Thursday, 4 August 2016

SWPE: Socialists Against Imperialism and Colonisation

Regressive liberalism, Trotskyism and Marxist Revisionism have done a lot to harm the name of Socialism.  Socialism in its perverted and corrupted form has become a tool of the forces of globalisation, and in so becoming, a tool of the enemies of the Working Class.

The destructive and negative anti-Socialist forces hiding in our clothes include the vast majority of the fake Left, as well as many religious institutions, including the Roman Catholic Church.  The Pope, the entire political apparatus of the EU and UK, anti-racist fetishists, self-promoting 'minority' groups, all sit hand in glove with corporate Capitalists, the World Bank, IMF, UN and the terrorists of Islamic State and NATO, to promote the idea of Globalism and an end to Borders.  This isn't 'freedom', this is Imperialism and Colonialism on a Global scale.

SWPE is Socialist in the truest sense. We seek the re-creation of our homeland in which our People as a whole will live side by side in a spirit of mutual support and cooperation.  This necessitates a level of Class War, but not for the destruction of the Bourgeoisie as human beings, but as an exploiting class. We want to return the people who have been seduced by the lies of Capitalism, to the warm welcoming bosom of the Nation.

Socialism needs borders.

It is taken as a given that Socialists are Globalists. This simply isn't true.  Trotskyites are Globalists, certainly, but they are not Socialists, nor are they Communists. Trotskyites are the useful idiots of Capitalism, striving to do away with all forms of individuality and difference.  Trotskyites are the enforcers of the anti-Socialist dogma of Cultural Marxism, which may have begun as a weapon to undermine the Ruling Class, but has become nothing more than a force for the total destruction of society. Socialism IS Society, without Society there can be no Socialism, without Society there can be nothing but faceless consumerism, Capitalism.

The goal of the neoliberal/neocon/trotskyite/neoreligious groupings is Globalisation. This serves the Capitalist agenda, because a world without borders is a world without barriers to commerce.  A world in which people migrate at will, is a world with no job security in which the Ruling Class do not have to comply with demands for safe working conditions and a just standard of living.  Borders protect the people from the parasitic desires of the Ruling Class. The Trotskyites who campaign for an end to borders, are campaigning to destroy the well being of the people of every distinct nation, but most in danger of poverty and misery are the Working Class who the fake Socialists claim to champion.

The deliberate import of millions of economic migrants into the EU and UK has been sold as a mission of mercy, as the 'christian' thing to do.  The image of a dead Syrian boy on a beach, drowned due to a failed attempt to get to Europe, is an emotional tool to make the people feel guilty about having protected borders. The reality which the hysterical media refuse to discuss, is that the dead boy's father was (possibly still is) a people smuggler, living safely in Turkey away from any conflict, motivated to put his family on a rickety boat by greed and the desire to get free false teeth from a gullible EU citizenry.  None of this is mentioned, as it would halt the feelings of guilt which must be kept constant to excuse the abandonment of our natural national defences from globalising invasion.

Propaganda about a dead boy on a beach, has been used to justify opening the borders to millions of people, putting our people in danger. The rape epidemic which has resulted from the open borders policy of Globalists in the EU is denied, or excused (rape can never be excused), so is the literal explosion in terrorism.  Today a migrant murdered an American tourist who he considered to be his enemy, solely because she was different to him, culturally. 

Guilt must be maintained to ensure people do not demand the borders be strengthened.  Children are raped, a soldier is beheaded, violent crime is at an all time high, but the media ignores this, labelling the culprits 'mentally ill'.  When the people begin to take notice of the terrorism in the streets, the image of the dead boy on the beach is used to push them back into submission to the invasion of Europe, by making them feel that to not allow millions of military aged men into the EU and UK would be to put more boys at risk of being washed up on the beach dead.  No one is allowed to consider that it is the people who put the children on to boats who are to blame if the boats sink.  Greedy Capitalists are happy to use liberal and Trotskyite idiots to silence those who speak for the sanity of sovereignty.  The useful idiots are happy to do the dirty work of the State, all the while pretending (perhaps even to themselves) to be revolutionaries.

The UK has admitted 1600 Syrians who claim to be escaping from war in their own country. Of these 1600, 900 have been arrested for rape (including child rape, which is referred to as 'abuse' but is no more acceptable for the different words employed). The remaining 700 have not been arrested for rape, but that does not mean that they have not attacked anyone in the UK, only that they have not been arrested for any offence.  Even if the 700 are perfectly innocent, that leaves 900 monsters walking among us, with at least 900 of our people already harmed by their presence.  Even if the number of misogynistic criminals made only 1% of the total number of Syrians admitted, that would still be too many.  The percentage is closer to 60%, meaning that anyone living near to an imported Syrian can expect to be attacked. This is not acceptable. SWPE demands that all the so-called refugees be returned to the countries they abandoned, and not a single new one allowed in.  Unlike the liberal imbeciles who think that the suffering of the Working Class is a price worth paying for accepting 'refugees', we say NO, it is not.

The so-called refugee crisis is a crisis for the EU and UK, but not in the way that the media portray it. Our people are under attack - that is the real nature of the crisis.  It is argued that the millions of military aged men arriving in the EU and UK are fleeing for their lives from the Islamic State and/or from the legitimate government of Assad.  We are told that we have to take them in as to do otherwise would be to condemn them to death, and therefore be accomplices in their murder. This is emotional programming of the lowest level, and is nonsense.

The millions of so-called refugees coming to the EU and UK include only a tiny percentage from war-ravaged Syria. The vast majority come from places like Pakistan and sub-Saharan Africa, and they are not fleeing persecution or war, they are coming to the EU and UK for economic reasons. Capitalism is fueling the economic migrants. The poverty created by IMF interference in their home countries is driving people out of their homelands, in search of an easier life.  The anti-family policies of Capitalist Europe - supported by the fake feminist movement - has seen the birthrates in Europe collapse to the point where an aging population cannot be sustained unless the economic system is overthrown and a Socialist system ushered in, or, millions of immigrants are brought in to join the pyramid structure which feeds into the Pensions schemes for the elderly.  The Capitalist system which has created economic misery in every corner of the world, is a Global system, with no respect for borders, nationalities or spiritual and cultural identities.  Millions of people are on the move to keep the Capitalist system going.

In addition to Pensions, the millions of so-called refugees bring the added bonus to the Capitalist classes of creating job insecurity in the host populations.  The United Nations was created to serve the interests of Global Finance, making a more appropriate name for it the United Bankers (or something which sounds quite similar).  The UN, with its partners in the IMF, World Bank and its effective military arm, NATO, destroy countries in order to asset strip them. They create war for their profit. They generate 'refugees' to destroy the standard of living in every country, so that they can maximise their profits by depressing wages and making sure mass unemployment is a permanent way of life. Accepting the armies of so-called refugees is a part of the way in which puppet governments serve their globalist Capitalist masters.  The liberals who chant 'refugees are welcome here' are unwittingly working for the Bankers' UN agenda.  The agenda is for the creation of a Global Bankers / Stock Market Empire, using the mohamedan colonisers as the shock troops to smash all forms of resistance by making borders irrelevant.

The Syrian dimension of the so-called refugee crisis is one which has been manipulated for another purpose. The UN-NATO terror machine is trying to overthrow the democratically elected legitimate government of Syria.  The reason for this is that Syria has not fallen into the Global Capitalist web, and as one of the few remaining free countries, has to be crushed.  The Bankers' war of aggression is using the Islamic State and terrorist organisations such as Al Qaeda (Al CIAduh) to tear Syria apart. The so-called refugees leaving the warzone cannot be fleeing from the legitimate authority AND the terrorists.  If they are fleeing the State, it is because they are IS etc terrorists.  The wave of terrorist atrocities suggest that many of them are such terrorists.

The legitimate authority is still in charge of most of Syria, making fleeing to the EU and UK a nonsense for decent Syrians escaping the areas plagued by UN/US/EU sponsored terrorists and the Islamic State.  The fact that the overwhelming majority of so-called refugees are military-aged men, means that they are abandoning the women of Syria and the children.  They are either terrorists, economic parasites, cowards/traitors, or a combination of these.  Only two days ago a British man by the name of Dean Carl Evans was killed in Syria fighting to defend the women and children from Globalist-controlled terrorists.  It is unacceptable that Europeans are dying to defend the women and children of Syria, while vast numbers of military aged men are running away to Europe, leaving the women and children to the mercy of terrorists (and there is no mercy) while they go searching for an easy life of free accommodation and free money.  Refusing to let the so-called refugees into the EU and UK would force them to stay and fight for their country. The 'refugees welcome' chanters are condemning Syria to capture by the Global Capitalist network.

It is the duty of all Socialists to oppose the bogus refugee invasion. SWPE believe in attaining the very best for all the people of the UK.  We support the rights of women to speak, think, act, work and dress according to individual choice. The Global Capitalists hate freedom and have chosen the common ideology of the incoming Islamic State fighters as a battering ram against freedom because it views women as inferior to men, and only useful for producing more servants to its socio-economic system, even to the point of allowing for people to be bought and sold as Slaves.

SWPE values people as people and we oppose the import of millions of people who see women and children as sex objects, and kills those who have sexual preferences which its texts disapprove of.

SWPE opposes the imperialistic so-called refugee invasion because we want to build a better country where we can live as good neighbours, supporting one another, immersed in our own ways, with no such thing as unemployment to beat us down, with no such thing as homelessness, with no Bankers, no Capitalist exploiters, and with a glorious vast expanse of green rural land to live in as nature intended which will never be concreted over.

If Trotskyites, liberals, and multicultist Globalisers have a problem with living in a safe and free Socialist Republic, they would be encouraged to leave to find a new life in a country in which they can live according to their preferred way of life. We would close the borders to people trying to enter, but leave them wide open for anyone who puts selfishness and greed above the duty to contribute to the well being of Society.