6 March 2017

The UK needs Law and Order, not cry-baby tolerance

The UK is a mess. The Capitalist-Trotskyite Ruling Class and their bourgeois foot-soldiers have turned the country into one in which Justice is a Joke.  The most disgusting criminals are treated as if they are the victims of society, while those who fight against the rapid slide into barbarity and decadence are treated as the most heinous enemies of the State.  Of course, we should not shrink from accepting that label - We are Enemies of the State!  When the State is the Enemy of the People, it is high treason to be silent and the height of cowardice to let the destruction of the People go unchallenged.

The recent declaration by the Chief Constable of Norfolk Police, Simon Bailey, that the number of paedophiles in the UK is so high that it would be impossible to detain them all, is not only a shocking disgrace for the state of our country, but an indictment of the pathetically lax state of law and order, which allows the lowest forms of life to feel safe to indulge in their psychotic desires.

Simon Bailey sits on the National Police Chiefs Council, is in charge of the entire Norfolk Constabulary, and from his position on the NPCC is the most senior Police figure in charge of Child Protection and Investigations into Child Abuse.  Bailey is not some random liberal, speaking out in favour of a greater acceptance of degeneracy, he is a man with the power to protect our children from predators, or to protect those who prey on them. He has chosen the latter of these options.

Official Police data shows that over 400 depraved individuals are arrested every month for viewing images depicting the sexual abuse of children.  The term 'sexual abuse' is a typical liberal rendering to downplay the destructive impact of what should be referred to as rape.  Whether the images show a child subjected to a sexual act, being raped to death, or some other image which apologists for paedophiles will try to claim is harmless, is irrelevant. The children who are taken for the child pornography industry, are the victims of people who see them as creatures for sexual gratification, and the industry exists only because there are people who are willing to support it.

The idea that the viewing of paedophile imagery should be decriminalised if there is no direct harm caused to the children involved, is oxymoronic.  The act of viewing such imagery is the reason why people create it.  The two are interconnected in a way which makes separation of one from the other an absolute impossibility.  Procuring imagery of children for sexual gratification is rape by proxy, and for a senior Police figure to try to say anything to the contrary, is an outrage.

Chief Constable Bailey argues that the sheer number of active paedophiles in the UK makes it a logistical impossibility for them to be arrested and imprisoned.  The number of places in prisons across the UK totals 75,759, but the total prison population numbers 85,442 as of the time of writing. What Bailey and the likes of the bourgeois liberal Howard League is saying is that the prison system has exceeded capacity, and that prisoners should be prioritised according to the seriousness of the offence - in other words, to liberal know-it-alls, paedophilia isn't be considered a serious enough offence to warrant incarceration, and children aren't important enough to warrant total protection. This is shocking.

Rather than casually pick and choose which crimes matter, which victims matter, and which really are of no importance, the focus should be on understanding why the prison population has sky-rocketed, and what can be done to make sure that all criminals get the treatment they deserve. The prison population explosion is a direct consequence of the victory of liberalism over sanity.  The Police are led by liberal extremists who train them to sniff out all forms of dissent against the liberal orthodoxy. They will hunt down all who do not support the Capitalist-Trotskyite Globalist Tyranny, supported by their collaborators in the Courts Service and Ministry of Justice, but when it comes to genuine criminals, they bend over backwards to be 'tolerant', 'respectful', and 'understanding', treating the criminals as if they are innocent victims of circumstances.  The deliberate policy of arresting people as a last resort, and using prison only if an alternative (such as molly-coddling 'probation', curfews and electronic tagging) cannot be employed, has resulted in people losing all fear of punishment.  The prisons are full because they no longer deter people from criminality.

Prison Officers are recruited according to how well they perform in simulation situation tests. Potential Officers are assessed for how well they treat inmates.  The tests are scored to include an assessment of respect, tolerance and general liberal buffoonery.  Prisons themselves are no longer places to dread, but are places of security and leisure.

The UK's largest new 'super prison' in Wrecsam, Cymru, boasts of luxurious common areas and rooms (not cells) for the 2,106 inmates complete with the newest Play Stations and laptops. Prison Officers have been told they must not refer to their 'guests' as inmates, convicts, prisoners or criminals, must knock on the doors of the rooms and wait to be invited in, must be respectful at all times and must not treat the 'guests' as if they are bad people!  The prison ethos is to rehabilitate the poor victims of society who through no fault of their own took to lives of violent and/or anti-social crime.  To this end, the inmates will be given full access to gymnasia, education, work training, and given priority in housing upon their release. All this plus hotel standard accommodation, good quality and filling meals every day, all at no cost whatsoever to themselves, and even telephones so they can call home to say goodnight to those they are separated from.  As of yet, they do not have conjugal visits, but surely that is only a matter of time.

Prisons are overcrowded because for many people, they offer a better quality of life than that which ordinary people have to endure on the outside.

SWPE policy on Law and Order is for the absolute end of 'rehabilitation' and for the use of punishment as a deterrent.  We propose the use of Corrective Labour Camps in which prisoners will be made to work every day, from sunrise until sunset, with extra hours worked when the time of year makes these hours too few.  There is a lot of coal under the ground of the UK, there is slate, tin, copper, all to be worked from the land.  Great laborious projects could be undertaken to link the various parts of the country - such as a Hull to Liverpool Sea Canal. The proposed return of the cities to the land would require massive numbers of labourers - which the criminal justice system could easily hand over.  Simon Bailey's army of paedophiles could be set to work building the country, rather than being given free reign to prey on the most vulnerable of all people.  Why should those who enable the rape of children be allowed the luxury of accommodation of a standard far higher than their victims would have experienced?

It is said that one cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs.  This is undoubtedly true. But there are some eggs which are not fit to be made into an omelette - bad eggs, rotten eggs. These have almost no use or purpose in a time of glorious revival and liberation.  The best which can be done with bad eggs is for them to be disposed of in a way which is safe for everyone.  You cannot rehabilitate bad eggs into good eggs by throwing money at them and wasting resources which could be focused upon the needs of the many, but you can give them meaning if only as a lesson in social hygiene.

SWPE proposes that the criminal rehabilitation system be scrapped, with petty offenders given brief spells in Corrective Labour Camps, and the worst offenders being sent there for as long as they live. 'Crimes' such as being financially in debt or not paying the TV licence would no longer exist, as debt-slavery would be a thing of the past, and there would be no TV licence for anyone.  Stealing food to feed oneself would not be necessary, as we would ensure that everyone was provided for in the basics of shelter and sustenance; stealing for greed would be a throwback to Capitalist Exploitation and punished harshly.

Liberals, Anarcho-Capitalists, Trotskyites and other undesirables who fear the duty to be self reliant and mutually supportive, and who would rather push their idiotic identity politics fantasies than deal with the reality that some people are just plain bad and need to be punished, would recoil at the concept of Corrective Labour Camps. Many would cite the fictional anti-Soviet texts of Solzhenitsyn as 'evidence' of the misuse of prison camps as means of political control. They would rather have rapists, murderers, anti-socials, paedophiles, lumpens etc walking the streets than a handful of counter-revolutionaries locked away for the greater good of the People as a whole.  That is the situation we are in right now, and it is one which must not be allowed to continue.  We are Socialist Revolutionaries, not Social Democratic Reformers - and we aim for the entire decadent and degenerate Capitalist Globalist mess to be smashed into the annals of history, and for a new era of a permanent Dictatorship of the Proletariat to arise.

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