Saturday, 8 February 2014

Socialist Phalanx - A forum for all who promote National Freedom and Social Justice

Socialist Phalanx is a forum for Revolutionary Socialists and Left-wing Nationalists.  It is the home of a diverse range of Socialists, united by their defiant defence of the Nation as the basis of Society.

In our struggle for a halt to the destruction of nations as a part of the move to create a single global materialistic state, it is refreshing to find a forum which speaks with honesty and sincerity.  To quote the moderator, 'Celtiberian', with regards to the destruction of nations and the label 'Internationalism',

"...[I]nternationalism does not mean for us anti-nationalism. Nor has it anything whatever to do with the vague doctrine of world-organization, for which no accurately descriptive name exists, symbolized by the picturesque ceremony of a flag burning. This much exploited ceremonial was a crude attempt to symbolize a conception of a nationless world.

We repudiate the claim made by some that loyalty to this nation is inconsistent with true internationalism. Those who say that Socialism involves the view that the working class has no nation to call its own, that all nations are alike, that there is nothing to choose between a militarist autocracy and a democratic republic, do not preach Socialist Internationalism, but pernicious reactionary nonsense.

"Internationalism presupposes nationalism. It is the inter-relation of nations. The maintenance of national integrity and independence is an essential condition of internationalism. This principle has never in the past been seriously questioned in our movement. It has been the guiding principle of our policies in the Socialist International.
John Spargo quoted in Victor L. Berger: Hearings Before the Special Committee, Vol II, p. 627 (emphasis added).

The word 'Internationalist' is a word we use frequently to describe the enemy. Perhaps this word is inadequate - the term 'nation destroyers' being more appropriate. Thank you to Celtiberian for these thought-provoking words from John Spargo. 

It is a pleasure to find a forum which is not tainted by reactionaries and liberals. For those who cherish true Socialism, the forum is well worth taking a look at.