Saturday, 6 December 2014

Censoring of Azzaam and the plagiarisers of the PSFM

Azzaam Abdul-Hakeem is the founder of the People Social Freedom Movement a movement that pulls from the philosophy of Gaddafi, Nasser, and Hugo Chavez and holds an alliance with the Jewish Labour Bund and Christian Socialist groups. They hold a philosophy of Nation First and claims to be a fourth way of politics.  Azzaam had been put under attack by the Patriotic Socialist Party. This party has been defaming him through libel and ended up getting him censored from his own Facebook page making it difficult to dispense propaganda and info for the upcoming election time in Britian. Below are pictures slandering Azzaam and PSFM: 

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  1. This is from the website:

    Firstly I am beyond the nightmares of Free Enterprise and Stockmarket, the World Wide Revolution is where I am. Secondly I'm the mascot of Socialist Revolutionary Press(Comics and Political Press) I study Social Studies, Propaganda and History all the time. I have Superpowers such as time traveling powers. Gate keeper of Crossroad worlds and Cheese. All Marxists and Nazis fear me. Religiously Socialist. I can turn Communists into Frogs and turn Capitalists into Pigs. I have 2 Wives who do my bidding. IT IS I WHO DEAL IN WORLD REVOLUTION. LET ALL TREMBLE BEFORE ME. SOCIAL RELIGION & SOCIAL JUSTICE IS COMING. ENEMIES BEWARE!!! The Socialist Revolutionary Press is a Proletarian Newspaper for Patriotic Socialists, Unionists and all fractions of the Global Union of Revised Socialism.

    What is your opinion of this site? Is it part of the propaganda of the PSFM or or the opponents of the PSFM? What are your thoughts on the misogynistic and lunatic paragraph above?