Sunday, 28 June 2015

Society needs Women to be more than Wage Slaves

In Capitalist countries the natural role of women has become the object of ridicule.  Women are conned by the Ruling Class to believe that they must ape men to become worthy citizens.  The liberal Feminist movement works in tandem with the economic dictators to force women into Wage Slavery.  The essence of womanhood is mocked and caricatured in order to deny that there is anything special about the female sex.  The architects of the economic system are manipulating women in order to increase their profits and power at the expense of families and of the vital role which women play in keeping society together.

The British Socialist Party which became the present SWPE when joined in merger by the Free Workers League, was founded by a group of male and female comrades.  The original leader of the BSP was a woman and it was she who formulated much of the ideology of the BSP and by continuance of the united SWPE.  Opponents of SWPE policy need to take note of the central role of women in the organisation, right up to leadership level before they throw the tired and hackneyed label of sexism at us.  We reject liberal feminism because we understand that the feminist movement is the real vehicle of sexism.

Gender is not a social construct.  Gender is very real.  To deny the innate differences between men and women is folly. The Social Construct lie aims to instill the idea that there are no differences between men and women.  Gender is a biological reality, which at its basic level breaks down to the XY and XX chromosomes.  The difference between men and women is one which should be celebrated not attacked.  Men and women have different strengths and different qualities, which draw on one another to form a collective whole in which the sum is greater than the constituent part.  One man plus one woman equals more than two individuals.

SWPE proposes that Motherhood be recognised as the most important job that anyone could do.  Mothers form the future of the society by raising the next generation.  Liberal Feminists treat the rearing of children as a chore which denies women the right to take part in the economic system.  This is an outrageous distortion of reality.  Women are the pillar upon which the whole nation rests.  Raising children is not just an important job, but the most important job.  In the coming Socialist Republic, the Socialisation of Industry will generate the necessary funding to pay women a living wage for the job of raising children.  The establishment of small towns on the ashes of the decadent capitalist cities, will provide communities of support, in which children will be raised to appreciate their part in society and women will be given the recognition they deserve as the bearers of the nation.

Women should be educated to the same standard as men, pursuing whatever career they desire.  Work will be allocated by qualification, not be interview and liberal politically correct quotas.  When a woman decides to have children, her new job as mother will be paid at the same rate as her old job as worker for the republic.  By taking away the need to work as a means to pay for food and shelter, men and women will have an equal right to work or not work, but those who want to have a wage must take their place in the socialised economy.  For women, having children will not be  a hindrance to gainful work, but will be gainful work.

We are the party of full equality and the party of respect for natural differences.  We will end wage slavery for everyone and we will end the culture of competition.  No one will be forced to compete for resources.  Women will not be forced to choose between family and work, as family will be afforded the recognition and esteem of the highest possible contribution to the nation, but will be left as the natural choice of the individual to be entered into at a time suiting the individual.

By training the youth in small communities in which the very essence of the individual will be identified and allowed to flourish and mature, we will be able to build a society in which everyone can give his or her best and in which the glorious task of bringing forward the next generation will incur no burden on those performing that vital task.  From each according to his or her ability to each according to his or her need.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Anti Austerity Marches: Protest Walks Without Direction

Yesterday, 250,000 people descended on London to have a Protest Walk from the Bank of England to Westminster.  Other parts of the country also had protests, making the number of ordinary people taking to the streets phenomenal.  Whilst it is of course great to see the level of opposition to government corruption, this type of protest is largely ineffectual.  The anti-War rallies in protest at the invasion of Iraq achieved nothing.  The Countryside Alliance marches did not stop urbanisation.  The Poll Tax protests led to the hated tax being renamed from Community Charge to Council tax, but the Poll Tax remains.

The problem with protest walks or marches is that they are ignored by politicians.  In a country where democracy only exists on paper, there is very little which can be achieved by the old methods of voicing dissent.  This does not mean that we should not protest, merely that we should be aware that nothing will come of our efforts.  At the very worst, protests have become ways for the people to let off steam and for the government to control the opposition.

On the 8th July, the government is holding another budget, in which they will reduce pensions, cut benefits and increase foreign aid.  The Ruling Class is systematically crushing the Working Class of this country and making itself richer.  The Middle Class is being squeezed, which is a positive outcome which will lead to an end of the false class consciousness which sees them identity with our common oppressors.  The Ruling Class has such contempt for the people that they are accelerating the proletarianisation process which is vital to their overthrow.

Pensions are not a benefit, but a means for support for people who can no longer work.  The raising of the age of retirement to 70 means that many people will be forced into wage slavery and have the bulk of their earnings stolen through taxes (direct and indirect) and not live to enjoy time when they do not have to work.  For those who survive beyond 70, the time they have left is being reduced to one of misery where the money stolen in taxes is withheld and access to health provision is restricted.  For the few who survive Wage Slavery, life  is now followed by a short period of ill health and poverty leading to an early death.  SWPE demands an end to Wage Slavery and in its place the freedom to work as much or as little as the individual wishes, within the protective confines of a system of self sufficiency and mutual support, or to use a single word, Socialism. 

Foreign Aid is a means by which the Ruling Class extract money from the poor of this country and give it to the Ruling Class of other countries.  The idea that the poor abroad benefit from Foreign Aid is fantasy.  Money is siphoned off by the corrupt politicians, capitalist oligarchs and servile bureaucrats with the end result that the people may receive a few scraps but the lions share of the aid goes into the pockets of the peers of the Ruling Class of this country.  Most of the people seeking to migrate to Europe due to absolute poverty and despotism in their homelands come from countries which receive Foreign Aid.  If the money reached them instead of their rulers, why would they leave?  India is a rich country with a massive army and nuclear capability.  The poor of India are victims of the corrupt capitalist system.  SWPE demands an immediate end to all Foreign Aid and reparations from the countries who have colluded in the theft of money which belongs to the Working Class of England.  Foreign Aid helps prop up corrupt regimes.  Ending all aid would encourage the people to rise up and take control of their own countries.  Aid keeps Capitalism in place.  Worldwide Socialist Revolution needs the end of Foreign Aid to create the conditions in which the people will not tolerate their oppressor to live for another day.

We understand that protest walks are largely futile, but they do serve as opportunities to link with other organisations and individuals.  This helps to share ideas and to discuss tactics.  We plan to protest the Budget.  Members and supporters who may need (or who can offer) transport, should get in touch.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Agrarian Socialism is the Basis of Freedom

The Capitalist Free Market is a lie.  The Market is 'free' but the people are slaves to it.

SWPE is committed to pursuing the grand policy of returning the land to the people and the people to the land.  Urban decay is symptomatic of the decay of Capitalism.  People are made to compete for space in cities.  The little space they are allowed for themselves in the accommodation they are forced to pay excessively for, is inadequate.  Capitalism denies the people the right to be self sufficient and to be able to work together with their neighbours to ensure that the essentials of life are made freely available for everyone.

A Socialist England would be an England in which there are no cities.  The SWPE vision of a coming Socialist Republic is one in which everyone has a home and a plot of land.  The ancient English measure of land which described the amount of land which could be farmed in a day by an individual (without modern machinery, using only natural methods) is an acre.  An acre of land is the absolute minimum which must be allocated to every home.  The size of each home must be enough for people to live in comfortably.  Our proposal is that the return of the people to rural living is accomplished by completely overturning the march to urbanisation, which is a symptom of Capitalism.

SWPE would set the maximum occupancy of towns at 5,000 people, with the ideal being to gradually reduce this figure and make England a nation of self-sustaining and self-sufficient villages.  Every home would have an acre of land attached to it for the production of food and would have enough rooms to house the entire family, but also would have workshops for the production of pottery or other crafts.  Capitalism is an ideology which destroys freedom, making everyone dependent upon the 'free market' for survival.  Socialism restores freedom by doing away with all forms of exploitation.  The family which is self sufficient in food and has the ability to produce arts, crafts and other small goods for personal enjoyment or for trading through barter, is the family which is free.  The SWPE banner contains a Sickle and a Sword, to emphasise that a return to nature is the key to the future.  We go beyond the Marxist dogma of proletarianisation to a full commitment to a restoration of the peasantry as the backbone of the country.

Capitalists and advocates of city living argue that some people would not survive without cities.  This is emotional argument with no anchor in reality.  Capitalism forces people to compete for resources; Socialism redistributes resources so that the basics of life are provided free to all.  Under Capitalist economies people have to pay for the privilege of having somewhere to live.  Socialists state that having a place to live is a fundamental necessity and should be considered as equal to the right to food and water.  Only under Capitalism can people be charged a local tax (in the UK, Council Tax) simply because they are not homeless.

SWPE demands that cities be demolished and replaced with new small towns comprised of an acre of land per household, with every house being far larger than any modern dwelling which the common working man and woman are now expected to live in, moreover each house (not apartment/flat) and attached piece of land being provided freely and subject to no taxes whatsoever.  The new towns would be separated by vast tracts of open land which would be returned to nature, restoring the unity of land and people and people and wildlife.

Those who have no stomach for working their own land for a few hours per week (which is all that would be required, leaving the majority of time open to other uses which benefit the people and are entered into in a voluntary spirit of moral cooperation, including helping their fellow citizens who are unable to work their own land by virtue of health issues, disability or age), are welcome to leave the country and continue to exist as wage slaves and/or exploiters of others in unenlightened materialistic lands; at least until such times as people across the globe rise up and throw off the shackles of oppression thus making the exploitation of man by man a concept buried in the footnotes of history.  Our Socialism bestows upon the people true freedom which comes from honest toil and the ability to provide for one's own and to cooperate with one's neighbours.

Food, Shelter and Water must be free to all, but not mere Shelter; everyone is entitled to a decent place to live with the ability to cultivate his or her own food, bartering with others to provide a variety of good and wholesome meals.   Everyone is entitled to a space to work as a place of pleasure and leisure, providing an opportunity to learn new trades and to indulge in arts and crafts, whether for bartering with fellow artisans or just for pleasure.  The myth is that Socialism is a system which forces people into hard labour and pointless economic servitude for the benefit of others; that is in reality a description of Capitalism and of fake socialisms which have betrayed the people no matter how articulate the rhetoric of those who promised the Earth and gave more of that which they feigned to oppose.

SWPE is not Reactionary, SWPE is Revolutionary.  Join us and make our dream a reality!

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Wage Slavery is just Slavery. If you have an Employer, you are Owned

Capitalism is a system which believes that people are nothing more than economic units.  People can be made to migrate across the globe, leaving behind their homelands to live in new lands which have no meaning to them.  Culture means nothing to the Capitalist.  Families mean nothing, as can be seen in the stampede to force mothers of young children into employment, with the children forced into nurseries to be brought up by strangers and prepared for their own place in the economic prison system.  Children may no longer be sent up chimneys to clean them (while they have lit fires burning), nor may they be made to clean working machinery, but the contempt of the Ruling Class has not changed.  The exploitation has changed to fit changing economic circumstances, but it still continues.

African Slavery is infamous and quite rightly so.  But it is a lie to suggest that Europeans invaded Africa to steal people from their homes out of a feeling of racial superiority.  Europeans and others involved in the exploitation of Africa were motivated by profit.  They had the same regard for the African Slaves as they had for the Working Class of all countries.  This arrogance has not changed to this day.

The following is an account of the treatment of ordinary Working Class British people at the hands of the Capitalist Ruling Class.  Written by 'beautiful nightmare' this piece exposes the treatment by the Ruling Class of ordinary people as less than human and bravely confronts the myth that the exploitation of Africa was in any way 'racist'.  The Ruling Class have the same disregard for all of humanity - we are all nothing more than commodities to be used in the production of their wealth and power.  Until the Ruling Class are swept from power and permanently prevented from ever having the opportunity to dictate to anyone, we remain in their grip.  That is why we have to fight false consciousness and the abuse of other peoples as well as our own.  A Socialist England has to be one which helps those who have been pushed to immigrate to our country to return to their own countries to overthrow the Capitalist class wherever they may be.

African Slavery was immoral and unjustifiable.  So was Indentured Servitude and so is wage slavery in every form.  As the punk band CRASS put it in their song, 'White Punks on Hope', "we're all just niggers to the rulers of this land".


White Convict Servants in the American Colonies outnumbered African Slaves.

By the eighteenth century indentured servants outnumbered African slaves in the North American colonies. Unlike the situation endured by slaves, however, the state was an impermanent one for indentured servants. Initially an attempt to alleviate severe labour shortages in New World settlements, the system of indenture comprised not only willing English women, children, and men, but also convicts, religious separatists, and political prisoners. Indentured servants laboured a set number of years (usually four to seven, though the period for convicts could be considerably longer), during which time they were considered the personal property of their masters. Couples were often prevented from marrying, and women from having children. If a woman did become pregnant and was unable to work, an equivalent amount of time was added to her period of servitude.

Convict Servants in the American Colonies

The William Brown House, an elegant Georgian brick building built in the 1760s, sits on the banks of the South River in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Now a museum, the house is the last visible structure of London Town, an 18th century tobacco port and one of the Atlantic trading sites where thousands of convicts from England entered the colonies to begin their indentured servitude.

 In 1718, the British Parliament passed the Transportation Act, under which England began sending its imprisoned convicts to be sold as indentured servants in the American colonies. While the law provoked outrage among many colonists — Benjamin Franklin equated it to packing up North American rattlesnakes and sending them all to England — the influx of ex-convicts provided cheap and immediate labour for many planters and merchants. After 1718, approximately 60,000 convicts, dubbed "the King's passengers," were sent from England to America. Ninety percent of them stayed in Maryland and Virginia. Although some returned to England once their servitude was over, many remained and began their new lives in the colonies.