Saturday, 22 August 2015

Findings of the SWPE fact-finding visit to Calais

Delegates from SWPE have just returned from a 'fact-finding' visit to Calais.  The reason for the visit was to get first hand information about the illegal immigrants encamped in the area.  The mainstream media has spoken in length about 'migrants' seeking a better life in the UK.  Not being keen to trust the msm on any issue (especially one as vital as this), we decided to visit the area to find out the truth for ourselves.

On our first night in Calais we stayed in the town itself.  Calais feels like a town under occupation.  The illegals are everywhere and the French are subdued.  The media often speak of the German occupation of France in the early 1940s and the heroism of those who fought in the Resistance to return control of France to the French.  In Calais right now, there is no spirit of Resistance, but an air of despondency and defeat.  Whereas the German invasion was of kindred peoples with a shared ethnicity, culture and spirituality, the new invaders have nothing in common with the French.  The collaboration of the authorities is such that any new French Resistance has an absolute enemy which will ruthlessly fight to destroy all aspirations of freedom in the French people.  The situation is dire.

We spent the next few days touring the camps.  Our small team included a French speaker, but his talents proved to be of little use in the camps as the people there spoke their own languages, with the notable exception of a smattering of English amongst some of them.  We expected people traveling to France to have taken the time to learn some French, but they have largely not.  The reason for this is that far from seeking an escape from persecution, hunger, war or hardship (as the msm tell us), they are not seeking life in a safe country (such as France), they are seeking life in the UK.

For those who have only received news from the msm and have not traveled to illegally (but officially sanctioned) invaded Calais, the conditions in the camps are not what has been reported.  The people have shelter which is way above the level of many homeless Europeans.  They are fed and watered by liberals who would most likely cross the road to avoid dealing with one of their own in a position of hardship.  They are provided with clothes which are 'fashionable' and which many of us across Europe simply could not afford.  The idea that the camps are places of misery and hunger is laughable.  Homeless people in England would be better off crossing the channel and taking the luxurious handouts in the camps in France, than they are living in their own country.  Of course, the racist liberals would not fawn over them in the way that they mollycoddle the invaders from Africa and Asia, and by the way the invaders themselves behave, it would be ill-advised for anyone from Europe to attempt to live alongside them.

The 'poor' illegal immigrants not only have access to shelter, food and clothing, they also have no shortage of drugs to entertain themselves with.  The stench of drugs is everywhere, which is a good thing as it partially masks other odours which are stomach churning.  In spite of the efforts of the liberals, the sanitary conditions are appalling.  This is not due to overcrowding, but to a basic unwillingness to be clean.  Many of the people in the camps live like pigs, defecating where they stand and throwing rubbish around with no care for where they reside.  Visiting the camps was to visit self-made slums of filth and disease - and it is shocking that people who choose to live that way are being allowed in Europe at all.

On our tour of the camps (or to be fair, invasion organisation centres) we took videos and photographs to document the reality of conditions.  These images are concrete proof that the hardships spoken of by the msm are lies and that the people residing in the camps are not simply people seeking a better life, but people of a criminal nature bring disease and destruction.  These pieces of evidence were hard to gather as the authorities were very keen to prevent us taking pictures and filming.  The attitude of the liberal do-gooders providing the invaders with the means to continue their assault into the UK was hostile, raising the question as to whether they are really pro-illegal or just anti-European.  On the fourth day in Calais we were attacked by a mob of illegals who robbed us of our money and possessions, including cameras.  The evidence which we gathered has been lost inside the camps.  Anyone wishing to repeat this operation should make sure that all images recorded are copied to a device which is not taken anywhere near these people.

We remained in Calais for a further three days due to one of our group having to be admitted to hospital as a result of the violence meted out by the illegals.  He is still shaken from the experience but happy to be home.  If we had been fewer in number and less able to defend ourselves, the outcome of our visit scarcely bears thinking about.

In discussions with the invaders who were prepared to talk to us, it was ascertained that the reasons for seeking entry to the UK are purely selfish.  The liberal media and the do-gooder collaborators have educated the invaders to the availability of free accommodation, healthcare and money in the UK.  They are also very well informed of the race relations laws which protect all non-Europeans from criticism, making a life of crime easy to continue by just using the magic word 'racism'.  Most alarming of all was the fact that nearly 100% of the invaders are men and that they are very keen to get into the UK to get busy engaging in all manner of sexual depravity with British women who they have been told are as easy to get hold of as prostitutes and differ only in that they do not charge to have people sexually abuse them.  There was an air of violence in the camps and in the streets of Calais which made us very thankful that no female members had gone on the visit.  The sexist attitude of the men there was alarming - they view women as pieces of meat to be abused at will and to do their bidding.  Be assured, there are many rapists amongst the invaders, although because of their culture they see nothing wrong about such behaviour.

Since returning, we have discussed at leadership level how we should react to the situation in Calais and across Europe.  We are a Socialist organisation campaigning for a better land for our people.  Admitting thieves, rapists, drug dealers, sexists, racial supremacists, religious bigots, terrorists, carriers of disease etc into our land is NOT beneficial to the people.  Our comrades in the Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist) have covered the detrimental impact of immigration on the economy and especially on the living standards of the Working Class, so we do not need to expand upon this.  We have seen first hand the human aspect of the invasion and the social implications of allowing people who do not respect our tolerant and Socialist values into our country.  We demand immediate exit from the EU, closure of all immigration centres, expulsion of all invaders, and the death penalty for anyone who criminally enters our homeland.

The Capitalist governments have allowed the invasion to go on because they want to create a global market in which no one has rights and in which fear keeps everyone in line.  Breaking free from the global system and putting our own people first is the only solution to this genocidal problem.  Closing down all charities which give money to aid the invaders is a key objective.  Members and supporters are asked to send in information regarding those who collaborate with the invaders, so that we may help coordinate action to close them down.  The liberals (many of whom hide behind our Socialist banners) are aiding the global enemy and facilitating the destruction of all that matters.  We have to take the battle to them.

Thanks go to the members who helped finance the visit and who helped our visiting team to get back to England after being robbed and assaulted by the criminals who are even now poised to illegally enter the UK.  The visit was an eye-opener.  We have to ensure that we do everything we can to prevent the people of the UK from being confronted with the reality which is queuing at Calais and is growing in number every hour.  There is no point in fighting for a free Socialist nation if we do not protect the fabric of the nation itself - the people to whom the nation belongs.  We cannot build a land fit to live in if the country has been lost in a sea of rootless criminals   Globalism is death, and the invaders pouring in through Calais are the carriers of our destruction.  If we only fight one battle, it must be the battle for the very survival of our home and for the annihilation of the forces behind the globalising invasion.