Friday, 6 September 2013

Why SWPE? What's in a name?

The SWPE is a genuine Socialist organisation.  It has been noted that our name is similar to a Marxist group in England, called the SWP. This has raised a number of questions, including,

  1. Are you in any way linked to the SWP?
  2. Why are you called the SWPE?
  3. Doesn't it cause confusion having a name which is so close to another organisation?
These are good questions which must be answered, and so they shall be!

  1. The SWP is a Marxist party which serves the interest of the British State.  It provides proxy fighters via the UAF (formerly ANL) to attack anyone who is critical of the government's internationalist direction.  The SWPE, in contrast, is formed of people wholly opposed to the lies of Marxism.  We affirm the reality that Socialism is a natural state of existence, which goes beyond materialism.  We affirm that Socialism cannot exist except within the protective womb of an autonomous ethnically homogenous nation-state.  We oppose all Internationalists,, understanding as we do, that Internationalism means Death for Society, and the victory of money over people.  We are indefatigable opponents of the likes of the UAF who we know to be the agents of the State, and in many cases a Secret police apparatus.
  2. The SWPE name comes from the merger of a number of smaller organisations, including the British Socialist Party (BSP) and the Free Workers' League (FWL).  As we are a movement for the return of England to natural Socialism, the name England is a part of our identity.  We are Socialists and we fight for the Workers.  The name is appropriate so we use it.
  3. The SWPE is close to the SWP in name only.  In England there are organisations such as the Liberal Democrats, Literal Democrats, Liberal Party, National Liberal Party, and the Labour Party and Socialist Labour Party.  No one confuses the various Liberals (and literals!), or the Labour formations, so why should the SWP and SWPE be confused?
A name is just a label to work under.  What matters is the achievement of our goals.  These are ultimately encapsulated by one overall goal, which is the end of Marxism and its twin, Capitalism, and the return of English Socialism.  If the Marxist fakers of the SWP object to our name, then let them change theirs!  We are Socialist, not Marxists.  The SWP are Internationalist Marxists and have no business using the word Socialist in their title.