Thursday, 8 December 2016

A forum for Socialist exchange

Why are we Socialists?  We are Socialists because we are motivated by a desire to bring about the best possible Society, with an end to the despotic control of the Ruling Class.  We want a future in which people are freed from the drudgery of wage slavery, so that all of us can enjoy the fruits of our own labour, and can pursue whatever artistic ventures we wish to pursue.

Socialism isn't about swapping one set of rulers for another and continuing as before in serfdom. Socialism is about breaking our chains and becoming free. Freedom from the fear of homelessness, freedom from the fear of hunger, freedom from the tyranny of poverty - these are important in themselves, but they are not the end.  Freedom to explore our potential, freedom to develop ideas, freedom to explore our minds, freedom to create with our hands, the freedom to be free - this is what Socialism brings to the People.

Part of the journey to achieving a Socialist Republic has to involve meeting and discussing ideas with new people.  A comrade has set up a forum with the intention of promoting dialogue between Left Nationalists, Third Positionists, (Socialism in One Country) Stalinists, Marxist-Leninists, Strasserites, National Bolsheviks and others who reject Capitalism, Globalism, Liberalism and Trotskyism.  The forum idea is one which has potential, so we ask that people at least pop by and have a look.  If there are any other fora which could be of interest, please post them below.  Feedback on the forum would be appreciated.  The venture is the work of independent activists.  Let them know what you think.  A forum only works if it has contributors who put in the effort.   Maybe YOU might be such a person?

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