Saturday, 16 July 2016

Brexit in danger. Preserving the Union at any cost? No. We don't need the UK. We need Freedom

The UK voted to leave the EU, and the Ruling Class is furious.  The new PM, Theresa May, was selected by Tory MPs, with the Conservative Party denied any choice in who should succeed David Cameron.  The vote was controlled so as to ensure that the most outspoken servant of international corporate tyranny would be in place to make sure that the UK does not achieve full independence from the hated European Union of bankers, gangsters and political parasites.

Theresa May is a careerist, who has put her own selfish interests first for such a long time that she has never had children.  Anyone who can be so ego-maniacal as to deny the most important of all natural instincts, can not be trusted to have authority over anyone else, never mind run a country!

Theresa May is a con artist and liar.  She claims to be against tax evasion, but her own husband is a notorious tax dodger.  She talks of creating a watered down form of Syndicalism, but she hates the Working Class and would see any Working Class involvement in business management limited to token representation - toothless and pointless.  May has been instrumental in wrecking the morale of our great Fire Brigades, calling heroes who put the safety of others before their own lives, 'racist'. May is a Globaliser, an apologist for mohammedanism, an EU fanatic and in countless other ways, unfit to be an MP, never mind PM.  But PM she is, because that is what the Ruling Class want - a compliant lying tool who will do their bidding so long as her own coffers are kept topped up.

Theresa May is going to sell the UK down the river.  That is why she has been undemocratically given the job of Prime Minister.  That is also why the position of Prime Minister has morphed into a de facto Presidency, with the unelected one over-riding the elected many.

The majority of the UK electorate voted to leave the EU.  Northern Ireland and Scotland voted to remain as slaves.  Spain-hating Gibraltar also voted to stay in the EU, interestingly though until the Referendum, Gibraltar wasn't even considered part of the UK, only being brought into the equation to boost pro-EU votes! Likewise the occupied territory of London, despite being the capital of the UK, is now being touted as a 'region' because the millions of non-Brits residing there voted to prevent the country they moved to from having a chance of freedom.  The UK vote counts as a single unit, so to now declare that it isn't fair for the UK to leave the EU because some of its parts differed with the view of the majority, is ludicrous.

May has made a point of cosying up to the anti-Scottish SNP.  The ridiculous claim made by May is that the UK cannot leave the EU until it receives the approval of Scotland (but not, interestingly enough, Northern Ireland, Gibraltar or 'London'), therefore Article 50 which begins the separation process, will not even be activated until the sparsely populated part of the UK north of England decides to accept the will of the country as a whole.  8% of the population of the UK residing in Scotland (well, more accurately the smaller still percentage, considering the two fifths of Scots whose voices are being ignored because they voted with England and Wales for freedom) are seriously being allowed to hold the rest of us to ransom, and May is happy to go along with this EU trickery.  

SWPE sees no reason for Article 50 to be used to leave the EU.  Slovenia did not have to negotiate its way out of Yugoslavia. Estonia did not have to go through years of disengagement to leave the USSR.  We see no reason why the UK should have to take years to get out of the EU - we believe the best option is to forget Article 50 and simply repeal all UK-created legislation relating to joining the EEC / European Community / EU as it has variously been called, and to leave immediately, severing all ties, discarding all EU legislation, including such things as the rights of EU citizens or citizens without historic ancestry to the British nations, to be here at all.  WE don't need to play the EU's and UK Ruling Class's game of watering down withdrawal from the EU, to the point where we're in the EEA, have to accept free movement of all EU citizens and basically end up in the EU in everything but name. We need to tell them that we have left, we are free and if they don't like it, they can...well, you know the rest!

SWPE does not believe in maintaining the UK at any cost.  We supported the Scots who wanted independence in the 2014 Referendum, because we felt (and still do) that the UK is an imperialistic entity which prevents the constituent nations from achieving what best suits them culturally, socially and economically.  But the result of the 2014 Referendum was for the UK to remain together and so it is absurd and anti-democratic that the SNP should use the threat of a further Scottish Independence Referendum to keep the UK together, trapped inside the EU.  This is outrageous when one considers that the SNP seeks to create an independent Scotland inside the EU, which would mean that the UK would cease to exist anyway, and the price of temporarily keeping the UK together would be to enslave England and Wales in the EU against our will, to appease EU fanatics in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the nonsense regions of London and Gibraltar.

SWPE proposes a Referendum for England and Wales.  We would ask the people of England and Wales to vote to leave the UK, forming a new federal country, with power devolved to the various ancient nations within the two countries: Northumbria, Gwynedd, Powys, Mercia, Anglia, Deheubarth, Morgannwg, Gwent, Wessex, Kernow, for example.  Our 'new' federal nation would not be hostile to our brothers and sisters in Ireland and Scotland. Our proposal is made of respect for our neighbours, along with a steadfast resolve to do what is best for our own people.

We don't need the EU - so we have voted to leave. We don't need the UK, NATO, UN, WTO or any other globalising institution.  We have taken a vital step towards freedom and we must make sure that scum like Theresa May are not allowed to use all manner of lying, distorting, manipulative con tricks to throw us back into the prison cell we have so recently voted to escape.  The lie that we have to preserve the UK to survive is the same EU lie but localised. Let Scotland go back to the EU if it wants. Let Ireland be united if the majority in the North wills it. Let England and Wales march forward to freedom together.

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