Tuesday, 15 October 2013

UK Post Office stolen from the people, given to Capitalist spivs

Ok, so the above image is a pro-Labour one, and they are just as in bed with the international capitalist pariahs as the Liberals and Conservatives.  Yes, the three main parties in the UK (and the emerging UKIP as well) are all capitalist filth.  However, leaving all that aside, the image is right.  The Royal mail was sold off at a vastly lower price than its market value, simply to shift a public organisation into private hands (privateers hands), at great loss to the people and ridiculously huge profits for the Establishment's true controllers.

The sale of Royal Mail is a crime.  The Royal Mail made a vast profit for the tax payers of the UK.  Its sale will stop those profits entering the exchequer, and will thus increase the demands on the tax payer.  The profits which have thus far been flowing into the government coffers will now flow into the hands of the parasites of international finance capitalism.  In a display of arrogance which is remarkable even for the scum of Westminster, before the Royal Mail was sold off, the cost of pensions was already declared to be the responsibility of the tax payer, and not thus expected to come from the vast profits the share holders and privateer rats will be making at our expense.

Profits will sore as jobs are cut and services slashed.  Prices will sky rocket as profits are put before value for money, and the human value of treating people right.  When will people wake up and see that capitalism is a cancer and that it has to be cut out of our nations forever?

Renationalise the Post Office now!  Restore it to tits rightful owners- the people.  And drop the pathetic label, Royal, which needs to become obsolete as soon as possible.

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