31 December 2016

Motherhood in a Socialist Society

Under the conditions of the Capitalist system, Motherhood is regarded as a distraction which prevents a woman from having a fulfilling and worthwhile life.  This is a monstrous lie and one of the gravest crimes that the Ruling Class has perpetrated against the rest of us.
It is often stated that Marx wrote of the idea of family withering on the vine.  Marx wrote of the inevitability of the end of the Bourgeois form of family, when the patriarchal power which rested on the ability to dictate the transfer of ownership through heredity, became obsolete with the end of ownership itself.  Marx did write about the need for men and women to be seen for themselves, rather than for the roles attributed to them by the capitalist society, but he did not call for the end of family itself.
Lenin was an advocate for the rights of women to break free from the misery of domestic work. Lenin wrote on the subject that 'worst of all, it is women who have to do, usually alone, all the dirty work of the kitchen and household, work that is unimportant, hard, tiresome, and soul-destroying'. In the era in which he lived, patriarchy was a real and oppressive fact of life, with the idea of men helping out with the chores of the home being unthinkable.  In the modern era, this has passed, with only the most backward thinking of men seriously believing that a 'woman's place is in the kitchen'. The Socialisation of the Home has seen misogynistic patriarchal abuse consigned to history, with those who practice it being rightly seen as outlandish and unwelcome in society at large.
The patriarchal bourgeois family structure has no place in a Socialist society. A Socialist society is a society which works together for the common good.  The confusion which has become entrenched in modern politics with the rise of individualism and identity politics can be traced to the traitor to the Socialist ideal, the man who perverted the ideology of freedom, corrupting it into a vehicle for the continuation of Capitalism, Leon 'judas' Trotsky.  Trotsky negated the idea of Socialism as a means to maximise the well being of the people in general, with an unattainable pursuit of egocentric individualism in which the feelings of the individual outweigh the well being of Society.  The Cultural Marxism so beloved by Social Justice Warriors, argues that the family must be completely eradicated with free-love and abortion for all to become the norm.  This ethos is destructive to the very essence of society and is anti-Socialist. As always, when the name of Trotsky appears, there is always the work of the enemy of the people at play.
When Lenin died, the toxic ideology of Trotskyism arose as a distinct stream of thought. Unfortunately for Socialists the world over, because of Trotsky's opposition to the effective triumvirate of Stalin, Zinoviev and Kamenev in the USSR at the time of Lenin's passing, his perversion of Marxist-Leninism has become the basis of the prevailing sickness of the self-proclaimed Social Justice Warriors.  The SJW ideology is not based on what is good for society, but on individualistic identity politics, which are divisive and destructive.
Trotskyites are allied with Capitalists in a loathing of Motherhood.  They take the words of Lenin which rightly point to the desperate situation of women trapped in the drudgery of a life where house work is the be all and end all, and distort them into an attack on the most vital of all labour, the creation of and nurturing of the next generation.
In the modern Capitalist society which SJWs profess to despise, women are actively discouraged from having children.  Women are told that having children is a barrier to a worthwhile life - that it stops women having 'careers' and earning money to spend on useless tat which is produced solely for the purpose of being bought and increasing the profits of the producers.  Women are encouraged to believe that children are a burden and that it is far better to abort children than to raise them.  The State takes children into the mind rotting school system from the age of 3, and promotes the lunatic idea that it is a woman's right to hand over her children to strangers in order that she can stay in work to earn money, most of which she will then invariably have to part with in order to pay for the strangers to do the work of raising her children.  That people have be employed in nurseries to raise the children of the Working Woman is proof that Motherhood is itself a job, and that rather than belittling it, the crucial role of Motherhood should be honoured and treated as the most important of all work, with full monetary payment as befits it.
Women having children in later life risk having children with disorders such as Downs Syndrome. Children born to older parents risk the tragedy of having to cope with the debilitating problems of old age which are a fact of life.  Putting off parenthood in order to pursue a career (which nearly always just means being a wage slave who just about manages to survive on the scraps of the capitalists' table), is bad for the children and bad for the parents.
The fake refugee invasion of Europe and the UK is justified by reference to our declining birth rates. Capitalism needs an ever growing population to make and buy its crap.  The SJW 'free love revolution' of the 1960s promoted the myth of the burden of children, and the accompanying myth of the benefits of having children in later life (if at all) and of the usefulness of abortion on demand. The sexualisation of society and the attack on the family, has resulted in the mass murder of millions of our people, the drastic drop in the birth rate to well below replacement level, and the shortage of people to work in the capitalist machine.
A Socialist society is one which puts the welfare of the people first, whereas a Capitalist and/or Trotskyite one puts economics (hidden behind the mask of the 'right' to freedom of lifestyle) above everything and has no difficulty in promoting the normalisation of infanticide and population replacement - both of which damage the Working Class community far more than the 'upper' ranks of society which remain immune to the adverse effects of the assault on nature and the belittling of the cultural and social needs of the indigenous population.
The population replacers brought in to create mass unemployment and more producers and consumers, are themselves mere pawns in the global capitalist game, as they are used by the corporations to create wealth, by the globalisers to destroy all vestiges of sovereignty which are barriers to their profits, and by government to impose draconian control over dissent to globalising politics.  Without the assault on family, mass migration and population replacement would be impossible.  The family is the centre of everything. Undermining the family undermines the fabric of society and makes the takeover by the capitalist tyrants far harder to oppose.
Comrade Stalin corrected the errors in Marxist-Leninism and rooted out the sickness of Trotskyism. He treated Motherhood with the respect it deserves.  Rather than treating the raising of children as a lowly task for women, he rightly addressed it as a virtue without which society itself cannot flourish. Stalin created the Order of the Mother Heroine, which paid honour to the women who worked to build the nation.  The Order was bestowed upon any woman, married or unmarried, who raised ten or more children, including those she adopted as well as her own.  For a woman with between seven, eight or nine children, the Order of Maternal Glory was awarded in three respective classes, with the Maternity Medal awarded for having at least five children.  Contrast this with the shameful capitalist scheme of breaking up families, putting children into 'care', and leaving our people to languish in what amount to prisons for children, some who were not wanted, most who were much loved but ripped from their parents by a SJW dominated Social Services criminal network.  Most of Jimmy Saville's victims and the victims of child rapists in places like Rotherham would not have been placed in harm's way if not for the complicity of the Trotskyite SJW Social Services and Police.
Stalin lived in an era in which the experiment in lone parent families had not yet conclusively proved that children benefit greatly from being raised in a two parent household with one father and one mother.  The Great Patriotic War saw the deaths of millions of Soviet men slaughtered defending the Motherland.  Stalin's acceptance of unmarried and married women as of equal worth in the raising of children was due to a combination of the realities of a country with a male population decimated by war, and the unknown harm to children of being raised in households where a father is absent.  Stalin anticipated the disastrous lone parent phenomenon with which the Trotskyite Cultural Marxists have ruined the west of Europe with since the 1960s.  He placed value upon marriage and the stable family. The death of millions of men required that he modify the Order of the Mother Heroine to recognise the contribution of lone mothers to the raising of children, but this did not in any way weaken his belief in the primacy of the natural family.
SWPE recognises the great contribution of Comrade Stalin to the understanding of the central position of the family in the well being of society.  SWPE rejects absolutely the anti-family madness of revisionists, 'family planning' murderers, capitalist exploiters and Trotskyite identity politics fascists.  We would like to see Motherhood recognised as a noble and virtuous task of vital importance to the strength and vitality of the People.  We believe that as the patriarchy is now something which has passed into the annals of history, that just as in the Russian Federation, under ex-KGB officer and Comrade of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Putin, the time has come to honour the family as a unit.  We propose a Medal of Paternity for parents who raise five children or more, their own or adopted.  We propose that Parenthood be honoured not just with medals, but with financial support, so that no longer will Working Class children in the UK suffer the hardships of poverty or the abuse of the 'care' system.  In the coming Socialist Federal Republic of England, Motherhood and Fatherhood will not be denigrated but will be rewarded for being the very cornerstones of a healthy society.

To put to rest the lies of Trotskyite misandrynist so-called feminists and the Social Justice Warrior useful idiots of the Capitalist system, the following are the words of Comrade Stalin himself on the subject of Women in the USSR.  Women are equals to men, and only in a Socialist State with no revisionist Trotskyite influences, can full potential be achieved:

The glorious work of Soviet women, builders of socialist industry, collective farming, socialist culture, will go down in history forever. With every year the role of women in all spheres of life of Soviet society increases.
Soviet women are taking an active part in administration and in state building, which in itself is a vivid proof of the genuine democracy of the Soviet system: 277 women have been elected Deputies of the Supreme Soviet of the U.S.S.R., and more than 1,700 to the Supreme Soviets of the Union and Autonomous Republics; about half a million women are Deputies to local Soviets.
Soviet women are playing a more and more important part in socialist industry. Millions of women workers have mastered highly skilled trades, and are untiringly improving their qualifications and perfecting their skill: 280,000 women are engineers, technicians and skilled factory workers. Hundreds of thousands have been awarded Orders and medals.
Women collective farmers are waging an active struggle for the further advancement of agriculture. Many thousands of women have charge of collective farms, or lead field teams and manage stock-raising farms. Women collective farmers are successfully mastering advanced agricultural technique. Tens of thousands of women drive tractors, harvester combines and other complex agricultural machines.
Soviet women are active leaders in Soviet socialist culture, the most advanced in the world. Together with the men, they work untiringly to increase the spiritual wealth of our people. Widely exercising their right to education, women have grown Into a great cultural force of Soviet society. Forty-four per cent of the total number of graduates from higher educational establishments are women. For outstanding work in the sphere of science, inventions, literature and art, 237 women have been awarded Stalin prizes.
Women are playing an enormous part in public education and in public health. The Soviet State highly values the fine work of women teachers, who are educating our youth in the spirit of high ideals, of love for our Motherland, and of women doctors who safeguard the health of the population. Scores of thousands of women teachers and public health workers have been awarded Orders and medals.
The education of the children is the honourable social duty of mothers. Motherhood and the rearing of children in the U.S.S.R. are honoured and respected. The Soviet State assigns enormous funds to aid mothers with large families and unmarried mothers: 2,500,000 mothers have been awarded the Order "Motherhood Glory" and the "Motherhood Medal". The title "Mother Heroine" has been conferred on 28,500 women.
As a result of the growth of the national economy of the U.S.S.R., the material and cultural well-being of Soviet women and the entire Soviet people increases from year to year. In the past year alone the real wages of manual and office workers have more than doubled. The new reduction of prices on consumer goods introduced on March 1, is a brilliant testimony to the untiring concern of the Communist Party and the Soviet government for the working people. This price reduction means a further considerable rise in the material well-being of Soviet women and of the entire population.
The gains of the Soviet system, the equality of rights of Soviet woman, her rapid spiritual and political growth, serve as an inspiring challenge to the women of the whole world in their struggle for the happiness of the working people, for the triumph of the ideas of socialism and democracy.

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