Sunday, 19 June 2016

The Orlando Murders Would Have Been Unthinkable in a Socialist Nation

The murders of 49 club goers in Orlando by Omar Mateen on June the 12th would not have happened if the USA had been a Socialist nation.  The murders came about as a direct consequence of having an economy which has the ludicrous aim of continuous expansion and with it the need for an ever increasing population, regardless of cultural origins and deep held ideologies.

Omar Mateen was a religious nutjob.  The fact that he followed the religion of Islam is important, but not because Islam is 'evil' as some people like to claim, but because it is a system of living which is incompatible with freedom.

Islam is a religion which compels its followers to destroy anything which does not fit in with their ideology.  The rationale behind Islam is that the god they follow has absolute power and nothing happens unless he wishes it to.  Unfortunately, that 'god' has chosen to send instructions for living which include cruelty to animals, misogyny, homophobia and hatred of those who do not believe in the mythology of the Ruling Class of the Islamic world.  This combination of a strict dictatorship over lifestyle, coupled with fatalism, is an excuse for the most outrageous behaviour imaginable.  The murder of 49 people who committed no crime other than to congregate in a place of their own choosing in order to associate freely with one another happened because a system of living which is anti-Socialist was allowed to exist outside its place of origin.

Islam is an ideology which is Capitalistic.  It supports the ownership of Slaves, relegating humanity to mere objects to trade.  The position of Women in Islam is one of servitude, which is enforced through violence, backed up by misogynistic hate literature which states quite openly that women are dangerous because they have 'evil' in their souls and that for this reason they must be controlled by men.  This vile dogma also exists in Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and other creeds but is most notable in Islam, where it is made clear that it is the duty of Women to obey Men and to even think otherwise is a 'sin', with all the postmortem punishments that brings.

The religious view of Homosexuality is equal with the misogynistic treatment of Women.  SWPE policy on consensual adult sexuality is very simple - we do not regard it as an issue of any significance.  We consider sexuality between consenting adults to be a personal matter and as worthy of political discourse as such matters as left/right-handedness or musical taste.  Religious bigots take a different view, and a view they support by reference to figments of their imagination and literature which they consider 'sacred' which when analysed are merely old works of fiction which are not even well-written.

SWPE calls for an end to bigotry and for violence in the name of illusions.  The murders in Orlando were committed by a man who believed in the Islamic fantasy, but could just as easily have been committed by an adherent of any of the religions which believe in a single point of focus and a supernatural realm which is infallible and unquestionable.  SWPE calls for an end to homophobia and sexism and an end to the faiths which promote it.  The only way we can achieve this is to end the economic system under which these faiths flourish and upon which they were founded.

The Class System is justified by reference to the belief in monotheism.  Sexism and Homophobia are justified by reference to religions which dictate the very minutiae of living and a right of the Ruling Class to interfere in the lives of the Working Class.  Capitalism and Monotheism are closely inter-related, with one justifying the other.  To be truly free from financial exploitation, we must be free from all exploitation.  The Chains of Slavery are easy to see.  The Chains of Wage-Slavery are less easy, but more powerful for that.  The Chains of the Mind which people willingly accept because past generations have done so and because they fear that the lies of the religious leaders may contain truths, are the hardest of all to see and to break, but break them in ourselves we must, and also break them in others.  In a Socialist Society, all Chains will be shattered.

Let the political/religious/economic Ruling Classes tremble at the coming of the Socialist Revolution. Working People of all Sexualities and Genders Unite! Stand firm against the tyrants of illusion!  We have nothing to lose but our Chains.  We have a World to gain.

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