10 February 2017

Why SWPE is anti-Abrahamic

SWPE fights for the best possible future for the people of the coming Federal Republic of England and Cymru.  As Socialists we naturally are concerned with the economic aspects of the struggle for the People, but we are not blinkered into seeing economics as the sum total of the struggle.

The People are more than economic units.  It is the Capitalist worldview which has no respect for Culture, Family, Spirituality; this is true whether the particular variant of the Global Capitalist threat calls itself 'Free Market' or Trotskyite.  SWPE stands for the protection of all that is healthy and wholesome, and for the absolute obliteration of all that is harmful and destructive.

Monotheism represents a break from the natural, which can be observed in daily life as a fountain of mental ill-health.  The Abrahamic cults of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Baha'i and others, emphasise the separateness of the People from 'God', with the central God being all powerful, all present and all knowing, controlling all aspects of life and having created humanity for the purpose of serving it. This is the most fundamental justification for the Class system, with the sole purpose of existence being to worship the deity - and by extension the clergy and the Ruling Class who are divinely appointed as representatives of the omnipotent/omniscient/omnipresent deity which uses subterfuge to make its existence known, and needs intermediaries to speak for it!

SWPE is not atheistic. We accept that nature itself is a marvel which goes beyond human comprehension.  Science can tell us much about the physical world, but it cannot answer questions as to why we are here, or to even what the nature of here is.  There is an argument in scientific circles as to the possibility of the universe being holographic.  A good discussion on this subject can be found at the following address:

SWPE asserts that the Abrahamic religions are systems of control, used to enforce the rule of the self selected 'elite' and to keep dissenters in fear.  As the world has become more technologically advanced, the power of Priests, Rabbis and Imams has become less plausible, with the only power left in the hands of the clergy being the threats of damnation and excommunication for those who question the will of the elite.  The Baha'i path of having no strict leadership structure is infinitely preferable to the other three main Abrahamic faiths, but this does not alter the fact that as with the others, it too paints a poisonous and perilous picture of a world in which the people are not a part of the deity, but apart from it.

SWPE understands the human need for understanding of our own existence.  Scientists are motivated by this desire, just as people who express religion are, and often there is overlap between the two. We advocate a re-evaluation of our Heathen roots, with our own form of Shinto thrown into the mix.  It does us no good to consider ourselves as inferior beings who exist only to serve our spiritual masters. In the pre-Christian religions of the Britons and Germanics who form the Celtic-Anglo-Saxon-Norse peoples of England and Cymru, the Gods were fallible like we are.  They were the embodiment of nature in forms which allowed for communication and rudimentary scientific exploration.

We oppose the Abrahamic cults for a number of reasons, namely:

  • The Abrahamic cults are universalistic, which makes them useful weapons for the implementation of a global tyranny
  • They are anti-nature, placing humans in a position of power over the planet, allowing for an ever growing number of crimes against the environment
  • They endorse animal cruelty, with the sick and depraved practices of halal and kosher being prime examples
  • Promise of rewards in the afterlife for conformity to the wishes of the religious authorities in the here and now (The Omnipresent Omnipotent deity's voice on Earth!), leads to the devoted swallowing all manner of politically determined nonsense - for example, the Saudi interpretation of Islam has led thousands to suicide for passage into Heaven, and millions of innocent people to be murdered (mostly other Muslims); the Pope's recent shift in favour of identity politics encourages devout Catholics to support the liberal poison which is destroying the entire western world
  • They all recruit by fear-mongering and domination.  Judaism, Jehovah's Witness and others use the cruel method of 'shunning' to force compliance, destroying families by breaking the faithful away from their own kin who do not believe.  Christian clergy teach children that they will be condemned to eternal torture if they leave the faith, and that any children they have themselves will be consigned to hell by default unless they are subjected to the same mind control as their parents.  In Islam, apostasy is more immediately punished by the use of murder.
  • The Abrahamic cults are supremely arrogant.  The believers consider non believers as stupid, as evil, as sinners who deserve to be punished.  This extends beyond just people who don't believe in the unholy Bible/Talmud/Koran/Kitab i Aqdas/Book of Mormom/NWT/Divine Principle etc to those who believe in the Abrahamic Cult, but to a different version of it. Catholic vs Protestant vs Orthodox, Sunni vs Shia vs Wahabi, Ultra Orthodox vs Karaite vs Reform, Unitarian vs Haifan vs Alif - these and many more subdivisions claim to be the 'truth' and the only 'truth' with others being heretics.  Millions of lives have been lost in wars for religious purity (in reality wars for political and economic domination using religion as a distraction), and as this is being read lives are being lost under the justification of cleansing the world of non believers.
  • Misogyny - the belief in original sin, whereby the supreme deity created a man (Adam) and when Adam got bored of bestiality, created him a present of a woman (Eve) for his enjoyment. The deity then placed a couple of forbidden trees in easy reach and created a talking snake (Lucifer) to trick Adam's plaything into eating the fruit of knowledge, so that it could throw Adam and Eve out of Eden to be punished in a brutal world that they were not prepared for, and all their descendants likewise forever.  The eating of the fruit was not 'god's' fault for leaving the fruit in reach, nor 'god's' fault for creating the 'devil' to tempt Eve, nor Adam's fault for demanding a woman to use as a sex object, but only Eve's!  For this reason, women in strict Muslim countries have to wear Burkas, women in strict Christian settings are considered inferior, and in all cases are considered property of men and never as equals.
  • Homophobia - Homosexuality is a variation of sexuality which occurs rarely in nature, but it does occur.  Sometimes it is the result of child abuse.  In modern times it is mainly a result of Identity Politics Trotskyite SJWs and liberal imbeciles making it fashionable so as to break down society.  But all this aside, genuine natural homosexuality does exist.  According to Abrahamics, homosexuality is a 'sin' punishable by death.  All the cults have murdered people for this 'vice', some are still murdering people for the crime of not being heterosexual.
  • Worship of Authority.  In the UK, the Ruling Class claim the Divine Right to Rule, because they are descended from an old Israeli king called David, who claimed to be descended from the made up figure of Adam, who was a plaything of the deity until he got bored and sent a talking snake to his garden to ruin his life!  There never was an Adam!  The chances of the UK monarchy being related to an irrelevant king from the ancient desert lands of the Middle East, are pretty slim, and in any event do not matter on jot.  Take away the unholy sanction for the Ruling Class to control us, and their power becomes obvious as that of a gang of criminal parasites, and the support of the monarchists becomes obvious as False Class Consciousness / Stockholm Syndrome / lunacy
  • SWPE has had to throw out Christian Identity types for peddling the nonsense that the English People (Anglo Saxons, no mention of the Celts!) are the true Israelites, and that the Bible is our history!  According to these types, all the depravity in the Bible, all the misogyny, all the war crimes, all the brutality, the homophobia, infanticide, usury, all the supremacist sickness - all this is fact, and it is our responsibility because, yawn, we are the sons (not daughters, of course) of Adam, and our menfolk have the right to treat women as inferiors because the deity says that is what women are!  The Christian Identity types are notoriously anti-Jewish, not because of any problems in the despotism in the pseudo-religious texts, but because the modern Jews are 'impostors' stealing our culture, heritage and criminal history!  It would be funny but for the fact that these types take all this nonsense very seriously.
  • The only worthy bits of the Abrahamic Cults are those tracts stolen from Heathens, so once we isolate the Heathen parts of the religions, we are left with pieces of mythology which we can identify with.  Why go to the bother of de-Abrahamising the unholy cults, when we can go straight to our own mythology and dispel with the cults altogether?
  • The vast waste of money in building temples, mosques, churches etc, could have been used to help the People.  Organised Abrahamism is organised theft, stealing from the believers on threat of damnation or bribe of posthumous reward.
  • Liberalism and Globalism use the religious idea that all men are descended of Adam, and therefore there can be no borders to people OR MONEY - making the global victory of Capitalism divinely ordered.
As Nietzsche put it:
"The Christian conception of God--God as god of the sick, God as a spider, God as spirit - is one of the most corrupt conceptions of the divine ever attained on Earth. It may even represent the low-water mark in the descending development of divine types. God degenerated into the contradiction of life,instead of being its transfiguration and eternal Yes! God as the declaration of war against life, against nature, against the will to live! God-the formula for every slander against "this world," for every lie about the "beyond"! God-the deification of nothingness, the will to nothingness pronounced holy

We can see through the scientific advances into genetics, that nature is not a thing of chance, but something very clearly crafted and organised.  We know that nature is a delicate balance which has to be respected, and that the arrogant belief that only humans matter so all other creatures can be destroyed at will, is damaging to all of us.
We believe in nature.  We have no time for a heredity Ruling Class. We do not accept the concept of Open Borders. We value our Culture. We respect Science.  We believe in the equality of men and women.  We are not homophobic.  We see ourselves as an indivisible part of what is termed the Divine, and not separate from it.  We support Carl Gustav Jung's assertion that there is a Collective Unconscious for each People and that our unity among ourselves should be celebrated as well as our distinctness from others.  Abrahamists negate all that is wholesome and that is natural. Abrahamists preach a mixture of violence against non believers and cowardice when it comes to self preservation. We embrace Heathenism and Science because they link us to our past, present and future, and give us an anchor in a sea of globalisation where the forces of anti-nature - Capitalism, Trotskyism, Abrahamism - are our greatest enemies.

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