Friday, 24 June 2016

FREEDOM! The UK has left the EU. Thanks to Everyone who made this happen

The EU Referendum is over and WE have won!  The Working Class have spoken and we have told the liberals, the middle class globalisers and the fear-mongerers that we are not scared of a future outside the EU, but that we greet it with relish.

The campaign by the Remain camp was a vile hate-filled one of horror stories and blackmail, including horrendous criminal acts to terrify the people into voting to Remain locked into the prison state.  The BBC labelled any one who voted Leave as an accomplice in MP Jo Cox's murder! (see Thankfully, the People are so sick of their lies that the BBC's manipulation failed.  Now that the results are in, the BBC has treated us to endless vitriolic attacks, labeling the Working Class as thick and unfit to vote, labeling the people of all races who voted for Freedom as 'racists'.  How people in the UK not wanting to be controlled by Brussels is racist, no-one has attempted to explain.

The BBC has rolled out whining loser after whining loser, each one talking more liberal rubbish than the last.  The majority of those who voted have been called racists, stupid, ignorant, white man van types, unfit to vote, mentally unstable, too old and many other insults.  The liberals have shown their true faces - they call all who do not think as they do all manner of names.  They are the real bigots and the real enemies of democracy.  The BBC have joined these slanderous attacks with mournful music which would suit a heavy political defeat, but are completely out of place when what has happened is a democratic vote has been taken and a decision made.

Don't let the sour and twisted Remainers spoil our victory.  Let them stew in their hatred and please, please, may they go through with their threats and leave our country forthwith!

Congratulations UK.  Well done to the SWPE activists who took the time to campaign for a Leave result, talking with waverers at every opportunity.  Well done to everyone from whatever organisation or none who did his or her bit.  Well done to everyone who voted to achieve Freedom.

For SWPE, this victory is not the end, but a significant step forward in the fight against Globalism. We want a Free England, a Socialist England, and this result takes us a step closer to that goal. First UK out of the EU, next England out of the UK! With Scotland and Ulster showing signs of leaving the UK, that goal now looks possible.

Well done everyone.  This vote has shown that we are not powerless and that our real enemies are the haters of the liberal Ruling Class and their sycophants.  The more bile they spew out, the more they expose themselves.

Happy Independence Day UK!
The UK is free!

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  1. As someone who is a "Corbynite", went to meetings organised by SWP, I wasn't convinced by SWP's argument to Leave, in order to free ourselves from the shackles of Brussels and become a totally independent anti capitalist country.
    I believe the masses of "working class" people, including some of my family, were discontent with their lot and have used the EU and in some cases immigration as the reason why they have no jobs, overload of Schools and the NHS and poor welfare benefits and I am not an intellectual but it is not the EU who are to blame for this but out own successive Right Wing Governments. Other Governments who are part of the EU do not desecrate public services, have a health system far superior to the NHS because they have higher taxes, have better workers rights, have fairer education system. I am not sure how leaving the EU and putting us entirely into the hands of a Tory Government will improve our lot. Jeremy Corbyn does stand for a fairer more equal society, but keeping him, personally as a leader might prevent many disillusioned Tory voters, to vote for Labour in the next General Election and unfortunately, we do need some of them as well as the disillusioned Labour voters, to win. I fear that UKIP will take a hold in the Northern parts of the country.
    Just an observation by cheering and talking about Independence Day you aligned yourself with Nigel Farage's victory speech.