Saturday, 25 July 2015

Wiki page deleted, Facebook made unaccessible.

SWPE is an organisation which follows its own path.  We are happy to acknowledge great thinkers who have inspired us, from Mikhail Bakunin to William Morris to Nikolai Bukharin to Ernst Niekisch to Ernst Rohm amongst others.  We do not advocate violence, we do not attack other organisations of left or right, we work towards our own goals in a decent and peaceable way.  It is alarming therefore that Facebook has seen fit to block our activists, making access to posting on our Facebook page problematic.  Wikipedia has deleted our page.  Rational Wiki has followed suit.

SWPE is experiencing increasing censorship.  Is this because we are non-Marxist Socialists and do not fit the pigeon holes which those who play the game are fitted into? 
The following is content which has been removed from the Wiki sites and which is published here to counter the censors.

Socialist Workers' Party England (SWPE) is a left-wing party in England.  Formed out of two smaller organisations (the British Socialist Party and the Free Workers' League), Socialist Workers' Party England is a radical party which espouses a return to Socialism as it was understood before the times of Karl Marx.

SWPE is linked to the Populist Party in London and has partner organisations across Europe, North America and Israel.

SWPE does not stand in elections, favouring a strategy of supporting candidates on an individual basis with the desired end to create a broad coalition of individuals and organisations for radical change.

SWPE is not to be confused with the SWP (Socialist Workers Party (no apostrophe, no word England), which advances Internationalism and Marxism, although the two organisations are both Socialist and both seek the overthrow of Capitalism.

The symbol of SWPE is the Sword and Sickle.  The Sickle represents the Agricultural Workers and the desire to go 'back to the land'.  SWPE is avowedly anti-urban and campaigns for the dismantling of cities.  The Sword represents strength through self defence and emphasises the belief in personal responsibility and common defence of the people. The Red and White colours represent the old English White Dragon banner on a Red field.

SWPE considers itself a bearer of 'Holistic Socialism' by which it has policies which include economics, ecology, animal welfare and spiritualism.  It favours 'indigenous European spirituality' (including Odinism and Druidism) over what it calls the 'monotheistic Semitic religions' (Judaism, Christianity, Islam).

SWPE has a structure of inner members from the former organisations and outer members who have joined since the merger.  The leadership structure reflects this with leadership requiring membership of the inner core.   

SWPE has street activists who campaign alone or with other organisations on an issue by issue basis.  Activities have included anti-vivisection campaigns, anti-paedophile campaigns, support for striking workers, support for collective cultural identity of various forms

SWPE has an internet presence across Social Media and its own and partner sites. 

SWPE has a No No Platform strategy, meaning it supports cooperation across the political spectrum.


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