Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Socialism in Practice: Swiss to vote on Fair Pay Initiative

THE SWISS ARE to go to the polls to vote on limiting the pay of high-earners as a debate rages in the country about income, inequality and what fair pay really means.

Under the radical proposal, businesses would not be allowed to pay any member of staff more than 12 times the wage that they pay their lowest earners.

In practice, this means that in a company where the lowest-paid employee earns 4,000 CHF (Swiss francs) per month (€3,200), the highest-paid members of staff would be able to earn a maximum of 48,000 CHF (€38,000 per month).

The so-called 1:12 Initiative for Fair Pay, which will take place on 24 November, has had significant support from the electorate in opinion polls.  The vote was proposed as part of a backlash over the perceived excesses of top executives during and in the wake of the financial crisis.

Polls in October showed the electorate evenly divided with 44 per cent in favour and 44 per cent. However since then a significant number of voters have shifted into the ‘undecided’ category.

David Roth, one of the architects of the plan, said the focus is not on a maximum salary but rather about fairness.

“It’s really just a thought process that says no-one should earn more in a month than the lowest-paid person in the same company does in a year,” he told Business Insider.

You shouldn’t just say a maximum salary because what we really want is a relationship between the lowest and the highest.

There are others who say that people shouldn’t earn over, say, a million, but in our opinion it is not really [about] the number.

The Swiss government is urging voters to reject the initiative on the grounds that it is anti-business and could tarnish Switzerland’s image.

Business groups say it would lead to a lower-than-usual income tax take, which would affect national services, and would adversely affect small businesses.

However proponents collected more than 100,000 signatures to call the nationwide vote as concerns became more vocal about the gap between highly-paid executives and average workers.

The country already banned ‘golden handshakes’ for retiring executives in a vote earlier this year.


This is what we all need!  Why should the super-rich take all the wealth by squeezing the poor?  The 1:12 Initiative is a sensible solution to the criminal exploitation of capitalism.  If the Swiss vote favourably on the 24th November, this will set a precedent for all of us to uphold.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Marxism is a Capitalist Ideology

The SWPE is committed to exposing the lying vipers of Materialism, regardless of the colours they wrap themselves in, or the slogans they chant.  One of the most despicable lies of the professed anti-Capitalists, is that Marxism is anti-Capitalist.  It is not.  Marxism is Capitalism, no matter how it presents itself.

Capitalism is an economic system which is self-worshipping.  To the Capitalist, there is nothing more important that the economy, and people are seen as parts of it, rather than of having any worth as non-economic beings.  Marxism has the same distorted view of life, and rather than belonging in the anti-Capitalist camp, belongs in the same fold as the Materialistic menace itself.

Capitalism and Marxism both believe in the Industrial System.  They share the same objections to Protectionism, Population Migration and Ruralism.  They are one and the same.

All Materialist ideologies share the view that the production and sale of consumer goods is of paramount importance.  The thieving parasites of Wall Street and international finance capitalism have no problems with the transfer of production from the West to China.  The absolute slavery of Marxist China is fed by the greed of the West.  For the Capitalist, the availability of slave labour in the East is something to celebrate, as it allows for production costs to be minimised and thus profits to be maximised.  The resulting impoverishment and proletarianisation of the West helps to cut distribution costs at home, thus further enriching the greedy pigs in positions of power over the economy.

Capitalism is self-devouring, with corporations gobbling up smaller rivals, and then merging with one another to create ever-larger corporations, and ultimately to create a single corporation sucking the lifeblood from the people.  Under the Marxist system, all private businesses are taken over by the State to be managed by a single all-powerful bureaucracy.  This is the corporate model at its most simplistic and transparent phase.  The end result is the abolition of free choice and private property, with the control of everything passing into the hands of a remote power, protected from criticism by a servile police state.  To claim that capitalism and Marxism are somehow at odds is ludicrous.

Immigration controls are hated by Capitalists and Marxists alike.  Capitalism relies on the ability of the Ruling Class to oppress the people economically through threats of unemployment, and through keeping wages to subsistence level only.  To do this, it is vital that a surplus army of unemployed people is constantly present to terrorise the working population into compliance with the will of the Establishment.  Under Marxism, unemployment is forbidden, thus the Ruling Party is able to force the people to work for slave wages - as is evident in China.  In the west, under the so-called 'Austerity' programme, the unemployed are being forced to work for benefits, as the slaves of the likes of Interserve.  Prisoners in the penal system are forced to work for slave wages, and mandatory work schemes are imposed upon people in the Probation system.  Under Marxism the tyranny is open, whereas under Capitalism it occurs behind lying propaganda designed to con the people into thinking the tyranny is for their own good.

Homogeneous Nation States are anathema to Marxism and Capitalism for the same reason.  Both pretend rivals are fully Internationalist.  They both hate culture, identity and anything which stands in their way.  Closed borders prevent the spread of substandard products, and thus deny the pampered parasites of their ill-gotten profits.  The One World Marxist utopia is the Capitalist New World Order with different packaging.  Anti-Racism is in truth anti-Identity, anti-Human, and anti-Freedom.  Uprooting people are spreading them across the world paves the way for the end of Nations as anything of any valid meaning, and it serves Capitalism/Marxism perfectly.

Marxism IS Capitalism, and the twin-headed beast must be destroyed once and for all by the end of Materialism, of the Stock Market, of Industrial Production, of Migration.  The answer if Socialism; the defence of the Nation; the preservation of the link of land and people (blood and soil) and of the absolute abolition of all property outside the hands of the people themselves.

Socialism is the redistribution of property into the maximum possible number of private hands; the ownership of the means of production by the workers themselves in the companies they work in; the end of inflationary economics, with the replacement of fixed prices for everything.  All these things are anti-Capitalist.  All these things are anti-Marxist.  Socialism is the protection of Society and all the indigenous people of the land.  Let no-one tell you Marxism is Socialist; those who do so are liars or imbeciles, and they have no place to speak such nonsense.