13 April 2013

Dictatorship of the Proletariat hides Domination by outsiders.

"The proletariat, when it seizes power [...] should and must at once undertake socialist measures in the most energetic, unyielding and unhesitant fashion, in other words, exercise a dictatorship, but a dictatorship of the CLASS, not of a party or of a clique -- dictatorship of the class, that means in the broadest possible form on the basis of the most active, unlimited participation of the mass of the people, of unlimited democracy." - Rosa Luxemburg

Rosa Luxemburg spoke of the proletariat rising to take over power.  This is one of the most widely used of all Marxist lies.   Rosa Luxemburg was born into a very wealthy family of Jews.  She was herself one of the same Bourgeoisie which she wrote at length in condemnation of.  As is typical with Marxists, Luxemburg was a hypocrite.

For a society to function, there must be no class conflict.  This does not mean allowing the exploitation of the workers to continue at the hands of the financial elite, but nor does it mean replacing the exploitation Of the Workers with a system of exploitation By them.

Class Divisions serve the interests of the Ruling  Power Elite.  In a Capitalist society, the Financial Ruling Class owns everything, and reduces everyone else to servitude.  In the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist society, the Financial Class is replaced by the Bureaucracy of the Party, but those outside the Ruling group, are treated in exactly the same manner.  Look at the Marxist revolutions worldwide and you will see that the same people who ruled before them, appear in positions of power after them.

Rosa Luxemburg, like Marx, was a Jew.  The brief German Communist takeover after the First World War was not a Proletarian one, but a Jewish one.  the same is true for the USSR.  In each case, the Jewish money power gave way to a Jewish political power, which served as  a front to hide the continuity of the real rulers.

Class War is the enemy of the nation.  In a real Socialist Republic, there will be no such thing as Class.  Workers and Managers will work alongside one another for the benefit of the nation.  To this end, it is of absolute importance that the real enemy Ruling Class is identified and deposed.

The real enemy of the people is not sections from within, but those who operate amongst us , but are not of us.  We speak of the likes of Marx and Luxemburg, who come from outside the nation, but dare to speak of fighting for the people.  They do fight for 'the people', but the people they fight for, is their people, not ours.

The Ruling Class is really a Ruling Caste, and it is markedly Jewish in character.  To free the people, we have to identify our enemies, not by Marxian socio-economic factors, but by organic factors, such as racial origins.  This is why Marxism has failed.  If we follow people who are not of our kind, we will ultimately be used to further their ends.  It can be no other way.

A Socialist Revolution must be one which purifies the nation by expelling the Ruling Caste, and all those who belong to it racially, even if they claim to be on our side.  We were lied to in the USSR, and in every place where we overthrew one set of Jewish oppressors to have them replaced by another one.  The Dictatorship of the Proletariat is a lie.  It pits us against one another, and allows for our oppressors to continue to abuse us.  We have to overcome this desire to become a replacement Ruling Class and build a society in which there is no Ruling Class at all. 

Bakunin warned that Marxism would lead to the Proletariat being used to create a new Ruling Class, which would then go on to exploit the people.  He was right.  We have to learn not to follow in the footsteps of those who misled the enemies of Capitalism into building its duplicate under the banner of Communism.


Anonymous said...

Good article, however I must object the notion that classes aren't going to exist in a socialist republic. Classes arise from the division of labour, i.e. people working in different jobs. Our goal as nationalist socialists should be to destroy the current rulling class, the financial capital and then try to cooperate with all progressive classes (workers, peasants, small entrepreneurs, independent jobbers, intellectuals) on the basis of Strasser's national socialism.

Socialist Worker said...

This is true. The current concept of class is what has to go. Of course people will always find jobs suited to their temperament and their abilities, but this should in no way allow for the blatant snobbery where people in the country are told that they must strive to become lawyers or accountants and that only failures work on the land. If anything, the opposite is the case, and in a sane country, the peasantry would be honoured and such 'careers' which further the capitalist stranglehold would be abolished.

We need people who contribute: craftsmen, tradesmen, artisans, peasants, labourers, overseers, management to coordinate work etc - we don't need stock brokers, social workers etc. And most importantly, we need to build a society of mutual respect where everyone appreciates everyone else's contribution. Cooperative, Syndicalist and Distributist ideas all share the same goal - of giving the people control over our own lives. We must ensure that we do this without falling into a new version of class conflict.