Sunday, 5 July 2015

Capitalists lose to People Power in Greece. Take note, we CAN win!

The people have spoken!  The IMF has failed!  Greece is on the path to freedom! 

The people of Greece have suffered at the hands of the Capitalist mafia.  Until now, the left has done nothing to help the common people, but that has all changed with the dramatic and historic referendum on the theft of the resources of Greece by global capitalist banking criminals.  Lied to by the media and threatened with absolute poverty and international pariah status if they failed to vote to allow the IMF to continue to steal from them, the majority of Greeks have voted to say No to austerity and No to the global capitalist system.

Greece now has a chance to escape the hated Euro and to march towards national freedom.  Whether this path will be followed is too soon to ascertain, but it is a glorious triumph for the ordinary people that Greece has shouted No to the Ruling Class and their Capitalist system.  Socialism is rising across Europe and the capitalist EU is failing.  This is a day to celebrate.

SWPE stands shoulder to shoulder with the people of Greece in our common struggle against the bankers and the capitalist crime network.  One nation at a time Capitalism is being rejected.  Onward to a free and Socialist Greece and to England joining this march to freedom.  Everywhere that capitalism is in retreat is an opportunity for socialism to triumph.

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  1. Yes indeed the referendum was a historic achievement but Tsipras and the globalist left of SYRIZA party...had another opinion! When they saw the result of 64% of NO, they just turned it to YES!

    A friend from Greece
    Hail to England free and socialistic