Monday, 31 October 2016

October 1066: The Month the Ruling Class crushed the Working Class of England

950 years ago this month, the hated Normans attacked the peaceful Celtic-Germanic nation of England, bringing the indigenous Britons, the related Celtic population and the Anglo-Saxon minority, under the rule of a terrible despotism which has never ended.

The Ruling Class of today is directly descended from the criminal terrorists who took over England in 1066.  The vast differences between the ruled and the rulers is more than a socio-economic one, it is a tribal one.

England is mistakenly known as the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom.  England (in particularly the area of Lloegyr) has a significant Anglo/Saxon/Jute/Frisian presence, but recent DNA data has found that the English are as much a Celtic people, as are our brothers and sisters in Cymru, Alba, Erin, Mannin, Kernow and Breizh. The Celtic - Germanic ratio differs across the British Isles, but does so on a county by county basis, with every area across the entire group of nations being a blend of Celts, Germanics and the original Britons.  A detailed study can be found at this link:

Celtic and Germanic extremists would have us believe that the Cymry/Picts, the Irish and the Englisc are mortal foes and are completely distinct culturally, ethnically and linguistically. Linguistically there are differences, although the modern Celtic languages have incorporated a lot of words used in England, and there are English words which are derived from the original Celtic tongues.  Culturally, we have more in common than separates us, and ethnically we are very closely related, making the Celtic-Englis(c/h) hostility a contrived one which has no logical basis.

The Ruling Class of the UK is Norman in origin.  The butchers of Hastings in 1066 went on to enslave the Celtic, Germanic, and aboriginal people of England.  They spread their tyranny out into the neighbouring countries in the British Isles, using the nation of England as a human shield.  It wasn't ordinary English men and women who engineered the conquest of Cymru, it was the Ruling Class.  When Alba was sold the lie that it would be an equal partner in a United Kingdom, it was a lie sold to the ordinary peoples of both sides of the border.  When Erin was crushed and starved, it was the same Norman Ruling Class which destroyed the lives of our brothers and sisters across the Irish Sea.

Every time the Ruling Class has stolen more territory, enslaved more people and ruined more cultures and economies, the English have been held up as those responsible.  How could we be responsible, when we were enslaved ourselves?  False Class Consciousness has been particularly harsh with the English people, who have come to see themselves as more closely linked to the Ruling Class in England than the Working Class in Wales, Scotland, Ireland, etc.  The added problem is that many people believe the lie that we are Germans and that we are in some way superior to our Celtic neighbours.  We are Celtic ourselves, and our neighbours are in part Germanic, just as we are.  The Ruling Class is not Celtic at all.  The Normans were a Viking people who had joined forces with and interbred with the original Banking families.  They are the ones we have no cultural and ethnic ties to.  They, with their French language, are the ones we have no linguistic ties to.

SWPE calls for a change in the way the peoples of the British Isles (or more properly, the Celtic Isles) see ourselves and each other.  We call for a reaffirmation of our Celtic and Briton roots, and an end to the nonsense that the English are basically German invaders who have no right to be here.  We English are a blend of Germanic immigrants and Celts, with a heavy mix of indigenous Britons.

SWPE calls for an end to the teaching in schools of the language of our oppressors.  We want to see French exposed as an alien language, and for the Norman Conquest to be recognised as an invasion by our greatest enemies, with the Kings and Queens openly referred to as Enemies of the People, rather than as our 'betters'.

SWPE calls for the cleansing of the English language, to root out the French words which have entered it, replacing them with words which our ancient Briton ancestors would have spoken.  We want the old Englisc tongue to replace the bastardised English one, putting us out of harms way from Yankee Imperialism by making modern English a foreign language.  We propose that the reformed Englisc and Celtic languages be given equal status across the UK, uniting our people by bringing us together linguistically, with peoples living in border areas having the ability to converse in the languages on either side of the border.  We want serious research to be undertaken to uncover the original language of the Britons, which we propose be made the common language for all of us.

The Normans have ruled over us for 950 years this month.  In that time they have abolished our ancient religions (Druidism and Odinism), replacing our own ways with the Cult of Abraham in ts various forms.  They have ruined our social structure, making us 'subjects' of the Norman Crown. They have imposed their economic, judicial, legal and political systems upon us, making us slaves to their avaricious power.  We want all of our own ways back, and all of their ways to be broken and banished forever.

2016 saw the UK vote to leave the EU - which as a French-German project is the same tyranny imposed upon us 950 years ago, only on a larger scale.  We call for the Revolution of June 2016 to be pushed further with the Norman Ruling Class and those who identify with them (the bourgeois EUrophiles) to be removed from our shores, finally returned to the European continent, so that we can begin again as the Free Peoples of the Celtic Isles.

October 1066 saw our people pushed into submission at the point of a sword. Following the democratic uprising this summer, October 2016 must be the point in which we stop obeying our enemies and start building a better Britain in which they have no part.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Orthodoxy is the ONLY defensible from of Christianity

SWPE is vehemently opposed to all form of Globalisation.  We oppose all non-indigenous religions because they have no unity with the People and naturally draw the adherents into multi-cultural dissonance.

We promote indigenous European Heathenism, because it is the expression of the European soul.  We oppose Abrahamism because it is an expression of the soul of the Middle East.

There is a problem with the absolute abolition of Christianity, which we need to address.  It is undeniable that Catholicism is a Universalist Globalist ideology (Catholic means Universal), and that the Papacy is a part of the drive to a single Global system of control.  The attitude of Pope Francis and his predecessors since the death of Pope Pius, has been a consistent drive to the acceptance of all religions as equally valid.  Francis's call for Mohamedan 'refugees' to be taken in by Christians is proof of the Globalist nature of Rome.  SWPE calls for all people everywhere to abandon the Catholic Church and to openly condemn it for its anti-human Globalism.

Protestantism is exactly the same in its Globalism, with clergy and laymen in Churches and Chapels falling over each other in the efforts to destroy the cultural homogeneity of Europe by welcoming the army of Mohamedan invaders who have raped and murdered their way from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sub-Saharan Africa and other far off places under the lie that they are fleeing the US war of aggression in Syria.

There are good people who are culturally Christian, who find themselves in conflict with the ideology of their leaders, but who still hold to the doctrine of the belief system they have been brought up in. To turn these people away, without offering an alternative, is to turn away potentially good activists. We must remember that the great Joseph Stalin was raised in Christianity, and it was his upbringing which saw the excesses of the non-indigenous members of the Soviet hierarchy, curbed to a great extent.  Had the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party rejected him for his spiritualism, the Russian Revolution may never have happened at all, and had it done so, the most evil man ever to walk on the Earth,  Lev 'Trotsky' Bronstein, would have succeeded Lenin as leader of the USSR, and been able to unleash the full sickness of his diseased mind onto the peoples of the USSR.  Stalin saved the People of the USSR from a terror which we are now experiencing a watered down version of in the west of Europe, under the Trotskyite banner of Political Correctness.
SWPE believes that just as losing Stalin would have been catastrophic, so it may well be a serious mistake to simply blanket ban potential activists because they have spiritual views which the leadership do not share, but which are still culturally a part of the indigenous tradition.  We propose that Christians who are sincere in their beliefs, and who reject Globalism, shift their allegiance to the Orthodoxy.  A Socialist England would see Orthodoxy tolerated alongside Paganism, provided that it did not stray into Globalist Universalism.  To those who have been put off by our abject refusal to accept Christians into our ranks, this should be seen as a serious compromise.  Maybe one of you will be of the calibre of 'Uncle Joe'!

Friday, 21 October 2016

Facebook if you can't help it

Facebook has been a real pain for SWPE.  We've had pages taken down, accounts closed, passwords mysteriously become unresponsive.    These problems look to have stopped.  So anyone who likes to wallow in the murky depths of Facebook can come and join us on there.

Open group

Closed groups
Socialist League of England:

Socialist England:

SWPE doesn't endorse facebook. The consensus of the leadership is that facebook is a load of shit created to lead people away from real world activism into pointless internet activity.  OK, fair enough, so that could be applied to this too!  Facebook has a nasty taste to it that we wouldn't want anyone to get caught in.

If you're on facebook and you have no intention of getting off then you might as well visit us there. But really contact by email is much better.

Right oh! So there you have it. If you have to go on facebook, we have a presence there. If you can avoid it then you're in the company of the SWPE leadership who hate the place!


Thursday, 20 October 2016

Dennis Skinner: Nature of the Beast, a documentary

Open Letter by Christie Allanson to SWPE activists and supporters


We have made a documentary about Socialist legend Dennis Skinner! With his consent we have spent the last two years following him to events, meeting up for lengthy interviews, and editing every minute we have spare to get this film done. (As independent filmmakers, we both hold down other jobs.)

Made on a shoestring from some kind donations and a lot of perseverance, we have now reached a point where we have launched a Kickstarter to pay for, mostly, very expensive news footage. No-one involved in making the film is making any money. The Kickstarter ends in 19 days. (

If we don't raise this money we have no idea if this film will ever see the light of day. I am contacting you in the sincere hope that you could give us a column inch, or an online mention, to please help boost our campaign and reach our target. Even a tweet!

We really are desperate for any help! A film about this legend needed to be made, and now there is an audience waiting for this film.

Thank you for anything you can do. In solidarity,

Press Release
Dennis Skinner: Nature of The Beast
A documentary

Nature of The Beast is the result of two years hard work by a small group of committed independent filmmakers in Liverpool.

Director Daniel Draper, already a supporter of socialist politician Dennis Skinner, had the idea for the documentary after interviewing Dennis for a previous project. With Dennis on board, the small team was assembled including his producing partner and editor Christie Allanson, and friend and DOP Allan Melia. Filming began around the country, funded out of their own pockets and donations from the public.

Being independent and raising the money in this fashion does have its benefits - we were able to construct our narrative and tell Dennis’s story in the way we wanted. This artistic freedom has enabled us to create a film with complete freedom, without worrying about mainstream concerns, which may have held our narrative back if we were backed by a corporation or broadcaster.

The film follows Dennis from early years to modern day - his entry into politics, his high and low points, his rebellions against the party, whilst naturally highlighting the wit and passion that has earned him the nickname ‘The Beast of Bolsover’. Woven in to this narrative are more personal moments; Dennis’s schoolboy cross-country days, his love of musicals and the outdoors, his relationship with his family. Interviews with his four remaining brothers and some of his Bolsover constituents pepper the film and help reveal the unseen side of the man.

Dennis Skinner is often daubed as a “left-wing firebrand” and that is his attraction for many people. His unending passion and commitment to fight for the working class, to fight for the miners, to fight for the under-privileged is something to be respected. But there is more to this left-winger than the media portrays. Unwelcome on live TV, Dennis Skinner doesn’t mince his words, and this documentary is a personal portrait of one of the country’s most famous politicians.

Having finished principle photography, the team now need to raise the funds to pay for archive footage, images, and post-production sound. A Kickstarter campaign is being launched on the 24th September and will run for 35 days - and we hope to raise the £18,000 needed to complete the film. After two years of graft on a shoestring budget, and crew working for free, the money is needed now to pay for necessary post-production costs and to complete and release the film.

More information can be found at, by searching for the film on Facebook, or by following @DSkinnerFilm on Twitter.

Dennis Skinner is a man who has fought against the system from within.  He is a man of principle who - like Tony Benn - is an example of good indigenous homegrown Socialism. 

His voting record shows that except for a couple of issues (his anti-borders stance), he has a lot in common with us.  His record in detail can be found at:

This film deserves our support.  As Christie says, even a Tweet will help!  So come on, get plugging away and give this film a chance.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Being National Zionist doesn't mean being uncritical of Israel

SWPE is not anti-Semitic.  The official SWP champions the Boycott Divest Sanctions Movement (BDSM!), SWPE has no aim for bringing down the State of Israel.  SWPE has been criticised for supporting the idea of National Zionism.  We are told that Zionism is the opposite of freedom, so we have no choice than to be anti-Zionist.  We disagree!  The Zionist question has to be split into its Imperial/Global aspects and its National aspects.  We are anti-Globalists and anti-Imperialists (there is no difference really) but avowed Internationalists.  A strong Israel as home for the Jewish people is a necessary part of a free world of free sovereign countries, cooperating with others as they require, but ultimately self supporting and self perpetuating.
The global Zionist movement is a cancer on humanity, an imperialistic disease which sucks the life from all nations it comes into contact with.  The Islamic State war against Syria is a confidence trick engineered by the global Zionists in the USA, EU, UK, Saudi Arabia and Israel.  We refer to the Islamic State not as IS or ISIS, but as ISIsrael, to reflect the fallacy of the fake country being an organic expression of Islam.
Syria is a sovereign country, governed democratically by the will of the Syrian people.  The revolution and phoney civil war are instruments of global Zionist aggression.  Syria doesn't have a Zionist central bank.  Global Zionism uses the Jewish people as a human shield to hide behind while capturing the complete world for control by capitalist bankers.
In Yemen, the free and heroic nation of South Yemen is being destroyed by global Zionist terrorism; terrorism supported by the USA and Saudi Arabia who dare to call the men and women fighting to free their occupied country, terrorists.
It is the same all over the world.  In the Ukraine global Zionists are in charge of the majority of the country, with the free east libeled by media as a zone of Russian occupation.  The Ukraine is being used as a staging ground for globalist centralism to knock out the countries which do not neatly fit into the global Zionist schema.
Israeli Jews and Israeli Druze are being used by the global Zionist network as scapegoats for a military economic terror machine which has bankers and politicians of every faith and race in key positions.  The war criminal Tony Blair calls himself a Scottish Catholic.  He has done more than any common Israeli citizen to push global Zionism.
Global Zionism is the opposite of National Zionism.  National Zionism is pro-Jewish.  National Zionism respects the right of Jews to live in Kibbutzim, to worship or to not worship, to become fully culturally Jewish, and to live in peace with the neighbours of Israel.  Global Zionism aims to unify the world under a single banking system and wouldn't care one jot if Israel was wiped from the map and all the common Israeli Jews wiped out with it.
Israel needs to take its place in the world as a free nation.  There is no place for imperialism in a free world.  Global Zionism is using Israel as a smokescreen for bankerism.  Israelis and Jews worldwide need to grasp the authentic meaning of Zionism (National Zionism) as taught by Theodor Herzl and Ze'ev Jabotinsky.  Being National Zionist doesn't mean having to be uncritical of Israel.  Quite the opposite.  Bankers hiding in Jewish clothing are a greater threat to the Jewish people than assimilation or anti-Semitism.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

How to Create Revolution in Britain

We are on the verge of a complete crisis of capitalism. Not only has the Great Recession opened up a huge new wave of leftist thinking, but climate change is on the rise, and when the floods hit, that’s the ideal time for revolution to take place. We will tell them about how the likes of Bush, and other neoliberal governments and businesses deliberately ignored climate change when something could have been done about it so that they would not be having to flee their homes.

We must start building the movement now. A huge left movement has arisen in Britain around Corbyn, and although I fundamentally believe it will be defeated, we must channel this rising socialist thought and make it revolutionary.

We cannot start building left nationalism in Britain on our own. Our specific and niche ideology will get nowhere. We have seen this happen before. When the KPD and SPD could have formed a common front against the Hitler controlled Nazi’s, they didn’t because the KPD refused and called the SPD ‘social fascists.’ Similarly in the Spanish Civil War, conflicts between the communists and anarcho syndicalists led to Franco’s victory due to a united nationalists and a fragmented republicans.

The left absolutely cannot, in times of crisis, be divided. The CPGB in 1945 had 60,000 members and won 2 seats, small compared to other countries I know, but still huge compared to today. Then, the left started to fragment, and now we have a ridiculous amount of different groups, including about 6 calling themselves the Communist Party. We must get all of these groups together into one common front, not divide it even further with another party.

Strasserism and National Bolshevism are incredibly controversial among socialists, with trotskyists calling them fascists. This means we are going to have to work on two fronts, building a united Workers Front and a small dedicated following of left nationalism.

The person who builds the Workers Front should appear to have nothing to do with left nationalism, as this will alienate trotskyists and other leftists for its rejection of Politically Correct Culture. Corbyn will lose because he’s not a very charismatic leader, so we must channel all of this militancy into the Worker’s Front, which will be lead by a charismatic leader who is an absolutely fantastic public speaker. This Worker’s Front will involve many groups, even ones we don’t like including trotskyists and feminists, but they will be tolerated until the neoliberal government is overthrown. It will be a collection of all left social democratic, socialist, communist, and anarcho syndicalist groups, with the left nationalist party hopefully being able to join the front if we are the ones which adamantly encourage all of the different parties to get together. This will mean we wield a lot of influence over the front.

We must encourage unions to back the Worker’s Front instead of Labour. Also, we must create our own newspaper and news website, perhaps partly funded by advertising, to counter Murdoch’s empire. This will include trivial celebrity stuff that working class people want to read whilst also having revolutionary ideas inside it. The paper will be cheap and the news website will look very professional. It will be run by people who are adamantly passionate about the defeat of neoliberalism, and tell things how they are, even if it isn’t what we want to hear, to win respect from the middle classes. We also must start a adamant and vigorous union recruitment campaign across all industries, but especially the press among Rupert Murdoch papers. Use entryist tactics to try and get people to apply for jobs in their printing factories so that they can build union membership amongst the printers. Hopefully our newspaper will become really popular, being as appealing to average workers and cheap as the Sun, but yet be as detailed as the Guardian. This will be possible because our reporters and journalists will not mind working at a discount because they will want to spread the revolutionary cause.

The general strike must be extremely well timed. I think the ideal time would be when climate change starts to get really bad, and when people near the coast are having to flee their homes. We can then shift the newspapers to climate change and blame the hardship people are facing on capitalism and how the governments of today tried to do as little as possible for their own profit even though the evidence was all there. We can then encourage people to join the party and hopefully they will, and then we can encourage them to join unions when their in the party. Then, at the right time, we can call a general strike, ignoring all trade union laws. By this time union membership should have fully recovered, and we can overthrow the government.

We will also need to start a militia to defend ourselves against the army. We will use guerrilla warfare constantly wear down their forces whilst cutting off their supplies.

When we are in full control of the country, then we can start fully promoting our left nationalist ideology and make the leader of the Worker’s Front come out in support of it. As such a cult of personality would have revolved around this leader, lots of people will support the new ideology and then we can seize control of the revolution, we must also have lots of people in key positions who are loyal to us, like the head of the militia and the press, as well as secret left nationalists who would have joined the front pretending to be SJW’s.

SWPE Manifesto: The Best Course for Britain

    • Abolish and destroy capitalism,  and create a socialist state run by the proletariat. The economy will work according to a variation of keynesian economics, keynesian communism. This will be a mixed economy, but the only legal forms of private enterprise are workers cooperatives, similar to John Lewis and other firms which exercise workplace management, these workers cooperatives are allowed to make profit for themselves. The public sector will have more state control and will be run off the taxpayer creating money for the state, as is common place with nationalized firms, the difference is that in this society, the unions will have a major say in the running of these public industries and services, and the government will be heavily assisted by officers of each trade, helping the cabinet ministers decide the best course for their respective industries.

    • NHS to be completely re nationalized, ban private firms from taking up services. Reverse Health and Social Care Act. Restore NHS to it’s original state and bring health spending up to 12%. Retain GP workplace management but heavily reform it so that it does not include private companies. Reverse most reforms made to the NHS since 1969. Ban all forms of private healthcare. People who smoke, are obese, or drink too much alcohol receive much less stuff for free, and only emergency care and programmes to help them stop what they’re doing.

    • All forms of private education should be banned, this includes private tutoring. The only tutoring students should be given should be by the school, and all students who need help in their studies should be given it at an equal level. Also return all schools to the control of the local council, and ban faith schools. Home education and same sex schooling is allowed, but must be given a court ruling to determine if this is the best thing for the child, and should never be allowed for religious reasons. The child must also have a certain amount of contact with children his own age, or interaction with the opposite sex in the second case. Make R.E optional for schools and make sex education compulsory. Ban teaching creationism as a valid theory and sack every teacher who believes in it regardless of the subject they teach. Ban evangelical christians from coming within a certain radius of schools and anyone which does and hangs up billboards like ‘Jesus loves you’ shall be fined.

    All children will be required to do an hour of exercise every day during school. Sports and self defense are included in this, as well as more basic physical activity such as athletics. The promotion of a healthy lifestyle should be very present from a very young age. We will follow the Finnish model of education very closely, including compulsory pre school education from 1 - 7. All extra curricula activities will be funded by the state, allowing all children to get first class music and drama lessons, and we will introduce a new subject: Political Education, to be taught from year 5, where children are taught about how the political system works and how to be an effective and enlightened citizen.

    Also, it is compulsory that once a week there is an assembly about what’s going on in the world, and students should be encouraged to pay close attention to what’s happening and read the news. Students will be instilled with a sense of patriotism and raising the flag every morning would be a compulsory routine. History lessons will focus mostly on Britain at Primary school, however at Secondary school it is to have more of an international focus so that people are intellectual and fully aware of the world around them. All citizens also need to have a good scientific knowledge, so we must make unit 1 science harder make sure every child gets at least a C in science and politics, as well as english and maths. Abolish tuition fees and give every university student grants to help them get by.

    • Embark on a vigourous secularization plan. The burka will be banned everywhere, as well as the hijab in publicly owned buildings (private sector can make it’s own rules.) End prayers in parliament, abolish the Church of England, and remove all christian references from all government institutions. If Mustafa Kemal Ataturk could ban the burka in Turkey, why the hell can’t we in Britain!

    • Heavy constitutional reform. The House of Lords will be abolished, as will First Past the Post, and constitution as a whole completely restructured into a parliamentary republic. The political system will consist of a bicameral parliament: the legislative branch, a supreme court: the judicial branch, and a president, a prime minister and cabinet, the executive Branch.

    In the legislative, the lower house: the National Assembly will contain, 600 MP’s, and the upper house: the Senate, will consist of 100 senators. MP’s are elected through Mixed Member Proportional Representation (300 FPTP, 300 List PR.) Each area will be assigned a list MP of each party that they can contact in addition to their local MP, so that they can have an MP who sympathises with their views and to ease the workload of the constituency MP. Senators will be elected on pure Party List Proportional Representation. Senators cannot propose laws, and are there to scrutinise, delay, and amend bills, but do not have an absolute veto.

    The Supreme Court of Britain will consist of 8 judges which are appointed by the president and approved by Parliament. They can block a bill if a public body considers it to be violating the British Constitution..

    The president is elected for 10 year terms and he is the head of state. He is politically impartial and appoints the prime minister, who then appoints the cabinet. The prime minister however must be approved by the Assembly and cannot be removed unless the Assembly calls a vote of no confidence. He cannot propose legislation, but can advise, amend, delay, and veto. Usually, the president will rule for life.

    • Increase government grants to local councils, especially ones which are deprived. Make council tax more progressive by bringing in a mansion tax. Make empty properties illegal and force landlords to rent them out or sell them to the council to avoid speculation. Start a state owned housing company which would buy up private housing and make them social housing. Build millions of new social houses. Maintain Right to Buy but put the money back into social housing.

    Renationalize all infrastructure, and ban foreign governments and enterprise from owning any shares in it. These would include:

    • British Rail
    • British (formally Royal) Mail
    • British Telecom
    • British Energy
    • British Electricity Authority
    • British Waterways
    • British Nuclear Fuels
    • British Steel
    • British Airways

    All of these nationalized firms would have a certain amount of worker democratic control over the workplace, although it would be completely owned by the state and funded by the taxpayer. Ultimately the power is shared between the workers collectives and the government, with the government being at the top but with the workers, being specialists in their field, giving advice and influencing the decisions of the government.

    • Increase the top rate of income tax to 50%, increase corporation tax for large businesses to 35%, but lower to 10% for small businesses. Make consistent tax rate across all British territory. Ban companies not disclosing who the beneficial owner is and setting up in other countries for the deliberate purpose of avoiding tax.

    • Bring in carbon tax. Set incredibly ambitious targets for the phasing out of fossil fuels, and work extremely hard to create a country which runs entirely on as little carbon as possible in a short space of time. After a while, ban all fossil fuels imports and encourage other countries to do the same. All cars should be electric or run on renewable fuels such as hydrogen or biofuels, with all of our electricity coming from renewable, nuclear, and carbon neutral sources.

    • End reliance on foreign ownership interests and invest heavily in industry. Aim to become an industrial economy like Germany and Japan, and close the giant trade deficit. Bring back these industrial centers to the midlands, north east, Wales, and Scotland and breathe new life into Britain’s industrial heartlands. Become more self reliant, bring in exchange controls to control capital flight, and deflate our currency so our exports become more competitive. If we move from an economy which requires a strong currency to an economy which requires a weak one, it will mean that we can spend a lot more without worrying about economic repercussions. Create a development bank like Germany’s KFW and use it to invest in a huge industry revival project.

    • End the 35k threshold for non EU migrants who have already worked in the UK for 5 years. I believe it is economically counterproductive as immigration brings so many benefits to the country. I would like visas to be easier to get for skilled workers, and I would open up our borders to refugees, hoping to take in about 1 million. Our asylum process would involve thorough screening, and a requirement that they fully integrate into our culture. I would also let certain immigrants in based on their values and close the door on others who are devoutly religious. For example, it should be very difficult conservative christians and conservative muslims to get Visas, and they only should if they have exceptional skills. However, sex positive and scientific people will be let in much more easily.

    • Create a nationalised firm of the arts, which will support struggling writers, musicians, game developers, animators, and movie makers. The firm will work as follows: members of the public can become members of the organization and be paid a small amount of money, artists come to the organization with an idea, and that idea is taken to a certain amount of organization members. This could be an idea for a game, TV show, movie… etc. If the idea is received well, then the state will fund the production of the media and give the creators a base salary regardless of how well what they’re creating does.

    In the state cinema, all new movies which are not part of previous franchises and are from begining directors, will have an equal advertizing budget. There is no fixed price for any movie, instead, people are encouraged to pay however much they think the movie is worth on how good it was after they’ve seen it, with an additional form they can sign if they wish on what they liked and what they didn’t. Then, the movie’s which gross the most are slowly given more advertizing that the ones which grossed the least, and the movie may have sequels and the director and writer will be promoted. The creators will also receive 50% of the profits whereas the state takes the other 50%, and how the production teams share is divided is decided democratically based on contributions that actors, writers, and other production members have made. In these votes you cannot vote for yourself, and you must instead vote for someone else who you thought did a good job. All of this is a similar thing with other forms of media such as theatre, music, books, and video games.

    As mentioned before, all students regardless of background will have the opportunity to learn skills which nowadays are reserved for those which have money. This includes music and drama lessons.

    • End benefit sanctions. Reverse welfare cap including the bedroom tax and benefit cap. Abolish Universal Credit and re establish specific benefits for different things. Increase minimum wage to £10 an hour and make living wage and minimum wage the same thing.

    • Local government will have more rules from the central government in addition to more funding. Of these will include free bus services, public libraries, and free swimming pools and gyms. Outsourcing of these projects are banned, and the facilities must be directly from the council. Also, an ambitious school project will see schools in poorer areas of Britain given special attention from the central government so that they match the school quality of London. Add in elements of direct democracy into local councils and create a PR council system to replace the current ward FPTP.

    • Follow a Norway style rehabilitation prison system, try utmost hardest to avoid reoffending by teaching people how to behave in society.

    • Have heavy press regulations. Prosecute and exile Rupert Murdoch for corruption and propaganda. You can only own shares and benefit of one newspaper, and if you will lean more heavily to one political viewpoint you must include that on the front page, ‘for example, Socialist Worker.’ To be able to remain political neutrality in the eyes of the law, newspapers are required to offer multiple different viewpoints. The limit for individual donations is reduced from 500 pounds to 50 pounds. Also foreign citizens are banned from owning any newspapers or shares in newspapers. Only British citizens can start newspapers or own shares in them.

    • Create a federation of Britain, with the states of Wessex, Sussex, Mercia, Northumbria, Scotland, and Wales. I wish for Britain to have a population of around 95 million people, so that it can remain a loud voice and dish out a bigger punch on the international scale.

Abortion is a result of Capitalist Egocentrism

Abortion is a contentious issue, and an issue which liberals/trotskyites have seized upon as a 'human right' which all women must have access to at all times.  SWPE isn't Trotskyite, and unsurprisingly, we find the Trot position simplistic and not one we can 100% agree with.  On the opposite side, the Abrahamic lobby tend to argue about all human life being sacred, and that abortion is murder, no matter the circumstances.  SWPE isn't Abrahamic either, and we have no 'spiritual' reason to agree with the emotional rhetoric of the monotheists.

The liberal feminist argument that a Woman's body is her own to do exactly as she likes with, is an argument which is based on a false premise.  When an abortion is carried out, it isn't so much the Woman's body which is the focus of the procedure, rather it is the body of the unborn child.  The answer to this objection is that the baby cannot survive without the Mother and so all that is happening is that the Mother is withdrawing her life support to the unborn human.  Taken logically, this argument could be extended to include all people who are unable to live without assistance. Abortion could then be applied to infants, people in hospital who require drip feeding, the disabled, the poor who rely on food banks, the elderly, and just about anyone who isn't able to support himself or herself.  It is a nonsense argument which SWPE gives no time to.

Abortion in the UK comes as a result of several factors, including:

  • Rape
  • Damaged Children
  • Sexism
  • Lifestyle Choice
  • Capitalist push for Women to get 'careers'
Let's look at these in turn:

  • Rape
The Rape of Women and Girls is far more common than the Rape of Men and Boys, but that does not mean that the suffering of females is more important than the suffering of males.  Both are disgusting and absolutely unacceptable, and SWPE demands that all Rape, regardless of the age or sex of the victim, be stamped out, and that all Rapists, regardless of sexuality, sex, religion, ethnicity or any other factor, be removed from society permanently.  

SWPE has a policy of removing the power of the Abrahamic cults, by closing any building used by them, demolishing those which have no artistic value, and converting those which do, to use for the People.  With the demise of monotheism, and the expulsion of those who refuse to publicly affirm that they reject such belief systems, a lot of the religious rationale for Rape will be done a way with. Paedophilia IS Rape.  Priests raping Altar Boys, Imams raping school aged Girls, we make no distinction.  Rape is Rape is Rape, and the punishment must be the same for every perpetrator - we would kill them all.

A lot of Rapists are not religious, or their religion is not the motive.  Men and Women who Rape, do so because they have power over others.  Jimmy Savile procured children for the Ruling Class and their collaborators.  Other Rapists are sadists, who enjoy inflicting pain on others.  

The lack of respect for other human beings and the belief that people can do whatever they want to other people, is the root of the Rape issue.   Publicly killing Rapists would soon make those who think they can do what they want, think again.  The argument against this is that killing Rapists would encourage them to kill their victims, so that the victims could not testify against them.  There is logic to this argument, but the types of people who would rape then murder other people, would be likely to do it regardless of the risk of punishment.  To reduce the chances of people using murder as a means of escaping punishment, we would bring in a total DNA registration system, with 100% of the population being recorded.  Forensic Science would be heavily invested in, to ensure that practically every Crime against the People could be solved, and every Enemy of the People punished. 

Every Woman who could prove that she had been raped would be offered abortions to remove the extra hardship of raising the offspring of the man who had violated her.  This would have to be proved though, to prevent the false claim of Rape by anyone who got pregnant and couldn't be bothered to have the child.
  • Damaged Children
SWPE supports the automatic abortion of children with severe defects.  The State has a responsibility to strive for the best for the greatest number of people.  It is not a wet nurse for the weak and enfeebled.  The infiltration of liberals into the Socialist realm, under the Capitalist hyena, Trotsky, has seen such Capitalist nonsense as 'individual rights' take precedence over what is good for the People as a whole.  Medical techniques are improving constantly, with the recent ability of Down's Syndrome to be detected by safe blood tests, rather than dangerous amniocentesis, being a specific advance.  Once children are born, they should be treated with respect, and should they need extra care, they should get it.  But, if children with defects can be prevented from being born in the first place, that would raise the general health of society, and would allow society to focus resources on people who could better use the education and other systems, for the betterment of all.  Supporting people who need extra support is of course a duty of the State, but it would be better for everyone (including the parents) if the number of such people was reduced. Liberal pseudo-religious reverence of the weak, has weakened the entire nation, and this has to stop.
  • Sexism
It  is not in the Celtic culture to want to kill babies because they are female.  It is in the culture of other peoples, and it is one of the most heinous crimes perpetrated on behalf of multiculturalism that vast numbers of girls are murdered before birth, because the parents only want boys.  We have stated repeatedly our opposition to Abrahamism, and by expelling those who hold such sick beliefs, we would stop the UK being used as a slaughter house.  We would stop the offering of sex tests to parents, believing as we do that Men and Women are equal, and that it would add to the beauty of birth to find out the sex of the child when it comes into the world.
  • Lifestyle Choice
A lot of abortions come as the result of Men and Women failing to use contraception.  We would encourage Family as the hub of society, and the use of contraception or abstention from sex in the cases of people who do not wish to have children.  We are anti-homophobic, so we would see the stigma removed from same-sex couples.  We do not believe that having children is a 'right', anymore than having an abortion is.  Women who are not in a stable heterosexual relationship, who become pregnant through lack of care in their sexual activity, would be supported as any other parent in raising their children.  Abortion on demand, for no good medical reason, would not be an option. 
  • Capitalism
Capitalism is a key factor in many of the points above.  Women are told that they must have careers, and that they should delay having children until later in life.  The older the Mother, the greater the risk of the Child being damaged.  Under a Socialist State, having children would be recognised as a full time career, with the Mother (or Father if the couple so prefer) being financially supported in the important task of bringing about the next generation of society.  The hedonistic lifestyle which puts individual above society, is pure Capitalism.  Under Socialism, abortions would be very much fewer in number, because the pro-abortion factors would be removed.  Killing unborn babies because they interfere with work or they cannot be afforded, is Capitalist thought.  Killing unborn babies because they interfere with the egocentric selfish greedy mentality of people who have had their minds polluted by the ideology of individual rights and the need to buy consumer rubbish, is Capitalism in action.  Capitalism Kills.  We don't want to allow the Capitalist enemy to kill the next generation.  We want a Socialist nation in which the innocents are protected and it is the Capitalists who are killed.

Monday, 10 October 2016

The Abrahamic Cults are a Danger to Humanity

SWPE is opposed to the Abrahamic faiths operating anywhere in the UK. Judaism, Christianity, Islam and the many offshoots, are the parts of the Ruling Class systems of control. They have been used now for such a long time that they have become parts of the culture of the countries they infest. SWPE Policy includes a declaration to close down the buildings used by these mind wreckers. The following piece by 'Just Defiance' goes further into why their property must be confiscated and why their faiths must be reduced to the status of irrelevant mumbo jumbo, practiced by those who haven't been able to break free from childhood fantasies such as Santa Clause, Faeries at the bottom of the garden and the Bogeyman under the bed. We argue that there must be a vigorous re-education programme to deprogramme those afflicted by the mendacity of the Ruling Class we seek to depose....

I just saw a post quoting a 19th century man, surname "Ingersoll" I noticed, with words saying (paraphrased)
"if a person lived by the contents in the Old Testament, they'd be a criminal, and if they lived by the contents of the NEW Testament, they'd be insane!

That most CIA operatives are either masons, mormons, jewish or christian, there seems an obvious link between the black "old and new testament" books of old, and why the CIA are totally insane, and are committing the worst CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY today!

Then, somewhere back of the minds of the CIA executive..., lurk the utterly warped "Skull&Bones" puppet-masters. Along with the jewish, zionist British and American spy-masters of the Bank of England and Israel!

Explains everything we need know about why the US military and CIA are totally mad, and are totally out of order, ANYWHERE they force-enter peoples' lives, homes, nations!

The numerous wars we hear of, in this latest endless campaign by the American forces, are NOT for the "oil". They are for the USA agencies being controlled by absolute brain-dead, biblical "SNAKES"!!!

This article about "Gitmo" says as much as we need know on WHY THE CIA MUST BE SHITDOWN no SHUTDOWN!!!! (yes..., SHITDOWN as well!!!)

(Apologies to the CIA's Victims, as told of here, for that humorous finale? But I'd reckon they'd be sympathetic to my allusions.....!)

However.., more to the point of the opening quote, at top...


If the Balanced Members of those creeds cannot discern that the Abrahamic faiths are long of any "Golden Path", of Righteous, Honorable, Intelligent, PEACEFUL and therefore Wise Living, then someone has the Duty to inform them!

It's horribly obvious that they are all gone to the worst "lost tribes" destinies.

That "some" within each, and all other "religious" beliefs-systems, are not gone to this rampant rampaging madness, is clearly also, NOT ENOUGH, for the whole, to re-find their passive core/cores, to stop warring, etc.

It is also obvious, or should be to those who are learned on historical truths, that all such "faiths" end in some form of disaster, and all have limited spans of "happy" existences, beyond which they decline into war, endless war.

Ergo; those three, perhaps once fine systems, today!

Therefore, it not only behooves all the most senior members of all these "faiths" and essentially CRIME SYNDICATES..., to face their self-deceits, face the facts that they're NOT anymore, worthy of that which they preach, etc., but it also behooves them to TO CALL IT A DAY, and as well, SHUTDOWN ABRAHAMIC ORDERS!

For any of them to protest that THEY are the "Good Guys", so they should be allowed to remain, would be KNOWN as clearly just another diatribe of UTTER BULLSHIT, spoken to cover their own investments, in real estate, aka in an elites' "exclusivist" nations and their dated, useless, EVIL "borders", but more perniciously, their investments IN THE SOULS OF HUMAN BEINGS, as well as being KNOWN by the vast majority of Human Beings ( and "reptilians ), as being more deceits from totally selfish LIARS in religious costumes.

.... Totally selfish LIARS in religious costumes, who, for all they accrue and twist to their advantages, are utterly insane!


Taxing 100%, all of their LAND ASSETS, would be the most JUST and simple way to clean the planet of this vermin!

Then..., those who ARE "True", Honest, Humble and who live by their word, that-is, in poverty, perhaps even as possession-less nomadic mendicants, and for their actions can prove they are True Believers in whichever "faith" and Way, could and should be Respected and allowed to live and travel amongst us all.

But it is blindingly obvious THEIR CREEDS AND FAITHS DO NO GOOD FOR LIFE at this stage in our species progress and evolution!

I DO know christianity is 1 of the most evil fabrications known to humanity, down there with the world' largest crime syndicate; judaism, and is but a "branch-office" of judaism, constructed purely to hypnotize then suck in fools, for other untold of purposes - mainly mammon and the power over the poorer peeps which mammon gives them.

Christians DO the most harm by being hypnotized (from the baptismal) into being the species largest group of massive over-consumers. THEY are why American & NATO warmongers and zionist banksters are starting resource wars across the globe. No lying selfish insatiable hypnotized christians - 95% fewer international resource and/or landgrab conflicts.

The world's most powerful & corrupt lawyers who maintain a completely corrupt global legal structure are christian college indoctrinated. Christians are THE problem, for both believing filthy lies and lying by the minute to thieve what is not theirs. They corrupt all laws to suit them only. Same as the reptilian-brain [globalist] zionist jews. But, they're so stupid, few know the whole jesus myth was then - in the 4thC - fabricated by jews to lure and enslave Europeans, to their chosen tribe plot to kill all nonjews for the planet's REAL ESTATE. That's why the west have gone the path of war and weapons of mass extermination..Christians - were they not over-consuming the planet to extinction - are the worlds biggest joke.