Sunday, 29 September 2013

Socialism is National. Capitalism and Marxism are International

A grave mistake of many anti-Capitalists is to fall for the lie that the solution to the International disease which places people as servants of finance, is Marxism.  This is clearly wrong.  Marxism is but the same disease expressed using the lexicon of scientific and statistical analysis.

The greatest menace to all of humanity is Internationalism.  It doesn't matter one jot whether this is presented as Free Market Capitalism, or as Borderless Marxism, for it amounts to the same.  Those who exploit us through the use of the international banking system are more than happy to rub shoulders with those who speak about a universal brotherhood of man. 

For the Capitalist, the people are nothing but economic units who exist to serve as consumers and producers in the monopolised big business world.   For Capitalists, borders and nations are boundaries to trade, and so must be abolished.  When one considers the reality that the multinational corporations are steadily merging to create a single global corporation with no loyalty to nation, culture or people, the undeniable fact is that this differs from the Marxist dream of a world without frontiers, only in the propaganda used to justify it.

A great anti-Marxist and defender of humanity - a man who was judicially murdered by the international Marxist-Capitalist cabal - William Joyce succinctly summed up the true nature of Socialism thus,

"Nationalism stands for the nation and Socialism for the people.  Unless the people are identical with the nation, all politics and all statecraft are a waste of time.  A people without a nation are a helpless flock...a nation without people is an abstract nothing or a historical ghost."

The only safeguard from universal slavery is the natural unity of the people with the land to which they belong.  Only borders and the sacred unity of blood and soil can stand in the way of Internationalism.  Karl Marx was no friend of the working man.  He was a materialist, fighting for the imposition of a global materialistic system.  By sleight of hand he simultaneously expressed opposition to Capitalism whilst ensuring those who followed his dogma would implement Capitalism in its purest form.  His most disastrous legacy has been his theft of the term Socialism, which his followers have employed in support of an international agenda which is identical with multinational corporatism, aka, Capitalism.

True Socialism cannot be anything but National.  Socialism is the continuity and advancement of the People, and the protection of their cultural, spiritual, ethnic, linguistic unity.  Marxism Is Capitalism, and is the opposite of Socialism.  Marx was a willing tool of the Bankers and their ilk.  All Socialists must spit on his memory and take every opportunity to distance his lies from free, organic Socialism. 

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