state, the gender fluid libertine attacks the family. Thus only atoms remain in a context of erotic free exchange without bonds. The family is dissolved and there only remains an atomized system of pleasure seeking individuals, without ethical value or stable bonds.

You also speak of “feminization” or “de-virilization.” How does the reading of Marx and Hegel, who you claim for yourself, lead you to these conclusions?

These authors are precisely the remedy against the de-virilization in progress! Because de-virilization bases itself on the destruction of man, who is a political animal as Aristotle said: so man doesn't exist as a simple atom but in relation to the community. De-virilization precedes the atomization of society, that is to say the opposite of the “community” of which Aristotle, Hegel, and Marx spoke [6]. Today there is only the omnipotent atomized individual, animated by an unlimited consumerist will to power whose consequence is “gender fluidity,” this idea that everyone can quite simply decide if he is a man, a transgender woman, or who knows what! They present it to us as a form of emancipation, but on the contrary it's the acme of capitalism: we become pure asexual consumers without identity.


Michéa on the trap of individualism:

The advent of the individual was simultaneously the best guarantee for henceforth globalized instrumental systems - economic, financial, techno-scientific - of being able to deploy at will complex networks against which individuals, but also communities and states, find themselves politically and ethically helpless.


"But what I fear, what even today one could grasp with one’s hands if one felt like grasping it, is that we modern men are pretty much on the same road; and every time man starts to discover the extent to which he is playing a role and the extent to which he can be an actor, he becomes an actor... With this, a new human flora and fauna emerges that cannot grow in firmer and more limited ages – or that would at least be formally condemned and suspected of lacking honour; it is thus that the most interesting and maddest ages always emerge, in which ‘the actors’, all types of actors, are the real masters. Precisely because of this, another human type becomes ever more disadvantaged and is finally made impossible; above all, the great ‘architects’: the strength to build is now paralysed; the courage to make far-reaching plans is discouraged; the organizational geniuses become scarce – who still dares to undertake works that would require millennia to complete? For what is dying out is that fundamental faith on the basis of which someone could calculate, promise, anticipate the future in a plan on that grand scale, and sacrifice the future to his plan – namely, the basic faith that man has worth and sense only in so far as he is a stone in a great edifice; to this end he must be firm above all, a ‘stone’... above all not an actor! To put it briefly – oh, people will keep silent about it for a long time! – what from now on will never again be built, can never again be built, is – a society in the old sense of the term; to build that, everything is lacking, mainly the material. We are all no longer material for a society; this is a timely truth! It is a matter of indifference to me that at present the most shortsighted, perhaps the most honest, at any rate the noisiest human type that we have today – our good socialists – believe, hope, dream, and above all shout and write pretty much the opposite." -Friedrich Nietzsche


" the organized nation can only be a nation where class differences have been eliminated in a real way, not by pious wishes, because such differences automatically presuppose tensions, harmful to National Harmony. " "

- François Duprat, revolutionary nationalist manifesto


We have been unable to preserve our own historicocultural character in the face of the machine and its fateful onslaught. Rather, we have been routed. We have been unable to take a considered stand in the face of this contemporary monster. So long as we do not comprehend the real essence, basis, and philosophy of Western civilization, only aping the West outwardly and formally (by consuming its machines), we shall be like the ass going about in a lion's skin. We know what became of him. Although the one who created the machine now cries out that it is stifling him, we not only fail to repudiate our assuming the garb of machine tenders, we pride ourselves on it. For two hundred years we have resembled the crow mimicking the partridge (always supposing that the West is a partridge and we are a crow). So long as we remain consumers, so long as we have not built the machine, we remain occidentotic. Our dilemma is that once we have built the machine, we will have become mechanotic, just like the West, crying out at the way technology and the machine have stampeded out of control.

Jalal Al-e Ahmad, Occidentosis: A Plague From the West, Mizan Press (1984), p. 31


What is Creativity?

Kim Jong Il said:
"Creativity is an attribute of social man who transforms the world and shapes his destiny purposefully and consciously."

Creativity is one of the essential attributes of man, social being.

With creativity man transforms nature and society to be more useful and beneficial to him by changing the old and creating the new.

Creativity is an attribute of transforming things and phenomena of the world actively, purposefully, and consciously in conformity with man’s independent desire and demand.

Monkeys or chimpanzees get their food with stones and sticks and beavers make embankments to protect their nests with trees. Their behaviors are only the blind activities based on their instinct and therefore, there are no changes in their activities in the past and at present. However, man not only utilizes phenomena as they are but utilizes them by transforming the world actively, purposefully and consciously in conformity with his will and demand.

Creativity is an attribute of creating the new.

The most important characteristic of man’s activities is not the partial reproduction or change but the creation of the new that does not exist in ready-made forms.

Thanks to man’s creative activity of creating the new he can create the new things, the artificial things which can never be done by the nature itself. By doing so man expands ceaselessly his domination over the world.

Like this man becomes a being with creativity, the creative being because he transforms things and phenomena in the world in conformity with his demand and creates the new.

That man has creativity means that he has creative capability to transform nature and society in conformity with his will and demand. With creative capability he becomes the most powerful being in the world and makes creative activities of transforming nature and society to be more useful and beneficial to him.

Creative capability includes scientific and technological knowledge, experience and skill.

Scientific and technological knowledge is a social consciousness that reflects the essence and law of things and phenomena, methods and means to change them. By virtue of scientific and technological knowledge man can make creative activities of liquidating the old and creating the new. Of course man’s creative activities of liquidating the old and creating the new have relations with experience and skills. However, man plays no more decisive role than scientific knowledge.

In this respect, the main factor determining man’s creativity is said to be scientific and technological knowledge, which is, so to speak, creative capability of man.


27 October 2018

Advancing Solidarity. A working pact with the BPWP

In the spirit of pursuing practical cooperation with parties across the political spectrum which we have common ground with, the following has been signed by Bob Flowers on behalf of the SMPBI, and Dion Gibbs of the BPWP:

Proclamation of the Coalition between the British Patriotic Worker's Party and the Socialist Motherland Party of the British Isles

27 October 2018

As leader elect of the British Patriotic Worker's Party, Mr. Dion Gibbs and with Agreement of the
Socialist Motherland Party of the British Isles via their Official, Bob Flowers, a mutual agreement of a pact for strategic voting and strategic alliance between the two Parties involved.

  1. We agree to vote for the most likeliest to get elected in a by election or a General Election.
  1. (A) We the signatories agree to advocate for the candidate most likely to be victorious in any elections held.
  2. We the signatories of this pact, agree to look for marginal seats, seats where our candidates are most likely to win or cause a national stir.
  3. We the signatories agree to protest together, attend each others meetings where at all possible and to show solidarity for both parties involved.
  4. We the signatories to this agreement pact, shall both, keep our distinct policies and where our policies diverge together, we will work hard together to effect law change or a change in the public's perception and attitude on the said issue.
  5. We the signatories, agree to, assist each other in any matters that may arise, as to keep any potential schisms at bay.
  6. We the signatories, will work hardest above all to gain political power and to create a Government of National Unity and Strength.

26 October 2018

BREXIT! The False left oppose it, True Socialists DEMAND It

Tomorrow, the great Arthur Scargill - formerly of the National Union of Mineworkers, now President of the Socialist Labour Party - will be speaking in Birmingham about Brexit.

From the SLP Post Brexit Statement:

"The SLP has always recognised the EU as an engine of free-market globalised capitalism. Membership of the EU has inflicted horrendous economic, social and political damage to all working people trapped within it. As for Britain, 90% of our manufacturing and key industries have been wiped out with our health, education and welfare provision steadily wiped out. We see the damage everywhere around us in the need for food banks and campaigns to protect homeless families and hundreds of individuals sleeping rough, whilst high-cost sky-scrapers shoot up to house billionaires and blight our cities.

"The decision by the British people to 'come out' of the unelected and unaccountable bastion of the European Union allows us to renew the fight to restore all the industries and services privatised by Tory and Labour Governments to public ownership – but this time we must campaign for true common and social ownership and control: in our badly damaged National Health Service; our social services including care for our elderly and children; in our education system; and we must demand the restoration of council housing, owned and controlled by local authorities.

"The vote to leave the European Union is a challenge to Britain's trade union leaders to reflect the views of their members on issues such the abolition of Trident and opposition to nuclear power and fracking, alongside job protection, wages, zero-hours contracts, agency working and privatisation. The Socialist Labour Party has consistently pointed out that EU membership has eroded – not protected – workers' rights.

"European Union directives and European Court of Justice decisions have robbed us of hardwon free collective bargaining, the right to strike, and attacked our pension rights. We must now all join a fight to overturn these injustices – and Britain's trade unions must give a lead in recovering the rights our forebears fought hard to achieve."

(Full Statement HERE)

The SMPBI joins with the SLP, CPB-ML, CPGB-ML and other Socialist organisations who understand that the EU is a Capitalists' playground, in calling for the Referendum result to be respected and implemented now!

We have a future outside the EU.  We have no future in a stitched-up 'remain in all but name' so-called 'deal' approved by Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn.

In the spirit of Comradeship and Solidarity, we call on members who can get to the SLP meeting in Birmingham to show your support for the hero of the Miners' Strike, and defender of the Working Class.  Details of the meeting can be found at the SLP website: