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  1. Hello, I recently came upon your site by accident, normally I would have passed on by without a second glance as I am basicly on the right. However after reading all you articles I have to say that I agree with everyone of them,it is so refreshing to hear someone on the left with views you have here I to thought it was a spoof at first.
    The only beef I have about your site is the “Socialist Workers Party” bit and that Sickle and Sword, I preferred the Hammer and Sword. The Free Socialist seemed a reasonable name but that is your prerogative.
    Could I ask you if you watch the UK Column ON LINE and if so what do you think of it,

  2. Hello. It is pleasing to here that you took the time to read what is written here, doubly so considering that you would not normally read anything written by Socialists. Most people who call themselves socialists are globalists and liberals who do not understand the term. SWPE intends to retake the label and shame the liberals into moving away from a label which they not only do not understand, but which they dishonour by linking it to the destruction of society (the antithesis of true Socialism).

    The name SWPE came about by the merging of older organisations. We are Socialists and we are Workers, so the new name reflects what we are. SWPE used to use the Hammer and Sword, but upon scrutinising the philosophy of the Strasserites, found it to have too many points which we couldn't agree with. The Sword and Sickle is our own symbol, not one borrowed from others. The Sickle represents the agricultural workers and the need for the country to be fully self sufficient in food production. We honour the land and the people who toil it by using this symbol. The Sword represents the need for self defence in the face of the global assault on freedom. The unity of the two is the unity of the land with the people and the duty of all our people to fight against the forces of tyranny. We are not militarists, but nor are we cowards.

    The UK Column is interesting. The emphasis on legalism and the sovereign citizen is fine for now when we have to live alongside the present system. Every weapon at our disposal which undermines the power of the Ruling Class has to be put to use. Of course as revolutionaries we do not seek to adapt the system to our own ends, we seek to overthrow it and replace it with a free society for, of and by our own people.

    Although we are a party of the left we have no respect for no platformers. We seek a free nation for all our people and will not turn away from anyone who shares this desire. Thank you getting in touch.

  3. Hello again,thank you for explaining your symbolism I have bookmarked your site and look forward to reading more of your postings. I intend to pass on what I have read here to some of my compatriots am sure you wouldn't mind.
    Just out of curiosity what neck of the woods do you hail from and do you have a large following.

  4. Thank you. That would be appreciated. Sorry, but for reasons of basic security we can't give out information which would undermine the security of the members. SWPE isn't popular with everyone!

  5. With the exception of your policy on homosexuals, I am in total agreement in everything I read here. Sounds like real socialism and not the Marxist distortion. Does the socialist workers party have an affiliate in the usa?

  6. Hello! I am very happy to "meet" you here.
    Just want to wish you the best on your struggle.
    Hail England, Hail Greece, Hail Europe
    The enemy is the Neoliberal Globalization

  7. Hi there, could you tell me if you have a membership system for the party as of yet?

  8. Hello membership enquirer. Drop us an email and we can talk further...

  9. Hello. My name is Matthew. I've stumbled across this site a few times and I'd say I agree with most of your views. I used to be a full fledged communist until I became a neo-Strasserist National Socialist. While I understand you guys aren't to keen on the term "fascist" I would consider myself a left wing fascist. I come from the United States, If I could set up an ideal system it would be something like this.

    -Closed Borders

    -Deportation of non citizens.

    -Racial segregation of the whites and the blacks although in my case I would make it truly separate but equal.

    -Anyone could earn voting rights however you'd have to commit to one year of professional military service or perhaps two years of some sort of paramilitary civil service. Perhaps a national militia could be reinstated that could perform some simple police or fire duties. They could also do things like clean up highways and local parks.

    -Laws could be voted on by the portion of the population with voting rights (military and the new paramilitary militia).

    -These laws would be proposed by a central council with a central authority figure having the power to veto certain laws voted upon by the population. However this authority figure would be elected every 4-8 years much like a president.

    -Military parades would be a common sight in my ideal fascist America, along with heroic images of the American revolution. Perhaps people like George Washington would be re-branded as strong leaders and generals rather than people fighting for the ideas of classical liberalism.

    -Economically, large corporations would be seized, and turned into massive cooperatives. Democracy would exist on the economic front but would be much more limited on the political front (as described above).

    -These cooperatives would be managed and regulated by state run guilds and if someone wanted to get into a trade they could go to the guild for training as well as for interest free loans if they decided they wanted to start their semi-state managed cooperative.

    -Strong tariffs on foreign goods would be enforced with the goal being complete national self sufficiency.

    -The United States would also start to reduce it's involvement in the United Nations with the eventual goal of getting out. This also applies to NATO.

    -People convicted of terrorism would face the death penalty, this would also apply to traitors against the nation.

    While I'm sure there are points here that you may agree on and may disagree on I would like to say that I fully support your nationalistic and socialistic struggle as I consider myself to be both a nationalist and a guild socialist. As other posters here have stated, I'm not too keen on the sickle and sword as I would prefer something more like the hammer and sword. Although to me it's the substance that matters rather than the symbolism.

    If you want I can shoot you guys an email and we can get into touch. I'd be interesting in hearing more from you guys as it's hard to find people with similar political views.

  10. Hi Matthew. Thanks for your comment. Guild Socialism is one of the most authentic varieties of Socialism, and one which has been proved to work! A lot of people argue that Socialism fails everywhere it appears, but they confuse Socialism for Marxism, which you do not. Guild Socialism, Distributism, Cooperative Socialism and Syndicalism are the ways forward - Marxism is more of the Capitalism same, especially the Cultural form which Marx himself would have despised!

    It would be great to have an email from you and to maybe discuss ways of building more bridges across the Atlantic.

    1. You might be interested in visiting my website. I'm building a community dedicated to social-nationalism. I'm the admin there, send me a PM if you like.

    2. Forgot to post the link:

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