Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Social Nationalism - An Introduction to Strasserism

THE Strasser brothers were very influential members of the National Socialist German Workers Party. Following an argument with Hitler, Otto Strasser resigned from the party while his brother Gregor was shot during the Night of the Long Knives in 1934. Their radical nationalist views live on, however, and are as relevant today as they were in the 1930′s.  The following quotes are invaluable for all Socialists.

Otto Strasser

“Whoever recognises the truth of the saying ‘Property makes free’, whoever affirms the necessity for a sustaining stratum in any satisfactory social order — must look forward to the new order which will aim at the de-proletarianisation of the people, and at our liberation from the social and economic monopolies under whose harrow no sort of freedom is possible.”

“I have castigated and repudiated the liberal illusion of human equality, I nevertheless ardently champion the . . . doctrine that equality of opportunity is essential.”

“Hitherto the main object of schooling has been to ‘impart information’, but henceforward it will be regarded as at least equally important to train character.”
“The child will be growing up into the German cultural world, without having his mind unduly diverted towards alien cultures during the receptive years of childhood.”

“The Idea is divine in origin, while men are only its vehicles, the body in which the Word is made flesh. The leader is made to serve the Idea, and it is to the Idea alone that we owe absolute allegiance. The leader is human, and it is human to err.”
“The Idea is the decisive thing, and the individual conscience should be called upon to decide if there is any divergence between the Idea and the leader.”
“The man who is unaware of his own limitations inevitably crashes, and drags everything else down with him.”

ON HATE . . .
“Hate must be born of love. One must be capable of loving to know what is hateful, and so have the strength to destroy it.”

“The German people wants a German revolution, that is to say a national and social revolution”

“Simplifying life would not mean a ‘relapse into barbarism’, for culture is not dependent ‘upon luxury or upon the gratification of needlessly created wants.”

“Marxism is a socialism both liberal and alien, a doctrine whose liberal factors necessarily unfit it for the upbuilding of the socialist future.”
“Thanks to Marx, Engels, Kautsky etc., all typical liberals both by origin and by nature, socialism took the liberal path towards alienism, as was plainly shown by its relation to the International, its class-war tactics, and its materialist philosophy.”

“It is assuredly time . . . to end the tyranny of technique, to overthrow the dominion of the machine, and to make technique and the machine once more. servants instead of masters — for their dominion has been an unmitigated curse.”

“Those who understand that life in our huge tentacular towns is a danger to the race cannot fail to regard systematic de-urbanisation as urgently required for the sake of the people.”
“Owing to the rapid growth of towns, of enormous towns, tentacular towns, people have been uprooted from the countryside and ‘intellectualised’ in a way that has weakened their healthy instincts; this has been accompanied by a growing inclination to overrate both machinery and sport, these in their turn tending to hasten the general despiritualisation of life.”

“A genuine commonwealth of the people can . . . only be established by the destruction of the existing party system.”
“From their very nature political parties have a vital interest in sundering the people into factions.”

“The alternative to the bankrupt alien ‘solutions’ of Communism and Capitalism, the idea which we represent is the . . . political representation of parties, trades and professions based on our ancient Guild system.”

“The Philosophy of the liberal epoch has been and still is materialism. Nothing typifies Marxism more plainly than the fact that it is tainted with alien views of socialism, that its program is shaped by the materialist philosophy which it shares with liberalism.”
“To the liberal capitalist and liberal Marxian ideal of modern mammoth factories producing vast quantities of goods, we should contrapose the . . . ideal of a full and free life, so that it will be the task of a responsible government to create the economic and social conditions essential to the realisation of such an ideal.”

Gregor Strasser 

“We National Socialists are socialists, genuine national, German socialists.”
“From the Right we shall take Nationalism which has so disastrously allied itself with capitalism, and from the Left we shall take Socialism, which has made such an unhappy union with internationalism. Thus we shall form the National Socialism which will be the motive force of a new Germany and new Europe.”
“We are ‘socialists’ and not mere ‘social reformers’ and we do not hesitate to say it although the Marxians have so painful distorted the meaning of the former term.”

“The capitalist economic system with it exploitation of those who are economically weak, with its robbery of the workers labour power, with its unethical way of appraising human beings by the number of things and the amount of money the possess, instead of by their internal values and their achievements, must be replaced by a new and just economic system, in a won by German socialism.”

“The most deplorable legacy of the capitalist economic system is that it has taught us to judge all things by the standards of money ownership, possession.”

“Everything which is detrimental to the existing order of things has our support because we want catastrophe . . . in a word we are pursuing a policy of catastrophe because only catastrophe, that is, the collapse of the liberal system, will clear the way for those new tasks which we National Socialists name everything which hastens the beginning of catastrophe in the present system, thus, for example, every strike every governmental crisis, every erosion of state power, every weakening of the System . . . is good, very good for us . . . and it will always and constantly be our endeavour to strengthen such difficulties . . . in order to expedite the death of this system.”

This introduction to Strasserism was published in the journal Nationalism Today in the early 1980s.


  1. A wonderfull post, much appreciated.
    Personaly, I never tire of informing people about the Strasser Brothers & Strasserism in general, as most of the very opinionated yet politically immature individuals that socially signal 24/7 seem to know nothing or next to nothing about 'Left wing National Socialism' or that such a thing even existed.
    As Gregor said himself very well, That 'Nationalism disastrously allied itself with Capitalism', indeed it did. But now all i ever hear from stereotypical Marxist leftists & brainwashed do-gooders, indoctrinated squatter Antifa types is that National Socialism and to a large extent Nationalism in general are the usefull idiots of crony capitalism. it may have been that way once but certainly no more.
    This is why i never like placing myself in the 'Right wing' category, because the political illiterates instantly assume you are a Tory, mixing Nationalism with anarcho capitalism in which money is all powerfull, will sort out any & all problems, and race-creed-culture is scrapped for financial gain. Honesty id rather convert to shia islam than be a whore to capitalism at the expense of my people & culture.

    Quite simply what otto said regarding equality of opportunity, Education, Urban life, & the 'Guild system' are as true today (if not moreso) than ever before.
    Likewise with what Gregor said regarding socialism & capitalism.

    I have Not yet given up hope of a society, a nation built around a social, a national instinct.

  2. When Hitler murdered Gregor Strasser and extinguished the Socialist element of the party the Strassers built, the Global Capitalist vampires took over with no opposition. Generations later and in a completely different country, we are still plagued by the German tragedy of the 1930s, with No Borders Marxists controlling the left, and Reactionary Capitalists controlling the right. This is why SWPE exists - to break the Marxist grip and to expose the fallacy of Globalism. The only way the Working Class will ever have justice is when we have secure borders and a self-sufficient economy which doesn't give a damn about 'free trade' and the stock market.

  3. The ideas of the Strasser brothers can certainly play a highly influential part in the establishment of a future Socialist England. I would stress though that this would necessarily be a Strasserism adapted to English conditions, shorn of anti Semitic and white supremacist elements, and that, like 'National Bolshevism'; it is not a term that should be used openly by partisans of English Socialism. The ideologies origins in the German National Socialist Party make it frankly too off outing for the majority of English people.