Friday, 24 June 2016

FREEDOM! The UK has left the EU. Thanks to Everyone who made this happen

The EU Referendum is over and WE have won!  The Working Class have spoken and we have told the liberals, the middle class globalisers and the fear-mongerers that we are not scared of a future outside the EU, but that we greet it with relish.

The campaign by the Remain camp was a vile hate-filled one of horror stories and blackmail, including horrendous criminal acts to terrify the people into voting to Remain locked into the prison state.  The BBC labelled any one who voted Leave as an accomplice in MP Jo Cox's murder! (see Thankfully, the People are so sick of their lies that the BBC's manipulation failed.  Now that the results are in, the BBC has treated us to endless vitriolic attacks, labeling the Working Class as thick and unfit to vote, labeling the people of all races who voted for Freedom as 'racists'.  How people in the UK not wanting to be controlled by Brussels is racist, no-one has attempted to explain.

The BBC has rolled out whining loser after whining loser, each one talking more liberal rubbish than the last.  The majority of those who voted have been called racists, stupid, ignorant, white man van types, unfit to vote, mentally unstable, too old and many other insults.  The liberals have shown their true faces - they call all who do not think as they do all manner of names.  They are the real bigots and the real enemies of democracy.  The BBC have joined these slanderous attacks with mournful music which would suit a heavy political defeat, but are completely out of place when what has happened is a democratic vote has been taken and a decision made.

Don't let the sour and twisted Remainers spoil our victory.  Let them stew in their hatred and please, please, may they go through with their threats and leave our country forthwith!

Congratulations UK.  Well done to the SWPE activists who took the time to campaign for a Leave result, talking with waverers at every opportunity.  Well done to everyone from whatever organisation or none who did his or her bit.  Well done to everyone who voted to achieve Freedom.

For SWPE, this victory is not the end, but a significant step forward in the fight against Globalism. We want a Free England, a Socialist England, and this result takes us a step closer to that goal. First UK out of the EU, next England out of the UK! With Scotland and Ulster showing signs of leaving the UK, that goal now looks possible.

Well done everyone.  This vote has shown that we are not powerless and that our real enemies are the haters of the liberal Ruling Class and their sycophants.  The more bile they spew out, the more they expose themselves.

Happy Independence Day UK!
The UK is free!

Thursday, 23 June 2016

VOTE LEAVE NOW! Get off your computer and Vote for Freedom

Today is Referendum Day.  The manipulators have used every lie, every act of deceit, every criminal endeavor to make us scared of voting for Freedom, but we can see through their lies.  If you haven't already, get off your computer and get to the polling station to VOTE LEAVE.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Fight Tyranny: Vote to LEAVE the EU

Tomorrow is the day of the EU Referendum. The choice the People of the UK face is a simple one - Freedom or Slavery. The outcome is likely to be that the brain-washed population will vote to 'Remain' in the Capitalist prison. Why? Because the UK government, the global media apparatus, global corporations/financiers (including the Soros controlled Open Society Foundations) and Capitalist/Trotskyite (is there a difference?) politicians worldwide have been campaigning to prevent the People from seeing that voting to Leave the EU is the only hope of ever getting onto the path of Freedom.

The 'Remain' camp has lied repeatedly, claiming that the economy of the UK would go into meltdown if the country was to become independent. The UK trades with the EU as a major importer of EU goods, so the idea that the EU would erect tariffs to halt trade is ludicrous. As Socialists, we find this argument beyond pathetic. Both the Leave and Remain camps have focused upon the need for transnational commerce. SWPE absolutely rejects the need for the UK to rely on trade to survive. This argument is as crass as the pro-Monarchy one which revolves around the need for us to keep in place a parasitic Ruling Class in order to draw in global tourism!

SWPE demands Brexit as a first step towards economic and social self-reliance for the UK.  We don't need to trade with other countries.  We don't need to be a part of the global capitalist prison camp. What we do need is to be self-sufficient and to make sure that the economy is the servant of the people, with every penny made here or exchanged here, staying here. The Capitalists who believe in a 'free market' are arguing that the UK needs to stay inside the EU in order for goods produced here to get to the customers in the EU. This isn't true. The UK imports just about everything we use, and so leaving the EU without drastically changing the economic direction of the country, would not alter the import situation. The Capitalist economy of the UK imports the majority of goods from China, with the rest coming mainly from the EU. The outcome of a 'Remain' result in the referendum would keep us locked into that system.

A 'Leave' result would - perhaps - make imports more expensive, thus making it necessary for the UK to restore its manufacturing base and produce what we need at home. Exports would become cheaper in that circumstance, further boosting the manufacturing sector and creating jobs. The Capitalist argument to 'Remain' makes no sense.

SWPE predicts that tomorrow the Referendum will see a clear majority of those who bother to vote, voting to stay in the EU. The negative campaigning by the Remain team will have swayed the people into voting for the status quo rather than having the courage to make a decision. That campaign has included forecasts of mass unemployment, more expensive imported televisions (!) and the ludicrous argument that we won't be able to go on holiday to the EU unless we're a part of it (forgetting the millions of Chinese tourists who visit the EU but are not from any of the member states).

The worst part of the campaign has been the intriguingly timed murder of the Remain campaigner, Jo Cox MP, and of the helpful and equally interestingly timed death threats against Yvette Cooper MP. The people have been subjected to ridiculous propaganda to the effect that the UK cannot survive on its own and that there is no alternative to Global Capitalism. The murder and death threats at the end of the campaign have only served to give the impression that Leavers are desperate terrorists and that a vote to Leave is a vote for tyranny. Its almost as if the Ruling Class orchestrated the murder of one of their lackeys to ensure the people stay cowering inside the system which keeps them down. Regardless of the truth of that, they have certainly made use of the events which have made Remain appear the anti-terrorists' choice.

The build up to the Referendum has seen the leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, reverse years of campaigning AGAINST the EU in which he accurately described it as an anti-democratic imperialistic tool of corporate oppression. The shameful betrayal of his alleged Socialist principles has left the Working Class in the position where those we are supposed to see as leaders, are lined up against us. Of course, Corbyn, like Cooper and the late Cox, is a Trotskyite, and when it comes down to serious political matters, he can be guaranteed to serve his Banker masters. Before exposing himself as an enemy of the Working Class (and before securing leadership of the Labour Party), Corbyn made the following observations about the EU:

  • [If] Greece leaves both the eurozone and the EU its future would be uncertain, but at least it could be its own. … There is no future for a usurious Europe that turns its smaller nations into colonies of debt peonage. 
  •  Switzerland, which is not a member of the EU, has no problems integrating rail services with Germany, France and Italy, and I do not think that any other country should have any problems either. What we have is the worst of all worlds 
  •  Public opposition to the EU’s TTIP treaty is “a cri de coeur for democracy and for the right of people to elect a Government who can decide what goes on in their country. 

The betrayal by Corbyn has at least highlighted that the Labour Party will never offer any solutions to the problems of the People, regardless of whether they are Trotskyite fake-Socialists or Blairite ultra-Capitalists. But the joining of the vast majority of the Labour Party with the Liberals and most Conservatives, coupled with the obedient pro-EU propagandists of the BBC and most of the mainstream media, has left the Working Class without a voice, save for the likes of UKIP who have been painted as extremists and of course linked to the murder of an anti-Leave MP and the allegation of death threats against another.

Tomorrow we have a chance to say NO to tyranny. We have a chance to Vote Leave. We have to use that vote, even though the odds are stacked against us. The electoral fraud in the Scottish Independence referendum where pro-Scotland (Leave) votes were 'accidentally' counted as pro-UK (Remain), has set a disturbing precedent in which votes have been miscounted so that the will of the Ruling Class can be enforced. The same lies of lost pensions and economic meltdown were used to scare the Scottish People into staying in the UK prison, as are being used to keep the UK locked into the EU.

If we Leave the EU, power will be brought a step closer to the People, allowing us to control our own laws, economy and way of life. For English Socialists this means a big step forwards in the battle against Global Capitalism, with the next step being an end to the UK, followed by decentralisation to the English regions and ultimately giving power to the People.

If we Remain in the EU, this will not mean that things will simply carry on as before. The EU will use the result to push for closer integration, with an EU Army, Police and Legal System in place to make sure no one country ever escapes its clutches. The TTIP will transfer the EU into a trans-Atlantic bloc with absolute power being transferred to the Capitalist corporations. These factors together will make it possible that the imperialist aggressors of NATO will become the combined EU/US military, pushing us towards war with free-Europe (Belarus and Russia). The NHS will be lost forever as will any chance of having our industries owned by and working for us. Mass immigration as a result of NATO aggression displacing people from countries bombed for global profiteers, will ensure that the EU has a constant supply of cheap labour to drive down pay, eliminate decent working conditions, and make Wage Slavery more unpleasant than Slavery with chains.

If you want to be a Slave, to have your children owned by the Capitalist parasites, to have 'education' turned into pure indoctrination, to have the Class System reinforced to the point that you and your descendants will never get any more than the scraps from the table of those who think they have a right to own you, then vote Remain. If you want to be free, join with all SWPE activists and vote Leave.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

The Orlando Murders Would Have Been Unthinkable in a Socialist Nation

The murders of 49 club goers in Orlando by Omar Mateen on June the 12th would not have happened if the USA had been a Socialist nation.  The murders came about as a direct consequence of having an economy which has the ludicrous aim of continuous expansion and with it the need for an ever increasing population, regardless of cultural origins and deep held ideologies.

Omar Mateen was a religious nutjob.  The fact that he followed the religion of Islam is important, but not because Islam is 'evil' as some people like to claim, but because it is a system of living which is incompatible with freedom.

Islam is a religion which compels its followers to destroy anything which does not fit in with their ideology.  The rationale behind Islam is that the god they follow has absolute power and nothing happens unless he wishes it to.  Unfortunately, that 'god' has chosen to send instructions for living which include cruelty to animals, misogyny, homophobia and hatred of those who do not believe in the mythology of the Ruling Class of the Islamic world.  This combination of a strict dictatorship over lifestyle, coupled with fatalism, is an excuse for the most outrageous behaviour imaginable.  The murder of 49 people who committed no crime other than to congregate in a place of their own choosing in order to associate freely with one another happened because a system of living which is anti-Socialist was allowed to exist outside its place of origin.

Islam is an ideology which is Capitalistic.  It supports the ownership of Slaves, relegating humanity to mere objects to trade.  The position of Women in Islam is one of servitude, which is enforced through violence, backed up by misogynistic hate literature which states quite openly that women are dangerous because they have 'evil' in their souls and that for this reason they must be controlled by men.  This vile dogma also exists in Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and other creeds but is most notable in Islam, where it is made clear that it is the duty of Women to obey Men and to even think otherwise is a 'sin', with all the postmortem punishments that brings.

The religious view of Homosexuality is equal with the misogynistic treatment of Women.  SWPE policy on consensual adult sexuality is very simple - we do not regard it as an issue of any significance.  We consider sexuality between consenting adults to be a personal matter and as worthy of political discourse as such matters as left/right-handedness or musical taste.  Religious bigots take a different view, and a view they support by reference to figments of their imagination and literature which they consider 'sacred' which when analysed are merely old works of fiction which are not even well-written.

SWPE calls for an end to bigotry and for violence in the name of illusions.  The murders in Orlando were committed by a man who believed in the Islamic fantasy, but could just as easily have been committed by an adherent of any of the religions which believe in a single point of focus and a supernatural realm which is infallible and unquestionable.  SWPE calls for an end to homophobia and sexism and an end to the faiths which promote it.  The only way we can achieve this is to end the economic system under which these faiths flourish and upon which they were founded.

The Class System is justified by reference to the belief in monotheism.  Sexism and Homophobia are justified by reference to religions which dictate the very minutiae of living and a right of the Ruling Class to interfere in the lives of the Working Class.  Capitalism and Monotheism are closely inter-related, with one justifying the other.  To be truly free from financial exploitation, we must be free from all exploitation.  The Chains of Slavery are easy to see.  The Chains of Wage-Slavery are less easy, but more powerful for that.  The Chains of the Mind which people willingly accept because past generations have done so and because they fear that the lies of the religious leaders may contain truths, are the hardest of all to see and to break, but break them in ourselves we must, and also break them in others.  In a Socialist Society, all Chains will be shattered.

Let the political/religious/economic Ruling Classes tremble at the coming of the Socialist Revolution. Working People of all Sexualities and Genders Unite! Stand firm against the tyrants of illusion!  We have nothing to lose but our Chains.  We have a World to gain.