Saturday, 24 August 2013

NewsNet14 shut down by capitalist internationalist enemies of freedom

NewsNet14 has been forced to close.  The site is peculiarly European, but the closure is an assault upon all peoples everywhere.  As Socialists, we deplore all assaults upon people based upon their inherent identities. 

Separatism is the only way to secure freedom.  We of the SWPE are not racists.  We fight racism by fighting the multicultural agenda of the globalists.  We respect the right of everyone to live amongst his and her own people; to develop as nature intended.  Those who have no respect for race as a reality, are the true racists.  Whilst we may not agree with NewsNet14 on many issues, we deplore the closure of this site. 

NewsNet14 Forced to shut down
Our Freedom of Speech Seriously Supressed

As many of you know, I wrote,and posted and passed along stories and events from many of you even for, for about 4 to almost 5 years; under the pen name of Shera Crossan. While attempting to post today, which wasn't working out so well, I received this email from the former owner of NEWSNET14 this afternoon.
We had to shut down Newsnet14, although I haven't had anything to do with it for a long time, its gotten a lot of complaints, to the point that it is a serious liability.
I hope you are doing well.
I know that many of you have a problem with the former owner Chris Evans,I have nothing to do with his past indiscretions or actions, but regardless him allowing me to be part of nn14 and giving me that medium, was a blessing! It let me try to help educate and open peoples eyes to the news and problems the White Race must endure that the MSM and the Government try to hide from us. Apparently it's working out pretty good. OUR VOICE IS STRONGER!
If you go to now, you will see this in it's place. 



Am I going to let that stop me from getting the word out and about NO! Until, I'm able to find something else, I will continue posting and writing I guess the site will have to be my blog site 'Our Weapon Is The Truth' I hope that you all will keep and mark my site. 

Thank you everyone that has helped me out over the years and I hope you continue and value your support!

Jenn, beautifulnightmare, Shera Crossan


  1. Thank you for reposting this and your support!

  2. It is the duty of all Europeans to stand together. I would rather that it wasn't necessary for this post to have even been written, but as it is, it is my pleasure to re-post.

    The enemy is over-stepping itself. We will be victorious, because as history has shown, when pushed too far, we always rise up.

  3. I thank you again for reposting this, I am also thankful for your show of support. I have gotten words of enocouragement from others in the USA, but to be truthful and honest the words of support from you and I'll post the other great words from a Comrade in Argentina that I got the other day/ you may not entirely agree with them but I they mean alot to me. I think they mean so much because you all know how quickly freedoms etc can be taken away, especially with the PC nonsense they keep trying to shove down our throats, all the way around.

    'I support your work. It´s a pain the government try to silence that voice of true. Save the white people! Hail the aryan race through the world! United we will never be defeated !!!'

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    131488: Thank you. One question - 13?