Saturday, 21 May 2016

A Clarification of Acceptable Contact with Other Organisations

SWPE is a tight knit organisation, but not a closed one.  For this reason we have not really had any problems with infiltrators.  As readers of this site will have noticed, we have had a period of silence. This was required to ascertain whether we had a mole in the organisation. Thankfully we have not, but events have required us to clarify our position on other organisations and just how much cooperation we should have with activists from outside SWPE.

We supported the Populist Party in London when they were set to contest the elections there.  We did so because they have policies which put people before profits.  Unfortunately they were not able to go forward in the electoral process, but they intend to do so in the future and we continue to support them in their endeavours.

Where we came into difficulties was with one of our most enthusiastic activists taking on too many responsibilities.  This led to actions which were well intended but raised questions about exactly how far we as individuals should go in building contacts with other organisations.  This had been left as a matter for individual consideration, but this proved to be counter to the interests of the organisation as a whole.

We now have a simple policy which all activists are required to adhere to.  Building bridges which link us with organisations which have policies or activities which go against our core values is not acceptable.  If anyone is in doubt as to which organisations are worthy of our approaches and which are not, they are to discuss this with local organisers, or where this is not possible (in the case of isolated activists or people higher in the party), they are to contact the central party.

The organisations, parties, groups and individuals which we are happy to build contact with, are listed in the Comrades section at the top of the page.  We have not until now had a proscribed list.  Due to misguided contacts with organisations which are detrimental to a healthy society, we now have one. The list is posted under the Proscribed section at the top of the page.  We have a third list for those which fall into neither category.  This is posted under the general heading of Links.  All lists are likely to be added to periodically, so it is advisable to check them before reaching out to external groups.  If in doubt, discuss your proposals with fellow activists.  Ours is not a dictatorial organisation, but without a clear system in place it is in danger from infiltration and ideological pollution.

We have decided to split the duties of the Comrade who prompted this need for a policy on acceptable contact.  The Committee feel that whilst enthusiasm is a positive trait for any activist, it is not right to allow any individual to take on too much responsibility.  The Comrade in question has been exonerated of any wrong-doing.  Thank you to individual members for your cooperation in overcoming this issue, and to supporters for your patience at this time.

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