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The Semitic roots of liberalism, Globalism, Capitalism and all we suffer under

The new leader of the fake socialist UK Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, epitomises the cancer of liberalism which has been allowed to enter the political spectrum at all points, but especially on the left.  In a recent speech, he pontificated about the need to combat discrimination wherever it may appear.  Corbyn is a typical atheistic liberal who takes his ideology from the Semitic religions and probably doesn't even realise that he is regurgitating religious dogma albeit minus any spiritual aspect.

The Semitic trilogy of Judaism, Christianity and Islam share a common belief which the liberal atheists have taken to heart, that belief is that all people are created equal.  For religious people with a belief in an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent deity which controls every aspect of reality, it is simply taken as self evident that the deity is the creator of everything.  For Jews, the deity has created all humanity as equal beings, and all non-humans as creatures who exist to serve humanity.  The same goes for Christians and Moslems.  The subtle difference between the three aspects of the Semitic religion can be summarised as follows:

  • for Jews, humanity is simply another word for the Jewish nation, with all non-Jews considered as non-humans and therefore in existence only for the benefit of the Jewish nation.  Certainly there are Jews who consider the purpose of the Jewish nation is to act as a beacon of light to guide the lower creatures, but regardless, the strict divide between Jews as humans and non-Jews as less than human (sub-humans) applies

  • for Moslems, humanity is defined as all Moslems, but this definition is crafted in such a way as to believe that everyone is born Moslem and that those who do not adhere to the Moslem way, have broken away from the original path and made themselves into enemies of the deity who must either be returned to humanity through conversion (or more properly, reconversion), or killed.  The relationship between Moslems and Jews is clouded and confused, with some Moslems calling for Jews to be exterminated and others considering the Jews a special people chosen by the common deity.

  • for Christians, the definition of humanity is exactly the same as the liberal one.  Any featherless biped with the ability to communicate beyond the level of a chimpanzee, is considered human.  Christians see it as their mission to save the world, bringing all peoples to accept their beliefs as the only way forward (very much like the Jewish mission as the saviours of the world, but without the us and them divide) and consider those who will not accept this self evident (to them) truth, as heretics who must be converted and failing that annihilated (as put into practice in the Inquisition and supported gleefully to this day by those who cheer on the wars in the Middle East (killing for the good of humanity), putting Christians in the same bed as Moslems, no matter how much they protest to the contrary.

Jews, Moslems and Christians are one and the same.  They all believe in the story of Adam and Eve and the bizarre creator father who made a beautiful garden for them to live in and placed inside it some fruit trees which he told them they couldn't eat from.  Rather than placing his favourite fruit in an enclosed area where he could pig out and they couldn't get to, he then created a talking snake and got it to convince them to eat the fruit, for which crime all humanity must be punished forever!  Talk about bad parenting - 'hey kids look at this lovely fruit, listen to my pet snake telling you to eat it, damn you you scum, get out of my garden and be punished for eternity, those are my apples!' - the story is pathetic, yet billions of Jews, Moslems and Christians believe it.  (After getting kicked out of the garden, Adam and Eve have two sons, one kills the other, so they have a third son, then they find a village which has never been mentioned before (and for which no attempt at explanation is made), and get breeding with the local women, oh yeah and the Earth is flat!)  Drivel, puerile drivel.

When the Semitic trilogy is examined, it is obviously the product of a sick imagination.  The lunacy can only be believed with the intervention of a caste of Priests/Rabbis/Imams who interpret the rubbish in the Bible/Talmud/Koran in order to make it appear relevant and plausible.  The entire structure of the Semitic religion (in its many varieties) is the same; it is a structure which glorifies the Ruling Class and justifies the idea that everyone must know his or her place.

The Class System only exists because of religion.  The all powerful deity speaks in riddles which only the priest caste can understand and the priests are allied to the Ruling Class (with the Pope having parity if not supremacy over the leaders of Christian nations, and Ayatollahs occupying a similar position in Islamic countries).  For the Jews, as a collective whole, they have a higher status than everyone else by virtue of being chosen by their deity to rule the world, as we know to be true because it says so in their infallible religious texts (or at least that's what their religious leaders claim!)  The royal family in the UK claim descent from king David of Israel (of pre-Christian times), which automatically gives them the divine right to control and own the people who come under the jurisdiction of the government which acts of their behalf while dictating to the world about the virtues of democracy.

Sexism is inherently Semitic.  The religion claims that the deity created Adam in his image and only created Eve when Adam complained that although he did enjoy having sex with the animals in the garden, he would like a female version of himself just as the animals had male and female versions of each other (its in the texts, look it up!)  Eve was created solely so that Adam didn't have to have sex with dogs, pigs, etc (unless he wanted to), making the subordinate role of women as sex objects something the deity himself ordained (and something which Moslem men in particular are keen to impose on the entire world).  When the Semitic deity tried to trick his children into eating the forbidden fruit so that he would have an excuse to take his belt off and beat them, he sent his talking snake to do his dirty work.  Adam didn't listen to the snake, but his spare rib, Eve, did, and thus the term Woman, contains within itself the phrase 'woe of man'.  It was a woman who disobeyed her supernatural father by having a bite of his favourite fruit (which he purposely put on display and schemed to be eaten) and therefore it was a woman who condemned all men to have to be self reliant and work for their own food, rather than sun bathing in a garden, getting everything for free, and engaging in rampant bestiality.

Feminist liberals take the concept of women as sex objects and run with it, glorifying sex as the be all and end all of existence, adding the right of women to be slaves of the Capitalist system into the mix.  The decline of the family is a shift in emphasis from women as sex objects for their husbands, to sex objects for everyone.  The brutalisation of men as instruments of the economic machine, to be worked to death has been extended to include women.  Feminism in its liberal incarnation is complimentary to religious sexist dogma.

Globalism is Semitic.  The invasion of Europe by millions of economic parasites hiding behind the lie of being refugees, is justified by the liberal belief in all people being created equal, which we can see is a product of the Semitic faith.  The justification for the refusal to do anything about the destruction of nation states can be split into the following aspects:

  • all people are CREATED equal therefore we are all the same and Nations are social constructs so we have no right to protect the space we live in
  • the 'three main religions' (fragmented but same system of control) have the same deity so we cannot object to people coming to our lands who have a religious belief that women and children exists for their sexual gratification, likewise we cannot object on animal rights grounds, as to expose cruelty is to be racist
  • the birthrate in Europe is in decline so we need millions of immigrants to put on  the yoke of capitalism to pay taxes and to keep our economies going (even though there isn't enough work for Europeans anyway and most of the invaders are coming here to live parasitically, not to mention that we should be doing all we can to destroy Capitalism, rather than prop it up)
  • for the invaders, entry into Europe is seen as a return to Eden, where they can live without working legally, can rape at will and can use the dumb natives to pay for their luxurious lifestyles
  • we have a moral duty to turn the other cheek to the brutality of the invaders, because after all, we are all god's creatures and Jesus told us that we must love our neighbours 
The last point is perhaps the most salient.  Christianity rests on a belief that the all powerful deity (yes, the one who needs a religious strata and special religious buildings to communicate with his creations, because although he is everywhere and knows everything, he can't manage to talk to us directly!) somehow managed to lose the respect of his creations, who started doing outrageous things like thinking for themselves.  In desperation, he manifested in human form, went about performing miracles (which no documented except the priests of the Ruling Class hundreds of years after he was alleged to have walked the Earth), and then in order to save us from sin (a concept he created himself back when he got his pet snake to con Eve into biting his apple), he got himself executed and came back from the dead three days later to tell a select handful that he had survived death, and has since not bothered with as much as a telephone call to say he's alright! 

The CruciFiction story has the deity in human form crying out to himself in supernatural form, 'why hast thou forsaken me', and begging to be saved!  This is supposed to emphasise his humanity, but really only makes it obvious that an all powerful deity he aint!  Why was he crucified?  Because the people he came to save didn't want saving, which is why Jews and Christians have traditionally hated one another, although the current pope doesn't see the foundation of his religion as that important!

The Christ (Jewish saviour) preached about turning the other cheek.  He tolerated whatever was thrown at him, even to the point of being killed.  This shouldn't be something to inspire people, it should be a warning.  The Christ tolerated the intolerable and for his weakness he was tortured and murdered, with his friends and followers persecuted for their equal weakness.  What we should take from this lesson is to tolerate nothing, rather to stand fast to our ideals and to defend our people and home.  If we fail to be strong, if we let in millions of people who despise us, we will be crucified, or at least subjected to ethnic and cultural genocide.

SWPE is not anti-religious.  We support the unity of culture and people with a spiritual cement.  What we do not support is the spiritual cement consisting of a belief in submission to a despotic rapist animal abusing deity (Islam), or one which defers to a racial supremacist deity who seeks dominion over other people through economic and legal control (Judaism), or one which rests on a level of weakness and tolerance which if taken seriously will lead to the annihilation of everyone who follows it (Christianity).  We oppose the entire Semitic religion, regardless of the form its adherents choose to follow.

There are people who call themselves Christian who believe that the ancient Druids embraced the religion of the Israelites and that this justifies the British people being Christian.  SWPE position on the Druids is that if there are similarities between the monotheistic form of Druidism and the Israelitish faith of pre-Christian times, then that is most likely due to the theft of other people's ideas by the people who wrote the texts of the Semitic religion. 

We welcome people who are interested in the native spiritual faiths of Europe and of the ancient world.  We welcome students of Odinism, Asatru, Romuva, native Druidism amongst others.  We welcome everyone who recognises that the great thinker Carl Jung correctly identified the unity of ethnicity and spirituality, and that therefore it is absolutely imperative that we do not tolerate any non-native spiritualism, especially, but not exclusively, the Semitic religions.

To save Europe from the globalist social/political/economic/ethnic genocide which is now underway, we have to fight the enemy on every front, including the spiritual.  Identify and destroy the enemy within, for that is the most dangerous enemy.  A post revolutionary England will be an England in which the concept of turning the other cheek is one which is taught as a warning and in which tolerance of the intolerable will be rightly viewed as treason to the people.  If you accept this as the only way forward, join us.  If you cling to the religions of the oppressors, you need to look at your beliefs and see how they aid those who are creating a global prison for us all.

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