SWPE Policy Outline

The Socialist Workers Party England is a Party for the People. We believe that the People must be the masters of the Nation and all that is within it. To this end, we believe in the following: 

Total Ownership of the Nation by the People of the Nation 

It is an outrage that the people are used to create vast profits for a tiny minority of the population who live in obscene luxury, whilst those who toil to create their ill-gotten wealth live in near poverty, or in some cases absolute poverty. We believe that every place of work, every dwelling, every piece of land, in short absolutely every part of the nation must be owned and controlled by the nation.

Socialisation of the Means of Production

Multinational corporations suck the life out of the country by exploiting the labour of the people and then withdrawing profits offshore. The same is true of companies which transfer wealth within the nation, away from the Workers and into the hands of a self-selected 'elite'. The wealth of the people belongs to the people. The SWPE demands the Nationalisation (Socialisation) of all the sources of wealth within the nation. This is to be established according to the following methods:

  • Workers' Cooperatives to control all small to medium sized companies 
  • Utilities and Infrastructure to be brought under direct control by the People's Government 
  • All profits beyond that required for the payment of the Workers and the running of the companies/utilities/infrastructure to be invested in the nation 

Usury-free Economy

The creation of a State Bank as the exclusive issuer of currency will end the usurious practice of money being created as debt and loaned to the government at interest. Prices and wages will be fixed at a fair level thus bringing an end to the cycle of inflation and deflation. The fixed rate may be amended in time to ensure that wealth is truly redistributed amongst the people, but not at the expense of undermining the ability of industry to invest in itself for the maximum benefit of the people.

Abolition of the Stock Exchange and Off-shore Exploitation

The SWPE opposes all unearned monetary gain. The Stock Market is the epitome of the Casino Economy in which money is made and lost with no regard for the Workers. This unacceptable practice has come to see more and more outsourcing of industry with wealth generated by the exploitation of Workers overseas. We oppose all exploitation and theft and will put an end to all investment outside the nation. Stealing the wealth of other nations is as unacceptable as allowing the wealth of our nation to be stolen by exploiters from within the nation or from without.

An Ecologically-sound Employment Policy

It is ludicrous that people should have to travel to remote towns to find work. The standardisation of wages and prices will end the imbalance of wealth across the nation. In the transition to a fully Socialist economy, employers will be financially penalised if they employ people who have to commute should their be local people available to take the work. Environmentally-friendly modes of working, such as teleworking and online working will reduce the need for many to travel to work. The redistribution of industry across the nation will also reduce the stress-creating and environmentally harmful practice of commuting.

Universal Basic Income and an end to the Benefits System

Universal Basic Income for all citizens of the country will give people the freedom from economic worry.  This will encourage entrepreneurs who have ideas which when put into practice will benefit the people as a whole.  It will allow for people to train and retrain so that they can better contribute to society. It will mean the end of the soul-destroying benefits system, which makes people jump through hoops to gain a pittance to live on, and likewise it will liberate people working in the benefits system from unrewarding, depressing work.  All citizens will receive the Basic Income.  Non-citizens will get nothing, and this will make entering the country for economic advantage completely pointless.

Free Public Transport for all

All public transport (Railways, Buses, Ferries) will be Nationalised and made free to use for everyone. The investment in trams and other low-pollution means of transport will make the use of private cars un-necessary for most journeys.

No Nuclear Power

The great Serbian inventor, Nikola Tesla, discovered means of generating and distributing power in a manner which is not harmful to the environment. The use of Nuclear Power and Shale Fracking exists to generate profits and is detrimental to the well-being of the people. We will close all Nuclear Power Stations and Shale Fracking operations, replacing them with alternative sources of energy which are not exploitative of the people or the planet.

Home Ownership for all

We will end the Bedroom Tax mentality by making an 'Englishman's Home his Castle'. The speculative housing market has given power to Landlords who become rich at the expense of people who live in 'their' properties. The renting of accommodation will be made obsolete as all members of the nation will be given accommodation in which to live without mortgage or rent. Housing will be allocated according to family size, with a massive programme of renovation of properties generating much needed employment but not at the cost of building over the countryside.

Complete Sovereignty and National Freedom

We will withdraw from all multinational organisations such as NATO, the United Nations, G8, British Commonwealth and the European Union. Sovereignty of the nation belongs to the People and this is non-negotiable.

Armed Neutrality and an end to Overseas Militarism

Our military have been used as mercenaries for global corporations and corrupt politicians. We will close all overseas bases and bring all our military home. The job of the military must be to protect the people. To this end, all citizens must undertake a period of service in the military, learning how to defend the people as a whole from enemies of our freedom. We will not engage in any military actions which are of no interest to the people, and we will ensure that we have the best trained fighters in the world, with the most advanced weaponry, so that those outside our borders (and any collaborators within) who feel threatened by our freedom, will not dare to attack us.


The Rural Community is the lifeblood of the nation. We will reduce the sizes of the cities, with the eventual elimination of large conurbations. The relocation of industry to the towns and the restoration of peasant-based agriculture, will see a return to natural living, with real communities providing a sane and healthy way of life, in contrast to the cosmopolitan rootless urbanism which is psychologically and physically debasing.

Greater Leisure Time and Work and Free Education for All 

The employment of technology can reduce the working hours needed to keep a stable society functioning. Monotonous, stressful and physically damaging work can be done away with by employing technological methods. The working day can thus be reduced to maybe 4 hours per Worker, allowing for increased leisure time for the development of personal skills, art, music, inventiveness, genius. Education will be freely available to all, and will be seen as a desirable path to personal and social growth. Work must not be a chore. We do not seek to end Capitalist exploitation, only to replace it with a different variant of exploitation.

Popular Democracy through Referenda

There is no place for pantomime elections to a pantomime parliament. There is no need for political parties.  Political Parties are self-serving and divisive.  In place of the ridiculous system of Representative Democracy (Representative of Big Business), we propose an end to this farce and the creation of a People's Government in which the People will be the State. In order to ensure that this does not slide into a bureaucratic State Capitalist system such as in the Slave State of China, the People will guide the nation through referenda such as is used in Switzerland. There will be no bloated politicians, as all members of the administrative body of the State will be on the same wage as an ordinary Worker and subject to immediate dismissal in the event of any hint of corruption or dealings with anti-social (anti-Socialist) forces, from within the nation, or without.

Family First

The primacy of the Family must be enshrined as the highest virtue of the nation. The right of Women to be Mothers, of Men to be Fathers, and of Children to be raised in a stable two-parent family will be ensured by the recognition of Motherhood as a valuable job, which will be treated as such financially, with Mothers given a living wage for this vital role in society. The harmful descent into Lone Parent anti-Family life will be reversed.

Community Life

The natural rural-based community will provide the elderly with a living beyond existence; a living in which they can share their age-acquired wisdom with younger generations. Children will grow up knowing those around them in a community which is as an extended family. This will enhance mutual respect, weaken anti-social tendencies, and reduce the temptation into hooliganism and crime.

No Open Borders

We seek an end to all immigration. We seek to educate and train our own people. Recruiting people from other countries not only takes opportunities from those at home, but weakens the countries who lose their skilled workers. Should people wish to leave the nation, they will be allowed to do so, but there will be no access to outsiders who could threaten our way of life.

Free Healthcare and Free Water

The privatisation of Water is a crime which we will not tolerate.  Water is vital for life.  As such we will ensure everyone has access to water, free of charge.  This will be a part of our programme of providing free Healthcare.  The NHS will be redeveloped along holistic lines, seeing modern quackery replaced by ethically-sound so-called alternative medicines.  The days of Big Pharma and the scandalous industry of death which goes behind the name of modern pharmaceutical medicine, will come to an end.

Respect for all members of the nation - Animals included

All members of the nation will be treated with equal respect.  We will not tolerate the return of the Class System or of any sectional control over others.  We will not tolerate animal cruelty, and will certainly not tolerate the barbaric practice of ritual slaughter for reasons of 'religious' belief.

An End to the Class System

The Class system is an alien idea which has its roots in the idea of the Divine Right of Kings to rule over the people. The Monarchy justifies the exploitation of the people according to social strata. We will abolish the Monarchy and Aristocracy. We will abolish the financial sector as it stands, outlawing the alien practice of usury. We will abolish the horrendous encouragement of boys to idolise sportsmen and girls to idolise prostitute pop 'stars'. There will be no financial divisions to place man above man, and the worship of money will be a thing of the past. In place of the Class System, we will build a united society in which people have mutual respect for one another, and an understanding that everyone has a part to play in the smooth running of society. There will be no White Collar - Blue Collar snobbery. By creating a truly co-operative economy, no one will profit without the assistance of everyone else. We will march together and build a society in which everyone is respected and cherished.

A Strong Britain, Strengthened by a Deepened Understanding of our Diverse Cultures

The British People have diverse historical origins which have been fed upon by separatists to weaken us and pit us against each other.  We have merged over centuries to become one people, from the gradual coming together of Anglia, Mercia, Northumbria, Northumbria, Deheubarth, Gwynedd, Powys, Cait, Fortriu, Strathclyde, etc. The SWPE is a party of Tradition and understands that to build anything worthwhile, one must build on solid foundations. So to build a glorious future for the British nation, we must look to our past and embrace our different cultures, with the education system being used to cement them together - with practical measure such as teaching Cymraeg and Gaelic nationwide, giving the ancient languages back to all the people so that what has been used to divide us, unites us.  We will build a future worth living in on the foundations of a past which was honourable and truly Socialist. We will end the corporate whore state of the UK, replacing it with a Free Socialist Britain controlled by and organised for the British Working Class.


The SWPE is opposed to the globalist nonsense of 'multiculturalism'. We have no desire to exploit any other nation and to impose our ways on other people; we oppose all forms of Imperialism. The nation is the people and the people are the nation. Globalist multiculturalism destroys authentic culture, leaving it vulnerable to hostile takeover by violent and oppressive dogma. We are British. We love our people and this is why we fight for a free Socially Just Britain. The Twentieth Century saw mass immigration of non-Europeans; the Twenty First is seeing the continuance of this with the addition of unsustainable levels of European immigration. We will end the involvement of our military in campaigns which push people into seeking a better life away from their homelands. We will use the profits of the multinational corporations to pay for the resettlement of people in their homelands. Just as Israel is right to demand that the Jewish State is exclusively Jewish, so we demand a Homeland for the British people in which we can grow and fully immerse ourselves in our Culture, Tradition and our own way of life.

Self Sufficiency

By reorganising the land, we will achieve self-sufficiency in the production of food, meaning that we will have no need to import any food from any other country. We will reorganise the placing of industry to ensure that we are self-sufficient in all the commodities we need. We expect hostility from the outside world, until they see that our way is a fairer and better way. There are countries rife with supremacist bigots who will refuse to accept our right to rule ourselves. By achieving self-sufficiency, we will disarm all attempts to blockade us. We have no interest in foreign trade, which we see as exploitative. We seek a Free Britain - free from all foreign entanglements (political or economic).


We understand that people feel a need for a connection to the spiritual. We understand that there is more to life than pure economics. We favour the study of our ancient spiritual traditions, including the Pagan, Druidic, Odinist, Roman, Norse, Greek and other religions indigenous to Europe. We reject the dictatorial exploitative religions of the East. We will actively discourage the belief in the monotheistic religions originating from the Middle East, favouring instead those who are Euro-polytheistic or are not interested in pursuing any faiths. We recognise the harmful nature of organised Christianity, Judaism and Islam to the English nation and will make religion a matter of conscience for people to engage in in private. We will not tolerate organised globalist religion pushing its agenda in public. No Mosque, Synagogue, Sikh Temple, Church etc will be left to continue pushing the belief systems of Globalism.  For Christians, we will encourage the rejection of Protestantism, Catholicism and Unitarianism in favour of Orthodoxy, which we respect for its solidarity with the People. Buildings of outstanding architectural beauty such as Cathedrals and some of the more architecturally impressive churches, will be turned into centres of culture for the people.  We are Socialists. This means we believe in our Society. We are not liberals and we have no sympathy with 'political correctness' which is globalist treason hidden behind well-sounding slogans and fake smiles, and we will not allow decadent clergymen to use their pulpits to promote ideological policies which are harmful to the people..


We will abolish all Income Tax, VAT, National Insurance etc. There will be no direct taxation on the people. All revenue for the State will be taken directly from the economy.  By fixing prices and wages, everyone will have the security of knowing that the cost of living will never change. Tax is theft; we will abolish it.

The SWPE vision is of a Free Socialist Britain; a nation owned by the people.  Ours is a future of prosperity of Culture, of co-operation, of mutual support, of Art, Tradition, and a Living Vital People. We will build a Republic of Free People, with no need for engagement in the Globalist rat race.  We will build a nation in which everyone is respected and no social strata exists.  We will build a Britain in which Tradition is the foundation and real Culture is cherished; a Britain where pornographic 'pop' culture will not exist; an Britain of Genius; a Britaind of fulfillment; a Britain of Freedom.  By restructuring the economy so that the essentials of life are available to everyone, we will liberate people from the fear of hunger and the fear of homelessness.  This will allow our people to advance to higher levels of living, rather than to eeking out an existence, as is presently the case.


  1. Please, inform as to what the difference is between your ideology and National Socialism.

    I note that "National" "Nationalist" "Nationalism" isn't present in your title -- but your policies suggest such to be part of your ideology.

    And, I refer to genuine "pre Night Of The Long Knives" National Socialism, as exemplified by the Strassers -- not the following Hitlerism / Nazism, which certainly wasn't genuine National Socialism, but was little more than Mussolini Fascism.

  2. Thanks Steve. This needed a full response, so that's what you're getting!


  3. I know in this day & age propaganda is a dirty word, nevertheless You really do need to get some out there.
    Public relations then if you like. Hashtag Hashtag Hashtag, leaflets, occupy twitter/facebook (faceberg ; ) i am certain if you got the attention of just 10% of the old NF / BNP crowd, many would be more than interested. This is the real deal, This is what many people with a Social and National mindset have been waiting for.
    Anyway getting back to it, even if you caught the eye of 10% of the UKIP crowd, which is where a huge number of the desperate BNPers ran off too after nicks party was hijacked by Hope not Hate, they would be interested.

    I do not shut myself off from the 'normies' like many with fringe political worldviews. I mingle on a daily basis with workmates, neighbours, gym etc etc and many Labour voters feel that the white working class has been betrayed by Labour. I know for a fact that more than a few Labour people dont swallow this multiCULTurism & diversity bullcrap. But who else has a chance othere than UKIP. i voted UKIP myself last year, but only because there wasnt a Real working class advocate for English values etc.

    I remember when a few of us first saw a few fellas on a march with a S.W.P.E. banner, the one with the workers cog or crank inside a sunwheel type design. It confused a few of the braindead EDL types i think ha ha kosher Nationalists....
    Anyway im just babbling now..

    So C'mon get the word out.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement! We're plugging away of Twitter, but Facebook is a problem, with our accounts getting closed quite quickly, and with a general reluctance to go on that State monitoring site. But you're right, we do need to make ourselves better known.

    The reactionary EDL idiots really are an embarrassment. We joined a demo in Swansea and were told that if the people hadn't been there, we would have been smashed across the road to the rest of the reds! They saw our Red Banner and couldn't understand that Socialism and liberalism are not the same thing. Funnily the 'smashing' didn't happen - unless shouting abuse counts as an attack!

    In Newcastle we were a part of an anti-paedophile protest, campaigning against ALL rapists, of all origins. We were not the only Socialist group there, so the cross spectrum unity of purpose was quite impressive. There were a few discontents taking photos and jeering (presumably in favour of people who destroy children), but they could have been undercover types out to cause trouble.

    Do you know any good software for designing leaflets for activists to print off themselves? We DO need to push our message forward, and any suggestions to help would be really appreciated.

  5. How would we get food such as bananas and dates that dont grow natural here

  6. That argument is similar to the anti-Brexit one which complains that a free UK without access to chep EU labour would suffer a shortage of slaves!

    We would trade with Socialist countries in a mutually beneficial way. Our priority would be in making the country self-sufficient. Not having access to exotic fruit is a small price for freedom!