Friday, 11 April 2014

White Pride: Anti-Capitalism in Action

Last Saturday, 5th April 2014, was White Pride Day. This year, as last, the location was Abertawe, Cymru (Swansea, Wales). The SWPE sent a delegation across the English border into Wales to highlight that White Pride is not antithetical to Socialism. The Marxists who hide behind our Red Flag have libeled White Workers as 'racist'. The Red Banner of the SWPE was proudly displayed on Saturday, side by side with flags of various White nations.

The Pride activists were opposed by anti-White bigots, who chanted ridiculous slogans linking pride and self respect in Europeans, with hatred of all other peoples. It was saddening, but not unexpected, to see indigenous people chanting against our own people who were not advocating supremacist or similar vile ideologies, but simple pride.

The main speaker of the anti-White demonstrators was a White man standing beneath the banner of the Socialist Party. It was quite distressing to hear the slogans of Socialism used by a man who sincerely believes that he is fighting against Capitalism, but is all the while advancing the interests of the enemy.

'Workers United, Will Never Be Defeated!' 

Quite so. But how can the Workers survive a global onslaught, when people who are supposed to be marching alongside us, are actively promoting the genocide of our people through the erasure of national borders and the total abolition of immigration restrictions?

Immigration is a tool of the Capitalist enemy. It is used to create mass unemployment, which in turn is used to destroy Workers' Rights such as job security, a living wage, paid holidays, family-friendly working hours, etc etc. The reactionaries of the so-called Socialist Party play the liberal Marxist game of accusing those who do not wish to see their countries absorbed by the rapidly emerging global slave state, of being race-haters. This is nonsense and it is a betrayal of the Working Class who have seen their standards of living destroyed by the deliberate importing of cheap labour from abroad.

Mass Immigration is designed to forever destroy all that differentiates nations. By doing this, the Usurious Ruling Class seek to create a global plantation in which there are only two types of people: Rulers and Ruled. Everything which stands in the way of this imperialistic goal is presented as something which is against the best interests of the people. The Socialist Party spokesman obviously has swallowed this lie.

The standardization of currency, weights and measurement systems, legal systems etc are obvious and undeniable features of the abolition of obstacles to the One World State. The merging of nations in super states such as the criminal obscenity known as the European Union, is another feature which is easy to see. The destruction of indigenous peoples and the blending out of all racial groups - excepting of course the Ruling Class which is destined to be a Ruling Caste - is another feature. White Pride Day was a day to defend the different races. It was not about hatred of others. For the White Race to remain intact, it is logical that all other races must also remain true to themselves. White Pride is perfectly compatible with Black Pride or any other expression of race consciousness.

There was only one reactionary in the ranks of the White Priders: a man who saw the words Socialist Workers' Party England, and immediately went on the attack, calling for the SWPE to be removed from the White Pride celebration. It is unfortunate that there are still reactionaries who believe Capitalism is something to support. Be that as it may, everyone else was more than happy to stand alongside genuine Socialists in defence of the right of every race to have security in its homeland. The reactionaries across the road were far more disappointing, because they were using our slogans, but for the benefit of the enemies of the Workers.

White Pride Day was marred by two outburst of violence by Marxists who were out to attack anyone who did not embrace the standardization of the peoples of the Earth for the purpose of making us into indistinguishable slaves of the global capitalist slave state.

The SWPE would like to thank the organisers of White Pride Day 2014 for taking the bold step of opening the celebration to everyone who is proud of the heritage of our people, and is aware of the machinations of the global enemy. Maybe next year, some of those who were heckling us will cross the false divide and stand in solidarity with people who are not haters, but are defiant in their resistance to the global tyranny. The real racists are those who deny the wonderful diversity of humanity which mass immigration will ultimately destroy.

The SWPE would also like to than the South Wales Police for their fairness and decency. The Police across the border in England could learn much from their Celtic cousins.


  1. So you are a "white nationalist" party then ? Is race a matter of personal choice in associating with a particular ethnic culture, or is it biological, "white genes" ?

  2. No, not at all. Our presence at the demo was to make a statement that there is no reason to be ashamed of where you come from. We don't recruit people according to ethnicity, and we have amongst us people who are 'non-aryan' to use a white nationalist slogan.

    Whoever you choose to associate with is of course personal choice. The idea that White people must only associate with others who are similar is as much nonsense as the Zionist supremacist hatred of the Palestinians.

    We have grown ideologically in the 4 years since this demo. The positive point of being there was to break the myth that Socialists must be SJW types hell-bent on bringing about George Soros' global nightmare. We are not racists, so standing alongside people who are was an odd move, but we had no intention to reinforce their prejudices. The demo was pride, not power.