Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Abortion is a result of Capitalist Egocentrism

Abortion is a contentious issue, and an issue which liberals/trotskyites have seized upon as a 'human right' which all women must have access to at all times.  SWPE isn't Trotskyite, and unsurprisingly, we find the Trot position simplistic and not one we can 100% agree with.  On the opposite side, the Abrahamic lobby tend to argue about all human life being sacred, and that abortion is murder, no matter the circumstances.  SWPE isn't Abrahamic either, and we have no 'spiritual' reason to agree with the emotional rhetoric of the monotheists.

The liberal feminist argument that a Woman's body is her own to do exactly as she likes with, is an argument which is based on a false premise.  When an abortion is carried out, it isn't so much the Woman's body which is the focus of the procedure, rather it is the body of the unborn child.  The answer to this objection is that the baby cannot survive without the Mother and so all that is happening is that the Mother is withdrawing her life support to the unborn human.  Taken logically, this argument could be extended to include all people who are unable to live without assistance. Abortion could then be applied to infants, people in hospital who require drip feeding, the disabled, the poor who rely on food banks, the elderly, and just about anyone who isn't able to support himself or herself.  It is a nonsense argument which SWPE gives no time to.

Abortion in the UK comes as a result of several factors, including:

  • Rape
  • Damaged Children
  • Sexism
  • Lifestyle Choice
  • Capitalist push for Women to get 'careers'
Let's look at these in turn:

  • Rape
The Rape of Women and Girls is far more common than the Rape of Men and Boys, but that does not mean that the suffering of females is more important than the suffering of males.  Both are disgusting and absolutely unacceptable, and SWPE demands that all Rape, regardless of the age or sex of the victim, be stamped out, and that all Rapists, regardless of sexuality, sex, religion, ethnicity or any other factor, be removed from society permanently.  

SWPE has a policy of removing the power of the Abrahamic cults, by closing any building used by them, demolishing those which have no artistic value, and converting those which do, to use for the People.  With the demise of monotheism, and the expulsion of those who refuse to publicly affirm that they reject such belief systems, a lot of the religious rationale for Rape will be done a way with. Paedophilia IS Rape.  Priests raping Altar Boys, Imams raping school aged Girls, we make no distinction.  Rape is Rape is Rape, and the punishment must be the same for every perpetrator - we would kill them all.

A lot of Rapists are not religious, or their religion is not the motive.  Men and Women who Rape, do so because they have power over others.  Jimmy Savile procured children for the Ruling Class and their collaborators.  Other Rapists are sadists, who enjoy inflicting pain on others.  

The lack of respect for other human beings and the belief that people can do whatever they want to other people, is the root of the Rape issue.   Publicly killing Rapists would soon make those who think they can do what they want, think again.  The argument against this is that killing Rapists would encourage them to kill their victims, so that the victims could not testify against them.  There is logic to this argument, but the types of people who would rape then murder other people, would be likely to do it regardless of the risk of punishment.  To reduce the chances of people using murder as a means of escaping punishment, we would bring in a total DNA registration system, with 100% of the population being recorded.  Forensic Science would be heavily invested in, to ensure that practically every Crime against the People could be solved, and every Enemy of the People punished. 

Every Woman who could prove that she had been raped would be offered abortions to remove the extra hardship of raising the offspring of the man who had violated her.  This would have to be proved though, to prevent the false claim of Rape by anyone who got pregnant and couldn't be bothered to have the child.
  • Damaged Children
SWPE supports the automatic abortion of children with severe defects.  The State has a responsibility to strive for the best for the greatest number of people.  It is not a wet nurse for the weak and enfeebled.  The infiltration of liberals into the Socialist realm, under the Capitalist hyena, Trotsky, has seen such Capitalist nonsense as 'individual rights' take precedence over what is good for the People as a whole.  Medical techniques are improving constantly, with the recent ability of Down's Syndrome to be detected by safe blood tests, rather than dangerous amniocentesis, being a specific advance.  Once children are born, they should be treated with respect, and should they need extra care, they should get it.  But, if children with defects can be prevented from being born in the first place, that would raise the general health of society, and would allow society to focus resources on people who could better use the education and other systems, for the betterment of all.  Supporting people who need extra support is of course a duty of the State, but it would be better for everyone (including the parents) if the number of such people was reduced. Liberal pseudo-religious reverence of the weak, has weakened the entire nation, and this has to stop.
  • Sexism
It  is not in the Celtic culture to want to kill babies because they are female.  It is in the culture of other peoples, and it is one of the most heinous crimes perpetrated on behalf of multiculturalism that vast numbers of girls are murdered before birth, because the parents only want boys.  We have stated repeatedly our opposition to Abrahamism, and by expelling those who hold such sick beliefs, we would stop the UK being used as a slaughter house.  We would stop the offering of sex tests to parents, believing as we do that Men and Women are equal, and that it would add to the beauty of birth to find out the sex of the child when it comes into the world.
  • Lifestyle Choice
A lot of abortions come as the result of Men and Women failing to use contraception.  We would encourage Family as the hub of society, and the use of contraception or abstention from sex in the cases of people who do not wish to have children.  We are anti-homophobic, so we would see the stigma removed from same-sex couples.  We do not believe that having children is a 'right', anymore than having an abortion is.  Women who are not in a stable heterosexual relationship, who become pregnant through lack of care in their sexual activity, would be supported as any other parent in raising their children.  Abortion on demand, for no good medical reason, would not be an option. 
  • Capitalism
Capitalism is a key factor in many of the points above.  Women are told that they must have careers, and that they should delay having children until later in life.  The older the Mother, the greater the risk of the Child being damaged.  Under a Socialist State, having children would be recognised as a full time career, with the Mother (or Father if the couple so prefer) being financially supported in the important task of bringing about the next generation of society.  The hedonistic lifestyle which puts individual above society, is pure Capitalism.  Under Socialism, abortions would be very much fewer in number, because the pro-abortion factors would be removed.  Killing unborn babies because they interfere with work or they cannot be afforded, is Capitalist thought.  Killing unborn babies because they interfere with the egocentric selfish greedy mentality of people who have had their minds polluted by the ideology of individual rights and the need to buy consumer rubbish, is Capitalism in action.  Capitalism Kills.  We don't want to allow the Capitalist enemy to kill the next generation.  We want a Socialist nation in which the innocents are protected and it is the Capitalists who are killed.


  1. Abortion is wrong. When you say "My body my choice," that's stupid because there's a another body in your's.

    1. It's not a body, it's a fetus still not grown, with no intelligence, with no nervous system, and able to ruin a woman's future. Do you think an unwanted kid will have a good and happy life?

  2. If having a baby ruins a woman's life, it is her responsibility to make sure she doesn't get pregnant. The argument that women must have free access to abortion is as valid as the argument that heroin addicts should have free access to heroin. People do not become junkies by chance, but by being irresponsible and stupid, so they have no right to expect society to molly coddle them for their self-imposed misery.

    With the issue of an unwanted pregnancy, the reality is that children are not a burden and given the support necessary to raise a child, they can be the best thing to ever happy to another human being. That support naturally comes through family - the support of a spouse. In the modern Capitalist/Trotskyist anti-society, we are taught that children are an inconvenience which stop us getting careers or living a hedonistic lifestyle where we fail to progress beyond the childish attitude of seeing ourselves as the centre of the universe.

    In a Socialist society, the pursuit of wealth would not be an issue, and wuld in fact be seen as a crime against society. Likewise, the rearing of children would be seen as vital for society and would be paid as a full time job.

    If a mother really could not cope, and was absolutely adamant that she did not want her child, then adoption would be made much easier. There are many alternatives to murdering an unborn child! The instant fix of infanticide will often lead to guilt and to misery for the mother who should at some point question what her life would have been like if she had not murdered her child. Of course, some women are callous and egomaniacal enough to never give a damn aboutt the life they denied - which makes them perfect little capitalists, but would put them in the spotlight for mental health interventions in a sane socialist country.