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UK General Election 2017: A Scandal to Keep the UK in the EU in all but name

On the 8th of June 2017, the people of the UK went to the polls to elect a new government.  The results are a hung parliament with a minority Tory regime supported by the DUP (the political wing of the terrorist UVF, UDA and Ulster Resistance).  On the day of the election, the Tories had a majority of 17 MPs, which was more than enough to govern.  The election was called allegedly to give the Tories a larger majority so they could better deal with the EU during the Brexit talks.  Well, not only did they fail to get that boosted majority, they lost it entirely, and now have to rely on pro-EU terrorist-mouthpieces to govern at all.  Was this a grave error in judgement, or was this defeat by design for a government which claimed falsely to be fighting for a 'hard brexit'?

The most recent General Election should not really have happened at all.  On the 15th of September 2011, the Fixed-term Parliaments Act (2011) became law.  The Act made it impossible for a Prime Minister to call an election at will, leaving elections to fall at fixed 5 year intervals, unless exceptional circumstances (such as a vote of no confidence in the government) endorsed by a vote of at least two thirds of elected MPs made it necessary for the date of the next election to be altered. The first fixed-term election came in 2015, with the next scheduled for 2020.

The Conservative Party promised to hold a referendum on membership of the EU if they won the 2015 election.  This pledge was largely due to the rise of UKIP, so was a cynical ploy to take UKIP votes by stealing their policies.  Against all predictions, the Tories won the 2015 election with a majority of 12 MPs.  Because of the pledge to hold a referendum, the Tories were forced to do just that.  They threw all the mendacious pro-EU propaganda they could at the UK EU Membership Referendum (2016), which the pollsters predicted would see the UK population ratify membership of the EU, and thereby endorse the continued integration of the states of the EU into a single country of Europe.  

So confident of victory in the EU Referendum were the political classes, that they pressed ahead with plans to introduce metric measurements on road signs and to change our money so that our coins and notes look almost indistinguishable from the EUs Euro, with the obvious next step to be the end of Sterling along with the end of the rest of our symbols of sovereignty.  To the horror of the Ruling Caste, the Working Class refused to swallow the lies of the politicians, media, celebrities, corporations and other parasites from inside and outside the UK, and voted to leave the hated EU.

The Prime Minister at the time of the EU Referendum, Cameron, threw a monumental tantrum and refused to stay on as PM of a country which wouldn't tow the Globalist line.  Nigel Farage, the leader of the controlled opposition safety valve (UKIP), abandoned his party at exactly the time he should have been pushing for a clean break with the EU.  The liberals went into apoplexy, calling all who voted to not be a part of the Capitalist EU, 'racists', and ceaselessly screaming for a 'second referedum' to overturn the will of the people, replacing the democratic choice of the nation with one which suited their own globalist desires.

Amid the chaos which should have been the joy of Victory Day, the politicians calmly announced that the 23rd of June was not the date we chose to become free, but was merely a vote for the beginning of a process in which the UKs relationship with the EU would be redefined.  We were introduced to 'Article 50' and the bizarre idea that we had to negotiate our sovereignty!  Having watched the USSR end, with new countries forming immediately, the idea that the UK couldn't just leave the EU came as an insult to many people - but the TV-watching public accepted the lie, and so the Article 50 farce continued.

The Tory government appointed a new Prime Minister, Theresa May, who brazenly stated that she couldn't just trigger Article 50, but had to wait until the time was right!  This pathetic delaying tactic continued until the 29th of March 2017, when Theresa May finally told the EU that the UK wanted to leave the EU - even though the people of the UK had told them that over nine months earlier on the 23rd of June 2016.  Following the triggering of the contemptible begging to leave process (rather than just saying cheerio and closing the prison door firmly behind us), Theresa May's regime continued to dither, with no commencement of the negotiations.  To date, they still haven't begun.

Following a very long prolonged attack (by the Tories, liberals, media and even his own MPs) on the democratically elected leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, the next move by the Brussels puppet, Theresa May, was to call for a General Election in order to boost the number of Tory MPs, thus enabling her to do battle with the EU without the hindrance of pro-EU MPs in her own ranks. Considering that the opposition parties were united in their calls for a 'soft brexit', the idea of doing anything to aid a party calling for a 'hard brexit' is beyond the realms of reason.  Due to the fixed-parliament legislation, May could not call an election without the support of the rest of Parliament. Not even a murmur of surprise was issued by the media when Westminster overwhelmingly gave the government permission to call an election for the 8th of June 2017 - half way through the 5 year fixed term.

There should have been surprise at Labour supporting the idea of a General Election at this time.  The polls consistently put Labour so far behind in the popularity ratings that if the election had been conducted on the day it was called, the Tories would have gained an additional 75 MPs (at least), leaving Labour decimated.  A third of the Labour MPs would have lost their jobs.  Yet, they voted for what we were led to believe was political career suicide.  That in itself should have raised alarm bells, but the controlled media said nary a word.

The General election campaign saw Corbyn suddenly become statesmanlike - a real man of the people.  At the same time, May became a harsh ogress, calling for the homes of the elderly to be effectively seized to pay for their social care (the Dementia Tax).  When the self-proclaimed 'strong and stable' Tory leader was criticised for planning to stop people having the opportunity to pass what they had scrimped and scraped to secure in their working lives on to their children, May backtracked and made feeble attempts to say only people with possessions over a certain rate would be affected, but then she failed to say what the rate was, making her look incompetent and foolish.

As Corbyn's popularity increased, May continued to appal people, with policies such as her pledge to reintroduce animal cruelty (Fox hunting) - a 'sport' which the ordinary people despise.  Adding to the elitist contempt for wildlife, May's team even went on to talk of the positive aspects of the Ivory Trade.  If they were intentionally trying to make people loathe them, they couldn't have done a better job.

After libelling Corbyn as a terrorist sympathiser for having the sense to talk to members of the IRA as a way of finding a way to achieve an end to bloodshed in the British Isles, the remarkably-timed Manchester and London bombings were pounced upon by the media as it became known that the police and security services had 'failed' to do their jobs, resulting in dead people from the north to the south of England. Cuts to police numbers, tax hikes, animal abuse, elitism, attacks on the poor and unemployed - you name it, May managed to screw up.  If she was intentionally trying to make people vote against her, she couldn't have done a better job.

So the results came in, and surprise of all surprises, the party of the Hard Brexit has found itself in a position where it will have to compromise with the soft brexit brigade, and by doing so, will ensure that the UK stays in the Single Market, keeps the borders open to Free Movement, keeps paying the EU membership charge, and doesn't bring any sovereignty back from the EU at all.  Aside from leaving the European Parliament and Commission, a 'soft brexit' is no brexit.  This will leave the UK subordinate to the EU and a member in all but name.  At the risk of sounding like a broken record, if the Tories and Theresa May had deliberately set out to make their position weaker, and in so doing made the fulfilment of the UK EU Referendum damn nigh impossible, they couldn't have done a better job.

As if to add irony to the overall farce of the May regime, having repeatedly called Corbyn a friend of terrorists, May has announced that the Tory party will remain as the party of government, forming a coalition with the Democratic Unionist Party - a party which has direct links to the paramilitaries in Ulster who have murdered people for political gain and gang turf.  The DUP have supped with terrorists, have raised money for them, and in some cases have been terrorists.  Now they are part of the UK government!

The 2017 UK General Election was a desperate bid to derail Brexit, and if it leads to the nonsense soft brexit, it will have achieved the goal of the EU and the capitalist corporations which control it. The liberal globalisers who are still calling for a second referendum on EU membership to thwart the will of the people, needn't bother.  The corrupt May and her equally contemptible collaborators from across the political spectrum, may well have just delivered it.

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