6 December 2014

Censoring of Azzaam and the plagiarisers of the PSFM

Azzaam Abdul-Hakeem is the founder of the People Social Freedom Movement a movement that pulls from the philosophy of Gaddafi, Nasser, and Hugo Chavez and holds an alliance with the Jewish Labour Bund and Christian Socialist groups. They hold a philosophy of Nation First and claims to be a fourth way of politics.  Azzaam had been put under attack by the Patriotic Socialist Party. This party has been defaming him through libel and ended up getting him censored from his own Facebook page making it difficult to dispense propaganda and info for the upcoming election time in Britian. Below are pictures slandering Azzaam and PSFM: 

5 December 2014

National Feminism

Women of Sparta and Greece fought in wars 
Spartan women pretty much ran the communities as their husbands were often at war. 
Women in Sparta could divorce and weren't required to remarry and could keep her property
It is believed that Spartan women were educated in community ran schools
Women participated in the Spartan Olympics, ran around naked with Spartan males, and wrestled with them.

Lets be honest Spartan women were almost treated like equals in Spartan society and who ever said that equal rights and treatment of women is not a Traditional value is blind to history and culture. As Socialists and Nationalists we need to create a strain of Nationalistic Feminists. Women who love their nation and wishes to gain rights and equal opportunity for women in their nation. 

4 December 2014

The UK Budget: The Government openly shows its subservience to Capitalism

The politicians of the UK Government (just as all the Establishment parties, does not serve the people, it serves the Financial Elite.  This has become increasingly obvious over time, but with the current Budget, the subservient and arrogant attitude of the Establishment mafia, is so blatant that it can not be ignored.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, has promised to cut back the size of the State, but in order to achieve a smaller State, he will have to raise taxes and give public money - YOUR MONEY - to private corporations who will provide services which you may or may not use, at a massive profit to themselves! YOU will have to pay the higher taxes; YOU will have no say in the blatant Redistribution of Wealth from the hands of individuals to the coffers of massive multinational corporations.  This is THEFT.  You are being fleeced by organised criminals who have the nerve to claim that they are serving you, but all the time they are enslaving you for their paymasters in the City of London and the Global Capitalist System.

Over one million public sector workers will be thrown on the dole just as the dole is cut so that it is no longer a safety net but something which to survive on has to be supplemented by begging, using charity or stealing!  Oh joy - so the ordinary people will suffer as crime rates rocket and living standards collapse, but never mind, the overseas aid budget will be increased so that more scroungers from overseas can swamp into our country and 'enrich' our homeland with more misery, drug dealing, prostitution, child rape (so-called 'grooming') and ever more bizarre and terrifying superstitious drivel (so-called religion).

George Osborne has made much noise about how he is going to pay the Banks the last of the money owed to them for funding the First World War after 1917.  It has taken nearly a century to pay for a single year of bloodshed, which saw the best of the ordinary people murdered or mutilated for the benefit of the Ruling Class who sipped champagne whilst the ordinary people suffered.  We are still suffering as a result of having to pay the debt created to ensure that the defeated British Empire could rise again and continue to persecute the people living in the UK and in what was the Empire.

The UK Government is making sure the Banks get their (YOUR) money whilst the nation collapse and chaos ensues.  Does anyone seriously believe that the Establishment politicians work for us, when it is so obvious that they serve only their own interests and those of the City?

The UK Government is set to build millions of new houses on Green land - OUR land - destroying our countryside forever.  This will ruin life for the people and for the wildlife as our contact with nature is erased.  There is no reason to build even a single house.  Indeed, there is every reason to demolish the cities and reforest the country. 

The Budget is an attack on the common people.  SWPE says that we do not need any of the solutions offered by Osborne.  We need real Socialist solutions:

  • The Banks should be told that they will not receive a penny from the people, but rather they will be thrown out of the country along with their entire thieving economic system.
  • Not a single new home must be built on rural land.  There are not too few houses in the UK, but too many people, and this problem can be solved by removing the newcomers who have arrived here for a 'better life' at our expense.
  • The mindless obsession with Privatisation must end and the entire economy Nationalised and Socialised.  No private organisations must be allowed to profit from the needs of the people.  Those aspects of the State which are unnecessary, (those which fall under the umbrella of Political Correctness) must simply be abolished.
  • Foreign Aid must not be ring fenced and used to prop up corrupt Capitalist exploiters overseas, but used solely for the relocation of people from outside the nation (as defined in the sense of nacio/the people) and then when this task is achieved, ended permanently
It is the Capitalist System which has caused this tragedy which continues to worsen every day.  Tinkering with the System will not help anyone except the Ruling Class.  Only a radical Socialist solution will work.