Saturday, 6 December 2014

Censoring of Azzaam and the plagiarisers of the PSFM

Azzaam Abdul-Hakeem is the founder of the People Social Freedom Movement a movement that pulls from the philosophy of Gaddafi, Nasser, and Hugo Chavez and holds an alliance with the Jewish Labour Bund and Christian Socialist groups. They hold a philosophy of Nation First and claims to be a fourth way of politics.  Azzaam had been put under attack by the Patriotic Socialist Party. This party has been defaming him through libel and ended up getting him censored from his own Facebook page making it difficult to dispense propaganda and info for the upcoming election time in Britian. Below are pictures slandering Azzaam and PSFM: 

Thursday, 4 December 2014

National Feminism

Women of Sparta and Greece fought in wars 
Spartan women pretty much ran the communities as their husbands were often at war. 
Women in Sparta could divorce and weren't required to remarry and could keep her property
It is believed that Spartan women were educated in community ran schools
Women participated in the Spartan Olympics, ran around naked with Spartan males, and wrestled with them.

Lets be honest Spartan women were almost treated like equals in Spartan society and who ever said that equal rights and treatment of women is not a Traditional value is blind to history and culture. As Socialists and Nationalists we need to create a strain of Nationalistic Feminists. Women who love their nation and wishes to gain rights and equal opportunity for women in their nation. 

The UK Budget: The Government openly shows its subservience to Capitalism

The politicians of the UK Government (just as all the Establishment parties, does not serve the people, it serves the Financial Elite.  This has become increasingly obvious over time, but with the current Budget, the subservient and arrogant attitude of the Establishment mafia, is so blatant that it can not be ignored.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, has promised to cut back the size of the State, but in order to achieve a smaller State, he will have to raise taxes and give public money - YOUR MONEY - to private corporations who will provide services which you may or may not use, at a massive profit to themselves! YOU will have to pay the higher taxes; YOU will have no say in the blatant Redistribution of Wealth from the hands of individuals to the coffers of massive multinational corporations.  This is THEFT.  You are being fleeced by organised criminals who have the nerve to claim that they are serving you, but all the time they are enslaving you for their paymasters in the City of London and the Global Capitalist System.

Over one million public sector workers will be thrown on the dole just as the dole is cut so that it is no longer a safety net but something which to survive on has to be supplemented by begging, using charity or stealing!  Oh joy - so the ordinary people will suffer as crime rates rocket and living standards collapse, but never mind, the overseas aid budget will be increased so that more scroungers from overseas can swamp into our country and 'enrich' our homeland with more misery, drug dealing, prostitution, child rape (so-called 'grooming') and ever more bizarre and terrifying superstitious drivel (so-called religion).

George Osborne has made much noise about how he is going to pay the Banks the last of the money owed to them for funding the First World War after 1917.  It has taken nearly a century to pay for a single year of bloodshed, which saw the best of the ordinary people murdered or mutilated for the benefit of the Ruling Class who sipped champagne whilst the ordinary people suffered.  We are still suffering as a result of having to pay the debt created to ensure that the defeated British Empire could rise again and continue to persecute the people living in the UK and in what was the Empire.

The UK Government is making sure the Banks get their (YOUR) money whilst the nation collapse and chaos ensues.  Does anyone seriously believe that the Establishment politicians work for us, when it is so obvious that they serve only their own interests and those of the City?

The UK Government is set to build millions of new houses on Green land - OUR land - destroying our countryside forever.  This will ruin life for the people and for the wildlife as our contact with nature is erased.  There is no reason to build even a single house.  Indeed, there is every reason to demolish the cities and reforest the country. 

The Budget is an attack on the common people.  SWPE says that we do not need any of the solutions offered by Osborne.  We need real Socialist solutions:

  • The Banks should be told that they will not receive a penny from the people, but rather they will be thrown out of the country along with their entire thieving economic system.
  • Not a single new home must be built on rural land.  There are not too few houses in the UK, but too many people, and this problem can be solved by removing the newcomers who have arrived here for a 'better life' at our expense.
  • The mindless obsession with Privatisation must end and the entire economy Nationalised and Socialised.  No private organisations must be allowed to profit from the needs of the people.  Those aspects of the State which are unnecessary, (those which fall under the umbrella of Political Correctness) must simply be abolished.
  • Foreign Aid must not be ring fenced and used to prop up corrupt Capitalist exploiters overseas, but used solely for the relocation of people from outside the nation (as defined in the sense of nacio/the people) and then when this task is achieved, ended permanently
It is the Capitalist System which has caused this tragedy which continues to worsen every day.  Tinkering with the System will not help anyone except the Ruling Class.  Only a radical Socialist solution will work.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Returning the Land to the People and the People to the Land

In the UK, the hatred London regime treats every part of the four nations as if they were extensions of London.  The Ruling Class has its 'royal family' based in London; the Financial 'elite' have the London Stock Exchange and the City of London as their centre of operations; the UK government sits in London; the Security Services (MI5/MI6) operate from London.  London is the base of the Ruling Class in respects of politics, military, police, economics and all other aspects of control.

The impact of the London domination of the entire UK can be seen in the use of language, where the counties close to London are referred to as the Home Counties, then those further out from them are know by the pejorative term of 'the provinces' and the countries outside England are considered as colonies.  There is a saying that 'all life stops North of Watford' which sums up the Establishment view that London is the nation and that all else is just territory which belongs to the imperial hub and is populated by barbarians.

The UK is not England and England is not London.  To the Ruling Class, London is everything and the entire UK must be remodeled to imitate the Capital.  The Capitalists in charge of the country are Capitalists in the sense that they care not for humanity, only for material wealth and power, but also in the sense that they care not for any part of the nation other than the Capital city, and more specifically for its financial institutions.

Capitalism is inherently tied up with Urbanism.  A free Socialist society has to be one in which the People are Sovereign and in which there are no cities.  For England, the natural order of society is of small towns, villages and hamlets, with the Guilds organised in the towns to ensure that fair prices and wages are maintained throughout the country.  This radically differs from the London system because whereas the London regime is centralist, the towns act as local hubs, ensuring the continuation of the local culture and the protection of our natural diversity.  Cities are malignant tumours which infect the entire nation with their vile conformism and obsession with acquisition of material wealth.  Capitalism is a sickness, and like any disease, the solution is to treat the causes by isolating the centres of the infection, and treating the problem at the source.

SWPE believe that the restoration of the ancient pre-English Kingdoms as Sovereign Republics, is a vital measure to combat London rule and thus to end the power of the Ruling Class.   But, without an end to the city mentality, the restoration of authentic regions (in contrast to the artificial regions created by the London regime by the civil defence department in the 1930s) would be nothing other than a ceremonial change.  In order to break the grip of the Cosmopolitan Capitalists, we have to break up their centres of operation.

Socialism is the best possible system for the people as a whole.  City living is anti-natural and Socialism can have no part in it.  A Rural nation with everyone allocated housing and enough land to be self sufficient in food, is the foundation of a free society.  When people are free from the fear of hunger or of homelessness, then they are better able to contribute to the well being of the people as a whole.  All the cities must be broken up, with the vast majority of the land they occupy turned into agricultural land or to forest.  Towns must become places where people who have trades can live under the direction of the Guilds.  But they must not be allowed to grow into cities.  The allotment of one acre of land for every family in the towns would create a natural buffer to prevent the growth of urbanism.  Outside the towns the allocation of land could be higher to allow for the production of surplus food for times of natural hardship - providing a safety net to insure against natural catastrophes.

Returning ownership of the nation to the people, necessarily requires a reallocation of land.  Those who do not belong to the nation must be compensated generously by the purchasing of land in their home countries by the State to replace that that which they must return to the nation upon their departure.  In the name of good neighbourliness, even those who rent at the expense of the State would be granted economic aid to relocate..  The reduction in population would be most extreme in the cities, which would have the great advantage of leaving the cities largely empty of people and thus far easier to demolish and recreate as land for the people and for the benefit of the indigenous wildlife.

Cities are prisons.  They are centres of tyranny, or misery, of Ruling Class control.  The death of the City mentality will spell the rebirth of the nation.  SWPE is fully committed to fulfilling our battle cry:

Returning the land to the people and the people to the land.

Friday, 21 November 2014

A Perposial

We need a international conference to create a unified theory that determines if something is national socialist or not. This will create a unified consensus amongst different Representatives of the nations and open debate among the different stripes. We could also set different bodies of work as national socialist while creating a unified critique of the internationalists and perversions of national socialism. We could also set down the principles of national socialist theory. This will bar people who are not National Socialist from using the term and help create the foundation for a modern movement. The movement must remain flexible enough to fit differing social conditions but rigid enough to cut off perversions of the movement. Pressing issues would be: 

- International capitalism
- Imperialism
- Zionism and the Jewish Question 
- Hitlerism 
- The State 
- NazBol
- Fascism
- Scottish, Irish, and Welsh independence 
- Pure Race, anti-Semitism, and racism
- White Pride
- Feminism
- Nation People vs Nation State
- National Self-Determination and Cultral Self-Determination

Just to name a few things. 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Basics of Strasserism

The Factory Fellowship 
The Owner is to be paid solely through stock in order for them to be kept responsible to the factory.
The Workers are to be paid by stock and wages 
Part of the profits if the industry goes to the State.
Workers are paid according to their achievements in the industry
The Workers and owners are to come to an agreement on how the business is to be ran
If the Workers and the Owners can not come to an agreement the state must step in to settle it.

This does away with private ownership of the means of production and divides industry into the hands of the workers and leaders. 

The State is to have a monopoly on international trade
The move from the gold standard to a national currency
Focus solely on national issues 

Handicraft enterprises, small shops, and also the liberal professions, will therefore be incorporated into guilds.
The State will require a tax from each guild
The guild is able to grant the title master to skilled members of the trade.
No one may start up a profession without this title 
The Guild can regulate the number of acolytes that each guildsman can take on

A federation of European nations that maintain autonomy should be formed to create a unified Europe 

Vocational Estates are basically a form of worker's control over the state by giving each trade a house in a senate/parliamentary body. 

 Avoidance of mandatory drafting and militarism 

 The diversity of human beings
No nation is better than the other
Equal rights for all human beings are mandatory
Each nation has its own characteristics 
Each nation has different needs  

Immigration and national minorities:
Persons of different racial origin from the majority may be described as foreigners. 
Groups of persons of various racial stamps may be deemed to constitute national minorities.
Persons belonging to different stocks may be incorporated into the main body of the nation by assimilation.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Democracy: A thought about England

Before I speak this is just a brief thought so it won't be in depth. 

In Gaddafi's "Green Book" he dedicates a large part to the issue of Democracy. He ends with concluding that Democracy is best approached by creating a centralised body of councils being local, regional, and national in which in the local a face-to-face approach is taken and the rest a body of elected, but with drawable, officials controls that sphere. It is obvious how this approach would be taken up by US nationalistic Socialists since with very little modifications we have that very system. But the British Isle is Germanic and has its own organic approach to democracy. The Manifesto for the National Anarchists provides a solution for Liberal Democracy: 

      "In the past, the political process involved small groups of chieftains, warriors and holy men, each of whom would get together at regular intervals to discuss the needs and aspirations of their respective communities; particularly in relation to security and wellbeing. Politics has always been open to abuse, of course, but the Anglo-Saxon (Germanic) tradition of the Witenagemot - also known as the Witan - was one of the more decentralised examples of how our ancestors would exert a form of political authority that had been channelled up from the grassroots. Those involved felt a sense of duty and responsibility to their people, quite unlike the politicians of today with their noses firmly stuck in the trough." 

This coming from my own out look on the political world the British Isles can turn to this institution by having Representatives from the ceremonial counties of England that can be withdrawn. This position in my opinion should have qualifications and not be paid by the state. The Witenagemot elects the Leader of the nation and advices the leader in policy and law. This places the organic concept into the modern world through a form of democracy called Caesarean through which power is transferred directly from the people to an absolute ruler who is responsible to them and whose acts were confirmed by plebiscite. The Leader thus also maintains popular sovereignty through the presence of the the Witenagemot. This creates an organic Socialist political policy. 

Saturday, 8 November 2014

A Socialist View of Sexuality

Sexuality has become an issue which has gained much attention.  Nationalists expend a lot of effort campaigning against homosexuality and specifically against gay marriage and legal rights for those who live together in stable relationships which can be viewed as comparable with heterosexuals.  This focus has led many Nationalist organisations to flounder when leading activists have turned out to be homosexuals.  In Socialist circles, the obsession with sexuality has taken the form of pushing for affirmative action to place homosexuals in prominent places in society.  SWPE takes a third position on the issue of sexuality.  In a nutshell, we neither seek to promote homosexuality, nor to condemn homosexuals.  Our position is that sexuality must be left to the individual, with the only condition being that the individual must be a consenting adult.

Anti-homosexuals fall into two camps (no pun intended).  Firstly there are those who have religious convictions that homosexuality is evil and forbidden by their God.  Then there are those who oppose homosexuality because it leads to a reduction in the reproduction of the racial gene pool.

The first camp is one which it is pointless to argue with.  We could argue that homosexuals exist throughout nature - who hasn't seen a male dog hump another male dog?  Arguing with people who have 'faith' that what their priests tell them is the absolute truth, can only succeed if the entire faith can be demolished.  As Socialists, we respect the right of people to hold their own views, so we would not seek to undermine people's faith in the supernatural.  In a free Socialist society, the oppression of others is a freedom we cannot indulge.  We do not wish to overthrow one despotism only to become despots ourselves, so with religious people - so long as they do not threaten the freedom of the people by calling for people to be murdered for having opinions or lifestyles which differ from their own - our position is to leave them to their own beliefs.

The second camp is one we can demolish quite readily.  If nature has divided people into those who breed and those who do not, then perhaps it is a form of natural selection which promotes some genes over others.  If this is so, then there is nothing unnatural about those who practice homosexuality.

The idea that homosexuals are weak is nonsense.  Look at the heroic soldiers of Sparta who were the most courageous soldiers of the time, and amongst the bravest of all time.  Did their homosexuality make them a threat to the nation as a whole?  No.  The soldiers of Sparta were brave men who served their people well.  Spartan men were required to marry.  Some practiced homosexuality, some did not.  Spartan women were equally noted for their courage, making the people of Sparta notable regardless of gender or sexuality.  All of us can learn from them.

In the broader political sense, homosexuality has been used as an excuse to persecute people for their political beliefs.  There is a dubious work written for reasons which serve a bigoted agenda.  The Pink Swastika uses the homosexuality of leading members of the NSDAP to justify attacking homosexuals in general and all who have views which can be described as Nationalist, Socialist or National Socialist.

The Pink Swastika book is glorified at and reproduced in full at  The hysterical agenda of the authors is not hard to see, but the book is not without merit as it does highlight the hypocrisy of modern activists who idolise the NSDAP era and propose the mass murder of people who happen to not be heterosexual.

Ernst Rohm was a homosexual.  He was also a Revolutionary Socialist.  His sexuality was use as an excuse by Hitler to destroy the Socialist Revolution and replace National Socialism with Imperial Capitalism.

Rohm was a genuine revolutionary.  He wanted to force revolutionary change through the army - replacing the Capitalist Wehrmacht with the Revolutionary Socialist SA.  The head of the NSDAP, Adolf Hitler, had Rohm murdered along with other one hundred Revolutionary Socialists in the infamous Night of the Long Knives of 1934.  The SA had over 2 million members and dwarfed the reactionary army.  Hitler's purge of the SA and the simultaneous murder of the great Revolutionary Socialist, Gregor Strasser, ended the Socialist NSDAP and replaced it with a party which served the Capitalist Ruling Class.  The excuse for murdering Rohm and the many others (most of whom were not homosexual) was sexuality.  A Socialist view of sexuality would not have allowed for homosexuals to be persecuted simply because they were not heterosexual.

Dr Paul Joseph Goebbels, who was himself a Revolutionary Socialist, spoke in the dying days of the Second World War of the murder of Ernst Rohm thus,

"I point out to the Führer at length that in 1934 we unfortunately failed to reform the Wehrmacht when we had an opportunity of doing so. What Röhm wanted was, of course, right in itself but in practice it could not be carried through by a homosexual and an anarchist. Had Roehm been an upright solid personality, in all probability some hundred generals rather than some hundred SA leaders would have been shot on 30 June. The whole course of events was profoundly tragic and today we are feeling its effects. In that year the time was ripe to revolutionise the Reichswehr. As things were the Führer was unable to seize the opportunity. It is questionable whether today we can ever make good what we missed doing at that time. I am very doubtful of it. Nevertheless the attempt must be made."

Had Ernst Rohm succeeded in merging the army into the SA and pushing the Socialist Revolution onwards, the Capitalist takeover of the NSDAP would have been thwarted and most likely, the Capitalist Hitler would have been replaced by the true Socialist Strasser.  Those who argue that Homosexuals cannot be anything but a negative influence, need to look at how the removal of men of honour on the grounds of sexuality wrecked the Socialist Revolution in Germany.

Sexuality must be left to the individual so long as the individual is a consenting adult

The persecution of homosexuals is an abhorence. So is the promotion of homosexuality.

The SWPE view of the sexuality of the individual is a very straight forward view.  We do not judge people by the sexual choices, so long as the choices do not hurt others (except if this is by consent!) - we don't care what people get up in their sexual relationships.  We welcome all good Socialists into our ranks and see sexuality as a non issue. 

Friday, 7 November 2014

Revolutionary Feminism

Liberal Feminism: Women begging men for rights while maintaining within the Capitalist system. These are typically Feminists that will be seen on the news and the most popular branch. It reduces women to just another cog. It is also the branch that "Radical" feminism comes from and the form that hates LGBTQP members and Islamic women.

Revolutionary Feminism: this branch empowers women to take up the gun for themselves and to organise others to fight the patriarchal system in capitalist society. It fights for women's rights, it fights for the victims of rape (female and male), the right for women to choose their own path in life. Most in this branch is Marxist and Anarchist but some are Nationalist and nationalists need a stronger presence in this as most Nationalists fall into reaction on the subject of feminism. This branch can become National Feminism and promote women's role in our culture's history. In the US women fought in the Revolutionary and Civil wars and were even spies. In ancient Europe our Ancestors had Warrior goddesses and our Women can pull from that to carve her place in out society. In Judaism they have Judith, Ruth, and much more as examples of strong women of virtue. Nationalists can not fall into the trap of Liberal Reaction and support the oppression of women we must form a Revolutionary feminism and empower our women to liberation. In the words of Mao the Chinese Marxist and Patriot,"Women hold up half of the sky." 

Long Live the National Liberation! 

White Pride: Issues in the movement

Before I even start my article I want to put the disclaimer that I am a White Nationalist alongside my a American and Pan-American Nationalism. I have nothing against others who take pride in the accomplishments of their European ancestors, their history, and or their culture or all of the above. I teach for the unity of the White race against the race traitors that sold our nation off to line their own pockets. But to the article I am writing and its topic. When people talk about White Nationalism people get the idea of the US' KKK, Neo-Nazis, and even the Nazi Regime itself. This in itself causes issues in promotion of racial pride in a revolutionary manner because we will be associated with these people and not revolutionaries as none can be found in the archives of popular knowledge. We won't be associated with the Strasser Brothers or with Rohm as they are glossed over by the violent and reactionary movements like Stormfront. 
The capitalist class promotes certain racial nationalisms over others:

This is true to a certain extent. The capitalists promote Jewish pride as long as it isn't militant Bundism. They promote Black pride as long as it isn't Black Nationalism in the sense of Malcolm X or the Black Panther Party. There is to an extent White pride that prevails in the Capitalist system but a reactionary strain of it that promotes the good deeds and does nothing to make right our past wrongs and sells the White nations out to Chinese and Arabic nations.


This trait is quite popular amongst White Nationalists and it is annoying and unhelpful for national liberation as a whole. The Anti-Semitism tends to be modelled after Hitlerism and puts the Jews in place of the race traitor Capitalist class which is made up of people of all nations. 

Rainbow Coalition: 

The Black Nationalist group the Black Panther Party started up an Ethnicpluralist project called the Rainbow Coalition to promote co-operation between thecAmerican Ethnic groups while maintaining their self-determination. If more White Nationalists promoted something like this and became more vocal and spread propaganda then we will get more attention than the supremacists and other reactionary strands of white nationalists.

Anti-Racism = Anti-White 

This is the stupidest slogan that is full of such non-sense. The people who are anti-racist are typically people wanting to promote an equal playing field and normally people wanting to be on an equal footing with white people. The people who promote this slogan are also the people who promote anti-Semitism and ignored the White privilege in places like the US. 

White Power to the Whites,  Black Power to the Blacks, and Mexica power to the Mexicas 

Tuesday, 4 November 2014


(Note: Since I am American the statistics used is American not British)

I don't have a stance about Homosexual marriage as to me love and marriage doesn't always correlate. But I focus myself more on the main civil-rights issues.

The Williams Institute finds that gay and bisexual men earn 10 percent to 32 percent less than similarly qualified heterosexual men, in a meta-analysis of 12 studies examining earnings and sexual orientation in the United States. This is true even when controlling for education, race, occupation, and years of work experience. 

Hate crimes committed against gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and/or transgendered individuals constitute the third-highest category of hate crimes reported to the FBI -- 14% of all hate crimes reported nationally, according to the Human Rights Campaign. And while violent crime rates have been declining generally, the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs reports that the number of actual or suspected anti-gay murders is on the rise: from 14 in 1997 to 33 in 1998 and 28 in 1999.

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Policy Institute, has found after 21 different local surveys between 1980 and 1991, found widespread discrimination across the country against gay men and lesbians. According to the report, as many as 44 percent of respondents in some cities reported employment discrimination as a result of their sexual orientation. Thirty-two percent reported discrimination in renting a housing unit. The study also said that gay men and lesbians reported discrimination in public restaurants and in receiving health services, obtaining insurance and in education. 

These are more important issues plaguing the LG community than the liberal focus on marriage and this isn't even looking at the pay gap for trans women or issues concerning pansexuals just homosexuality. 

We also have the co-point of the LGBTQP pride by the Liberal class and our activists focus on marriage and ignoring the more important aspects of our struggle.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

National Zionism and Bundism - Not Contradictory but Complimentary: A reply

The Jewish Bundist Movement was originally formed in 1897 it formed around the same year of the World Zionist Congress who according to the original Bund was aiding in the spread of anti-Semitic propaganda. This has caused a huge split between Zionism, who is seen as an enemy to the Jewish world, and the Bundists, who was fighting for Jewish culture. This leads me to my reply to this post on our blog     

At first glance I can see how the SWPE's NatZionism could be complementary since in Jewish tradition they can't return to Palestine till the coming of the Messiah. They can employ Bundism for the time being and during the Messianic age employ NatZionism. But the issue comes to the very nature of Zionism itself which from the very birth has always been antagonistic to the Jewish religion itself while Bundism was not and fostered unity amongst Judaism in general. This antagonism will exist even with the NatZionist theory as long as they reject the Yiddish language, doikayat, and the Jewish culture as the heart of the Jewish people there can be no co-existence between the Bund and any form of Zionism. 

I don't really see it as a middle way between assimilation and Zionism and it sure isn't anything like multiculturalism. If anything it is a fourth-way which allows Jews to exist within society and contribute. The early Jewish Labour Bund wanted to create their own society that didn't effect the non-Jewish society. They wanted to segregate Jews from the rest of society in my opinion this is more desirable than effecting the autonomy of a whole civilisation of people as Zionism has done. It will on,y require the creation of Autonomist Jewish Communes like the early Zionist Kibbutzim. 

Here are some links so that the readers can learn more about the Bundist movement:

Friday, 31 October 2014

National Zionism and Bundism - Not Contradictory but Complimentary

SWPE believes that every people has a right to live according to their own traditions, culture and ethnic predisposition.  This applies to the Jewish people as much as to every other.  The 'Jewish Question' is one which has plagued humanity for such a long time that it has become an obsession for Jews and non-Jews alike.

SWPE does not support the concept of Assimilation for any people into any other.  We oppose 'multi-culturalism' because we understand that it is the long-term objective of the global Ruling Class to destroy all vestiges of culture, sovereignty, nationhood and identity, which differentiate the peoples of the world.  We fully support global diversity and oppose the liberal Capitalist drive to create a world of slaves whose purpose is solely to create wealth for the self-appointed Masters.

The Jewish role in global Capitalism, especially Banking, has led many people to accuse the Jewish people as a whole of having an agenda to enslave non-Jews.  We do not accept this over-simple generalisation of the Jewish nation.  There are certainly Jewish elements in the Ruling Financial Oligarchy but there are also many non-Jews who exploit Jews and non-Jews in equal measure.  The religious Jews who believe in a Master Race ideology give credence to anti-Jewish propagandists, but the extent of influence of the supremacists in general Jewry is grossly exaggerated by many 'anti-Semites.'

SWPE support the concept of a Jewish State.  This is why we have a part of our ideology which we have chosen to call National Zionism.  It is Zionist insofar as it supports the right of the Jewish people to live amongst their own kind.  It is National Zionist because it opposes all imperialist tendencies, whether they are concerned with the financial exploitation of others, or as is the case with Israel and Palestine, with the theft of land which belongs to other people.

Historical support for Zionism from within Socialist circles include the following, which we gratefully quote from the site (full written permission was obtained from the author Randall Bytwerk and can be seen on request):

Solving the Jewish Question 

by Dr. Achim Gercke

All proposals that include a permanent presence, a permanent regulation of the Jews in Germany, do not solve the Jewish Question, for they do not eliminate the Jews from Germany (denn sie lösen die Juden nicht von Deutschland). And that is what we want to do. If the Jews are able to exploit their host peoples forever, they will remain a constant source of the open, destructive flame of Bolshevism, making it easy to repeatedly kindle it again, not to mention the political uncertainties resulting from disunity within the people and the danger to racial unity. Let us swear off such thinking forever, whether it results from poor thinking or evil intentions. To summarize, the state can and must focus on systematical elimination, on emigration.

If we destroy any organizational cooperation of the Jews and expel the dangerous, subversive Jewish agitators who show any signs of conspiratorial activities, the Jews will still have the synagogue, the rabbi, to shield them. If we support Zionist plans and attempt an international solution by establishing a homeland for the Jews, we will be able to solve the Jewish Question not only in Germany, but in Europe and the entire world. The entire world has an interest in such a solution, on eliminating this source of disorder, which constantly proceeds from Bolshevism. We must establish that clearly.

Perhaps the Jews will be able to become a nation, a people. That would require that Jewish workers, craftsmen, and settlers would develop from the Jewish population. If we regulate this plan, they we will create new foundations for such a settlement. Scattering the Jews to the four winds does not solve the Jewish Question, but rather makes it worse. A systematic program of settlement, therefore, is the best solution.

Plans and programs must have a goal pointing to the future. They may not be focused only on a temporarily unpleasant situation. A better future demands the systematic solution of the Jewish Question, not the organization of the Jews.

We must build our state without the Jews. They can be only stateless foreigners among us, with no legal permanent standing. Only so will Ahasver [the legendary wandering Jew] be forced to take up his walking stick again, and then turn it into axes and spades.

The End of Jewish Migration

by Dr. Johann von Leers
The only imaginable, positive solution that will finally resolve the Jewish problem in Europe and at the same time provide the real possibility of becoming a people, of becoming rooted to land, and even perhaps allowing its less valuable elements to be influenced by the more valuable elements, is a healthy region outside Europe. The Dutchman von Dinghene, in his book Vollzionismus, has proposed the island of Madagascar, but one could also imagine certain other suitable African or South American regions. On the one hand, such a settlement area must give the Jewish people a space where they can work productively, within the framework of providing space for peoples who now lack space. On the other hand, in those countries where the Jews are being separated from the Gentile population, the Jews will lose a large number of jobs. They must today be trained in work groups, receiving education in practical skills and agriculture so that they will be prepared to settle in this area. Those major Western European colonial powers, who are always worked up about the Jewish Question and its effects in Eastern and Central Europe, without however really seeing the connections, would perform a work not only of humanity, but also statesmanlike wisdom that would bring peace to the world and the solution of one of its most serious problems were they to make such a settlement area available. That would not only relieve Europe of the Jewish problem, but also enable Jewry to become a people.

Of course, there is a danger that such a Jewish settlement area would become a world-famous El Dorado of criminality, given the deep moral decay of a large part of Jewry. There will have to be a force to provide just and honest supervision. This would also be possible, and details could be worked out. The danger may not hinder a broad solution of the Jewish Question by resettling Jewry to an appropriate settlement area outside of Europe. We propose this to the world: Give Ahasver a homeland, as far as possible from us, but sufficient and attractive. If he makes of it a garden he may keep it, and will be protected. If, however, he makes of it a den of thieves, then one will keep him there. However, we must attempt a decent solution to this question. Those Jews who for centuries have recognized the battle of the Jewish Question are called to contribute to a real solution, those Jews who recognize that the dream of Jewish world domination has failed, and who are therefore ready to become a people among peoples. Those peoples among whom the question burns the hottest because of the Jewish masses among them area also called, particularly the major Western European colonial powers with vast possessions, for it cannot be permitted that a decent solution be prevented by cheap humanitarian slogans. With a single blow the Jewish question, which has always surfaced, can be resolved.

The above historical justifications of Zionism are arguments we applaud and share.  However, there is another alternative to Assimilation which we need to give our attention to.  This alternative is Bundism.  At first glance, Bundism seems to be a half-way house between Assimilation and Zionism, and therefore a step back towards multi-culturalism.  This, it is not.  SWPE believes that Bundism offers an immediate solution to our woes, whereas National Zionism offers a long-term and final solution to the woes of Jews and non-Jews.  A new writer for SWPE will highlight this important area of discussion in depth.  It is no exaggeration to state that a synthesis of National Zionism and Bundism may be the long sought after peaceful and just solution to the Jewish Question.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

SWPE Recruitment and Policy Strategy

SWPE is not a conventional party.  We do not contest elections.  We do not seek mass membership.  We do not play the game of the 'democratic' overlords - we implement direct democracy at every level and every part of our organisation.  This naturally leads to the ability to manoeuvre being somewhat slow, but we prefer the stability of maintaining a close-knit organisation to the alleged advantage of fluidity which comes from a dictatorial leadership of from conferences in which people vote as they would for a television game show.  Our organisation may be slow to move, but it is equally difficult to infiltrate and wreck.

October is the traditional month for discussion in the SWPE.  We do not have AGMs but October is the month in which we really get stuck into issues which require deep and passionate debate.  As a party which is founded upon real democratic principles, rather than the fake democracy of the liberal system, our policies are subject to continuous change to reflect the will of the members.  Sometimes it seems that we are subject to endless debate over minute details, but in the end, the debate is healthy.  We do not preach Socialism in every aspect of life and then employ the methods of the Ruling Class to control our membership.  There is no abusive strategy to 'keep the members in line'.  Our Socialism is genuine and as such is one which thrives on open discussion about everything.

Our deep and free structure does not mean that we have no policies or purpose.  Quite the opposite is the case.  In order to ensure that our platform is not hijacked by hostile elements and destroyed from within, we do not recruit in the conventional manner of allowing anyone who is willing to pay up for membership to join.  We prefer to contact people who we think are of a like mind and to then add them to our family.  Our organisation is small, but it is strong.  We have seen movements come and go who have existed solely to recruit members.  There has been an endless cycle in every part of the political spectrum of parties poaching from one another.  People can be seen to move in circles, changing the names of the organisations they hold allegiance to, until inevitably they drop out, sickened by the pantomime circus and the expense of time, money and energy for nothing.  We do not take part in these circuses.  We will work with other organisations, but we will not pilfer their members. 

We have reached a decision that it may be time to offer probationary membership in the conventional means.  This will not weaken us or threaten what will become the inner party.  We have been approached by people who wish to know more about us and who may in time become full members of our organisation.  The outer party will be a channel to the inner party but will not have the same position as the organisation we have built up and protected.  We accept that new blood can be good, but we are not obsessed with gaining members at the cost of losing our direction and becoming yet another captured group doing the bidding of the Ruling Class.

If you are interested in joining the outer party, get in touch.

Monday, 13 October 2014

What now, after the Scotland NO vote?

SWPE firmly believes in the sanctity of National Sovereignty.  We oppose all forms of Imperialism and see the smallest viable Nation State as the best for the people.  To this end, we supported the Scottish Independence movement which promised to end the 300 year historical mistake which is called the United Kingdom.
The Independence Referendum was an opportunity for the peoples of Scotland and England to reach a new understanding as equals in free sovereign nations.  The anti-Independence propaganda was focused upon the personality of the SNP's Alex Salmond, but also pandered to the financial insecurities of the people.  We were appalled by the fear mongering of the UK nationalists, who argued that a free Scotland would be one in which the elderly people would not get their pensions and would be impoverished due to having to create a new currency (a nonsense argument which nevertheless intimidated many voters).  
The UK unity campaign only succeeded by offering unrealistic bribes of greater devolution if Scotland would remain under the UK yoke, backed by terrifying the electorate with imagery of a post-UK Scotland being a land of poverty and insecurity, as well as by suggesting that without London, Scotland would be swamped by mass immigration.  Why immigrants would seek to cross allegedly affluent England to live in poverty stricken Scotland, was not explained!
But for all this, the reality is that Scotland and England remain locked in the same prison which was forged for them by the Ruling Class in 1707.  Unlike the Act of Union, the continuing Union of 2014 has the approval of the electorate of the north of the UK, even if the approval of the rest is just assumed rather than verified by a popular vote.  The referendum to end or continue the UK was only held in Scotland, whereas there are three countries in the UK, plus the province of Northern Ireland.  For those of voting age in an area with a total of Seven Million people to have the say on the future of a group of countries totaling Seventy Million people, is clearly undemocratic.  Why were 90% of the people disenfranchised?  Possibly because the people of England could not be expected to support the Union, the people of Wales would most likely have wished to break away as well.  Northern Ireland is a more complex area, but would they too have wished to break from the UK (whether to unite with Ireland or to become a free Sovereign nation)?  All that is certain is that we were not allowed to have our say and our cousins in Scotland were coerced into voting for the status quo.
SWPE would have preferred for Scotland to regain full independence, but we have to accept that this did not happen.  Where does this leave us?  We hold to our conviction that a country of Seventy Million people is too large a unit to function in the manner which best suits the well being of the people.  We are federalists.  We support a return to the older nations which came before the creation of England, to a rebirth of Wessex, Mercia etc.  The Scottish NO vote offers the opportunity to join with our cousins in Wales and Scotland to strive for a federation of the British Isles which would end manufactured border disputes by allowing the people of each micro nation to have full control over their own affairs.  
We reject the narrow nationalism of those who pit Anglo-Saxons against Celts.  The UK has seen massive internal movement and mixing which makes the people of every corner of the British mainland and near islands united by blood.  One positive outcome of the Scottish referendum is the affirmation by many Scots of the bonds of kinship shared across the national frontiers.  SWPE does not oppose the single UK State due to any sympathy with outrageous hostility from some English, some Welsh, some Scots and some Irish to those outside their localities.  We support a return to smaller nations because we support the right of the people to rule over themselves, which is only achievable in smaller units of population.
SWPE recognises the cultural ties which unite the various peoples of England and set us apart from the peoples of Scotland and from the peoples of Wales.  We propose a federation of the English nations within a federation of the British nations.  The outcome of the dishonest Independence referendum is that the peoples of Great Britain must reassess our bonds and must take this opportunity to walk away from mutually destructive hatred of Sassenachs, Jocks, Taffies, Paddies, Woollybacks etc and cherish our familial ties.  We need to return to a healthy relationship with our cousins in different parts of the Isles, which enjoys jovial stereotyping but does not tolerate irrational hatred. 
On some levels the Referendum result is an opportunity lost, but in others it is new opportunities gained.  The desire for devolution in the North and West must be used to fuel demand for devolution to and in England as well.  The Ruling Class showed their despotism and disdain in the way they handled the UK dissolution vote (or lack of one!)  We must capitalise on this mistake and push for a new era of freedom in which the Ruling Class will have no place.  The money power had to bribe and intimidate to get its way. They had to deny 90% of the people a say.  They have no moral authority and can only rule by coercion.  The biggest loser in the Referendum was the Ruling Power.  The illegitimate elite is weakened and now it is time to kick this crippled scourge hard.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

An open letter to the Scottish people on this Independence Referendum Day

Berrocscir has written an open letter to the people of Scotland which we agree with to such an extent that we have scrapped our own message and instead would like to echo his.  So with a tip of the hat to Berrocscir, here is his open letter, which we concur with to the fullest.

Dear cousins,

The British peoples are intertwined by the centuries. Bound together by history, culture and by blood. We are an extended family and nothing, including what happens this Thursday, will change that. 

Like all families, we haven't always got along. Sometimes family members need to spread their wings and grow, choose their own paths in life. You now have that opportunity. 

The union was a cynical deal by both our countries' social elites of the day in order to pursue joint imperialist ambition. This had nothing to do with the great mass of the Scottish people and her cousins the English, Welsh, Ulster-Scot and Irish. 

As an Englishman with a good dose of Ulster-Scot, I know that being British is about blood, not some cobbled together state. Just as the union was the first step on the road to empire, a 'Yes' vote will mean that empire begin to come to an end. A 'yes' vote will encourage the people of Wales, Cornwall, Ulster and England (and all their regions therein) to demand greater autonomy. It will kick-start a call for devolution that our masters will not be able to ignore. Help start a process whereby power begins to return to our localities by voting 'Yes'. 

Of course, a 'Yes' vote will not mean a free Scotland in charge of her own destiny yet - the EU, which your political leaders embrace - will do for that! But a 'Yes' vote will symbolise the first stirrings of a nation reborn. A Scotland free from the UK will invigorate you further to take on Brussels, break free and wrestle power from Edinburgh to your regions and localities. That's when a devolved Scotland can really forge its own destiny. Think what a Transition Scotland could achieve. 

A 'yes' vote will send shock waves around the world and inspire other nations, not least across Europe where national autonomy movements are growing. Take this historic opportunity and don't believe the fear mongers, talking their money talk. You have always been a radical people, you can build a new Scotland which won't be shackled to their globalist criteria, you won't starve in your new found autonomy - you can begin to live radically different lives to what our global masters want you as - ready made consumers. You can begin to make your beautiful country richer (in the real sense) greener, simpler, happier - and the first step is by voting yes. Rise against Westminster and then turn your energy on Brussels. 

Lead us! We will follow!

American Social-Nationalism: Spotlight on a Worthy Site

The following is from the website, American Social-Nationalism, which can be found at

We welcome the contribution to understanding made by the writer, Leolion, and would advise members and supporters to visit the American Social-Nationalism site.  The policies outlined below the section on wages, may not necessarily be shared by the SWPE and in some instances are not relevant to England as they are specifically related to the USA.  However, the policies are worth taking note of as they are ones which in many cases mirror own own objectives.

Nationalist Quotes on wages


"Income is an imperative need for man. In a socialist society, it should not be in the form of wages from any source or charity from any one. In this society there are no wage-earners, but only partners. One's income is a private matter and should either be managed privately to meet one's needs or be a share from a production process of which one is an essential component. It should not be a wage in return for production."

"Thus, the citizen in this new society secures his material needs either through self-employment, or by being a partner in a collectively-owned establishment, or by rendering public service to society which, in return, provides for his material needs."

Otto Strasser:

"We are Socialists, enemies, mortal enemies of the present capitalist economic system with its exploitation of the economically weak, with its injustice in wages, with its immoral evaluation of individuals according to wealth and money instead of responsibility and achievement, and we are determined under all circumstances to abolish this system ! And with my inclination to practical action it seems obvious to me that we have to put a better, more just, more moral system in its place, one which, as it were, has arms and legs and better arms and legs than the present one !"

Hugo Chavez

"Here we are not cutting salaries nor pension nor delaying the pension age, nothing of that,

Our policies are called the "American Way" and is focused on making the US self-sufficient and a Nationalist and Socialist State.

The Workers:

•We demand for the means of production to be in the hands of the working class.
•We demand a 30-hour work week and at least two months of annual paid vacation 
•We demand that retirement pensions be no less than 80% of the person's pay at the time that they retire. 
•We demand the right for part-time workers to be eligible for benefits as well as the right for part-time workers to join a union.
•We demand a living wage that is adjusted to inflation
•We demand that the Electoral Collage is abolished as its very existence makes democracy a farce.


•We demand descent wages for teachers 
•We demand free and quality education for all people, including college, professional and graduate schools.
•We demand that education be in the hands of the community and the state. 
•We demand realistic sex education that doesn't exaggerate statistics and is not absence based.
•We demand national financing of public K-12 schools to replace the current funding via property taxes, which ensures inequality between rural, suburban and urban schools
•We demand secular and scientific education. We oppose religion in schools which has manifested, but is not limited to, religious institutions, prayer in schools and creationism.
We demand the mandatory State funding of the Arts
We are opposed to private education and the corporate running of schools
We demand non-whitewashed teaching of our history so we can honestly learn from it


•We demand a national healthcare system that, with an eye towards preventive health care, cover every American regardless of race, sex, age, and or sexual preference. 
•We demand nationalisation of the pharmaceutical agency.
•We demand the combating of drug addiction through the use of proven medical treatments and preventive education. 
•We demand the legalisation of marijuana.
•We demand the right to abortion


•We demand free and quality housing to every individual
•We demand state-funded construction of public apartment complexes as a means to support the growing population and to house those without homes 
•We demand an end to all home foreclosures. We oppose cuts to public housing. 
•We demand the abolition of slum-lording.

Civil Rights: 

•We demand the end of racial profiling and police brutality
•We demand that the P.A.T.R.I.O.T Act is repelled •We demand that the N.S.A is abolished. 
•We demand that the 13th Amendment is amended to exclude the line,"Except as a punishment for crime." So as we can end all forms of slavery and involuntary servitude.
•We demand that the Department of Homeland Security is abolished
•We demand that Native Americans hold the right of self-determination and secession.
•We demand the end of police discrimination and raids against Latino citizens and immigrant communities. 
•We demand the citizenship of all undocumented workers and all rights associated with them. 
•We demand a minimum of 12 months paid leave for new mothers with access to fully-funded and quality childcare centres. 
•We demand equal pay for equal work for all ethnicities, sexes, and sexual orientation.
• We demand the right of women to enter into any occupation without discrimination.
• We demand an end to discrimination as well as support full employment, benefits, quality education and job training programs for people with disabilities. 
We demand the dismantling of walls erected both physically and socially that hinder people with disabilities to fully participate in society. 
•We demand that marriage to be defined by the state as one man and one woman, one man and one man, one woman and one woman, one man with many women, and one woman with many men. Therefore legalising Homosexual, Polygamist, and Polyandrist marriages. 
We demand an end to acts of violence against persons on the basis of their race, ethnicity, religion, age, physical condition, sex or sexual identity and/or orientation.
We demand a voice for legal immigrants in our democratic republic.

International Affairs:

•We demand that the US end their association with NATO and other Imperialist organisations.
•We demand that the US no longer aids the terror state of Israel on the basis that the state of Israel has committed crimes against humanity. 
•We demand self-determination of all Commonwealth states,
•We demand the end of all Imperialist wars. 
•We demand the return of Guantanamo to Cuba.
•We demand the immediate and unconditional military withdrawal from all foreign countries.
•We demand mending our relationship with other countries, including, but not limited to, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and Iran for the sake of peace and prosperity. 
•We demand that an amendment be made to the US Constitution that states that all wars must be approved by the masses before a declaration of war is made by the Senate. 

The Economy: 

We demand an end to taxes altogether and that the State to get the money for its projects through the quality of the economy. 
We demand the end of exporting jobs over seas. 
•We demand the abolition of the inheritance of all productive capital and liquid assets
. •We demand the immediate withdraw from all free-trade agreements.
•We demand that all financial institutions be commonly owned and directed by an American Central Bank that is directed democratically by the Senate
•We demand a maximum wage cap that is at least a ratio of 10:1 
•We demand retraining programs, compensation and relocation for workers displaced by technological advances.
•We demand an end to American involvement in the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the World Trade Organisation.
We demand an end to the gold standard and use of a fiat currency 
We demand international trade to be done with material goods and not gold.


•We demand the end of corporate farming 
•We demand the end of all inhumane treatment of livestock
•We demand the establishment and encouragement of agricultural cooperatives and collectives. •We demand state low-cost grants, loans and machinery assistance to farmers.
•We demand that measures be taken encouraging farmers to produce staple foods rather than non-essentials.
•We demand an end to current debts placed on farmers
. •We demand that the cultivation of hemp for food, fuel, fibre and industrial uses be encouraged. •We demand the right of farm workers to organise.

Energy, Transportation, the Environment and Communications: 

•We demand the nationalisation and worker control of the automobile, bus, railway, and plane industries.
•We demand the creation of a publicly-funded high-speed national rail system with low rates and access to all major U.S. cities.
•We demand government research into safe and renewable alternatives to fossil fuels. 
•We demand the development of alternative forms of energy including wind, solar, geothermal, nuclear power and hydropower. 
•We demand public ownership of all American natural resources and their conservation. 
•We demand the institution of active recycling programs of paper, metal and plastic.
•We demand affordable utility rates for working people. 
•We demand an end to private ownership of newspapers, radio, magazines, television and the internet. We oppose the hindrance of allowing the working people to show their opinions and viewpoints. 
•We demand the end of all copyright laws.
•We demand internet reform and the public ownership of all internet bandwidth. We support providing free internet access to the public at large and computers to school-aged children. 
•We demand that all communities that have 20,000 or more citizens be provided with a public transit system.