Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Stop Theresa May from Destroying our Fire Service

Theresa May, the Ruling Class loving Home Secretary of the UK's Capitalist toady government, is using every vile weapon at her disposal to destroy the Fire Service.  She has launched a libelous attack on our heroic men and women fire-fighters, referring to them as 'racists' when it is obvious to everyone that they risk their lives every day to save the lives of all the people who live in the UK, regardless of ethnicity.

Her 'solution' to her manufactured problem of the 'racist' (in her mind) Fire Fighters is to demand that the Fire Service be made ethnically diverse.  Anyone with the courage, aptitude and strength of character who wishes to apply to join the Fire Service, can do.  The recruitment process is not racist in any way, nor is it sexist.  The idea that men and women currently serving the People as members of the Fire Service need to be sacked to make it more tolerant, is a vicious lie.

Theresa May is pushing the Capitalist agenda.  Her controllers want to make the Fire Service a part of the Police Force, with total political control, putting power and profits before the lives of people.  The Fire Fighters have been forced to strike to protest against the undermining of working conditions, the attack upon their incomes and the politicisation of a service which values human life above all else. For resisting the Tory Tyrants, Theresa May is now attacking them as 'racists', ironically arguing for a quota system in employment which will see more ethnic minorities in the service, all accepting poor pay and inhuman conditions, treating them as slaves would be treated by slave owners.

SWPE says Defend Our Fire Fighters.  Support them on the picket line.  Expose the Tory Party and its Capitalist owners.  Download the leaflet below and use it on demos, or push it through doorways. Let the People know that our Fire Service is under attack.  Let the Fire Service know that just as we stood with them on the picket lines, so we stand with them now.


  1. Are you going to update the facebook page since I'm a daily user of social media apart from twitter?

  2. We've had problems with Facebook. Repeatedly our accounts get closed down. The intention is to get back on there are stay on. Its a case of 'watch this space'