12 April 2013

The Structure of the SWPE

Unlike mainstream parties who follow the dead and pointless electoral path, we in the Socialist Workers' Party England believe in radical change.  We do not have a leadership structure based on a high up executive telling the ordinary members what to do.  The old parties have failed because the leaders have no respect for the members, and the members expect the leaders to do everything for them.

The only way to achieve change is for people to take charge of their own destinies.  

Our members need to ensure that security is given the utmost importance.  There are enemies from the State, and from its lackey parties, who wish to infiltrate all movements for freedom.  We believe in activism, not subordination to a leadership clique.  All who wish to establish their own cells should do so.  We need to get our name out, and to let the nation know that there is a genuine Socialist alternative to the decaying and controlled Trotskyite parties which wear our colours, but fight against the nation for the benefit of the International Capitalist system which they pretend to oppose.

Free Social and National must be our code.  National Freedom is vital to stop Capitalism.  Real Socialism is a strong defender of national borders.  It is time to take this message to the streets, and to stop the damage that Trotskyite infiltrators have done to Real Socialism.

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