Thursday, 26 November 2015

Ullr's festival: A time to call for a bitter winter

SWPE is not an atheist organisation.  We oppose the Semitic trio because we understand that they have no place in our culture and our inimical to the well being of our people.  Real Socialism is anchored in creating and preserving the best conditions for the advancement of the people, and  having a sense of purpose which transcends the physical realm, is a central pillar of our ideology.
Today is Ullr's festival.  Ullr/Wuldor/Wul├żusis an ancient god of the northern European people, from whom many English people are descended.  He was a principle deity, of whom little is really known, and may have been a great leader who has passed into mythology, with the mythology sadly becoming diluted.  As such, whether a deity or an esteemed ancestor, it is right to remember him this night.

As our people are squeezed by the globalists of all political and religious points of view, as the despicable David Cameron pushes for another war of aggression to depose the rightful government of Syria and in its place put a puppet regime and a central bank owned by the Rothschilds (using the Israeli/Saudi/Turkish golem, ISIS as an excuse to destroy Assad's legitimate leadership), it is appropriate that we look to all who can aid us in our struggle for survival.

As Europe is invaded by millions of terrorists who cry out to the demon, allah, for help in annihilating every native living creature (human and animal) in our troubled homeland (and as the enemy politicians do all they can to assist them), perhaps it is right to call to the god Ullr to help us by making life unbearable for the invaders from the hot south.  May they freeze in the cold inhospitable outdoors; may they retreat into their own countries, leaving us able to deal with those who have arrived and gained comfort at the expense of the native population who are financially raped to pay for their pampered lifestyles (and not only financially).

Lord of Winter, Bow-bearing God,
Bring the blanket white to wear
On frozen fields, to slip your skis on!
Send us snowflakes by the thousands,
Send us sweep and whirl and drift,
That we might follow in your foot-tracks
All the way from peak to valley.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

England's Nimrud

England's Nimrud

ISIS use power tools to destroy 3000 year old monuments before
blowing the entire site up.
*Written back in April on a previous blog. Still relevant today.*

Today is a sad day for world history as it appears that ISIS have attacked and destroyed the ancient city of Nimrud in an act of pure religious fanaticism. In videos shown across the world, images showed Islamists attacking the Assyrian city ruins which still contained priceless artifacts, some of which were over 3000 years old. 
Those taking part are apparently inspired by their prophet Mohammed's violent behavior as documented in the Quran, in tales where he is said to have torn down pagan idols in Mecca "with his bare hands". (I know right, this guy must have been strong, huh!)

The issue seems to be more widespread than just ISIS though, so this isn't an issue of just one group of extremists. It seems that there is an inherent issue within Islam over protection of historically important sites. In Saudi Arabia for example the Government there has completely turned a blind eye to even Mecca's heritage, with one Time Magazine article saying as much as 98% of the heritage sites there have been bulldozed for modern development. 

There were even calls last month from ISIS and extremist Islamic preachers to destroy what is left of the Sphinx and the pyramids in Giza. Of course this wouldn't be the first time as the nose of the Sphinx and many statues across Palestine and Turkey were defaced (quite literally) by religious nutters throughout history. They weren't just Muslim though, as Iconoclasm has been used quite extensively across history as a method of erasing the cultural stamp of a previous civilization when conquering land or subjugating a group of people.

Whilst the practice has been used since the dawn of time, the main offenders across history have tended to be those from an Abrahamic religious persuasion, and although we might think of these acts as occurring in exotic locations in the middle-east or on some isolated Mediterranean island, it may shock some to hear that similar practices happened in England. And fairly recently too.

There is also a fairly lax account of that religious extremism that occurred in England too, the last bout started during the reign of Puritanism. From as far back as the late 1500's during Elizabeth I's reign, Puritans had tried to steer the Church of England in a certain direction. For around hundred and fifty years or so they pushed for extreme reform. Although they never appeared to achieve full domination of the religious and political fabric of the nation, they got pretty close to it with the Parliamentarian victory of the second Civil War. Cromwell was an unabated Puritan who even sought to ban Christmas celebrations. Because of histories bias towards Cromwell (the reasons of which must wait for another time,) most of this has been mostly forgotten.

Whilst the overall story of Puritans and English-come-British history is obviously a little too complex for a few paragraphs, the overall image is of a fragmented society split between three pillars of Traditionalism, 'Enlightenment' and Religious Extremism expressed by some elements in English society.

So what is it that I've dubbed "England's Nimrud"?

Well it sits approximately twenty-odd miles north of Stonehenge and despite being a World Heritage Site (and the entire area being in the region of twenty times the size of stonehenge,) its actually fairly unheard of. Avebury: a neolithic monument of such epic proportions that it pretty much contains an entire village quite comfortably within its ditches.

Like Stonehenge, nobody is one hundred per cent sure of its purpose (I have my own theories like every other Tom, Dick and Harry,) but one thing that we do know is that throughout the years the huge sarsen stones were broken up for use in construction on farm walls and buildings. Now despite what I've suggested previously about the Puritans, the method of using the stones for building material was not something new, and this is obvious when you look at the villages architecture. The sites destruction seemed to accelerate around the late 1600's though for a brief time.

That been said, a vast amount of damage had already been done to the monument through the 14th century when the population was more or less fully converted to Christianity. The population were brainwashed into associating the once sacred monuments with the Christian concept of Satan, and this is still evident today with many neolithic sites bearing a daemonic name. This ideological obsession (spurred on by clergy) convinced men to go out and dig the stones foundations out, and bury or burn them. Fortunately (or perhaps with some divine influence from the land wights) one man taking part in the destruction of the henge was crushed under a falling stone and may have been the reason why the destruction stopped for some time. The tales have it that he was a barber by trade, and his death was seen as an omen by many so the sarsens were left alone. As it happens, an excavation in the early 20th century actually proved this old tale as being historically correct, when a skeleton was found under a buried sarsen with a coin dating to the 1300's and with his scissors still in a pouch. 
Today, a fair amount of the monument still exists, however the magnitude of its grandeur would not be possible today without the illustrations made by John Aubrey and by William Stukeley during the 17th and early 18th century. The full extent and size of the monument far exceeded what we see today, as much of the existing stone avenue was destroyed, along with two inner-rings and a large 'phallic' monolith which was destroyed apparently when Stukeley was present. Credit where it's due, there would be nothing there today at all had it not been for John Lubbock who purchased the estates in 1871 an attempt to preserve the site, or had it not been for the efforts of Alexander Keiller during the 1930's to dig up and re-erect the buried stones. 
Artist impression of the henge in it's original state

One of the 'accepted views' about the destruction of this site during the 1600's is that this was not religious in nature, and was merely due to an increasing population in the village. They support the theory that in many cases, villagers wanted the stones removed in order to make ploughing fields easier, or to use the huge stones as building material for new homes. The main reason that I would object to this idea is because of Stukeley's own words:

Just before I visited this place... the inhabitants were fallen into the custom of demolishing the stones, chiefly out of covetousness of the little area of ground, each stood on. First they dug great pits in the earth, and buried them. The expence of digging the grave, was more than 30 years purchase of the spot they possessed, when standing. After this, they found out the kanck of burning them, which has made most miserable havock of this famous temple. One Tom Robinson the Herostratus of Abury,* is particularly eminent for this kind of execution, and he very much glories in it. The method is, to dig a pit by the side of the stone, till it falls down, then to burn many loads of straw under it. They draw lines of water along it when heated, and then with smart strokes of a great sledge hammer, its prodigious bulk is divided into many lesser parts. But this Atto de fe** commonly costs thirty shillings in fire and labour, sometimes twice as much. They own too 'tis excessive hard work, for these stones are often 18 foot long, 13 broad, and 6 thick, that their weight crushes the stones in pieces, which they lay under them to make them lie hollow for burning, and for this purpose they raise them with timbers of 20 foot long, and more, by the help of twenty men, but often the timbers were rent to pieces. 

Stukeley goes on to write that a single stone could provide enough pieces to build an ordinary house, but that because of the nature of the stone, such a house "is always moist and dewy in winter, which proves damp and unwholesome, and rots the furniture. The custom of thus destroying them is so late, that I could easily trace the obit of every stone; who did it, for what purpose, and when, and by what method, what house or wall was built out of it, and the like."

Now reading that passage, to me it looks like the method is out of date for even the 1600s. It is clearly labour intensive, expensive and produced homes of inferior quality which remained cold and damp. Religious reasons have to come into this in some way or another. Lets not forget that at the same time that this was occurring, we had issues with the puritans in Government and even the Witchfinder General wandering around the land in search of commission. They gained very little land in destroying the stones, and as Stukeley states, this has more to do with Tom Robinson'sideological beliefs than for any practical reasoning.

In any case, I think its safe to say that the monument at Avebury has received a second wind. It is now a vibrant place to visit with a deep spiritual and cultural connection for hundreds of thousands of people. It receives a huge number of visitors, and is a destination for a worldwide pagan pilgrimage, which is something we can only dream of for Nimrud which was spectacularly blown up with plastic explosives in the last few weeks.

Avebury today.

Whilst there are calls to judge Islam and its more extreme elements for the damage done to historically invaluable monuments across the Middle East, we have to remember that it is only through the chance of time that the same fate did not also befall some of Europe's most treasured sites. The true enemy of civilization and culture is unshakable religious dogma. It has been shown time and time again to turn back humanities development, and ISIS is just another reverberation of that repeating history. Avebury survived by the skin of its teeth and through the hard work of conservationists spanning a hundred years or more. It's new position as a culturally important destination today is good luck. Unfortunately, Nimrud's ran out.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Paris Massacre: ANOTHER Act of War

Friday the 13th 2015 was a night of horror and carnage, waged by Moslem Semitic invaders, with the full blessing of their Judaic Semitic handlers, and their Christian Semitic apologists.  The Trinity of Evil worked together to ensure that over 100 native Europeans were murdered in acts of brutality which are commonplace in the Semitic heartland of the Middle East, but would be unknown in Europe if the three aspects of the religion of hate had not been allowed a foothold in our territory.

The Judaic leadership of Europe (the finance sector, various monarchies, heads of globalist corporations, the IMF) fomented wars and created financial ruin to bring a million hostile immigrants into Europe, under the lie that they are 'refugees' fleeing war.  They obviously must be fleeing hard, because having stepped into safe territory, they then continue marching thousands of miles to get to places where they will be allowed to rape at will, steal welfare/housing/benefits (and occasionally jobs!) from the natives; natives who are punished by the agents of the Capitalist State if they dare to object to having their children and futures handed over to people who wish to exterminate them and implement the barbaric system of Sharia, in the same manner as the Islamic State caliphate is doing in lands they claim to be running from!

The Christian intermediaries (the middle management of the Semitic trinity) have used their positions as traditional moral guides to inculcate a feeling of guilt in the people of Europe for the plight of the invasion force which is still entering Europe, under the lie that these terrorist soldiers and economic parasites are 'refugees'.  There are NO refugees: a refugee fleeing from danger stops at the first opportunity and is grateful to his host for letting him escape peril; these fake refugees are crossing safe country after safe country in order to get to countries which are to their best economic benefit and which have the most pathetic laws, allowing them to rape, steal, murder etc with the knowledge that nothing will be done and that any native who objects is vilified and punished.  The idiots welcoming the rape-ugees and terrorists cite the weak morality of the Christian Church (turn the other cheek, give the rapist another of your children to rape) as reason for allowing the invasion.

The Moslem foot soldiers are happy to see natives evicted from their homes in order to house them; they have no problem with natives being denied work so that they can get jobs; they relish the opportunity to take full advantage of the liberal trotskyite race relations laws which allow them to act in the most despicable and inhuman ways, with no fear of ever being punished.  Natives who commit bigamy are imprisoned; invaders are allowed to have several wives because of their 'religion' (their religion expects it as a means of breeding more soldiers for their openly stated aim of global conquest.  Natives who commit incest are so few as to be nearly non existent; moslem invaders (in particular Pakistanis) breed with their cousins, brothers and sisters, children, to such a vast extent that NHS forms issued during pregnancy now ask if the parents of the child are related - this sick behaviour has created a need in cities for many 'special needs' schools to cope with the retards produced as a result of incest.  No one is punished for creating a generation of subnormal children, rather they are allowed to do so, and we natives have to pay for their hideous offspring to be looked after.

The Friday the 13th Paris Massacre was an act of war against the European people as a whole; including the pathetic liberals who even now still welcome them in.  It was not - as some are saying - the opening salvo in a war; it was yet another act of war in a long series of actions against us.  As long as there have been moslems, there have been anti-European atrocities.  In the past, the Christian Church did not actively side with the Moslem invaders, with the result that the storm of barbarism was halted at Kosovo; 600 years after that hard-fought battle against the forces of darkness, the modern Church and NATO sided with the terrorists and aided the conquest of the heart of Serbia, perhaps the real opening military salvo against Europe, although the invasion of Cyprus, massacre of Armenia, occupation of Albania, occupation of Byzantium, occupation of Spain etc etc are just as real military assaults upon our people.

Sweden was known as the most peaceful and prosperous country in Europe; it is now known as the rape capital of Europe and is a Third World mess.  The UK has fallen victim to the same behaviour, with the infamous mass rapes of children in Rotherham, Oxford, Swansea and every town and city where large numbers of moslems live. The same is the case in every country in Europe which has admitted moslem outsiders.  Every incidence of rape is a hate crime; Moslem rape is motivated by religious bigotry and supremacist ideology; Every Moslem rape is an act of war - the rape jihad is real and is underway all over liberalised Europe - as you read this sentence there will be women and children being raped in Europe by moslem invaders, and liberals who know this will be denying it.

Heroin dealing is a moslem act of war, reducing gullible natives to robots fit for conversion to Islam and fit for prostitution.  Those who succumb to this evil trade have been weakened by the education system and media which teaches them that they must be nice to those who are stealing their futures, even to the point of giving up their bodies to them for drugs and for the implant of mongrelised children.  The Rape Jihad and Heroin Jihad are mostly one and the same.

The Islamic State caliphate issued a proclamation of responsibility for the Paris Massacre, citing the non Moslem nature of Europe as reason for our people to be murdered.  They targeted a death metal concert, stating that 'Pagans' (Heathens) deserved to die.  They issued a formal declaration of war against all non Moslems, but in particular followers of the old ways before the lunacy of the Semitic trilogy.

As Socialists, we fight for the best for our people.  Allowing our people to be raped and murdered is obviously not good for society.  Trotskyite imbeciles and Capitalist globalisers have no problem with turning the whole of Europe into a Third World toilet, but we in SWPE say NO and No again.

SWPE accepts the declaration of war issued against Heathens and against Europeans.

We hereby issue our own Declaration of War in response:

  • We will fight to free our people from the disease of the Semitic religion.  
  • We will fight to protect our women from the sexism which demands they be covered up at all times and submit to rape whenever a moslem wants sex.  
  • We will fight to defend our children from a sick ideology which sees them as pieces of meat to abuse at will.  
  • We will fight to defend the animals with whom we share this country by protesting against abattoirs which engage in Hahal and Shechita slaughter, and the people who work in them.
  • We will combat those who promote Islam or who promote the Invasion of our country
  • We will defend the people and animals of our country from those who wish to take the country from us and give it to our enemies.
  • We will confront Heroin dealers in the manner in which they deserve; exposing them to the glare of the public and making it impossible for them to ruin the lives of any more of our people.
  • We will do whatever it takes to stop the cancer of globalism and in particular of the Semitic three sided religion.
The War is joined.  Natives who work within the authorities, media, education system, corporations etc are given warning that if they continue to support our enemies, they will be classified as enemy combatants and accordingly treated.   To clarify the above declaration, SWPE is a legal organisation and we work within the law, but that doesn't mean that we cannot act legally and achieve results.  If other people choose to act outside the law that is their business.  We are not advocating violence.  We are advocating the fullest possible disruption to the way of life of those who support the obliteration of our people and our country.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Remembrance Sunday - Remember those who murdered our menfolk for their own profit

Today is Remembrance Sunday.  Today we remember the fallen.  Today is a day when we hear much propaganda about how we must be grateful to those who have died in war, for making our countries what they are today.  This propaganda is an insult to the memory of those who were killed in conflict.

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918, the First World War ended.  The war was contrived by Capitalists on every side as a means to create wealth and to reduce the population of the countries they controlled.  Although Remembrance Day has been extended to include all wars since 1918 - proving that the 'war to end all wars' was nothing of the sort - the timing of the ceremony reflects the official end of the First World War, when the Capitalists could no longer keep the bloodshed going.

War means profit for some and misery for most.  The armaments industry of every country increased their already staggering riches by keeping the carnage in Europe going for four years, giving the governments under their control the excuse to purchase more implements of death, at prices which ensured that each individual country was plunged into debt.  The usurious banks loaned money to the governments at interest - interest which is still being paid off even now - ensuring that the stranglehold of the usurers over so-called democratic governments, was complete.  Britain was effectively out of the war in 1917, but with the bankers' securing of the Balfour Agreement, the funds flooded in to keep British people dying in France and the Low Countries.  The acquisition of debt in 1917 was achieved with a promise by the British government to give land which Britain had no right to, to people who Britain had no right to give it to.  The Great War expanded to include citizens of the USA, brought in to keep the blood flowing into the fields and the profits flowing into the coffers of the usurers.

Debt is debt, and can easily be written off if the people have the will to tell the usurers that they will not get another penny from those they have extorted.  The British Ruling Class is so tied in with the usurers, that the will of the people has no impact on any decisions made in the mother of all fake democracies.  The usurers own the government of the UK, and until every last member of the Capitalist Class is expelled, they will continue to steal from the people to fund their partners in crime.  The UK Ruling Class is synonymous with global usury.  SWPE would honour the Balfour Agreement and expel all the usurers and those who aid them to the land which was stolen at the cost of so much British blood.

By far the worst aspect of the First World War was the destruction of the best of Britain and the British territories of Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  Men of courage and honour were lied to by corrupt politicians.  Many volunteered to fight a foe which had been created by the propagandists in order to generate wealth for their masters.  When the volunteers had been slaughtered and people across the British world began to see that the war was a tool of finance and big business, conscription was brought in.  Anyone who refused to fight for the benefit of Capitalism was libeled as a coward and judicially murdered.  The loss to the British gene pool was immeasurable.

Following the catastrophe of 1914-18, the Capitalists plunged the world into an economic crisis, to facilitate the next stage of their drive to annihilate the best of Europe, World War Two.  In the interim period, the people who had been promised that the old exploitative order would give way to a land fit for heroes, were summarily abandoned, only to be called upon again when the militarists needed them to rejoin the slaughter to further enrich themselves.

World War One was a catastrophe, but World War Two was worse.  The gene pool suffered in both, but so terrible was the destruction of Europe in the Second World War, that those who came after were the 1960s generation of liberal Trotsykites, self-haters and traitors to the very idea of Society.  Free Love and Abortion replaced Family.  Absolute Capitalism replaced Social Responsibility.  Liberalism replaced Respect.  The Semitic religion pushed aside the native sense of self respect, duty, honour, loyalty and protection of own, and in its place raised weakness, globalism and decadence.

On this Remembrance Sunday, remember the Fallen.  Remember how they were lied to.  Remember that everything they were promised has been reneged upon.  Don't blame them for the world we live in - they did not fight to make Britain into an Islamic shit hole in which soldiers returning from foreign wars are made homeless while foreign terrorists are given homes, benefits and children to rape, all in the name of 'morality'.  They did not fight to give total control to the bankers and to bourgeois Etonians who play the soggy biscuit game and have sex with dead pigs while telling us that we have to accommodate our enemies because it is 'right' to do so.  They didn't fight so that Britons could be replaced in employment by moslems; so that our NHS could become a place for foreigners to work and Britons to die; so that our education system can lie to our children and train them to become the rape-puppets of those who wish to make the UK submit to Shariah.

Never Forget and Never Forgive.  Rise up and honour the Fallen by avenging them in a Native Revolution, in which the blood of the Ruling Class and the Invaders will flow into a sea of cleansing to make way for a return to sanity and an obliteration of liberalism.