Thursday, 30 January 2014

Building links across Europe. We stand together, or fall together

SWPE is a new organisation, created out of smaller organisations which have been around under various names for a fairly long time.  The policies of the founding organisations was always one of recruiting only those who were considered to be of such a high standard of ideological purity that they would simply fit into the respective parties.  The common recruitment policies of the Free Workers' League and the British Socialist Party worked perfectly; neither organisation suffered from any infiltration; neither suffered any ideological dilution; neither grew at all!

The steadfast refusal of the FWL and the BSP to recruit anyone with any views which were not wholly in-line with those of the party/league members, ended abruptly with the joint decision to merge the two groups into one movement: the Socialist Workers Party England.  The unification required compromises with regards to the name of the joint organisation, and to the manifesto.  To this end, the alternative names Socialist Workers' League and Free Socialists are still under consideration.  Most importantly, we do not as yet have a fully agreed upon programme.  However, these details are of less importance than the break-through we have achieved in unifying our former organisations in spirit, and taking steps away from the safe, but futile paths that we had been travelling.

Regardless of whether the name SWPE is retained, the new outward focus we have embraced, is already paying dividends.  In the first month of 2014, the SWPE has taken the bold decision to reach out to comrades across Europe in order to take the battle for a Socialist Europe away from the Marxist-liberal materialists, and return it to the people who understand that Socialism is not an economic doctrine, but a human doctrine.

Socialism is Society-ism!  It is the defence of society from those who would tear it down and make us into individualists with no cares for anything other than our own selfish egos, or even for anything more than our survival.  What use is there in achieving a deep understanding of the problems we face, if we keep this understanding to ourselves, and do not try our utmost to DO SOMETHING about the evils we all face? Isn't this attitude a form of 'collective' individualism?  A form of individualism worse than that of the materialists who have been brainwashed by the mass media, because it cannot use ignorance as an excuse?

This month, SWPE activists have taken steps to meet with representatives of organisations which share a common desire to defend the natural society.  It is with pride that we can disclose that we have made successful connections with comrades in mainland Europe.  We have made contact with figures in the syndicalist organisation Alianza Nacional, of Spain.  This is a vital step in building a network of anti-Marxist Socialists across Europe.  We may not agree with all of their ideas, but we support their faith in keeping Spain a nation for the Spanish people, just as we believe in keeping England a nation for the English.  Socialism is the unity of land and people, of blood and soil.  This first contact will hopefully be followed by more across the European homeland.  Together We Stand, United We Fall.  we can deal with the details of our differences after we have restored control of our lands to our own people.  Now we must fight as one.

For more on Alianza Nacional, visit their website -

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