27 January 2017

Holocaust, Holodomor, Hollow Propaganda

The 27th of January is an ordinary day with no special significance.  SWPE has a policy of opposing mind rotting religions.  For this reason, although this date has absolutely no value in itself, it has to be addressed for its central position in a most heinous piece of malicious propaganda, which is being used to create an atmosphere which s conducive to the destruction of sovereignty and to all barriers to globalisation.

In the early part of the twentieth century, a series of countries in Europe began to break free from the criminal Capitalist Banking System.  In 1917, one hundred years ago this October, Comrade Lenin led the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party to victory over the Tsarist regime.  In the 1920s, the leadership of the RSDLP passed to Comrade Stalin.  Stalin reversed many of the policies of Lenin, correcting mistakes which had been made in order to accommodate the liberal lunatics of the Mensheviks, headed by the Wall Street asset, Trotsky.  The Russian Revolution was designed to oust the Tsar and to make the penetration of Russia by globalist Capitalists far easier.  Trotsky was the key figure for the annihilation of free Russia, and Stalin was the man who did everything in his power to halt that.  The vilification of Stalin is revenge for his valiant attempts to stop the Trotskyite takeover of the USSR - an attempt hampered by Trotsky's OGPU/GPU/NKVD/KGB, which was sadly so entrenched that no matter what Stalin did, the poison of Trotsky could not be fully overcome.

For the crimes of restoring the importance of family, and even more for the crime of putting emphasis on sovereignty, the enemies of Socialism created the myth of the Holodomor to discredit the USSR under Stalin.  The Holodomor fable was concocted after the end of the Second World War, but did not become a widely distributed weapon against the anti-Capitalist (anti-Trotskyite) policies of Stalin, until 1987 when the infamous 'Harvest of Despair' was made, using imagery of the 1922-3 Volga Famine, twisted with mendacious propaganda to create the illusion that Stalin organised the famine as a means to murder dissidents.  Stalin was by no means an angel as can be seen by his free use of the Gulags, but he was not guilty of the genocide in the Ukraine.  The Holodomor is Capitalist propaganda to program an emotionally averse response to the name Stalin and to any positive examination of the ideals he embodied.

Although the Holodomor is painted as a 1920s massacre, it was not even heard of until after the Second World War, and it is eclipsed by the 1940s propaganda against the Socialist countries of Europe outside the USSR in the period up to 1945.  The most infamous propaganda in the twentieth century, which has become a religion for the twenty-first, is the idea that the people of Europe passively allowed the leadership of Germany to massacre 6 million Jews in 'gas chambers'.  The Holocaust is such a disgusting defamation of the character of the European people that it has to be protected by law, with many countries making it a crime to even question the details of the lies.

The Holodomor and the Holocaust are pieces of Hollow Propaganda which do not stand up to scrutiny.  They are emotionally charged, with the intention not to question the various strands of Socialist ideology, but to make these strands unpalatable by associating the figureheads with 'evil'.

Stalin stood for Socialism in One Country, making love of the Motherland, love of family, self respect, honour and duty, central to the lives of the people of the USSR.  He turned the ugly open borders bigotry of Trotsky on its head.  What is now referred to as 'Cultural Marxism' and the Social Justice Warrior phenomenon is Trotskyism, which is itself a negation of Marxism and is a tool of Global Capitalism.  Socialism has always been about doing what is best for the people - open borders is what is best of the corporations.

The Socialists who put the label 'National' as a qualifier for their interpretation of the ideology, have been even more vilified for opposing the total obliteration of sovereignty - even though groups like the Waffen SS were multi-cutural, multi-ethnic and multi-religious.  Pro-refugee, pro-Identity, anti-Borders ideology rests entirely on an emotional opposition to Sovereignty - which is why the Holo lies (domor and caust) are being pushed onto innocent naive minds at every opportunity.  The sickness which paints the quest for truth as 'anti-Semitic' hides the reality that there are ever more Jewish people speaking out against the propaganda which is assumed to be written for their benefit.

SWPE calls for the end of the Holo religion, with the laws prohibiting free research being abolished, and the temples of this insidious religion (so-called Memorial Museums) torn down and the very building blocks smashed into dust.  The propaganda of the last century has no place in the present one or any centuries to come.  The economics which thrive on open borders and the libeling of Sovereignty advocates as 'haters', has to be done away with forever.  Liberalism, Capitalism, Holoism - all these affronts to reason and sanity must be swept away, to make way for a free Socialist society in which the study of history is a part of the greater cultural drive for knowledge, and not something to be legally defined as acceptable and unacceptable thought.

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