Thursday, 30 October 2014

SWPE Recruitment and Policy Strategy

SWPE is not a conventional party.  We do not contest elections.  We do not seek mass membership.  We do not play the game of the 'democratic' overlords - we implement direct democracy at every level and every part of our organisation.  This naturally leads to the ability to manoeuvre being somewhat slow, but we prefer the stability of maintaining a close-knit organisation to the alleged advantage of fluidity which comes from a dictatorial leadership of from conferences in which people vote as they would for a television game show.  Our organisation may be slow to move, but it is equally difficult to infiltrate and wreck.

October is the traditional month for discussion in the SWPE.  We do not have AGMs but October is the month in which we really get stuck into issues which require deep and passionate debate.  As a party which is founded upon real democratic principles, rather than the fake democracy of the liberal system, our policies are subject to continuous change to reflect the will of the members.  Sometimes it seems that we are subject to endless debate over minute details, but in the end, the debate is healthy.  We do not preach Socialism in every aspect of life and then employ the methods of the Ruling Class to control our membership.  There is no abusive strategy to 'keep the members in line'.  Our Socialism is genuine and as such is one which thrives on open discussion about everything.

Our deep and free structure does not mean that we have no policies or purpose.  Quite the opposite is the case.  In order to ensure that our platform is not hijacked by hostile elements and destroyed from within, we do not recruit in the conventional manner of allowing anyone who is willing to pay up for membership to join.  We prefer to contact people who we think are of a like mind and to then add them to our family.  Our organisation is small, but it is strong.  We have seen movements come and go who have existed solely to recruit members.  There has been an endless cycle in every part of the political spectrum of parties poaching from one another.  People can be seen to move in circles, changing the names of the organisations they hold allegiance to, until inevitably they drop out, sickened by the pantomime circus and the expense of time, money and energy for nothing.  We do not take part in these circuses.  We will work with other organisations, but we will not pilfer their members. 

We have reached a decision that it may be time to offer probationary membership in the conventional means.  This will not weaken us or threaten what will become the inner party.  We have been approached by people who wish to know more about us and who may in time become full members of our organisation.  The outer party will be a channel to the inner party but will not have the same position as the organisation we have built up and protected.  We accept that new blood can be good, but we are not obsessed with gaining members at the cost of losing our direction and becoming yet another captured group doing the bidding of the Ruling Class.

If you are interested in joining the outer party, get in touch.

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