Sunday, 8 December 2013

Capitalism Is Theft: Theft of Your Wealth; Theft of Your Property

The fake Socialists who follow the Establishment shill, Karl Marx, endlessly parrot the ridiculous phrase 'Property Is Theft.  Property is NOT Theft; it is all that stands in the way of servitude.

Capitalism inevitably leads to a concentration of property in fewer and fewer hands.  The ownership of everything by corporations is no different than the Marxist ownership of everything by bureaucrats.  China is an example of the reality of Marxism in practice; it only differs from the harsh oppression of the Capitalist nations insofar as it has gone even further than the land and property thieves of Wall Street.  In the West, we have Wage Slavery in all but name.  In the East, they have Total Slavery, although like their deluded counterparts in the alleged opposing economic system, they too think that they are free.

Socialism is not Marxist.  True Socialism is concerned with what is good for the people.  To that end, Socialism must be anti-Internationalist, anti-Free Trade, anti-Immigration, anti-Usury, and more than this it must be pro-Private Property, pro-Nationalist, pro-Freedom, Pro-Culture.

The Pyramid of Capitalist System as above could very easily be the Pyramid of Communist System.  The figures change, but the System remains.  Socialism in its truest form is that of the Guilds, of what is referred to as Distributism.  All Socialists must read as widely as possible into the ideology of the Guild Socialists and the Distributists.  Once one has a thorough understanding of the fact that Marxism IS Capitalism, one will understand that Socialism stands in opposition to both (or more accurately to the Materialistic System, regardless of what labels used).  To regain our freedom, we need to know where we stand, and to dispense with false ideologies, no matter how deeply we have been propagandised by them.

A place to begin is by researching the following:

Hillaire Belloc
GK Chesterton
William Cobbett
Arthur Penty
William Morris.

Know your enemies, but first Know Yourself.  If we are to build a better nation, we must ensure we use the right tools, and not the Materialistic dross we have been handed by the liars in the media and the mis-education system.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Socialism in Practice: Swiss to vote on Fair Pay Initiative

THE SWISS ARE to go to the polls to vote on limiting the pay of high-earners as a debate rages in the country about income, inequality and what fair pay really means.

Under the radical proposal, businesses would not be allowed to pay any member of staff more than 12 times the wage that they pay their lowest earners.

In practice, this means that in a company where the lowest-paid employee earns 4,000 CHF (Swiss francs) per month (€3,200), the highest-paid members of staff would be able to earn a maximum of 48,000 CHF (€38,000 per month).

The so-called 1:12 Initiative for Fair Pay, which will take place on 24 November, has had significant support from the electorate in opinion polls.  The vote was proposed as part of a backlash over the perceived excesses of top executives during and in the wake of the financial crisis.

Polls in October showed the electorate evenly divided with 44 per cent in favour and 44 per cent. However since then a significant number of voters have shifted into the ‘undecided’ category.

David Roth, one of the architects of the plan, said the focus is not on a maximum salary but rather about fairness.

“It’s really just a thought process that says no-one should earn more in a month than the lowest-paid person in the same company does in a year,” he told Business Insider.

You shouldn’t just say a maximum salary because what we really want is a relationship between the lowest and the highest.

There are others who say that people shouldn’t earn over, say, a million, but in our opinion it is not really [about] the number.

The Swiss government is urging voters to reject the initiative on the grounds that it is anti-business and could tarnish Switzerland’s image.

Business groups say it would lead to a lower-than-usual income tax take, which would affect national services, and would adversely affect small businesses.

However proponents collected more than 100,000 signatures to call the nationwide vote as concerns became more vocal about the gap between highly-paid executives and average workers.

The country already banned ‘golden handshakes’ for retiring executives in a vote earlier this year.


This is what we all need!  Why should the super-rich take all the wealth by squeezing the poor?  The 1:12 Initiative is a sensible solution to the criminal exploitation of capitalism.  If the Swiss vote favourably on the 24th November, this will set a precedent for all of us to uphold.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Marxism is a Capitalist Ideology

The SWPE is committed to exposing the lying vipers of Materialism, regardless of the colours they wrap themselves in, or the slogans they chant.  One of the most despicable lies of the professed anti-Capitalists, is that Marxism is anti-Capitalist.  It is not.  Marxism is Capitalism, no matter how it presents itself.

Capitalism is an economic system which is self-worshipping.  To the Capitalist, there is nothing more important that the economy, and people are seen as parts of it, rather than of having any worth as non-economic beings.  Marxism has the same distorted view of life, and rather than belonging in the anti-Capitalist camp, belongs in the same fold as the Materialistic menace itself.

Capitalism and Marxism both believe in the Industrial System.  They share the same objections to Protectionism, Population Migration and Ruralism.  They are one and the same.

All Materialist ideologies share the view that the production and sale of consumer goods is of paramount importance.  The thieving parasites of Wall Street and international finance capitalism have no problems with the transfer of production from the West to China.  The absolute slavery of Marxist China is fed by the greed of the West.  For the Capitalist, the availability of slave labour in the East is something to celebrate, as it allows for production costs to be minimised and thus profits to be maximised.  The resulting impoverishment and proletarianisation of the West helps to cut distribution costs at home, thus further enriching the greedy pigs in positions of power over the economy.

Capitalism is self-devouring, with corporations gobbling up smaller rivals, and then merging with one another to create ever-larger corporations, and ultimately to create a single corporation sucking the lifeblood from the people.  Under the Marxist system, all private businesses are taken over by the State to be managed by a single all-powerful bureaucracy.  This is the corporate model at its most simplistic and transparent phase.  The end result is the abolition of free choice and private property, with the control of everything passing into the hands of a remote power, protected from criticism by a servile police state.  To claim that capitalism and Marxism are somehow at odds is ludicrous.

Immigration controls are hated by Capitalists and Marxists alike.  Capitalism relies on the ability of the Ruling Class to oppress the people economically through threats of unemployment, and through keeping wages to subsistence level only.  To do this, it is vital that a surplus army of unemployed people is constantly present to terrorise the working population into compliance with the will of the Establishment.  Under Marxism, unemployment is forbidden, thus the Ruling Party is able to force the people to work for slave wages - as is evident in China.  In the west, under the so-called 'Austerity' programme, the unemployed are being forced to work for benefits, as the slaves of the likes of Interserve.  Prisoners in the penal system are forced to work for slave wages, and mandatory work schemes are imposed upon people in the Probation system.  Under Marxism the tyranny is open, whereas under Capitalism it occurs behind lying propaganda designed to con the people into thinking the tyranny is for their own good.

Homogeneous Nation States are anathema to Marxism and Capitalism for the same reason.  Both pretend rivals are fully Internationalist.  They both hate culture, identity and anything which stands in their way.  Closed borders prevent the spread of substandard products, and thus deny the pampered parasites of their ill-gotten profits.  The One World Marxist utopia is the Capitalist New World Order with different packaging.  Anti-Racism is in truth anti-Identity, anti-Human, and anti-Freedom.  Uprooting people are spreading them across the world paves the way for the end of Nations as anything of any valid meaning, and it serves Capitalism/Marxism perfectly.

Marxism IS Capitalism, and the twin-headed beast must be destroyed once and for all by the end of Materialism, of the Stock Market, of Industrial Production, of Migration.  The answer if Socialism; the defence of the Nation; the preservation of the link of land and people (blood and soil) and of the absolute abolition of all property outside the hands of the people themselves.

Socialism is the redistribution of property into the maximum possible number of private hands; the ownership of the means of production by the workers themselves in the companies they work in; the end of inflationary economics, with the replacement of fixed prices for everything.  All these things are anti-Capitalist.  All these things are anti-Marxist.  Socialism is the protection of Society and all the indigenous people of the land.  Let no-one tell you Marxism is Socialist; those who do so are liars or imbeciles, and they have no place to speak such nonsense.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

UK Post Office stolen from the people, given to Capitalist spivs

Ok, so the above image is a pro-Labour one, and they are just as in bed with the international capitalist pariahs as the Liberals and Conservatives.  Yes, the three main parties in the UK (and the emerging UKIP as well) are all capitalist filth.  However, leaving all that aside, the image is right.  The Royal mail was sold off at a vastly lower price than its market value, simply to shift a public organisation into private hands (privateers hands), at great loss to the people and ridiculously huge profits for the Establishment's true controllers.

The sale of Royal Mail is a crime.  The Royal Mail made a vast profit for the tax payers of the UK.  Its sale will stop those profits entering the exchequer, and will thus increase the demands on the tax payer.  The profits which have thus far been flowing into the government coffers will now flow into the hands of the parasites of international finance capitalism.  In a display of arrogance which is remarkable even for the scum of Westminster, before the Royal Mail was sold off, the cost of pensions was already declared to be the responsibility of the tax payer, and not thus expected to come from the vast profits the share holders and privateer rats will be making at our expense.

Profits will sore as jobs are cut and services slashed.  Prices will sky rocket as profits are put before value for money, and the human value of treating people right.  When will people wake up and see that capitalism is a cancer and that it has to be cut out of our nations forever?

Renationalise the Post Office now!  Restore it to tits rightful owners- the people.  And drop the pathetic label, Royal, which needs to become obsolete as soon as possible.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Socialism is National. Capitalism and Marxism are International

A grave mistake of many anti-Capitalists is to fall for the lie that the solution to the International disease which places people as servants of finance, is Marxism.  This is clearly wrong.  Marxism is but the same disease expressed using the lexicon of scientific and statistical analysis.

The greatest menace to all of humanity is Internationalism.  It doesn't matter one jot whether this is presented as Free Market Capitalism, or as Borderless Marxism, for it amounts to the same.  Those who exploit us through the use of the international banking system are more than happy to rub shoulders with those who speak about a universal brotherhood of man. 

For the Capitalist, the people are nothing but economic units who exist to serve as consumers and producers in the monopolised big business world.   For Capitalists, borders and nations are boundaries to trade, and so must be abolished.  When one considers the reality that the multinational corporations are steadily merging to create a single global corporation with no loyalty to nation, culture or people, the undeniable fact is that this differs from the Marxist dream of a world without frontiers, only in the propaganda used to justify it.

A great anti-Marxist and defender of humanity - a man who was judicially murdered by the international Marxist-Capitalist cabal - William Joyce succinctly summed up the true nature of Socialism thus,

"Nationalism stands for the nation and Socialism for the people.  Unless the people are identical with the nation, all politics and all statecraft are a waste of time.  A people without a nation are a helpless flock...a nation without people is an abstract nothing or a historical ghost."

The only safeguard from universal slavery is the natural unity of the people with the land to which they belong.  Only borders and the sacred unity of blood and soil can stand in the way of Internationalism.  Karl Marx was no friend of the working man.  He was a materialist, fighting for the imposition of a global materialistic system.  By sleight of hand he simultaneously expressed opposition to Capitalism whilst ensuring those who followed his dogma would implement Capitalism in its purest form.  His most disastrous legacy has been his theft of the term Socialism, which his followers have employed in support of an international agenda which is identical with multinational corporatism, aka, Capitalism.

True Socialism cannot be anything but National.  Socialism is the continuity and advancement of the People, and the protection of their cultural, spiritual, ethnic, linguistic unity.  Marxism Is Capitalism, and is the opposite of Socialism.  Marx was a willing tool of the Bankers and their ilk.  All Socialists must spit on his memory and take every opportunity to distance his lies from free, organic Socialism. 

Monday, 23 September 2013

William Cobbett - Socialist Hero

William Cobbett was a genuine Socialist hero.  Cobbett raised the Red Flag before Karl Mordechai Levy, alias Marx, befouled the Earth with his presence.  Unlike the odious man who has become synonymous with Socialism, Cobbett was no lackey of Capitalism and did not relegate humanity to mere pawns of the materialistic system, which is the enemy of all people, regardless of whether it calls itself Finance Capitalism or Marxism.
William Cobbett saw that the Stock Market was an evil which had to be undone if people were to be free.  He was right in the 18th and 19th Centuries, and he is right today.
Cobbett in his own words:
''All property has its origin in labour. Labour itself is property; the root of all other property; and unhappy is that community, where labourer and poor man are synonymous terms. No man is essentially poor: poor and rich are relative terms; and if the labourer have his due, and be in good health, in the vigour of life, and willing to labour, to make him a poor man there must be some defect in the government of the community in which he lives. Because the produce of his labour would of itself produce a sufficiency of every thing needful for himself and family. The labouring classes must always form nine-tenths of a people; and what a shame it must be, what an imputation on the rulers, if nine-tenths of the people be worthy of the name of poor! It is impossible that such a thing can be, unless there be an unfair and an unjust distribution of the profits of labour. Labour produces every thing that is good upon the earth; it is the cause of every thing that men enjoy of worldly possessions; when, therefore, the strong and the young engage in labour and cannot obtain from it a sufficiency to keep them out of the ranks of the poor, there must be something greatly amiss in the management of the community; something that gives to the few an unjust and cruel advantage over the many; and surely, unless we assume the character of beasts of prey, casting aside all feelings of humanity, all love of country, and all regard for the ordinances of God, we must sincerely regret, and anxiously endeavour to remove, such an evil, whenever we may find it to exist. The man who can talk about the honour of his country, at a time when its millions are in a state little short of famine; and when that is, too, apparently their permanent state, must be an oppressor in his heart; must be destitute of all the feelings of shame and remorse; must be fashioned for a despot, and can only want the power to act the character in its most tragical scenes.''    (Thirteen Sermons (1822))
Cobbett had a genuine love for his own people.  He equally despised those who sought (and still seek) our ruination.  He was an avowed anti-materialist and anti-internationalist.  William Cobbett remains an inspiration to us all.  In these tragic days when the International Capitalist-Marxist filth portray themselves as 'socialists' it is essential that we look back to the time before the enemies of society usurped the terminology which describes the love of society - Socialism.
William Cobbett was a proud Englishman who campaigned for the betterment of the Working Man; both in working conditions and education.  he is an example of True Socialism which we must all take to our hearts.  He was the very opposite of the foul internationalism which so many have been tricked into following.
Anyone who is serious about seeking a Socialist solution to our problems must research William Cobbett.  Don't be tricked into following the Capitalist slime, Marx and Engels.  They hated the Working Class, just as much as they feigned hatred for the money class to which they belonged by blood and by allegiance.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Why SWPE? What's in a name?

The SWPE is a genuine Socialist organisation.  It has been noted that our name is similar to a Marxist group in England, called the SWP. This has raised a number of questions, including,

  1. Are you in any way linked to the SWP?
  2. Why are you called the SWPE?
  3. Doesn't it cause confusion having a name which is so close to another organisation?
These are good questions which must be answered, and so they shall be!

  1. The SWP is a Marxist party which serves the interest of the British State.  It provides proxy fighters via the UAF (formerly ANL) to attack anyone who is critical of the government's internationalist direction.  The SWPE, in contrast, is formed of people wholly opposed to the lies of Marxism.  We affirm the reality that Socialism is a natural state of existence, which goes beyond materialism.  We affirm that Socialism cannot exist except within the protective womb of an autonomous ethnically homogenous nation-state.  We oppose all Internationalists,, understanding as we do, that Internationalism means Death for Society, and the victory of money over people.  We are indefatigable opponents of the likes of the UAF who we know to be the agents of the State, and in many cases a Secret police apparatus.
  2. The SWPE name comes from the merger of a number of smaller organisations, including the British Socialist Party (BSP) and the Free Workers' League (FWL).  As we are a movement for the return of England to natural Socialism, the name England is a part of our identity.  We are Socialists and we fight for the Workers.  The name is appropriate so we use it.
  3. The SWPE is close to the SWP in name only.  In England there are organisations such as the Liberal Democrats, Literal Democrats, Liberal Party, National Liberal Party, and the Labour Party and Socialist Labour Party.  No one confuses the various Liberals (and literals!), or the Labour formations, so why should the SWP and SWPE be confused?
A name is just a label to work under.  What matters is the achievement of our goals.  These are ultimately encapsulated by one overall goal, which is the end of Marxism and its twin, Capitalism, and the return of English Socialism.  If the Marxist fakers of the SWP object to our name, then let them change theirs!  We are Socialist, not Marxists.  The SWP are Internationalist Marxists and have no business using the word Socialist in their title.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

NewsNet14 shut down by capitalist internationalist enemies of freedom

NewsNet14 has been forced to close.  The site is peculiarly European, but the closure is an assault upon all peoples everywhere.  As Socialists, we deplore all assaults upon people based upon their inherent identities. 

Separatism is the only way to secure freedom.  We of the SWPE are not racists.  We fight racism by fighting the multicultural agenda of the globalists.  We respect the right of everyone to live amongst his and her own people; to develop as nature intended.  Those who have no respect for race as a reality, are the true racists.  Whilst we may not agree with NewsNet14 on many issues, we deplore the closure of this site. 

NewsNet14 Forced to shut down
Our Freedom of Speech Seriously Supressed

As many of you know, I wrote,and posted and passed along stories and events from many of you even for, for about 4 to almost 5 years; under the pen name of Shera Crossan. While attempting to post today, which wasn't working out so well, I received this email from the former owner of NEWSNET14 this afternoon.
We had to shut down Newsnet14, although I haven't had anything to do with it for a long time, its gotten a lot of complaints, to the point that it is a serious liability.
I hope you are doing well.
I know that many of you have a problem with the former owner Chris Evans,I have nothing to do with his past indiscretions or actions, but regardless him allowing me to be part of nn14 and giving me that medium, was a blessing! It let me try to help educate and open peoples eyes to the news and problems the White Race must endure that the MSM and the Government try to hide from us. Apparently it's working out pretty good. OUR VOICE IS STRONGER!
If you go to now, you will see this in it's place. 



Am I going to let that stop me from getting the word out and about NO! Until, I'm able to find something else, I will continue posting and writing I guess the site will have to be my blog site 'Our Weapon Is The Truth' I hope that you all will keep and mark my site. 

Thank you everyone that has helped me out over the years and I hope you continue and value your support!

Jenn, beautifulnightmare, Shera Crossan

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Slán Libh Ruairí Ó Brádaigh (1932 - 2013)

Rest in peace to an inspirational Irish Republican who has died at the age of 80. Ruairí Ó Brádaigh was a former Chief of Staff of the IRA, 32 County TD, President of Sinn Féin, later Republican Sinn Féin president and remained a committed Irish Republican up until his death.

Ruairí joined Sinn Féin in 1950 and the IRA in 1951. In 1955 he led an IRA raid on a British military base in Arborfield in England. He tool part in the IRA Border campaign in the Teeling column which attacked Derrylin RUC barracks in Fermanagh.

He was imprisoned by Free State authorities for fighting for Irish freedom and whilst in jail he was elected as an all Ireland T.D for Sinn Féin. He was then interned in the Curragh camp but escaped with his comrade Daithí Ó Conaill in 1958. He then became IRA Chief of Staff until 1959.

In 1970 when the Goulding leadership of Sinn Féin tried to move away from the Republican position and recognise Stormont, Leinster House and Westminister. Ruairí led a walk out and formed 'provisional' Sinn Féin and became president.

In 1986 when the Adams leadership voted on forming a free state party which would enter Leinster house Ruairí led a walk out of republican Sinn Féiners who refused to recognise the legitimacy of the Free State parliament. He became president of the republican Sinn Féin up until 2009 when he was succeeded by Des Dalton.

Ruairí Ó Brádaigh will go down in history as one of the greatest republicans Ireland has ever seen, who defended the sovereign Irish Republic from 'all enemies foreign and domestic' at different stages in his lifetime and a man who ''kept faith with the past and handed on a tradition to the future.''

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam ró-dílis. He stood by his oath to the Republic, while others took the Queen's shilling.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

A United Front is Vital to Save Us from Despotism

There is much talk about the need for a United Front to combat the enemy.  Unfortunately it seldom goes beyond talk.  On the organised left, the unity only goes as far as fighting the organised right.  On the organised right, the level of unity doesn't even go that far!
Why are we so keen to fight one another when the real enemy is thus wise allowed to go unopposed?
The entire Left-Right division is false.  The real division is between those who fight for the destruction of free nations, and those who do not.  To this end, Marxists and Capitalists find themselves as bed-fellows supporting internationalism.  It does not matter in any real sense whether those who erode national sovereignty do so chanting slogans for the establishment of a global soviet of the proletariat, or for the destruction of barriers to free trade.  The Marxist left may parrot slogans  about immigrant rights, but the Capitalist right implements these slogans by flooding the West with immigrants in order to provide cheap labour and drive down wage demands.  These people may think they are diametrically opposed, but they ultimately serve the same evil.
Anti-Marxist Socialists stand shoulder to shoulder with non-Capitalist Nationalists.  Nationalists are motivated by a desire to do what is right for their own people; this is exactly what real Socialism is all about.
It is time to raise the Red Flag of Socialism in its true form; removing all the Marxist clutter which has been allowed to spoil it.  As Socialists, we are true Nationalists.  Our love of our people is such that we understand that internationalism means death to us all.  The Marxist infiltrators have sought to misdirect us into supporting a universalism which cannot be anything but global servitude.  The Red Flag has become associated with the International of the Talmudic scourge which took over Russia after the First World War; we need to restore it to its rightful place as a symbol of the unity of all the people of the nation, and a symbol of defiance against the international usurers who would enslave us all.
In Greece, we have the rise of the Golden Dawn.  Golden Dawn is a Socialist movement, and those who call themselves Socialist but reject Golden Dawn, are liars; they are materialistic frauds hiding behind the Socialist banner, but happily rubbing shoulders with the internationalist bankers.  Syriza supported the IMF bailout and the austerity measures which have driven Greeks to absolute poverty.  The Socialists of Golden Dawn have repeatedly taken to the streets to feed the Greek people, whilst the Marxist Syriza has not only condemned this socialism in action, but has supported the very internationalists who created the disaster in the first place.
We need a real Unity - one that ignores the petty divisions of left and right, of Syndicalist, Socialist, Patriot, Protectionist, Third Positionist, etc.  All who oppose internationalism must join together as one; united in purpose if not in organisation.  The enemies of the natural order; the Capitalists, Marxists, Zionists, Jewish Supremacists may argue with one another, but fight as one where it counts - we need to do the same, and to kick all of these elements out of our organisations and ideologies.  we are only losing because we are divided.  United we are unstoppable.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Just Socialism!

The use of the word National when describing true Socialism is superfluous.  All true Socialism must be National.  Likewise all who reject Internationalism with its decaying economics of Capitalism and Marxism cannot be anything but Socialist.  Socialism is the beginning and the end.  Do not be afraid to raise the banner high.  We are Socialists, and all who claim to be anything but, are agents of the enemy.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Internationalism is the tool of the Enemy

Capitalism and Communism claim to be polar opposites.  They are not.  Both are systems which are built on the premise that there should be no such things as national borders.  Both are Internationalist.  Both are Materialistic.

  • Under Capitalism, nations are a hindrance to 'free trade' - to the ability to make obscene profits and to exploit people across the globe, who will be their slaves.
  • Under Communism, nations are a hindrance to the creation of a global communist state in which the all powerful will control all the wealth, and the common people will be their slaves.
What is the difference?  None.

Internationalism destroys the only defences people have against oppression - it destroys the bonds of community, family, race.  A nation without ethnic cohesion is ripe for plundering, and it matters not whether those doing the plundering are free marketeers or statists.

  • Under Capitalism, ethnic divisions have to be destroyed in order to make everyone uniform.  Destroying a sense of belonging - blood and soil - is vital if people are to be reduced to servitude for the benefit of the production system.
  • Under Communism, ethnic divisions have to be destroyed in order to force everyone into 'equality' by destroying all sense of difference and pride.  Destroying a sense of belonging - blood and soil - is vital if people are to be reduced to conformity in the global gulag for the benefit of the overseers of the production system.
Again, what is the difference?  The only differences are superficial.  There are no real differences.

What unifies Capitalism and Communism?

Both are materialistic.  Both are Internationalist.  Both con the people into servitude.  Both ultimately destroy private property and transfer wealth to the hidden elite.   Both destroy morality, reducing the people to hedonistic parasites with no culture, no sense of belonging, and nothing to have pride in.

Internationalism is the tool of the enemy, no matter how it is dressed up.

So what is the solution?  

The only alternative to internationalism, is nationalism.  Nationalism is Socialism.  Any ideology which defends society must defend its link to the land in which it dwells - blood and soil.  Anything else is internationalist or imperialist and is the work of those we must fight against.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Dictatorship of the Proletariat hides Domination by outsiders.

"The proletariat, when it seizes power [...] should and must at once undertake socialist measures in the most energetic, unyielding and unhesitant fashion, in other words, exercise a dictatorship, but a dictatorship of the CLASS, not of a party or of a clique -- dictatorship of the class, that means in the broadest possible form on the basis of the most active, unlimited participation of the mass of the people, of unlimited democracy." - Rosa Luxemburg

Rosa Luxemburg spoke of the proletariat rising to take over power.  This is one of the most widely used of all Marxist lies.   Rosa Luxemburg was born into a very wealthy family of Jews.  She was herself one of the same Bourgeoisie which she wrote at length in condemnation of.  As is typical with Marxists, Luxemburg was a hypocrite.

For a society to function, there must be no class conflict.  This does not mean allowing the exploitation of the workers to continue at the hands of the financial elite, but nor does it mean replacing the exploitation Of the Workers with a system of exploitation By them.

Class Divisions serve the interests of the Ruling  Power Elite.  In a Capitalist society, the Financial Ruling Class owns everything, and reduces everyone else to servitude.  In the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist society, the Financial Class is replaced by the Bureaucracy of the Party, but those outside the Ruling group, are treated in exactly the same manner.  Look at the Marxist revolutions worldwide and you will see that the same people who ruled before them, appear in positions of power after them.

Rosa Luxemburg, like Marx, was a Jew.  The brief German Communist takeover after the First World War was not a Proletarian one, but a Jewish one.  the same is true for the USSR.  In each case, the Jewish money power gave way to a Jewish political power, which served as  a front to hide the continuity of the real rulers.

Class War is the enemy of the nation.  In a real Socialist Republic, there will be no such thing as Class.  Workers and Managers will work alongside one another for the benefit of the nation.  To this end, it is of absolute importance that the real enemy Ruling Class is identified and deposed.

The real enemy of the people is not sections from within, but those who operate amongst us , but are not of us.  We speak of the likes of Marx and Luxemburg, who come from outside the nation, but dare to speak of fighting for the people.  They do fight for 'the people', but the people they fight for, is their people, not ours.

The Ruling Class is really a Ruling Caste, and it is markedly Jewish in character.  To free the people, we have to identify our enemies, not by Marxian socio-economic factors, but by organic factors, such as racial origins.  This is why Marxism has failed.  If we follow people who are not of our kind, we will ultimately be used to further their ends.  It can be no other way.

A Socialist Revolution must be one which purifies the nation by expelling the Ruling Caste, and all those who belong to it racially, even if they claim to be on our side.  We were lied to in the USSR, and in every place where we overthrew one set of Jewish oppressors to have them replaced by another one.  The Dictatorship of the Proletariat is a lie.  It pits us against one another, and allows for our oppressors to continue to abuse us.  We have to overcome this desire to become a replacement Ruling Class and build a society in which there is no Ruling Class at all. 

Bakunin warned that Marxism would lead to the Proletariat being used to create a new Ruling Class, which would then go on to exploit the people.  He was right.  We have to learn not to follow in the footsteps of those who misled the enemies of Capitalism into building its duplicate under the banner of Communism.

Friday, 12 April 2013

The Structure of the SWPE

Unlike mainstream parties who follow the dead and pointless electoral path, we in the Socialist Workers' Party England believe in radical change.  We do not have a leadership structure based on a high up executive telling the ordinary members what to do.  The old parties have failed because the leaders have no respect for the members, and the members expect the leaders to do everything for them.

The only way to achieve change is for people to take charge of their own destinies.  

Our members need to ensure that security is given the utmost importance.  There are enemies from the State, and from its lackey parties, who wish to infiltrate all movements for freedom.  We believe in activism, not subordination to a leadership clique.  All who wish to establish their own cells should do so.  We need to get our name out, and to let the nation know that there is a genuine Socialist alternative to the decaying and controlled Trotskyite parties which wear our colours, but fight against the nation for the benefit of the International Capitalist system which they pretend to oppose.

Free Social and National must be our code.  National Freedom is vital to stop Capitalism.  Real Socialism is a strong defender of national borders.  It is time to take this message to the streets, and to stop the damage that Trotskyite infiltrators have done to Real Socialism.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Social Nationalism - An Introduction to Strasserism

THE Strasser brothers were very influential members of the National Socialist German Workers Party. Following an argument with Hitler, Otto Strasser resigned from the party while his brother Gregor was shot during the Night of the Long Knives in 1934. Their radical nationalist views live on, however, and are as relevant today as they were in the 1930′s.  The following quotes are invaluable for all Socialists.

Otto Strasser

“Whoever recognises the truth of the saying ‘Property makes free’, whoever affirms the necessity for a sustaining stratum in any satisfactory social order — must look forward to the new order which will aim at the de-proletarianisation of the people, and at our liberation from the social and economic monopolies under whose harrow no sort of freedom is possible.”

“I have castigated and repudiated the liberal illusion of human equality, I nevertheless ardently champion the . . . doctrine that equality of opportunity is essential.”

“Hitherto the main object of schooling has been to ‘impart information’, but henceforward it will be regarded as at least equally important to train character.”
“The child will be growing up into the German cultural world, without having his mind unduly diverted towards alien cultures during the receptive years of childhood.”

“The Idea is divine in origin, while men are only its vehicles, the body in which the Word is made flesh. The leader is made to serve the Idea, and it is to the Idea alone that we owe absolute allegiance. The leader is human, and it is human to err.”
“The Idea is the decisive thing, and the individual conscience should be called upon to decide if there is any divergence between the Idea and the leader.”
“The man who is unaware of his own limitations inevitably crashes, and drags everything else down with him.”

ON HATE . . .
“Hate must be born of love. One must be capable of loving to know what is hateful, and so have the strength to destroy it.”

“The German people wants a German revolution, that is to say a national and social revolution”

“Simplifying life would not mean a ‘relapse into barbarism’, for culture is not dependent ‘upon luxury or upon the gratification of needlessly created wants.”

“Marxism is a socialism both liberal and alien, a doctrine whose liberal factors necessarily unfit it for the upbuilding of the socialist future.”
“Thanks to Marx, Engels, Kautsky etc., all typical liberals both by origin and by nature, socialism took the liberal path towards alienism, as was plainly shown by its relation to the International, its class-war tactics, and its materialist philosophy.”

“It is assuredly time . . . to end the tyranny of technique, to overthrow the dominion of the machine, and to make technique and the machine once more. servants instead of masters — for their dominion has been an unmitigated curse.”

“Those who understand that life in our huge tentacular towns is a danger to the race cannot fail to regard systematic de-urbanisation as urgently required for the sake of the people.”
“Owing to the rapid growth of towns, of enormous towns, tentacular towns, people have been uprooted from the countryside and ‘intellectualised’ in a way that has weakened their healthy instincts; this has been accompanied by a growing inclination to overrate both machinery and sport, these in their turn tending to hasten the general despiritualisation of life.”

“A genuine commonwealth of the people can . . . only be established by the destruction of the existing party system.”
“From their very nature political parties have a vital interest in sundering the people into factions.”

“The alternative to the bankrupt alien ‘solutions’ of Communism and Capitalism, the idea which we represent is the . . . political representation of parties, trades and professions based on our ancient Guild system.”

“The Philosophy of the liberal epoch has been and still is materialism. Nothing typifies Marxism more plainly than the fact that it is tainted with alien views of socialism, that its program is shaped by the materialist philosophy which it shares with liberalism.”
“To the liberal capitalist and liberal Marxian ideal of modern mammoth factories producing vast quantities of goods, we should contrapose the . . . ideal of a full and free life, so that it will be the task of a responsible government to create the economic and social conditions essential to the realisation of such an ideal.”

Gregor Strasser 

“We National Socialists are socialists, genuine national, German socialists.”
“From the Right we shall take Nationalism which has so disastrously allied itself with capitalism, and from the Left we shall take Socialism, which has made such an unhappy union with internationalism. Thus we shall form the National Socialism which will be the motive force of a new Germany and new Europe.”
“We are ‘socialists’ and not mere ‘social reformers’ and we do not hesitate to say it although the Marxians have so painful distorted the meaning of the former term.”

“The capitalist economic system with it exploitation of those who are economically weak, with its robbery of the workers labour power, with its unethical way of appraising human beings by the number of things and the amount of money the possess, instead of by their internal values and their achievements, must be replaced by a new and just economic system, in a won by German socialism.”

“The most deplorable legacy of the capitalist economic system is that it has taught us to judge all things by the standards of money ownership, possession.”

“Everything which is detrimental to the existing order of things has our support because we want catastrophe . . . in a word we are pursuing a policy of catastrophe because only catastrophe, that is, the collapse of the liberal system, will clear the way for those new tasks which we National Socialists name everything which hastens the beginning of catastrophe in the present system, thus, for example, every strike every governmental crisis, every erosion of state power, every weakening of the System . . . is good, very good for us . . . and it will always and constantly be our endeavour to strengthen such difficulties . . . in order to expedite the death of this system.”

This introduction to Strasserism was published in the journal Nationalism Today in the early 1980s.