Sunday, 8 December 2013

Capitalism Is Theft: Theft of Your Wealth; Theft of Your Property

The fake Socialists who follow the Establishment shill, Karl Marx, endlessly parrot the ridiculous phrase 'Property Is Theft.  Property is NOT Theft; it is all that stands in the way of servitude.

Capitalism inevitably leads to a concentration of property in fewer and fewer hands.  The ownership of everything by corporations is no different than the Marxist ownership of everything by bureaucrats.  China is an example of the reality of Marxism in practice; it only differs from the harsh oppression of the Capitalist nations insofar as it has gone even further than the land and property thieves of Wall Street.  In the West, we have Wage Slavery in all but name.  In the East, they have Total Slavery, although like their deluded counterparts in the alleged opposing economic system, they too think that they are free.

Socialism is not Marxist.  True Socialism is concerned with what is good for the people.  To that end, Socialism must be anti-Internationalist, anti-Free Trade, anti-Immigration, anti-Usury, and more than this it must be pro-Private Property, pro-Nationalist, pro-Freedom, Pro-Culture.

The Pyramid of Capitalist System as above could very easily be the Pyramid of Communist System.  The figures change, but the System remains.  Socialism in its truest form is that of the Guilds, of what is referred to as Distributism.  All Socialists must read as widely as possible into the ideology of the Guild Socialists and the Distributists.  Once one has a thorough understanding of the fact that Marxism IS Capitalism, one will understand that Socialism stands in opposition to both (or more accurately to the Materialistic System, regardless of what labels used).  To regain our freedom, we need to know where we stand, and to dispense with false ideologies, no matter how deeply we have been propagandised by them.

A place to begin is by researching the following:

Hillaire Belloc
GK Chesterton
William Cobbett
Arthur Penty
William Morris.

Know your enemies, but first Know Yourself.  If we are to build a better nation, we must ensure we use the right tools, and not the Materialistic dross we have been handed by the liars in the media and the mis-education system.

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