Saturday, 28 March 2015

Elite Schools are an affront to Freedom

England is an occupied nation.  It has been a nation controlled by its enemies, since at least the time of the Norman invasion of 1066.  The Ruling Class dictate to the ordinary people about how we must behave, what opinions we must have, who we are allowed to associate with, and what scraps we are permitted to take from the table.

The education system is one of the pillars of the tyranny of the Ruling Class.  The self-proclaimed 'elite' dictate that we must be educated to a standard which they define.  That standard is the lowest possible level of education which is necessary in order to keep the slaves in place and the capitalist system going.  Basic numeracy and literacy is all that is allowed for the majority of people who are kept as cogs in the machine.  The level of education given to us is such that it prevents freedom of thought; it prevents the slaves from questioning their slavery.

The situation in the 'education' system is worse than keeping the people in ignorance - we are subjected to brain-washing to make us feel that our owners are benevolent, and that we are really free.  Citizenship lessons teach us what it means to be a slave.  We are taught that we have to accept the invasion of our country by millions of people who despise us because we do not share their sick religious fantasies.  We are taught that to oppose the brutal cruelty of halal and kosher, is 'racist', as is any desire to live amongst our own people and practice our own culture and indigenous beliefs.  The 'education' system is an indoctrination system which keeps us submissive to the tyrants who rule us.  People wouldn't line the streets to get a glimpse of the royal family if they knew the truth about the thieves and butchers who occupy Buckingham Palace - if they had a real education, the queen's head wouldn't be on postage stamps, it would be on a spike on public display in a national museum to celebrate the end of our oppression.

While our people are forced to study alien faiths and to tolerate people who have been brought to our shores to create job insecurity and to cut wages to below liveable levels, the Ruling Class send their own children to schools where they do not have to mingle with people who hate them and where they do not have to listen to the promotion of insane cults (other than perhaps, the cult of money).  The Ruling Class are educated to have power over everyone else.  The ordinary people are forced into schools to become fodder for the factory, shop and army.  The Ruling Class are afforded the best that money can buy, in institutions that are tax exempt, adding the insult of tax avoidance to the injury of sustaining a class of tyrants who have gained their wealth by exploiting the rest of us and treating us like cattle.

SWPE demands that all private (so-called public) schools, colleges and universities be closed down.  Further, we demand that all boarding schools be shut down.  In the coming English Republic, education will be given free of charge to all, with the abolition of larger institutions, to be replaced by small local schools to which nobody can be admitted who doesn't live in the immediate area.  Children will stay in the same school from the point of entry as young children, to the point of exit at the highest practicable level.  There will be no further education colleges or universities, as the type of education offered at local level, will surpass the mind-numbing 'education' which is currently offered to people who have passed through the school system and into the decadent liberal recruiting grounds which make a mockery of the concept of seats of learning.

The days of the Ruling Class are coming to an end.  SWPE demands a completely new system of education in which everyone has the same opportunity to learn, every school is small enough to generate a community spirit, and every locality has a school of excellence to which all local people (and only local people) of all ages  will have access.

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