Tuesday, 22 September 2015

There can be no Equality except in the Society of the Extended Family

There is a great deal of nonsense written about and spoken of in left-wing circles about the fabled holy grail of equality.  The notion comes from the Semitic religion, where it is stated that 'god created all men equal', and despite the fact that the majority of people on the left are atheists, this religious idea is upheld in secular circles as an unquestionable fact. 

There are Christians of the Identity variety who will argue at great length that the Semitic deity was only speaking of his chosen people of Israelites and that the real Israelites are the peoples of Germany, the USA and UK.  We in SWPE do not get involved in such religious gymnastics as we reject the entire Semitic religion (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) as a middle eastern obsession which has no place in any part of the European world, including England.  Thus we have no issue with stating that the foundation of the Equality idea is nonsense and that we do not need to argue about it, we just reject it.  We reject every aspect of the Semitic trilogy, the Equality story no less than any other.

OK.  Now that we have made it clear that we have no truck with the idea that everyone is the same, does that open us up to accusations of being some variety of ethnic/cultural/linguistic/gender supremacists?  No it doesn't.  We believe that the great diversity of humanity is something to be cherished and to be protected.

The State has to be representative of the people. Equality comes with the realisation that globalisation is a capitalist tool to smash the nation states and create a one world slave plantation. Socialists understand that Internationalism (the good neighbourliness of free nations) requires the continued existence of nations.   Inter-nationalism is the very opposite of Globalism.  The deliberate confusing of these two opposing concepts as being one and the same, is at the very heart of the problem facing those who come to the Left with a desire for Social Justice and are led astray into supporting the capitalist destruction of Society - creating a phantom 'justice' with nothing social to apply it to!  Just as the liberal atheists have a devotion to the religious concept of all men being CREATED equal, so those who push for an end to nations and borders unwittingly are fighting for the globalist agenda which will see an end to all international cooperation and the imposition of a global tyranny of an all powerful Ruling Class and a downtrodden subjugated mass - precisely what the Capitalists have always wanted.

Mass migration is destruction - it creates mass unemployment and lowers the standard of living for the Working Class. We only need such liberal buffoonery as equality legislation when we allow mass immigration of people who have no place in our society. The State under Socialism exists to protect the people from financial parasitism and from globalism. Under Socialism, the State IS the people. Just as the family is master of its own home, so is the people master of the nation.

It would be lunacy for a family to give equal rights to people who break into the home by kicking in doors and smuggling themselves in with the post! The family would rightly tell these burglars to piss off and take their sob stories of persecution with them. So it is with the nation. A Socialist State will not allow people to break into the homeland, will not truck with idiot liberal notions of equality and rights, but will get on with the task of looking after the people to whom the State belongs to by virtue of being an extension of them.

Without a strong state to protect us all, we will have open borders through which the forces of exploitation and imperialism (cultural, religious, economic) will rush in and enslave us all.  This is happening right now, as the liberal capitalist state is allowing it to happen by speaking of a moral duty to help people who have made their way through several safe countries to lands in which they can live as parasites, with free housing, free healthcare, free money (with no obligation to work) and the access to children and vulnerable adults (made vulnerable by an education system which teaches them to feel guilty because in far off lands in history, other people were treated harshly by the governing class (a governing class brought down by military action involving the sacrifice of the grandparents of those who are made to feel ashamed for even existing)!)  David Cameron speaks of morality, whilst refusing to comment on information about him having sex with a dead pig!  The Ruling Class speak of the glorious RAF fighting off the invasion of the UK in the Battle of Britain, whilst demanding that those now invading are given priority in housing, education, etc.  Morality is yet another concept which the Ruling Class and the liberals have twisted into a caricature in order to beat us down.

A Socialist State would encourage its neighbours to adopt their own form of Socialism, just as Stalin did with his philosophy of Socialism in One Country. It would adopt measures to protect the cultural distinction of the inner tribal indigenous minorities (the Bretons in France, the Orcadians in Scotland, the Cornish in England etc) just as Lenin did in setting up the inner republics in the Soviet Oblasts.

Traditionally allied to varying degrees with those who favour a Socialist approach to the government of the country, Anarchists have been misled by liberals into supporting open borders and seeking after the illusion of equality for all.  Anarchists need a strong Socialist State to give them the protective freedom to explore their own chosen lifestyles. Sadly, the favour is not returned by Anarchists who would destroy the ability of Socialists to defend the people, and make all of us - themselves included - prey to outsiders acting as agents for global and internal parasites.

There can be no such thing as equality when speaking of diverse peoples.  A Socialist England must be an English England, with shared culture, ethnicity, tradition etc.  The organic diversity which comes with the restoration of the ancient pre-English lands of Mercia, Wessex etc is a diversity which allows for equality of respect, as it deals with peoples who are the same in general and different in detail.  Equality outside the extended family is an impossibility and we do well not to fall into that trap.

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