Tuesday, 22 September 2015

There can be no Equality except in the Society of the Extended Family

There is a great deal of nonsense written about and spoken of in left-wing circles about the fabled holy grail of equality.  The notion comes from the Semitic religion, where it is stated that 'god created all men equal', and despite the fact that the majority of people on the left are atheists, this religious idea is upheld in secular circles as an unquestionable fact. 

There are Christians of the Identity variety who will argue at great length that the Semitic deity was only speaking of his chosen people of Israelites and that the real Israelites are the peoples of Germany, the USA and UK.  We in SWPE do not get involved in such religious gymnastics as we reject the entire Semitic religion (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) as a middle eastern obsession which has no place in any part of the European world, including England.  Thus we have no issue with stating that the foundation of the Equality idea is nonsense and that we do not need to argue about it, we just reject it.  We reject every aspect of the Semitic trilogy, the Equality story no less than any other.

OK.  Now that we have made it clear that we have no truck with the idea that everyone is the same, does that open us up to accusations of being some variety of ethnic/cultural/linguistic/gender supremacists?  No it doesn't.  We believe that the great diversity of humanity is something to be cherished and to be protected.

The State has to be representative of the people. Equality comes with the realisation that globalisation is a capitalist tool to smash the nation states and create a one world slave plantation. Socialists understand that Internationalism (the good neighbourliness of free nations) requires the continued existence of nations.   Inter-nationalism is the very opposite of Globalism.  The deliberate confusing of these two opposing concepts as being one and the same, is at the very heart of the problem facing those who come to the Left with a desire for Social Justice and are led astray into supporting the capitalist destruction of Society - creating a phantom 'justice' with nothing social to apply it to!  Just as the liberal atheists have a devotion to the religious concept of all men being CREATED equal, so those who push for an end to nations and borders unwittingly are fighting for the globalist agenda which will see an end to all international cooperation and the imposition of a global tyranny of an all powerful Ruling Class and a downtrodden subjugated mass - precisely what the Capitalists have always wanted.

Mass migration is destruction - it creates mass unemployment and lowers the standard of living for the Working Class. We only need such liberal buffoonery as equality legislation when we allow mass immigration of people who have no place in our society. The State under Socialism exists to protect the people from financial parasitism and from globalism. Under Socialism, the State IS the people. Just as the family is master of its own home, so is the people master of the nation.

It would be lunacy for a family to give equal rights to people who break into the home by kicking in doors and smuggling themselves in with the post! The family would rightly tell these burglars to piss off and take their sob stories of persecution with them. So it is with the nation. A Socialist State will not allow people to break into the homeland, will not truck with idiot liberal notions of equality and rights, but will get on with the task of looking after the people to whom the State belongs to by virtue of being an extension of them.

Without a strong state to protect us all, we will have open borders through which the forces of exploitation and imperialism (cultural, religious, economic) will rush in and enslave us all.  This is happening right now, as the liberal capitalist state is allowing it to happen by speaking of a moral duty to help people who have made their way through several safe countries to lands in which they can live as parasites, with free housing, free healthcare, free money (with no obligation to work) and the access to children and vulnerable adults (made vulnerable by an education system which teaches them to feel guilty because in far off lands in history, other people were treated harshly by the governing class (a governing class brought down by military action involving the sacrifice of the grandparents of those who are made to feel ashamed for even existing)!)  David Cameron speaks of morality, whilst refusing to comment on information about him having sex with a dead pig!  The Ruling Class speak of the glorious RAF fighting off the invasion of the UK in the Battle of Britain, whilst demanding that those now invading are given priority in housing, education, etc.  Morality is yet another concept which the Ruling Class and the liberals have twisted into a caricature in order to beat us down.

A Socialist State would encourage its neighbours to adopt their own form of Socialism, just as Stalin did with his philosophy of Socialism in One Country. It would adopt measures to protect the cultural distinction of the inner tribal indigenous minorities (the Bretons in France, the Orcadians in Scotland, the Cornish in England etc) just as Lenin did in setting up the inner republics in the Soviet Oblasts.

Traditionally allied to varying degrees with those who favour a Socialist approach to the government of the country, Anarchists have been misled by liberals into supporting open borders and seeking after the illusion of equality for all.  Anarchists need a strong Socialist State to give them the protective freedom to explore their own chosen lifestyles. Sadly, the favour is not returned by Anarchists who would destroy the ability of Socialists to defend the people, and make all of us - themselves included - prey to outsiders acting as agents for global and internal parasites.

There can be no such thing as equality when speaking of diverse peoples.  A Socialist England must be an English England, with shared culture, ethnicity, tradition etc.  The organic diversity which comes with the restoration of the ancient pre-English lands of Mercia, Wessex etc is a diversity which allows for equality of respect, as it deals with peoples who are the same in general and different in detail.  Equality outside the extended family is an impossibility and we do well not to fall into that trap.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Jeremy Corbyn: Kosher Socialist and Enemy of the People

Jeremy Corbyn has been elected as leader of the UK Labour Party by 60% of the voters in that party.  The media is hailing him as a Socialist, but does the man really stand for the Working Class of the UK?  His politics have been compared with those of Syriza in Greece.  Considering that the ruling party in Greece has betrayed the people, giving them a free vote (overwhelmingly taken up) against austerity which was followed up by more of the same, the comparison does not bode well for the UK.

What does Corbyn stand for?
  • No renewal of Trident Nuclear Weaponry
  • An end to NATO expansionism in the east of Europe
  • An end to UK involvement in the wars in the Middle East
  • Open Borders to allow refugees to enter the UK at will
  • Education to be tailored to the procurement of work
  • Palestine to be recognised as a nation-state
  • People's Quantitative Easing, using the Bank of England to print money for massive construction programmes
  • Building millions more houses
  • Nationalising the Bank of Scotland
  • Taxing the rich and introducing a National Maximum Wage 
  • Increasing the Welfare State
  • Creating a National Education Service for all from toddlers to the very aged
  • Abolition of the charitable status of private schools
  • Abolition of University Tuition Fees
  • Nationalisation of the Energy companies
  • Staying in the EU in order to expand the Social Charter 
  • Rent control to allow people to stay in London
  • Continuation of the monarchy, in spite of being a Republican
  • Protection of the BBC
  • Promotion of the Arts
  • Reuniting the province of Ulster inside the Irish Republic
  • Reversing the privatisation of the NHS
  • Nationalising the Railways
  • Provision of Universal Childcare to encourage Women into the workplace
  • Introducing Women only railway carriages
  • Guaranteeing that Men and Women receive Equal Pay for Equal Jobs
So where does SWPE stand with regards to the new direction which the Labour Party will take under Corbyn?  Firstly, we do not expect an Establishment party to move far from the managed flow which all the controlled parties are subject to.  But if we allow ourselves to accept that Corbyn will be more than just controlled opposition and that there is a chance that his ideas will go beyond rhetoric, then we have to say that his leadership is a mixture of positives and negative.

The positive aspects of Corbyn's ideology and how they fit with SWPE ideology:

Nationalisation (Socialisation) of the Railways, Energy companies and the Bank of Scotland: It is obscene that private companies are allowed to make profits from the provision of essential services.  SWPE would go further than Corbyn and demand the immediate Socialisation of the entire transport network (Railways, Airports, Ports, Buses, Taxis, all public travel involving land, sea or air in which the individual is not the driver/pilot).

The negative aspects of Corbyn's ideology and how they contrast with SWPE ideology

The NHS / Welfare State: Both would be fully re-nationalised by SWPE and importantly made for the native population only.  Corbyn would happily see immigrant tourism increase and would allow for non-medical treatments to continue, we would not.  The Welfare State is too large as it stands, and although we support its protection in general, we would erode the Nanny State, which has become a safety net for the Capitalist system.  We want a country of proud, self reliant people, not of lazy lumpenproletarian parasites, the likes of whom joined Labour in their droves to promote a man who sees no problem in people exploiting other people, whether it is his chums in the Ruling Class, or his supporters in the immigrant occupied ghettos.

Protection of the BBC:  The BBC is the propaganda machine of globalism and liberalism.  It is funded by a tax which is extracted from the people with the threat of prison for those who do not pay it.  The extortion racket is not the worst thing about the BBC, but rather its blatant anti-native bias and its emotional programming to instil guilt in the people if they do anything short of embracing the globalist destruction of the country.  The BBC is too far gone to be saved.  The BBC is rotten to the very core.  SWPE policy towards the BBC is that its programmes be sold commercially to the highest bidder, returning some money to the people, that all its equipment be sold off, that all its buildings be transferred to the ownership of the people (for use in the promotion of native culture or in the service of the native economy) and that once it is thoroughly stripped, it is closed down forever, with everyone who has ever worked for it forbidden from ever having any role in the cultural development of the country, with legal action taken to punish those who have damaged the people of the country by aiding the Ruling Class and the immigrant invaders.

Education (and art) policies:  His National Education Service would at first sight appear to be very much like the SWPE Community Education Programme, which would give all people of all ages the right to pursue education in their own towns, to the highest level attainable.  However, with further scrutiny, Corbyn's education strategy is one which serves the interests of capitalism, not the people.  SWPE would abolish Universities, seeing them as remote factories of liberal elitism, which is of course why the liberal globalist, Corbyn, wants to protect them.  Our education system would see every town in every region made into a place of excellence for real education in the pursuit of cultural greatness (including real art and not the 'modern' decadent art favoured by the liberal Corbyn), Corbyn's would see education reduced to that which serves the economy and keeps the people shackled to the slave mentality (keeping the status quo, with a little financial tinkering to appease those who think that dragging the masses into the elitist system will benefit anyone).  Removing the charitable status of Private (so-called Public) Schools would make them liable to taxation.  It would do nothing to weaken the Class System.  We would abolish all Private education and create a single unified system of Community Education, in which the concept of Class would be eroded.  If Corbyn really was a Socialist, he would call for the destruction of the Ruling Class, not for financial tinkering.  This ties in with his outspoken Republicanism, but his acceptance of the Monarchy.  We are not hypocrites!  We would expel the entire Ruling Class from our shores, and not baulk at the use of capital punishment for traitors to the people such as the royal family.

Women's policies:  Corbyn is a reductionist liberal.  He sees women as different from men only in terms of anatomy.  His idea that there should be Universal Childcare is based solely on the idea that women have the right to be enslaved in the same manner as men.  SWPE seeks a better England in which every family has a home, enough land to grow food, a workshop to create goods for barter, access to free energy / utilities and in other ways is removed from the necessity to work.  Removed from Wage Slavery, the people will have the freedom to explore their potential.  Corbyn is trapped in the Slave Master mentality.  He espouses freedom on some levels, but betrays his inner capitalist by demanding that children be handed over to strangers in order that their mothers can be enslaved.  Women are NOT men.  Women have a natural role in the stability and growth of the nation.  That role is motherhood.  SWPE would elevate motherhood to the highest position in society.  Corbyn would have us believe that motherhood is a burden which prevents women from entering the system of serfdom and exploitation which men have been forced to endure for centuries.  The idea of equal pay for men and women is fair enough, but it still rests in the wage slave mentality in which all people are producer-consumers and cogs in the wheel of the economy.  Corbyn's anti-male policy of women only carriages on trains is pandering to Shariah immigrants, it is accepting that men have the right to rape women if they are not kept separate from them, it defames the entire male gender as rapists.  Corbyn is an apologist for Islam.  If he was not, he would see that it is not native men who are culturally and religiously predisposed to rape, but immigrants from outside Europe, who should not only be in separate railway carriages to mative families, but in separate countries.

Military policies:  Corbyn is opposed to NATO expansionism, as are we.  However, his idea is for the creation of a European Defence Force, which would essentially be NATO without the USA (but of course with moslem Turkey).  SWPE stands for an end to NATO and the UN, not for a strengthening of a regional military force for Europe as a building bloc of a global army and a one world government.  Corbyn is anti-war, which so are we.  Corbyn is motivated by the desire to protect moslems and to allow for the spread of Shariah.  We are motivated by the desire to defend our people and to allow others to do things in their own way, killing each other if they so desire, but without any of our blood being spilled.  Corbyn would see the military involved overseas as global policemen.  His anti-militarism is a smoke screen for his globalism.  His inter-nationalism is a lie.  Inter-nationalism demands the existence of free sovereign nations, but Corbyn's ideology would see all nations ended and replaced with an all powerful global state.  On Trident, we agree, but only because what we have is enough, not because we wish to leave our country defenceless.

Class War / Money:  As previously stated, unlike the hypocrite Corbyn who speaks of a Republic but accepts the monarchy as figure head of the Ruling Class, we would annihilate class divisions.  We would not tolerate Private schools, elitist Universities or anything else which allowed the Ruling Class to remain in power.  We would abolish the aristocracy and make their titles obsolete.  We would not tax the rich and put a ceiling on their highest possible wages, we would create a system of guaranteed wages and prices for all , wiping out in a single stroke the wage disparity between the Working and Middle Classes and also ending the existence of inflation.  We would aim to gradually abolish currency, forever terminating the Capitalist mentality.  Corbyn has betrayed himself as a Champagne Socialist and is clearly a part of the enemy camp, not of the camp of the revolutionaries.  His People's Quantitative Easing is Capitalist economics.

Housing / the Environment:  Corbyn claims to be an Environmentalist, but he wants to build millions of new houses, borrowing money from the Bank of England and thus creating debt which will be pushed onto the Working Class.  You cannot protect the Environment when you are building on the land!  You cannot defend nature when you are destroying the habitats of the wildlife.  You cannot maintain the healthy link of the land and people when you are building new cities on the dead land which was once the countryside!  Corbyn is NOT an Environmentalist, he is a liberal globalising materialist.

Open Borders / Palestine:  Corbyn needs to build millions of house on the corpse of the English land, because he envisions a world without borders in which millions of his animal torturing, child raping moslem friends will be welcomed into England and will have to be housed (at our expense).  His love of Palestine is a part of this toadying to Islam.  Corbyn is as much an Islamophile as his equally sickening liberal partner in crime, George Galloway.  His support for Turkey in NATO fits this pattern.  SWPE would expel all moslems, close the borders and make England a safe haven for the native English and related peoples.  We would not recognise Palestine because we have no interest in the politics of Islam and Judaism which we find equally abhorrent.

Ulster:  Corbyn wants to create a United Ireland.  We see Ulster as a distinct region, in the same way as Connacht, Leinster or Munster.  The future of Ulster is for the people of Ulster to decide.  We seek an independent England, which would necessarily end the UK, but that doesn't mean forcing the north of Ireland into becoming a part of the Irish Republic.  Let the people of Ulster decide their own fate, not politicians in Dublin, London or elsewhere

European Union: Corbyn wants to keep the UK inside the EU.  He wants to do this so that he can unite with his fellow liberal globalisers, such as the hated Syriza of Greece.  Corbyn is not content with creating a liberal hell on earth in the UK, he wishes to spread the misery across the EU and to then link with comparable anti-humans across the globe to create a single global slave state in which he is a part of the bureaucratic Ruling Class

Our verdict of Corbyn should be quite clear.  He is a danger to the people of the UK.  He is a friend of moslem terrorists, of financial immigrants masquerading as refugees, of the exploiters of the Ruling Class, of the parasites of the lumpenproletariat.  We will not be working in support of this man.  According to the mainstream media, the ability of a dyed in wool Trotskyite to become head of the official opposition has turned it instantly into a vehicle of his own Trotskyite lunacy.  There is only one answer to likes of Trotsky, and that is Stalin!  Ice Picks to the fore comrades!

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Stop those who aid the invasion of Europe

The invasion of Europe continues apace.  Parasites from Africa and Asia are flooding in at a rate which if unstopped will see the death of our homeland.  The invaders are criminals, mostly men of working age, mostly moslems, entirely motivated by theft.

The hysterical media has published imagery of a young child who died when his family got on a boat and left the safe country of Turkey, where they faced no danger, to illegally enter Europe in order to get their snouts into the trough of Welfare handouts and free healthcare.  Such was the greed and lack of care for their child that they were happy to put his life in danger in order to gain material benefits, such as free housing, free money, the right not to work, a pathetic politically correct legal system which allows foreigners to rape native children, etc.  Their child died, drowning in the sea, and the fault is entirely theirs.  Are these criminals being punished for what amounts to murder by neglect?  No, the corpse of their son is being used as a poster boy to make liberals demand that such sick and degenerate people are allowed into Europe, and the treacherous politicians (who want Europe to become a mongrelised global region to make it just another part of the global capitalist prison state) are bending over backwards to use the opportunity to speed up the rape of Europe and the destruction of the already meagre standard of living of the native Working Class.

The native peoples of the UK are not rallying to call for more invaders to be admitted to our countries.  The media would have us believe that we have become hell bent on our own destruction and are now calling in our millions for masses of invaders to be brought here, for every inch of our beloved green and pleasant land to be concreted over to house them (whilst our own homeless and impoverished get pushed even further to the back of the queue for assistance), for our laws to be twisted so as to resemble Shariah and other similar religious dogmas, for our women to be forced into single sex railway carriages (as demanded by the liberal stooge and fake Socialist, Jeremy Corben) lest they tempt foreign misogynists into raping them by the act of not being covered head to toe in the manner of a cadaver in a body bag, for our children to have their futures taken away as childhood is abolished to appease those who find nothing wrong with making children into sex objects, for terrorists to walk the streets protected by the British Police, for those who dissent to be punished for daring to question the genocide of an entire continent.

There are people calling for Hell on Earth to be unleashed upon all of Europe.  A notable member of the UK Ruling Class, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has made the ridiculous statement that we have a moral duty to welcome the invaders, claiming that

"The people of these islands have a long and wonderful history of offering shelter and refuge, going back centuries – whether it be Huguenot Christians, Jewish refugees, Ugandan Asians, Vietnamese boat people or many, many more. It has always been controversial at the time it happened, always been seen as too difficult. Yet each time we have risen to the challenge and our country has been blessed by the result."

The Huguenot Christians were fanatics who embroiled France in religious wars.  their brand of religion was similar to that of the hated Oliver Cromwell, who enriched England by banning food with any flavour and evil sinful activities such as singing, playing music, dancing and otherwise having pleasure.  They brought skills involved in the fabrication of finery for the benefit of the Ruling Class, but for the ordinary people, they were an addition of more miserable pious bastards who helped to keep the impoverishment of our natural ways of life intact long after Cromwell was gone.  The Jews are the backbone of the banking industry and of the financial system of Capitalism, so their arrival brought us no benefits.  The Ugandan Asians have enriched our country by bringing with them a rape culture which sees little children as objects for sexual gratification, and they have also brought with them more hysterical religious lunacy which has made our cities unsafe to live in.  The Vietnamese boat people have brought with them heroin and crack cocaine (as if the Ugandan Asian / Pakistani trade in death wasn't doing enough harm!), they are largely unemployed, living courtesy of the tax payer, they suffer from mental illness in such percentages as to make them dangerous to the public, they are involved in triad-like gang warfare!  Well done Archbishop - the enrichment of these immigrants has been of benefit to the Ruling Class in some cases, but of incredible harm to the Working Class in every case.

We are told that the people want the invasion of Islamic Terrorists, Rapists, Murderers, Thieves, Scroungers, Welfare State destroyers, Animal abusers, and all round destroyers of Society and the every land we live on .  To prove this, the media has pointed to the various charities giving aid to the invaders (which is a crime as it makes those involved accomplices to the crime of crossing Europe illegally).  Amongst those who are said to be representative of the British people are:

Stand Up To Racism (headed by moslem anti-native, Maz Saleem) which has organised a 20 car Convoy of Hate to take materials to Calais to help more moslems to invade and enrich the UK a la Doncaster;

World Jewish Relief's Refugee Crisis Appeal, whose chief executive has remarked that the Uk is the way it is today because of rescuing Jewish refugees (yet still thinks we need to bring more non-natives here!);

Islamic Relief, which raised £50,000 in 24 hours to help bring in reinforcements top help turn the UK into an (ISIS like) Islamic State; 

MOAS - a criminal organisation which provides boats to bring the invaders from Africa in the first place;

Medecins Sans Frontieres - a body which lets Europeans rot and channels money into aiding those who would not attempt to invade otherwise;

Dulwich Hamlet Football Club (organised by Nisha Damji, a Pakistani moslem who couldn't give a damn about anything but helping others like her to get to the UK).

The invaders who are already here are working tirelessly to bring in more invaders to bring about the total annihilation of the UK as we know it.   Liberal lunatics are of course aiding and abetting them, although they probably get a warm and cosy feeling from helping those who are trampling on the NHS, destroying the Welfare State, creating Mass Unemployment and Homelessness.

SWPE sent a group to see the immigrants in Calais first hand.  What the immigrants already here and the liberal idiots who help them are bring to the UK is death, misery and religious bigotry.  If you hear a liberal idiot speaking glowingly about helping the invaders, remind them that there are homeless people here already, there are poor people here, there are hungry people here, there are people here who cannot get work but want to.  The addition of more people will only make the misery harsher and more wide spread.  Those from amongst the native population who want more immigration are racists who despise their own and relish the end of our people.  Stop those who aid the invasion, stop them permanently.